Lifting Our Shoulders Part 2 Of 2 – Postures Of Prayer

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Peace be upon you around you and made emanate from within you We are continuing our last time. The last time we we were just talking a phone overheated it's a little bit hot in the solarium. So we were talking about identifying. We were talking about identifying the shoulders, and then lifting them away from the body. It might be a little too advanced, but it is Jumaa. So for those of you are set on water, you go and Peace be upon you around, you mates continue to emanate from within you. We were right before the phone overheated, we were talking about the postures of, of the supplication. And so if you have identified the lower half of your body, and if you can,

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if you can see the lower half of your body, and you feel comfortable, you're like, Okay, look, I have found the crest of my hips, I regularly am stretching and opening my hip flexors and where the, this is the top of your femur, where it comes in, I regularly stretch there, if you're there, and you've kind of gotten a little bit of that abdominal breathing going. So some of us don't know about that. I'm just adjusting this, some of us don't know what the abdominal breathing is. But that's when we suck the air in and out of our mouth. And that's gonna go deep, you can do it in in and out through your nose. But if you start

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if you start the deep breath,

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you're gonna gain access here. So I'll finish that little conversation and thank you so much for asking, let's get back to our real conversation, which was not a real conversation was about the posture of us. Do ah, and then let's talk about that posture in the shower because the ground game it's going to take, that's the big discussion. So what I was saying, Please identify fill the air here, lift, lift this your ribcage, you're gonna lift it up so that it becomes a separate part. And you can work on opening up your heart, then, and now think about it you want from a loss panel at the IRA. You want goodness you want bounties. I'm just going to set the camera here so we can work

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for a second. You want this? You know Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I'm asking you genuinely then identify to your Lord, where where does and I want this for everyone at home? So let's start discussing. Where's your armpit? Can you feel the pit all the way inside? Or is there still a lot of soreness? Right Is there there could be breast tissue for the sisters. But if you come around, a lot of us have our, the tricep muscles used incorrectly. So there's a lot of pain here. So even if I told you to come out like this, you'd say you'd be crunching up here, right? You'd be crunching up here. So this is something we'll talk about today. And then over time, we'll work on it. Hips are

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strong, rotating in stomachs, free air comes out. And from here, I lift. And that's the concept that it's away from my body. Yes, it's a full workout. And here I'm sucking the air, if you can imagine like in through the armpits if there were holes there, if you would allow that today, and just imagine now now a lot of my immune acetylcholine Houda were to call and I thought I would clean out a lot of him now who then were are ignorant in Cerulean fusina. And the idea is, my arms are free and begging from Allah subhanaw taala. I'm not just like, well, let's see what happens. Right? There's a difference. When I conjure up there's a sense of Oh Allah, whatever I'm asking for better

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be important because it's, it's even physically taxing on me, but you tell me which inspires in you. greater confidence, greater,

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greater feeling of obedient of He is the great and I am requesting from him, you know, so we'll talk more and that was my dua. That's my Juma shout out to everyone. Let's talk about Sr. Let's talk about your question for a moment. So first off, we have to get to the discussion of let's get to discussion of our ground game. Okay, so here's our ground game. And what I've been saying is let's get comfortable. Look, brother, if you haven't seen it, please someone link it in the description now. If not, I will put it in brother Belaz. The last concept I think it's episode number could be 23. He has complete Umbach Lo Fi comm debark Allah, He has complete toes. So Sr, I'm going to answer

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the SHA hood and such the position but a lot of us won't be able to do it. Okay.

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Barca Loafie calm Hello, I was allowing me to shoot on a regime.

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Okay, I'll do diamond shades on our gym. For those of you who must have had like a minute and a half of blur, or just dead silence the it's too hot in here. So I'm going to have to make this a little bit shorter. Let's conclude here. We're going back to ground game. It all set with me is Mila Rahmani Raheem. Now you know how long the whole actually the whole moon coloane Hamdulillah, all that conditioning. Okay, so if you're always me, we're just going to do this a little gorilla, please do not mind. The idea here is to start discussing the foot. Right? So if you want the simple answer, the simple answer is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bent his toes in such them. And

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in the childhood, he sat on the one on one the left foot and bent the toes of the right foot, I will be very clear, I'll be very upfront, I don't see many people who pray

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that way. I don't see many people who have the health and the ability to be able to pray that way. So the simple answer is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he made the prayer,

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if you wanted to imagine the foot, it bent, all five digits bent. And I think you can kind of catch that there. Now you see it. Okay, this we don't get because we wear shoes. So the bend is is not just here, but that's where we first need to identify. Most of us don't have this digit at all. So the right foot definitely, where you can see the disease, my disease, but the left foot a little bit more appropriate. So there's going to be a lot of turning in and like brother Billa was mentioning trying to develop that. Trying to develop that arch. So again, today is just a discussion. Yes, there's the ideal when I sit between the shower hood when I sit between the shower. Right, there you

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go in one instance.

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I think you can see it.

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In this the shower. Do you notice that all the toes are being engaged? But you don't get that a lot because we don't line up our our nice.

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parka love ECAM a friend it's over 100 degrees. I don't know what you're getting at home. But it the phones keep dying out on me. So it is over 100 degrees 100 alarm, we're very thankful I like to I like for you to all to get that specially pre hugs to get that feeling of the heat. But I will have to discontinue here. Sister, do we address your question at all? Did you hear it? Were you able to hear it at all?

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Let's try hair together.

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So postures of presence, if you can start working on lining up the knee. And I think that's a key factor. A lot of us have these warped needs. And we're okay with our knee being really warped. So if you can identify again, that crest of the hip, do you think you're Nabhi sat through the hip or sat on the hip? Right that takes a little bit of time to identify that and then number two if you want to come around once you're once you feel like and it takes time I know friends it's going to take time to get even for it to touch at all. You might find that your baby toe and I know ladies off and it's hilarious because we're in a room with like 4000 Watts above.

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Oh, thank you so much. Youngsters. If I got you great. I made sure to

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make sure to get the AutoCorrect on that. The phone kept overheating. So I kept finding myself trying to repost so yes, posture must have come up as pastor. So what is it come up pastor of prayer pastor I guess that has a cool that has a cool name to it too. And in the end in the prayer community, I can definitely be known as a pastor. So friends, I think you're all here the phone's not overheating, ground game conversation all over again. And that ground game conversation is as follows. We want to be able to identify the foot Bismillah R Fong friends.

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Oh barkcloth vehicle brother Hassan. So here's the idea, guys. That's what we want to do is you want to be able to get the foot to the ground. If we're gonna go to the prayer and ask anyone who's trying to squat this little bunion off

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The awkwardness is going to be there in the beginning right friends, but you have to keep you see how I'm turning my foot in. And if you look, the foot will keep turning bismullah. And after a while, if you keep standing on your balance ball, you'll get digit one, two and three, you'll get these digits to make to hit the ground. And then friends. Once this opens up, did anyone notice where it's kind of funny? Do you know where my diseases, it's in my lower right quadrant? I have an intestinal disease known as Crohn's disease. And it's amazing because this is connected to the large intestine. And you can I know if you're staring at like, why are we staring at his feet, you can

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actually see the disease. And so our health truly is in our feet and in these, so we need to cultivate that guys, it's really all I want to do is if I'm going to come to the prayer five times a day, I want you to imagine that tuck till tight Nalls no more six pack guys, that's all in the 90s and 2000s. It's all about the eight and 10 Pack, right? You got to be ripped up here for three weeks, as you're breathing from your you're breathing from deep inside your lungs, then the top six abdominal muscles and then either you have the eight pack or the 10 pack at the bottom. So that's that the tilting of the the tilting in of the lower abdomen. But if I'm holding this posture, if I'm

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holding this posture 15 to 20 minutes a day, right and I'm I'm out here, then yes, of course that lower abdomen is tucked in, unless I'm doing 200 But that seems oh my god, I gotta get out of here. Better get out of here quick. So friends, that's it from my side. May Allah subhanaw taala make God the source of the universe give you the opportunity to be able to, to reach out I'm about to head over to do Serato gaff, this was a patched up postures of prayer or pastors or prayer.

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Okay, excellent. So the real question is, and I love the fact that you brought that up is what if I can't get out here. So I need you to start with one one posture because everything's going to hurt. So start solely on your ground game. And if you're saying to me what my knees hurt, I got you. So I'm starting on my foot. And as I come to this, Allah, I don't come duck. I don't come too far inside. I'm trying to get that. Now. If you say you have weak knees, you're gonna come and identify with me. What does that mean? Where does it hurt? And are you locked out all day? Because do you think the Prophet saw some walk like that with a locked knee? Or did he walked like he was

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descending a flight of stairs? What about that, guys? That makes sense to you now that bent while they can Salam or Rahmatullah? So do you all see, he walked like he was

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going down a flight of stairs. But we can talk about that more. But guys look at look at a football player. Look at look at the Abdullah brothers look at anyone a basketball player? Do they walk larkmead like this, and nobody walked like that. You got to engage the top of the muscle, right? So if I'm going to engage this knee,

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I'm going to engage the knee.

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I'm going to do it slowly. So that's my first recommendation to you.

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My brother who's having a little bit feels weak knees. Identify why they're weak. And then slowly, slowly, you're going to rotate it slowly. You're going to rotate the hip and the knee and the ankle and what are you looking for? You're looking for alignment. I've gotten past my 10 minute friends. I want to keep the postures of presence within that time. Why they come Osama Rahmatullah for all of you guys. For all you guys who are here right now. Oh, and then the littlest tip for you. But for all of you who are here right now, I'm just gonna wash up make wudu and go read Serato go half on Facebook, and on YouTube. So I'll see you guys have it. Thanks a lot, but And for anyone looking to

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increase the strength. You can come out onto the outsides of your knee. Do you see that? Most of us are going to buckle in. I'm going to find outside of my knee and then go up and down. A little tip and exercise. Great to see you guys. I'm going to go read sore toe calf is anyone coming along? I'll see you on Facebook and on YouTube. YouTubers. I think we should be able to

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Wiley coma Salam wa Rahmatullah Wa alaykum Islam. Well, the real question is, why are you gaining weight? You can't reduce it until you know why it's coming in. So let's just talk about

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if you can go back and watch a few more clips called nourishment and Sunnah supplements. One of the best ways to answer right now is go watch those clips. Best way if you want to begin slow

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li fasting and decreasing the amount of food you take in every day. But the only way to really get that is to find out what food you take in the first step to getting your weight under control is write down everything you eat today, and we'll go from there. Okay friends, I said Amati grokked Allah