Make A Mindful Wudu – Vlog 14 – 40 Days To Umrah

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and may emanate from within you a bit of a windy day today, but we are in day 14. Getting started today with bringing Taqwa consciousness, awareness into our daily activity. So I will be trying to bring consciousness into woowoo today into the places and that I make will do in the way that I make will do. So if you weren't today, let's get started with today's vlog vlog with a little bit of a scar, who Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa who animal babywear shahada de who are Rahman Rahim al molekule, producer Salam mineral Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar, Juan Mata Kabir al Holly upon Valley will most aware of afar will kaha rule wa

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Hubbell Rosa, Fatah, hula Halim kabhi orbital baths little half the raffia al more easily Mozilla's semi robustly, Al Hakka Mala do luckily. Now today be isn't Allah and those were a part of the 99 names of Allah subhanaw taala. If you did not know, and I'm sure you were aware, today's goal is to bring mindfulness into window. Now, before we start and get into get into the restroom, you all have seen a video already of some beautiful chef making wudu out of a clay pot, or out of a cup. And then you're kind of like, Oh, that's wonderful, but I don't know necessarily that I can do anything like that. So today, I'd like to take it to the restroom. Take make wudu and as at a sink where you would

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normally but first off, because I'm going to rant about prayer tomorrow day 15. But first off, you're making wudu to prepare for the prayer. And if you make wudu correctly, I mean, look up appropriate Hadith. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you make wudu correctly, with the right intention, Allah subhanaw taala washes your sins, from that time washes your sins, you're you are alleviated of the minor sins, and more importantly, you'll you're refreshed, you can feel a new. So when making wudu just like I'm gonna say tomorrow, why not be aware of why not it be the performance for God? Right now you're like, Oh, my he's driving, you can

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see me right now and saying, God can see me too. That's, that's tough. Okay, you know that God can see you. But it's tough to live in that

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with that constant awareness. But if you were to start today, bringing the idea of mindfulness awareness, the taqwa into the whoo that you're doing daily, five times a day that I'm beginning the process of performing salah, I'm beginning this activity knowing that God saved me. So the way that I stand for the width of the water that I use the entire process, the breathing that I do, while I'm, while I'm making the video, that whole thing, really is the intro that I'm giving you right now, I hope that this was something a little new for you. Because of course, you know how to make we do silly. Of course, you know how to make widow. The idea is, do you know how to make wudu in such a

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way that it's pleasing and refreshing and healing to you don't know what you thought of the angle, but I'm home. Now. Let's go make wudu together, let's try to bring mindfulness because you're going to want to make wudu in zum zum, right in front of the camera, myself practice now.

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So this is the best angle I can get. Quick disclaimer, I'm not telling you this is the most sunnah way, the most authentic way, or the top level of prayers and at the idea that you could be making like is there a more authentic way to make will definitely guarantee I'm starting out at my level, I'm starting out where we could all start at the zero level. And I'm treating this as an act of worship, an act of mindful awareness. I'm aware, mindfully that I'm going to wash myself with a purpose to stand and perform prayer. I am not going to be squeezing my nose out. Now. I've washed my mouth, I've washed my nose. I don't have chunks of food in my mouth. I'm not using the woowoo to

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necessarily cleanse myself. But I've done a preliminary quick miswak I've cleaned the nose and now I'm going to do the spiritual or the ritual act. So remember the verse from Surah ma ADA if not five than six. Oh ye who believe wash before the prayer falsi who will do her como idea come and we'll talk about those parts. The idea is I want you to wash with the water. So let's take the best angle possible. Again, I just like I'm going to describe to you in the prayer. I'm going to make sure that my posture that my midsection and everything is facing the activity. I'm not

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I'm trying to do this passively. Here I engage immediately, by turning on and off, you can make whatever the was and acknowledgments that you would like to again, here, I begin, that's a handful of water. As you can take one handful of water and begin that process, wipe over the wrist, acknowledge the fingers, get in between the fingers in the joints, moms, dads, here's the place, go ahead, give that wrist a squeeze. Give yourself the opportunity to wet the body. Be thankful and heal at this moment. After you've done that three times, that's a little bit enough water again, there you go. That's plenty, as a matter of fact, wiping over acknowledging joints, acknowledging

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all of the separate knuckles and wiping the water in between going down to the ends. And even here, you take a quick gesture a moment you squeeze the hand, even getting a few drops of water off. But again, you're healing you're letting the body align again, in step two handful of water.

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In this case, prayed my right hands do the right thing, my left hand stayed away from the wrong things, put water in my mouth, rinse did kind of giving that water floss to the through the teeth. So I'm cleansing myself I'm asking my lord to make my speech and the words that I say cleaned after doing that three times, just enough water, the front of the nostrils, where does water anything could get gathered up, I've cleaned it out from here, the idea is not to constantly blow or make loud noises.

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If you want to just a speck of water, get your hands cleaned up from that.

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In yours fourth step now enough water that there's water in your hands. And then around the face. Here I'm praying and asking my lord to illuminate my face to make it full of the light of belief. Those who could do some facial hair, get the water up inside there. But the point isn't the water dripping. It's me acknowledging the parts touching, find the parameter of the jaw, draw your face out, find the very top here, and then the very bottom underneath your chin. And as you do that you're wiping down the process has done done three times. With that fifth step now, dripping the water down my arm and again, the wipe falsi to make my elbow shine on the Day of Judgment make

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Mohammed those who lost a lot of some find me through this process through the whites of my elbows, that process done three times, but again, underneath the elbow, acknowledging the joint, freeing the joint once a day, we are so tense in our arm here. If you just did this, this elbow, you're on our nerves and quite a bit of pain is going to start to build up here through your honor, not necessarily to discuss now left arm. After completing that three times the water comes down the process of wiping, acknowledging thank you for this Oh Allah make this strong. When I plank make me grounded to the earth. Make my hand gestures in my hands reach out to help people make me a helping

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And as we finished the wipe here, you can complete that three times. Whether you wipe over the head, yours or neck is beyond me. It's not my discussion now wet hands, you wipe back over if you choose but the idea is ground yourself. ground yourself all the ego all the tension around us grounded wipe the ears if you choose the around the ear, the wiping of the neck. Again, I am coming I am now purifying myself for prayer. After I finish the after I finished my arms wiping over myself acknowledging myself Oh Allah helped me to grind to ground myself. I'm going to use the air from the core and here's your chance look at the bar. Look at your foot. You don't have to touch anything.

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Just enough air. And now this might take a little while even oh I can't have that much balance. But now take the time get to know the foot. Get to know the the knuckles are there any pain in your foot is there a large bunion in the in the big toe wipe over that make sure the water is reaching every pot part tucked into the ankle joint. Bring that out for you again. Good good clean step bring the your knee up into yourself

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and pull the water

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and begin the wiping out me to make the right steps helped me to do the right things.

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Acknowledge all the joints some of you might not have touched your foot in a while rotate. fingers inside rotate, allow yourself to heal.

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Bring your hands down.

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Wash your hands

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before it gets a little bit too late. I have 10 seconds left. Mindful will

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till tomorrow let's discuss mindful prayer.