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At-Tariq-Al-Ghashiyah Tafsir Al-Ghashiyah 1-16

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Lesson number 307 suited to latia I am number one to 26

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Serato Varsha is a Maki solo, it has one record 26 verses 92 words and approximately 400 haruf.

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We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to recite the surah along with little Arla in solitary

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SoTL Allah he would recite the first record until the last year in the second rocker in solitude read as well as celestial Juma.

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Why do you think he recited the sutras regularly we learned that sort of cough also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite before the Juma whatever, he would recite that surah in the hotbar. And we learned that as a hobby as she said that she memorized sort of path how, by listening to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, because he would read it every Friday. Similarly, we learned to determine African pseudo Juma, he would read the sutras as well. What does that show that these sources he would recite in public gatherings? Why? Because they serve as a huge reminder, we learned in so little Allah, for example, the importance of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala, the importance

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of this care, the importance of focusing on the ACA, as opposed to this dunya.

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So these are very important reminders that we need on a regular basis. And this is why the prophets are allowed to sit and read the sutras in public gatherings such as Juma such as read, because we need these reminders.

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And the fact is that a person can only benefit from this reminder if he understands, because these sort of they are recited quite often, they are read, however, how many people actually understand the surah?

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It's very rare.

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So it's important for us to understand these words ourselves and also share the meaning of these words with our families as well, especially the men in our families. Why? Because they're the ones who are listening to it more than we are perhaps. So when they're listening to it, they should know what it means. Because if they don't know what it means, how are they to benefit from it?

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It isn't that sort of the last year was revealed after so to that yet. So it's a murky soda and it was revealed after sort of that year.

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This will langerhans or him, hell attacker, Hades alhaja, has they reached you the report of the overwhelming event held attacker? This is a question that a lot of panels are is asking. And primarily, first of all, who was being asked this question the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And then after that this question is not limited to him, but it applies to every single listener, every single person who is listening to these ayah

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that has the news of alhaja reached you. And why is a question being asked? What's the purpose of this is different? It's for the purpose of the shriek to arouse interest that have you heard?

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Yes, you have heard? Did you think about it? If you haven't heard then pay attention. If somebody asks you have you heard about this, automatically, you become attentive. So the purpose of this is to find Mr. shriek, do arouse interest.

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This is very similar to how intro to soft I attend we learn Yeah. Are you a Latina, Armando? Hell, I don't know Kamala t gerety tinggi caminada been early.

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So when you hear that automatically when I of course, I want to know what is that the Jada I want to save myself from the painful punishment.

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So it is for the purpose of this week. And secondly, this is the family's altar for the purpose of showing the enormity of this last year. That held attacker Hades Ohashi, have you heard about Alicia? Such an overwhelming event? It's so great.

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Alicia is from the EU countries line she Yeah, Russia and Russia is to cover something to envelop something. Alicia from the same route.

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from the same root as the word of washi, which is when a dying person is in a state of faintness, meaning he is dying. His soul is being taken out and he is fainting almost he is in the state of unconsciousness. Why? Because it is as though his senses his abilities are all covered up with the pain of death. So how attacca Hades Ohashi, what is Alaska? This isn't foreign one that covers, one that envelops one that completely overwhelms.

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What is Alaska? This is referring to the Day of Judgment. It is one of the descriptive names of the Day of Judgment. And why is it called Alaska because it will envelop the entire creation with the terrorists. Grid incidents will occur on that day such as the entire Earth being shaken the skybridge

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apart, the moon being cool we are the stars in death or rot.

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We have learned about all the great events that will take place on the Day of Judgment, the mountains crushed, completely lifted up and finished. So because of all the great events that will take place on that day, all the creatures will be enveloped they will be overcome by the terrors of that day. Allah subhanaw taala tell listen to little hedge. I want to do that. Yeah, you harness it the hora berco in nuzzles LFSR RT, shame on Aleem. The earthquake of the hour is something that is very great. How is it great? Yo martorana hateth Hello Columbo.

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Darth whatever akula Dottie Hamlin Hamlin, what are NASA sukanta women whom be suka.

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It will cover everyone. A woman who was nursing her child will drop per child, a woman who is carrying a child in her womb will drop that and all the people will appear to be drunken as if they're drunken because their senses covered up, Alicia.

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And Alicia is not just referring to the hour, the resurrection the Day of Judgment, but it's also referring to the fire of hell. The punishment of Hellfire, why, because that will also cover the criminals completely envelop them completely surround them, so that they will not be able to escape. Yo miosha, whom will either woman fall for him? The day when the punishment will cover them from above them, they will not be able to escape. The fire will cover them with OSHA would you hang with now the fire is going to cover their faces.

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So hello attacker, Hades, Allah Shia, have you heard about the report of last year? Have you heard about this overwhelming event? Do you know about it?

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Would you who yoma even harsher some faces on that day will be humbled? Would you on some faces on that day will be humbled harsher? What is the harsher of the face? The villa the humiliation, the shame that will be visible on the face? Because remember how sure is such fear that is visible on the limbs of the person. So when it's on the face, what does it mean? A person is embarrassed, he is full of shame. The fear is visible on the face. So some faces on the day one the Russia will occur are going to be humbled. They're going to be full of shame, the fear the shame will be evident on their faces. And who are the militant sliver working hard and exhausted. We learned in sort of the

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shadow I have 45 what or whom you're Luna la ha ha Shireen Amina.

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And you will see them presented to the Hellfire before the Hellfire to be punished. Their faces humbled out of humiliation. Fear visible on their faces. Why? out of embarrassment out of humiliation that they're going to be thrown into the Hellfire that they're going to be punished tortured young Luna and thorfinn Javi looking from a side glance,

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so would you even harsher Who are these people whose faces will be like that?

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They are militant NASA working hard and exhausted.

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Amina is the feminine of the word male and this is describing the would you just as Harsha is describing would you similarly Amina to NASA button all of these words are describing the would you?

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And by the would you who is meant to be as hobbled would you? People are those faces? So Amina from the reflectors, imeem lamb Amell and analysts to do something, and the word male is used for a neighbor. Why? Because he is doing a lot of armor, he is putting in a lot of effort.

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The same word is also used for a magician. Why? Because when the magician has to perform magic, then he has to sometimes do the worst of things for very, very long hours.

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We learned earlier how this boy was trained to become a magician and how he was put in a closed room for 40 days. Just imagine. So this is a lot of armor. Similarly, they read a lot. They do a lot of filthy things. So it requires a lot of effort on the part of the magician to perform magic. This is why the word Ahmed is also used for a magician seminary. The word Ahmed is also used for an exorcist, the one who removes the gene. Why? Because even he has to put in a lot of effort. It's not easy to take a gene out.

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So Ivan is basically someone who is doing a lot of work who is putting in a lot of effort.

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And when the faces are described as armella, what does it mean?

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Just imagine the face of someone who has been working a lot, who is exhausted from all the work

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And that look is visible on the face.

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You know when a person has been sleeping when a person you know he hasn't been doing much it's quite clear from the face that person is taking night very easy. But if a person is a hard worker, he's working constantly round the clock isn't that visible on the face as well?

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It's quite obvious on the face. So the faces of some people on that day will be Amina tone, and because of all the armor, now Sliva NASA noon slot, but NASA is to fix something somewhere. And from this, NASA is also used for fatigue, exhaustion.

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We learned that in general, people will not suffer from any Nussle,

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meaning they will not suffer from any kind of tiredness, any kind of exhaustion, any kind of fatigue.

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But we see that on the Day of Judgment, some faces are on melatonin, now sleep better.

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Why are they tired? Why are they exhausted?

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They are tired and exhausted because of the punishment that they're experiencing. We learned that the punishment of Hellfire is not something easy. That first of all, people will be shackled with heavy fetters heavy chains. Imagine if you're carrying something heavy, and it's on your shoulders. It's around your neck if you're carrying a heavy bag,

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doesn't it weigh upon you? Don't you get tired just carrying a bag? Yes.

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But imagine if there are cell acid chains and fetters that are extremely heavy. And we have learned about the chains of Hellfire that How long are they separate una de la and 70 cubits long. Imagine the weight of that chain. And imagine a person is tied up with that chain. And it's not that a person is tied up and locked up in one place, but rather what do we learn that in Hellfire people will be taken from one punishment to the other.

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And Hellfire is also huge, Yoko foon avena Hauer, Bina Honeyman and Yoko phono, they'll be taken around from one punishment to the other. So this entire process of suffering one punishment after the other, will tired and will exhaust them. And this exhaustion, this fatigue will be visible on the faces.

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Similarly, the punishment of Hellfire is endless. It's extremely severe, it's extremely burdensome. This is why there are that is described as our that that is our leap, or that that is a leap, or the avanzada. That is only increasing. So it is endless. It is perpetual, it is eternal. And on top of that, it's also extremely difficult. It's not easy to bear. So because of that their faces will be amela to NASA.

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We learned also about the pitch, the fall of the Hellfire that how a person would fall for 40 years. Just imagine 40 years he's falling.

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Wouldn't that exhaust him? Yes.

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Are they I'm sorry, that person will be made to climb a mountain. And he will try to climb, but it will be steep. So he will keep falling and he'll be made to climb again and again.

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So Amina to NASA, exhausted, tired, exhausted from the punishment, Armiliato NASA.

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Then it's also said that I'm in a to NASA Why? Because they will be exhausted on the Day of Judgment, for all of the effort that they had been putting in into donia.

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Some faces will appear to be exhausted and tired on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because they did not live easy lives in the dunya. Rather, they put in a lot of effort, working, striving, performing deeds, but what kind of deeds were they? Those deeds that were useless, that did not bring them any benefit on the Day of Judgment, because we see that a believer also strives very hard in this dunya he also gets exhausted. His life is not easy. However, on the day of judgment, and before that in the grave, he finds rest. When when he's given the good news photo on what I had on my agenda to Noreen Yeah, a year to Hanif Sumatra, in Algeria in Arabic e la via de Maria. So when a person is

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given good news, no matter how physically tired he is, doesn't that relieve you? It does. And in that toil in that exertion is also a lot of joy. There's also a lot of pleasure, and especially when a person gets the fruit of the effort, he gets the result, he gets the reward, then all of that exertion disappears. It goes away. And many people may have experienced this, that while they're striving hard doing something at the moment, yes, it's difficult, but the moment you get your reward, immediately it says Oh, that pain goes away. Like many women say that when they're giving birth, the process of giving birth is extremely difficult, but as soon as they see their child, it's

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as though all the pain has gone. All the exhaustion has gone they forget about it, at least for some time and then it comes back

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So this is very true that when you go through some work, when you're putting in a lot of effort, as soon as you get their award that exertion goes away. But we see that there are some people, they will be Amina to NASA on the day of judgment because they have been putting in so much effort in adonia but all of their deeds brought them no reward in the hereafter.

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What do we learn insulated on ir 23? What are the army luminor Marylyn, federal now have a Matsuura?

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That we will regard what they have done of deeds, and we will make them as dust that is dispersed.

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All of their deeds, great deeds that they performed,

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will be turned to dust instead of I 103 Wheeler called Helena videocon will have sadena Mela alladhina Birla sir human Phil hyah to dounia omya una unknown your sooner sooner, all of their deeds got left behind her dunia, they did not make it to the Hereafter, they did not benefit them in the hereafter.

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Insert of the money that I have 5 million romaniuk for Bill even if I got the habit Armando filomeno, ha serene, whoever it is conferred with Emma, then all of his deeds are wasted.

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And the hereafter he is after great losers.

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So Rama to NASA.

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And if you think about it, there are so many people who are working hard, much more hard than perhaps we are working during the day, working during the night studying non stop working endlessly. From one project to the next. From one degree to the next. They hardly get time to even relax. But all of their efforts are about what dystonia.

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So they're exhausted to the point that they're physically suffering. Physically, they're hurting. They develop such diseases, such problems, such illnesses that they go day by day on strong medications, otherwise they cannot function.

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But we see that are limited to NASA on the Day of Judgment, their toil, their effort will bring them no reward, which is why they'll become even more exhausted on the Day of Judgment amela to NASA, that it has also been said that aminata NASA is also referring to those people who were under religion other than Islam. They were under religion other than Islam. And they put in a lot of effort in being good worshipers, devout worshippers

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like for example,

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the monks, the ascetics, they abandoned the dunya completely. They were so much hardship, they don't eat, they don't drink, they don't marry, they live in isolation. And what are they doing? burying so much hardship, in their rituals in the worship that they're performing.

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And sometimes they physically torture themselves as well.

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They pierced their bodies, sometimes it goes to the extent of literally beating yourself up, harming yourself standing on just one foot we have learned about the kind of Romania that the Christians had invented. And this is not just limited to Christianity, but many other faiths as well. So people put in so much effort in practicing religion, but all of this effort will bring them what on the Day of Judgment, nothing but toil amela to NASA.

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We learned that even our vessel Darren who said with regards to Urmila to NASA, that they are the Christians how that they are working so hard, how in worship, in spreading the message, being so much difficulty sacrificing so much, however, all of their effort brings in nothing but fatigue,

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because in the Hereafter, there is no reward.

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reward is only for the one who does what he does with a man

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and he does what he does in the correct way taught by the prophet sallallahu Sallam Otherwise, the deeds are not acceptable. Amina tournelle Saliba

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just learner on Hermia they will enter to burn in an intensely hot fire on the Day of Judgment, Amina to NASA the faces that are harsher, that are being punished in Hellfire that are exhausted because of all the work they did and not rewarded even a little bit for their efforts. Such faces meaning the people of these faces will be entered to burn were into now on a fire that is homea

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homies from the Riveters have meme Yeah. And what does it mean? That which is extremely hot, scorching hot, very, very hot, intensely hot. So this fire of the Hereafter is not like the fire of the you know, the fire of the hereafter. The fire of Hellfire is how many times more than the fire of this dunya 70 times more dust learn out on Hermia

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In certain marriage I have 15 to 17 we learn color in the hair lover nezhat Alicia, today Roman Adubato with

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nezhat Alicia, pooling, removing the exterior is the fears the skin in truth and what we know is 104 Wheeler del Faro, would you who would now callicoon the fireworks here their faces, it will burn their faces, and they will they're in have tout smiles

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to come in earlier, they will be given drink from a boiling spring. So first of all, fire that will completely burn their faces. Then this common Iranian Ania they will be given drink, they'll be made to drink, what kind of drink will they be given from a boiling spring? All right in a spring Ania Ania from the root letters Hamza Antonia, and Annie has that which is extremely hot, that is fully boiling. In a is to be mature. We have read the word lm yet ni has the time not come and ashame is when the time has come close for something. So, when the water is boiling, and what does it mean? that the time has come for what for whatever next step that you have to take in cooking. So this

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time in Iranian Ania, they will be given a drink from a boiling spring of extremely hot temperatures. When when will they be given this hot drink? When they will ask for water? Because the fire of hell. The punishment will exhaust them are Milla to NASA. When a person is tired, exhausted, what does he want? What does he want water. He doesn't want food but he wants water when he's tired. So because of all the punishments and Hellfire they'll be tired, and they will ask for water. And when they will ask for water. This is the kind of water they will be given in throttle calfire 29 we learn what he is still useful. You'll also be met in Cal lovely Asheville, would you be Sasha,

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that if they asked for water, they will be given such water that is like mobile. And as soon as you bring it close to their faces, even it will burn their faces before even they drink it, it's going to burn their faces. Imagine the intensity of the heat of this water.

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Similarly, instead of Mohammed is 15 we learned was the oma and hamina for Katara nahoon. There'll be made to drink extremely hot boiling water that will cut up their intestines. As they drink it, it's going to cut up your intestines this commoner in Ania they'll be thirsty, they will ask for water. This is the water they will get that will neither satisfy them, nor will it cool them. Because there is no coolness and Hellfire, this common Island Ania and there will also be made to drink this water as a form of punishment as a form of torture.

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Laser home Tommen inland and buddy here. For them there will be no food except from a poisonous thorny plant. The only food they will get because they will get hungry as well. They will get hungry, they will get thirsty, they will get hungry because of all the punishment similar to NASA. So when they will get hungry, what food will they get the year only and what is the year. Allah says let me know When are you leaving joueur which neither nourishes nor does it avail against hunger. When they will eat it. It will not nourish their bodies, it will not satisfy their hunger. Just like the boiling hot water. For Sheree buena la has shown me that they will drink like thirsty camels. No

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matter how much they drink, will it satisfy them? It will not satisfy them? Will it quench their thirst? It will not quench their thirst? Would it benefit their bodies it will not benefit their bodies either. Because when you're tired, exhausted, and you have a sip of even cold water. What does that do? It gives you energy it refreshes you. But the boiling hot water is not going to benefit them in any way. Similarly, this food No matter how much they eat is not going to benefit them at all.

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Now the question is what is the year but here is from the veterans law law aim.

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And body is a kind of a thorny plant in Hellfire in this world, but here is used for a plant a tree that has huge thorns, extremely huge thorns. And when this plant becomes dry, no animal eats or

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when it becomes dry, no animal eats of it. Why? Because it doesn't have leaves. It doesn't have any moisture inside of it. Rather it's dry. It's thorny, and it's smell and taste. It's extremely bitter. It's extremely bitter, so no animals eat of it. How

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However, when it's fresh, when it does have some kind of moisture in it, despite the thorns, we learned that the camels, they do eat on it. Why? Because the camels have been given such ability to digest even the most hardest food and such lips because of which when they eat even the most sharpest of thorns, they don't hurt the camels. So when it's fresh, it's called a Chinook, and the camels they eat of it. However, when it becomes dry, then it's called buddy, and even the camels don't go near it. So Allah says Leyzaola hometown in London last year, but obviously this diarrhea cannot be compared to the leader of the NEA. If the daughter of dunya so repulsive, it's so horrible

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than 30 of the Hereafter, it's much worse. It's much worse, just like when it comes to gender, what is similar in terms of reward just the names, but the reality is completely different. Similarly, when it comes to Hellfire, the only thing that is similar is the name the reality the details, they are different. So they sell a home tournament in London, but a year later use minoo use metal from the rotator seen me noon.

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And cement is to put on weight to be fat, or alien. So mean we have learned earlier, the Brahim Edison and brought a calf. That was so mean, meaning that had a lot of flesh on it. So they use me no meaning when they will eat this lineart No matter how much they eat, it will not nourish their bodies. They will not get any fat on their bodies, it will not nourish them. It will not make their bodies grow. It will not benefit them when I use any mature, nor will it avail against hunger. What's the purpose of eating food?

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What's the purpose of eating food, satisfy hunger or nourishment. This is why you eat. But we see that neither of these purposes are going to be achieved by eating. But here, no matter how much a person eats it will not satisfy him. No matter how much he eats it will not nourish his body.

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This food, it will not give them any strength so that they can bear the punishment. This is why Amina to NASA if you're doing something very difficult, if you're constantly working, what do you need to do eat well eat such food that will give you energy that is high in iron that is high in all the necessary vitamins that your body needs. Because when you will eat good food, then you will have the strength to be able to do the work that you have to do. But we see that in Hellfire, no matter how much they eat, it will not nourish their body. So imagine the weakness of their bodies. And imagine on top of that the severe punishment. This is where Amina to NASA but exhausted from the

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The punishment is severe, the bodies are made weak.

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And if you think about it, hunger itself is torture. Hunger itself is torture. If you're hungry, and you can't find food, or if you do find food, but the food that you eat doesn't satisfy you. Isn't that pain?

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isn't that difficult to bear? It's very very difficult to bear. Similarly weakness weakness of the body also causes pain.

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So let me know whether you can even do more.

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al Qaeda Howdy,

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Mila to

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learn how

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to spawn in

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Over here we learned that in Hellfire they will not have any food except for

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healthcare is 3536 we learn Felisa Julio maharana Hamid Wollaton illa mimulus lien,

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that the only food they will have is this lien, then we learn about the coup as well. So, does it mean that this is a contradiction? Because Allah says in one place, only burrier only listening

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No, this is not contradiction. Remember that Hellfire is of different levels. And therefore the punishments are also different. And the punishments and the levels of welfare are according to the sense that a person has committed. Therefore for some people, the food will be Zaku For some it will be less lean for others it will be linear

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for some

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The drink will be humming For some it will be studied. For some it will be Iranian Ania and for some it will be more than one. Because what do we learn your little phone? Urbina, Urbina Hamid,

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they will be made to go around.

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Now another question, Hellfire, what do we learn? There is fire in hellfire. This is why it's called hellfire. However we learn over here that there will be water, this common Iranian. And yeah, so how is it possible for there to be water in Hellfire? How doesn't water extinguish fire? It does. However, remember that the measures of the hereafter cannot be compared to the measures of dunya? In the sense that if Allah subhanaw taala tells us something about the Hereafter, it doesn't we start thinking it in terms of dunya.

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For example, the fire in its intensity, can we compare it with the fire of dunya? No, we cannot. Similarly, we learned that at the time of hardship, the sun will be brought very, very close a mile away only from the people. Now if you think about it right now, if the sun moves even a mile closer to dunya, what will happen to this world burnt completely finished. So imagine only a mile away from people, it would burn all the people under the oppression.

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So the matters of the hereafter there are very, very different we cannot compare them to those of the Nia, that fire is also different. If it's kindled with oil or fat, then it cannot be extinguished by water.

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In fact, if you put water it makes it worse. So what do we learn that we'll go to her NASA, NASA while ijarah the fuel of that fire our people and people's bodies, what do they have fat. So we'll go to her natural hedgerow this water will only intensify the punishment for them. And also remember that Allah is Able to do all things. He can also torture people with water in Hellfire, because he is under conditioning.

00:32:01--> 00:32:24

Now the punishment that is described over here this is for who, for which people are only Latin, NASA, those whose efforts are limited to the dunya only those who striving is focused on this dunya only we learned earlier, inserted Allah battle to see rune and higher dunya while our hero to hire on

00:32:26--> 00:32:43

a person who prefers the light of dystonia, that's his ultimate goal, then he will have whatever he wants in this dunya and in the Hereafter, there is nothing for him, as we learn elsewhere in the nerve, except for the hellfire. So the wise is the one who focuses on the

00:32:44--> 00:33:41

This is why Allah says, Would you who you might even nerima some faces on that day will show pleasure where some faces are exhausted, they are humiliated, they are humbled, fear on their faces, other faces on that same day will be very different. How that they will be nerima nerima is from noon, I mean nirma. What does Neverland mean? A blessing when you receive a blessing. When you enjoy it, you become happy. This is why Noreen is used for pleasure, bliss, happiness, and nerima for Isla is one that is delighted one that is in luxury, one that is enjoying cheerful, happy rejoicing, would you win yoma either nerima. In other words, pleasure will be noticeable on their faces.

00:33:41--> 00:33:50

Happiness will be noticeable on their faces. Why will they be happy? Because of all the reward that Allah soprano will give them

00:33:51--> 00:33:54

because of all the blessings that they will be enjoying

00:33:55--> 00:34:03

it in throttle piano is 20 to 23 we learn would you even now will, you know be here now.

00:34:04--> 00:34:32

The best blessing is what the best gift. Looking at our last panel data into the obasa we learned that they'll be so happy that we're doing yoga in an masura bar hackathon was that it's not just that the happiness is visible on the faces. They will be laughing, laughing out of joy, as if they cannot contain the happiness inside. We're doing yoga in Lima. Now this is on the day of judgment that the faces will be very happy.

00:34:33--> 00:34:40

They will be happy on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because they will be given their good news in the grave even

00:34:42--> 00:34:57

before even the resurrection they were given their good news because we learned that in the grave a person is informed about his final destination. And the grave either becomes a bit from the pits of Hellfire or it becomes a garden from the gardens of Jenna

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

that it becomes very

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

vast and spacious for the righteous believer, a window to Paradise is open for him and the souls of those who are very righteous. What happens and they're literally taken agenda like, for example, the martyrs there in iligan mama adelakun Mary Lee Eun,

00:35:14--> 00:35:48

so would you remember either nerima other faces that day will show pleasure? They'll be very happy while they be happy. Because Lisa, via with their effort, they are satisfied. Lisa, for all of their effort, they're happy, content satisfied? Why will they be satisfied with all of their efforts? Because Allah will accept them. Allah will reward them. What can you come my school? Lisa II her? LEAH

00:35:49--> 00:36:38

feagin Latina Alia in an elevated garden with regards to the people of hellfire. What are they? I'm in a twin NASA with their efforts. They only get exertion at the end. But with regards to the people of gender, Lisa, you heard all the they'll be made happy for all of the effort that they've put in. So at the end, they will say yes, it was all worth it. Yes, we put in the effort, we suffer difficulty but it was all worth it. For all Leah happy pleased. And where will they be feagin nothing earlier in an elevated garden. Jenna is earlier exalted, Exalted, in what sense? exalted in the intangible sense that very high, very noble, outstanding in its quality, lofty

00:36:39--> 00:37:25

and earlier also in the tangible sense that physically exalted physically very high, because we learned that gender has the projects and gender is above the sub assembly what the seven skies on the Day of Judgment, obviously the skies and the earth they'll be finished. However, imagine their position agenda it's very, very high, and above it is the throne of the Most Merciful feagin Nathan Alia lettuce Murphy Hanna via wherein they will hear no unsuitable speech. In general, the pleasure, the reward, the comfort is perfect and complete. To the point that no disturbing sound even the people of general would hear that this microfi hallelujah. In Hellfire on the other hand, Samir Ola

00:37:25--> 00:37:30

has Shahid Khan, we're here to fool the car do Tommy Yes.

00:37:32--> 00:38:21

And every time that people enter Hellfire, they'll be reminded they'll be questioned and ammirati comedy and people will be wailing and screaming. But in Jenna lettuce Murphy Hello here there is no noise. Latvia is understood as olatunde La Jolla a word that is Latvia or nevsun La Jolla. A person that is La Jolla, but as loudly as ferula. Now the word Farrell is sometimes used as mustard. And sometimes it gives a meaning of one who does something as well. So we can understand this as a word that is lovelier meaning columella. Or we can also understand this as a person who is making noise. So no noise making individuals in general, and no noisy words in general either. And remember that

00:38:22--> 00:38:36

love is used for the chirping of the birds. It is beautiful that sound. However, there is a point when it becomes annoying and disturbing, especially when it's too much that you're not able to hear one another. So it's like noise pollution.

00:38:37--> 00:38:58

So no disturbing sounds no unnecessary, useless sounds that will disturb them, or that will make them uncomfortable. That will make their speaking to one another difficult. No lettuce, Murphy hallelujah. And also no love in the sense that no person will speak the dark, useless stuff.

00:39:00--> 00:39:10

In this dunya you could be in the best places and you could be enjoying the best food, the best scene, but if there is a child with you who's constantly crying,

00:39:11--> 00:39:51

or there's an elderly person with you, who's constantly complaining doesn't bother you. Or if there's a person who is you know, as a coffin, they're constantly coughing or sneezing. You know, obviously, they're not doing it deliberately, but they're unwell, which is why they're constantly coughing and sneezing. Now, that also becomes disturbing at a particular point. Even if it's you yourself, you get annoyed yourself. Can I stop coughing somehow? But we see that in general law. Murphy, hello, Leah. In general, there is only salon. Every word every sound is perfect, beautiful. There's the speed. There's the meat. There's the lead. There's the the people will glorify Allah as

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

easily as they breathe. Let us Murphy Hello here. Insert Walker I have 2526 we learned larious Murphy.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Her loved one, when a theme in luckyland salon and salon they will not hear any low nor any sinful speech except for salon salon. Meaning every word every sound will be peaceful and they will be greeted by the angels.

00:40:18--> 00:40:48

And you know, sometimes you go to, for example, a restaurant to eat with your family, the food is delicious. The place is also very good. Children are also behaving very well. But just imagine there's loud music, or there's too many people talking too loudly. You come back home with a headache. You don't enjoy the food. You don't appreciate your children for behaving so well. But that noise is so disturbing that it ruins the entire experience. In general, there is no disturbance

00:40:49--> 00:41:16

fee hyena Giardia, within it is a flowing spring within gender is an iron a spring that is flowing meaning constantly flowing, constantly flowing. It will never ever stop. It will never giving out its drink. And this iron on geria it is Jerry is from the root that was Jean roya Geraci what is a flowing with what drink does it have

00:41:17--> 00:41:22

of different types that we have learned the different types of Ryun and how to engender

00:41:23--> 00:41:42

fi has pseudotumor Flora within it are couches that are raised Hi, pseudo floral have studied and studied is a throne a chair, a couch that a person sits on and also a bed on which a person reclines. So, in Jannah, or pseudo Dharma for more for how,

00:41:44--> 00:42:01

in both ways in the tangible sense and in the intangible sense in the tangible sense that they will be raised up elevated, not at ground level, but rather they will be elevated. And before the intangible sensor, they'll be very lofty, in a very exalted nature, a very noble quality.

00:42:02--> 00:42:24

Sophie has pseudonym morefor were acquired on mobile and cups that are put in place acquires a plural of coop and coop is a cup that does not have a handle that does not have a handle select a glass, mobile or madora. Well, I mean, what are what are is to play something to put something down

00:42:25--> 00:43:05

in a weatherbeaten will the island nurse so acquirable madora cups that are put in place, meaning that are set around the edges of the springs prepared for them to drink with. Not that they will go to the spring and they will want to drink from it. And they will wonder should we scoop it out with our hand? Or should we order a cup or a glass? No, already the cups are arranged. They're already there, all they have to do is just take it whichever one they want and drink or acquirable mobile or one of our ecommerce fufa and cushions that are lined up. No matter nomadic is a plural of number of numbers

00:43:06--> 00:43:18

or numbers with a timer booth at the end. And number or number is used for small pillow small cushions. What's the purpose of having small cushions,

00:43:19--> 00:44:06

decoration good. Besides decoration, sometimes you also recline on them that you can just put it under your neck or just behind your head or under your elbow or on the side. You can put it wherever you want you can easily move it around to make yourself comfortable as you're sitting or you're reclining or you're laying down. A huge pillow is difficult to move around like that. So it serves two purposes. First of all decoration beauty. And secondly, it's also a source of relaxing further becoming more comfortable in your position. So in America, my sofa cushions that are lined up and you see my sofa. This is from soft and soft is to be in a row. So all of these cushions will be in a

00:44:06--> 00:44:09

row meaning arranged very beautifully. What does it show

00:44:10--> 00:44:14

that before their bodies can enjoy them their eyes will enjoy

00:44:16--> 00:44:46

before they'll be able to use them and find comfort physically, they will actually enjoy looking at them because you go to a nice place and if everything is put beautifully in a nice way arranged very well. Just the sight makes you happy. Just looking at a bed that is prepared with all the comfortable cushions and doorways and so on and so forth. You look at it and it relaxes you before you get into bed. The side of that bed relaxes you. So when a magical must foofa

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

was big you remember Susa Sousa, and carpets that are spread around the lobby. This is a plural of the word xenophobia, xenophobia or zero xenophobia or

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

Zara, and this is from Zara, and it's used for fancy carpets, fancy rugs. And how do you determine a rug or carpet to be fancy?

00:45:14--> 00:45:24

Do things what is it First of all, okay, its design its color. And secondly, its material or its texture, that what is it made of?

00:45:26--> 00:46:04

Some carpets they're made of very cheap material. Other carpets are made of very expensive material. Some carpets are very soft, and some are very harsh, very hard, very rough. But we see that zero B is used for fancy carpets, fancy rugs that are small in their size, not huge, small in their sizes. And they're also very beautiful in their appearance and very soft in their fabric as well. You can imagine something like you have a sweater that is made of cashmere, or you could imagine a rug that is made of cashmere, even softer material.

00:46:06--> 00:46:29

So was RBU mother Susa. Baba Susa? Beth? Beth, what does Bethany to spread something similar to that spread out? laid out? So the finest best carpets will be there for whoever would like to walk on them, stand on them, sit on them, whatever they want to do with it. I'll be human.

00:47:09--> 00:47:09


00:47:17--> 00:47:19

56 return home What did you feel

00:47:23--> 00:47:29

that they and their spouses will be in shades reclining on adorned couches.

00:47:30--> 00:47:52

Over here we get the same scene, that sort of room or four raised up elevated couches so that they can see they can see the gender around them either at home or at night or even when we'll come Kabira inserted into Angular welcome Kabira. So people will be on pseudotumor for so that they can actually have a good view of gender.

00:47:53--> 00:48:21

They can have a good view of all the blessings all the pleasures that Allah soprano God has given them and besides the pseudotumor for akuaba moto so that they can drink whatever and whenever they want. And no medical Moskva so that they can be extra comfortable. was allowed to be universal. So again extra comfortable. There is only beauty and comfort and rest in general. Why? Because Lisa her

00:48:22--> 00:48:34

happy because of their sorry, what kind of sorry you can miss school or does it show that in order to get to general or to get to all of this relaxation and fun. A person has to put an effort now.

00:48:35--> 00:48:49

Yeah, you will insert in the home in a bigger Callahan formula. You are toiling anywhere. And you are going to meet your Lord at the end anyway. Think about it. What sorry is it that you're putting it? What effort are you putting in?

00:48:51--> 00:49:06

It we see here that Jen Allah subhanaw taala has made beautiful, beautiful how with cushions and carpets and beautiful places to sit on recliner. Why because such as seen before even you can get into it. This the sight of it relaxes you.

00:49:08--> 00:49:11

Before even you can sit on the couch is looking at them, relaxes you.

00:49:12--> 00:49:30

If you look at the reward that is described over here, it's flawless. There's no flaw, no imperfection, no detail that is left out. And this is just the detail that our last panel is telling us. Imagine What's more, because for that element of Sumo yellowman karate our you know person knows what is prepared for them.

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

So imagine if the reward is so flawless. It's so perfect. It's so beautiful. And remember that reward recompense is always according to the deeds. So if a person has been striving to make his surgery good, do make his efforts beautiful to make his deeds beautiful. Then Allah will also reward him beautifully. Like I showed the runner when she would give sadaqa she would, you know clean it up and give it nicely and perfume it. Why because you want to do

00:50:00--> 00:50:03

Something in the best way when you do it in the best way and the reward is also in the best