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AI: Summary © The importance of technology and the need for people to trust Islam is highlighted in the upcoming return of Islam to the West, along with the need for people to sign up to receive the holy grail of Islam. The importance of witnessing and testing before committing to a statement is emphasized, as well as a former worker's struggles and advice on fulfilling spiritual intentions. The transcript also includes advertisements and messages on various topics, including financial loss, social status, and personal growth.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar Allah

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Akbar Allah

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my shadow

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in Long Long

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Shadow one

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shadow and Mother rustling

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shadow a number from Mother Earth

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a long Merola

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in Alhamdulillah indeed all praise thanks. Salutations and hand are due to Allah and for that purpose now how do we came to Joomla we praise Allah, Allah NuSTAR Enugu and because you came to praise Allah asked from him anything you need right now.

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On a stove, stop him. And we asked for Allah's help. So when we say in Alhamdulillah nama do who unnecessary know who we ask on a stove, you know, we're not mean Obi Wan at our canoe or ally, and that we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and throughout this years, ClickBank, I've been asking the question, what do you believe? What's your opinion of God? Is it the same as it was in 2019? Is your opinion of Allah the same but technology has advanced or have you upgraded your opinion of Allah? When are odo bIllahi min, surey and fusina and throughout the year we kept saying, Fi inside of me there is jealousy, anger, rage, greed, shame, gluttony, there is weakness, there is strength.

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And there is also Imani. So I have the potential to do bad

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one at a local rally, but I tried to put my trust in Allah, that the best will come out of me. I seek refuge from the evil within myself. So I mean, say you are Dr. Molina, and we all know the sins that weaken us the scenes that slow us down. So we say my Yun de la who Fela mobila Whoever Allah guided, no one can misguide. Could someone convince you don't go to jamaa brother COVID time don't go.

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You can't. Could someone convince you is other than Islam?

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So while you're here in this firm State of Belief, why not ask yourself Oh Allah, how can I harness this power? When a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah And we bear witness and testify there is no other ILA God Sustainer creator, architect of the universe, other than Allah subhanaw taala. And how do you know Allah wanted you to win? Right, everyone else is out there. How do you know Allah wants you to win? How do Ana Mohammed and Abdullah who rasuluh who's your Nabhi is your birthday today? And he died in a cross? Who's your Nabina Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so when you get to say my Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and who was the closest to Muhammad Rasool Allah

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SallAllahu wasallam in prophethood, who was right before Him, Jesus or the salatu salam, Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in terms of the Prophet, the brotherhood of prayer,

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ESRD Salam is right before me only 600 year gap, saying that the Prophet right after Jesus Adi Salatu was Salam was who? Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I bear witness and testify to that. prophethood and so today when we say I bear witness and testify to Allah and to his greatest creation, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, today's goodbye goes back to where did Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where did he come from? And so that there is no mincing words in the time that you can't get lost. I'm going to be very clear. Abraham Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Do you recall in the middle of what you call Makkah to mocha Rama?

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There was nothing, no fruit, very little vegetation and no water in a deadness of a time. When everything was destitute, what was he saying? In the middle of the desert, one by now bar three here Missoula, rumba now Obama three him

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mean whom Allah sent from among these people. He's talking to an empty desert. Send amongst these people a prophet. You have to do or lay him from from amongst them. You have to learn at him

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so that he can teach them I am revelation, when you are how many more homeowners get

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and so that he could teach them the book while hikma while he was lucky him so that he could teach them revelation scripture, wisdom and purity in NACA anthologies on hacking in the middle of the desert, Rue and how much was he willing to bet that this dua would come to pass? He put his son's life on the line? Right? How much was he willing to go in? Hey, I've got a great stock tip. How much are you willing to go in? Everything? And so he said, Allah will sort this out. God told him to leave his son, his wife that asked you all know the conversation did? Why are you leaving us in the desert? Why are you leaving this in the desert? And then finally, she said, Did Allah tell you to do

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I'm asking us to date to see a man clearly manifesting. I know where I'm heading. And how did he bring that dua to for wishing. He asked Allah subhanho wa Taala with no time limitation, and not asking let the logistics I asked you a few months ago to make dedication that you'd begin memorizing the Quran in 2021. And still four weeks later, someone saying but by I don't have time. I'm not asking for logistics. I'm asking you to sign up and say Allah, I want to do it. Allah, I want to be able to succeed. I want to dunk a basketball and 2021 Allah, mommy, then then just get up and do it. Let's get up and do the small incremental one line two line three line, but that's not today's

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cookbook. I'm asking you today. What was one of the greatest or onic transformation something before the Quran was revealed that Ibrahim Ali Salam believed in, he believed Allah would fulfill his dua in the barren desert of 2020. I want you to look into the last week of 2020 and say, rumba Navarathri him Rasul Allah, O Allah send me infinite guidance. Send me abundance make 2021 the year I pay off my debt the year I live in health. The year I developed a relationship with my kids, and I want you to look into the impossible illness. I could take you to more than seven five star hotels in Makkah to feed you Kiwi after fajr

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that's the middle of the desert Kiwi rare fruit that's there now when he said when you aren't Lima. humanI kita Hickmott our user key him? Did he recognize that Allah subhanaw taala was going to fill the city with more bounty and Baraka I'm asking you what are you willing to manifest this last week? We have off from work we have free time with our kids. I'm sure the NBA season started a Zion back out there along mommy. But at the same time, you got a little extra time to ask Allah a little extra time to say yellow I'll be you have shown me the desert of 2020 You have shown me the end. I asked my elders and the youngsters alike. What do you willing to ask from Allah? subhanaw taala in 2021

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that would disturb you that would scare you. Oh Allah, can I wake up every day for Fudger without an alarm? Oh Allah, could I eat differently? Could I act differently? Could I use my salah to strengthen my body? I don't know. You ask for what you need between the sittings of the football the DUA is not rejected. I asked you to make a request. That little hump

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that you are stuck over Oh, I'm not good enough. I'm not smart. I don't have time my kids don't listen to me why life's not nice to me. I'm sorry. I'll tell you what a man would tell you. Let's suck it up a little bit. It's likely not going to be perfect because when your wife becomes perfect, you should become scared. When your kids get confused, be like what's happening.

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So take on the difficulty of life and try being you have prepared me for something. This year. We all saw a financial loss all of us I for some of you who are doing well, I mean, all of us experienced some level of finance being taken back in this desert of 2020. I'm asking you Robina Artina fifth dunya Hassan, redefine this word Hassan. Have it your way tell Allah what has an amine between the sittings of the hookah? May Allah subhanaw taala give you 2021 As a year so that you can meet your expectations and that you can manifest and ask from Allah subhanaw taala between the sittings of the football dua is not rejected. Please pray for those around you. If your parents are

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alive, pray for them. One July ago, I announced that my father had passed away and now we are continuing to do that if your parents are alive, pray for them, pray with them. Respect them and admire them to the best of your ability, whatever they could a lot.

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of handling hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here on Villarroel. Amin was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Nabil Kareem, I'm gonna lose 40% of the Jamaat here so don't worry, your Joomla will be accepted. But for the few of you who can make a connection to what you are a man on Rogen, a leader of a tribe, a family or a group.

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Today I ask when you say to your Lord, Oh Allah, I need from you. You will ask for finance. You will ask for health you will ask for social status today I asked you to ask for one more thing. Oh Allah. Why did you put me here on this earth? Ibrahim alayhi salam had to go through all of these things, but at the end, what did he build Kava. When he built a cabin, he built his life purpose. What did he say to Allah or on BANA tantangan.

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This year a lolly want to go Alain

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de Laval Rakeem paws.

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We build a 10,000 piece of Lego when we want to pat on the back. We do help our kids a wife in the kitchen once and we need a pat on the back. Ibrahima Islam built the whole Kabak standing there with his son and what does he say? Oh Allah accept this I fulfilled my life purpose Oh Allah accept it all I'm asking you to do now no shame no guilt. Oh Allah pay off my debts get me financially settled, get my health on track, give me social status. So I can fulfill my life purpose, whatever that is. So I can fulfill a purpose because if you see if you're asking for money, you'll get it and not know what to do but by things. If you say oh Allah in this moment in a year where the life

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stopped in 2020 Oh Allah show me that life purpose and for my youngsters if you can touch it now. You're unstoppable. You know your purpose. And for everyone floating in between but Brother, what's my life purpose? I'll tell you this much. You don't have one. As soon as you fulfill one adventure, your purpose increases. So please don't look for one little dinky adventure. We were created with greater purpose than one life purpose but find it find it could be to be a good husband once you reach there to be a great human being to be a teacher to be a doctor to be someone who starts the business that gives Muslims that next step. So before you make the why to be Jeff Bezos, I make dua

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that you fulfill the purpose of being not in Allah Hi, I'm gonna be randomly deciding what either even thought about why and how you want monetary wealth in Hola Hola, Mala yukata who you saw Lunarlon Nabi yeah you

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saw do either he was certainly the cinema you are richer than any man when you say I love most Ludhiana Mohamed you wanna

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come out so later on my brother and he brought in the machine a lot from America Mohammed. Mohammed come about like Tada Euro Hema Elijah Ibrahim and Camino Majeed La Ilaha illa Allah subhana Kinnikuman, a LogMeIn of Allah, we, we praise You for the days that you have given us together. The days of this year that we pray do not together, the days that we were apart, the days of Ramadan, the days of Hajj, oh Allah all the activities that we took part in in this calendar year. Oh Allah give us the opportunity.

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You need to not only make intentions now but when the assignment you're getting begins that we make our spiritual intentions. When a declare Allahu Akbar Allahu Jana will not us now our team is split up after the prayer be isn't enough data there is a father who is here is a stroke victim and he's asking for some help. I think everyone can do what they would like to do.

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Please take care of your phones, along with World law

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or federal

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law as a mother so long