Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #606 Prohibition Of Calumny

Muhammad Salah
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Allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He

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has to be the best and give his best religion to allah God has been greatest

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glory to Him on any illness to be the best.

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Salaam Aleykum all rahmatullahi wa barakato hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala anNabi Humes the Pharaoh about my dear viewers welcome to another live edition of gardens of the pious. May the Almighty Allah make us all among. It's the winners. Today's episode is number 606 Chapter number 258. And that is the first episode in the chapter.

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We're still in the book of the prohibited acts, and in the chapter 258 Bible names Bourbonnais or knucklehead easy. Work LM in Nursey Illa Allah till Ohmori either LM Theodorou la hija. Your whole FEMA said that in one hour.

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In brief, the chapter tackles the prohibition of

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conveying tales

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and conversation to others and particularly to the rulers, the commanders of the OMA

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without necessity

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and we're going to learn what is the meaning of without necessity?

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And why

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Imam know you may Allah have mercy on him, single out a whole chapter to tackle this matter even though he would only mention one single Hadith in the chapter.

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And it is quite interesting that he used the idea of Surah Al Merida segment of the second area of Surah to metadata number five as a reference

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in which Allah Almighty sit by the end, what I want while and Bidri what telco

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is me will do

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what telco law her in Allah hush Eddie needle orb.

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And this segment of the eye means Allah commands the believers to do to high on Yanni to cooperate, to assist and help one another

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in order to achieve piety and righteousness.

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And then he follows that by a prohibition, while Taiwan or nay, Taiwan and will not assist nor help one another in achieving a sin or transgression.

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And then he concludes by saying, and fear Allah, because indeed Allah is Severe in punishment. And we know Allah Almighty keeps balance in the Quran between addressing the fact that he's most merciful and also the fact that he is Severe in punishment. Yeah, Allah mu and Allah Harsha de la ACOP. And Allah Allah Buddha Rahim, you have to get acquainted that Allah is Severe in punishment, and he's also most merciful, have forgiven, but who will be eligible for His mercy and who will escape his punishment and who will be definitely

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worth the punishment of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is a conclusion of the last segment of air number two, any door of goodness, if you cannot do it by yourself, he can assist others. And then you will participate under word, you will share the word or if you cannot do anything you can perhaps guide others

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to do it. So that when they do it, you will also get a similar word because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said a DeLeeuw Allah, hi, Erica Haley, and then came to him and he needed some financial help and the Prophet SAW Allah Salam was broke. So he said, Why don't you go to so and so he went for hemella who he gave him the right that he wanted and he assisted him. You're coming from the Prophet salah.

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He referred you to me, so he was capable to assist him. The guy returned to the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam and he was very delighted and happy. So he said Salah Salem indeed Abdullah Al hiree level Miss Liu, I believe it. So I'm sitting here I wasn't able to assist you financially, but because I referred you to somebody and he did, he is rewarded. And I receive a similar word for guiding for assisting for helping for playing a role for interceding. So if this is something good, then we are commanded to take part in that in the Hadith interview salatu salam said, which is collected by Imam Buhari narrated of money now fan may Allah be pleased with him, man Benelli lay he

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bait and then Allahu Allahu Batum filled Jana. Well Kamath has a cop Hall.

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Whoever builds a place of worship and that should Allah's house on Earth. Era turn the Almighty Allah will build for him a house, a palace in Paradise. Then he said, even if the place of worship that any of you happen to build on Earth was as little and as tiny as the bird's nest, cotta is a bird.

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And it means if your investment if your participation in building a machine, not necessarily that you were able to build the whole machine, but there was a machine under construction, and there is one, so you give a few bucks, those few bucks are barely enough to fix a square foot or less. Murph has copper is a bird's nest which little thing like that. Okay, so your investment in that machine was as little as the bird's nest error turn Allah will deal with you as if you have built a whole machine.

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And then he will build the house for you in paradise. Why? Because without your participation and my participation and others participation, not everyone can actually build the machine on their own very few people. So those who will chip in a little by little will be able to build masajid plenty of misogyny. On the other hand, Lana rasool Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, Phil Henry Ashra it's not only wine, or any form of intoxication, which is a cursed is not only the alcoholic people, and those who are intoxicated, being accursed, but also those who assist them to drink, whether violently directly or indirectly. So the farmer who grows the grapes, knowing that he is going to

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sell it to a beer factory, wine factory is accursed, like the one who squeezes it, like the one who packs it, like the one who sells it, like the one who serves it, like the one who drinks it.

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10 being accursed respect of him, why? Because he said well at I want to handle if me well or when and do not help one another, do not take part in or assist one another in committing ethnic sin or one transaction. That's it. And you may have heard me a few times saying that this area, or this segment of the second I have sauropod metadata, number five would simply answer 50% of the questions. That's my experience.

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So I work in this place, I developed a software for displays for a nightclub for a conventional bank. They're going to use it those particular people are going to use it for haram then It's haram it's forbidden for me to assist them or to develop the software for them, or to do anything that would enable them to achieve or do what is forbidden. Beautiful, isn't it?

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When seven people took part in killing one person reluctant in Yemen,

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during the philosopher the era of alarm, Hapa Radi Allahu Allah, so he judged that the seven people should be executed.

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Capital punishment for the seven people. Some of the companions objected and they said yeah and Mira Momineen the one who stabbed him was only one person he should be executed but the rest maybe the the handcuff them. The arrested him Do you trap them, but they did not carry out the killing. So why would you kill the rest? One is enough. He said Well, lo Hilo thermal la luz en la Katell to WUWM Jamia Amber

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Not only if there were seven, if all the people of sunnah in Yemen, assisted one another, were part of the plot to kill one person, I would have taken them all responsible and applied the capital punishment on them. That words of the criminals from committing the crime, before even executing it, they think about it. You don't say, Well, I wasn't doing anything. I just gave him the knife. I just loaded the gun for him. And I was holding the person and the other guy is laying them. You're part of the sin, then not only that, you share the punishment, you will receive a similar punishment as exactly when it comes to doing a good deed. Somebody passed away and you want to perform hajj on his

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behalf he will receive the reward of Hajj and you'll receive a similar word.

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You knew that some people couldn't afford to go for ombre or hodgin somebody is dying to go and you said no problem how much it costs a couple 1000 10,000 15,000 Your heart is on me and you paid for it. So the person went for Hajj and his head was done properly. Allah Masha Allah rewarded him and you did not set a foot out of your house. You didn't go to Makkah, but you have received the full word of Hajj or Umrah or whatever, Allahu Akbar and that's why it is good to widen the circle of virtuous deeds.

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When we were young, in the masjid every day we break our festival Ramadan in the nation, and Masha Allah I will show you our teachers were very pious, were very good and they were young, they can relate to us. So they taught us and the real sallallahu alayhi salam, assayed min Fatah rasa Iman can Allahu MISL. Audrey

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when you know that somebody is fasting, and you offer him a far something to break his fast on.

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It could be a whole meal, it could be a few casual dates, whatever you can afford,

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then you will receive a similar word to the word of the fasting person. So we go to the masjid and everyone is taking his dates or raising or not. So whatever they can afford, we bring food so that we exchange it, I give too many people are fasting, so they eat so they give me a word or word similar to the word of the first thing. And they accept from me, and they give me and this is how we augment their word to our new and better your taco. Whenever I went on an SME what are the words yesterday

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bro brother Khalid from human appeal sent me on show pictures Masha Allah, distributing fuel tanks

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in order to use them for

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different places so that it will provide the Syrian refugees in their tents with the world. As you know that there was

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a snow storm that swept over the whole world. And in Texas alone, 10s of people died being frozen out of extreme cold a child 11 years old died in his bed. And this is in America in Texas. Why? Because when there was a power outage, they were not able to turn off. Turn on the AC and the heat. You know, in Texas, you don't need

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the gas heater. So normally the use the air condition to provide them with heat. Because Texas in general is a hot place. Okay, that would they have winter, maybe a month or a few weeks and that's it. But there's snow storm was a big surprise. Life was completely stuck and it stopped. So 10s of people died, whether in the streets or even in their homes because they didn't have heaters they didn't have

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a source of heat to provide them with warmth. So they froze. And this is in the States. This is in America. So when we look at our brothers and sisters living in tents, and they are drowning in water and in snow, and the temperature is 10 minus 10. And no one is feeling them. So somebody raises the awareness. The lot of people I can donate $1 Another five another 50 another 5000 and another 5 million. And this is how we achieve what we're no Allenbury or Taqwa so we save lives and saving a single life as the Almighty Allah says, women yeah fuck it and Nana here NASA Jamia in surah and ADA and by analogy that applies to everything in life.

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A young girl, she was an orphan at a marriageable age a lot of people come to propose. And I receive messages. The mother says we turn them down. Why sister because we have nothing. We cannot afford anything. We don't even have 100 bucks. Okay? So when we verify the authenticity of the story, and this family, the girls an orphan, and they don't have anything, which happen a little bit from here a little bit from there, and when people know that,

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you know, the chef doesn't charge a commission for himself, or this person is doing this for the sake of Allah. So the interesting with collecting money and buying some furniture or buying or giving the cash to the family in order to help the girl to get married, masha Allah, she got married, how many people benefited out of that not only the goal, and the family, every person who did wanna

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Because of that, on the other flip brothers and sisters, I say proudly, and I said it loudly. Every Muslim who is running a convenience store in the UK, in North America, in Asia, where they allow selling alcohol, lotto tickets,

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and pepperoni sandwiches. These items in Islam are haram, haram to consume, haram to buy and haram to sell. And if any person deceives you and tells you well, as long as you're not consuming it, and you're selling it to Christians, or you're selling it to people who are not Muslims, and it is okay for them to consume it, then you're okay to sell it to them. That is absolutely false.

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Because in the real Salalah, the seller made it crystal clear and he caught it short and he said in Allah either Havana che and haram or Santa Ana who don't even try. If Allah Almighty

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If Allah Almighty forbids anything, then it's price is forbidden. You're not allowed to sell it. You don't say I don't use it. I don't smoke myself. I don't take drugs, but I give it to those Americans or give it to the Russians haram that is not permissible. What is haram is haram whether in Makkah or in Moscow, whether in Medina or New York City while at r1 Halal is me all over.

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You know Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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a Paula kumara 10

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for him Sercombe ma roofing out of three home biasa.

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So in Islam, if a person divorced his wife the first time, if he wants to take her back within the idea he can

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she still partially his wife, no need for another marriage contract or dowry or the agreement and the consent of the Guardian because they are partially married. Then if he divorces her a second time, you still have a chance to take her back

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during the head of an Mottola divorce woman.

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But if he divorces or the third time, that's it, you cannot take her back. So they pick up the phone and they call as CUDA. They say the chef has six kids, and the kids will get lost, they will be in the street. And the sister says I don't have anyone to provide for me. He's gonna kick me out. Where am I supposed to do?

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Was I the one who asked him to divorce once, twice and three times. And by the way, if I give him an access, and I say it's okay, you can take a bet he will divorce you again over and over and over because he has this habit he cannot control himself. So we're not going to make the Haram Halal because of your condition. He divorced you three times. That's it.

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And if anyone wants to tell you it's okay because you have six kids and because you need to raise the kids together. Then this relationship becomes adultery. And the one who facility that for you is part of the conspiracy. He's like committing adultery even though he's supposedly a chef.

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Okay, but the Quran says Fen Paluch. I have fella the hill Lola who remembered who had that and he has Elgin lawyer, true. Yanni. If he divorced her three times. He cannot take her back or less if she married somebody else. Then if it didn't work out, he will divorce her he can take her back. Absolutely true. Provided that is not pre planned. Because in the real Salah Salem cursed L mu Helene. Well, Mahalalel Allahu Anhu Halal is a person who would marry a woman who has been divorced three times for the soul

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Purpose of marrying her for one night or so, then he will divorce her. Why? So that her first ex husband, okay, ex ex husband can take her back, because he has been assumed the three divorces. The person who did so make lame I'm doing this with a good intention. I don't want to get married. I'm waiting imagine her, then I will divorce her so that her ex husband can take her back and marry her. This relationship is nothing different than adultery. And the person who does so even with a good intention and the husband are being all accursed by Allah subhanaw taala. So Thai will help in assisting and cooperating in this respect is forbidden.

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So a nappy and a Taiwan Allah lithiumion O'Dwyer, Assistant assisting and helping others to achieve a sin or to commit a transaction is absolutely forbidden than everyone will be responsible and share the punishment.

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There is only one Hadith in the chapter which is Hadith number 15 139. hadith is collected by Abu Dawood and the mentor MIDI in their Sunon and rated by the great knowledgeable scholar. Abdullah hipness, Ruth Radi Allahu Anhu called

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Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lay up will live on in a huddle Minh as Harvey and I had in China for in new hippo and Raja la como aniseh. Lee Mossad.

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The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said none of my companions should convey to me anything ill regarding another because I desire to meet every one of you with a clean heart. I wish will the rulers, the governors, the superiors, the headmaster's it messages, teachers, the employers, the business owners, and the parents would learn this hadith, everyone who is in charge of others. When people are under your guardianship, and you are their superior, you will find some people who are trying to get close to you. And they may do that by conveying to you what others say in private. And perhaps sometimes we'll make up some statement which was never said by in order to cause some sort

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of discord between the leader, the employer, the business owner, the governor, and others due to envy due to hazards due to competition, or even if they have happened in reality. And somebody said, Oh, this guy is an oppressor, this guy is unjust. Our employer doesn't give us our right. So one of the audience who's sitting, we're all talking and agree, he goes, and he shares that with the superior with the employer, with the person in charge with the commander with the governor. So that is called piano.

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Betrayal is a traitor. Because Elijah, this will be a man. If I'm talking to you in private, I don't need to tell you after we finish, please keep it between us. Because as long as it was only you and me or a couple of us, then we're not supposed to transmit this to anyone else. We're not supposed to share it. And if you think that the speaker is not really fair, and he's doing backbiting, go back five, six class ago, classes ago and sessions, what do we say you're supposed to either stop them while talking. enjoin them toward his God and forbid them

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against backbiting. Or if he cannot, didn't get dismissed, take a hike and leave. But to say it and enjoy and listen to the old conversation, then go to the superior whether he's a teacher and employer or and say yesterday, this person said lot of bad things about you. Some people attempted to do that with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, but he stopped them said please, I don't want anyone to tell me bad about others. Why?

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Because I live to meet you all with a good heart with a clean heart. I'm a human being. He said it before. I'm just a human being I get affected with what I hear. So imagine when somebody says to the sheriff, you know, this guy whom you like so much, he prays right behind you. He dates a girl and we saw him drinking and so on. And you think that when I see him next

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Time I would meet him with the same cheerful smile and we'll be happy to see him. No. Now I have formed some idea, terrible idea about this person. Why? Because I heard a lot of bad things about him. Do not do that this is what the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said and furthermore before we take the break we know why the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said to his companions about Abdullah hipness salaam that he is definitely from among the people of paradise.

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Whoever likes to see one of the people of heaven, look at this guy have the light Mr. Lamb, three consecutive nights. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said this statement and Abdullah bin Salman did not hear it from the Prophet. But when they asked him ma our jam that denominator who just follow the agenda or why tell us what do you do in private lesson? I don't do much. But only one thing I think maybe it is because of it. Which is when I go to sleep, I go to sleep while Selia mas sub. That is the word that the Prophet used here Saaremaa sub with a clean heart with a good heart. I don't have any hurt feeling or hatred, or envy,

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or even blame to anyone else. I said, Yeah, that's a tough one. So it's a lot easier to pray at night than cleaning up your heart. So Being Serene Assad is an ultimate goal of a believer to achieve. You want to achieve that, especially towards others. Plug your ears on somebody is conveying a terrible message from others to you. He doesn't like you. The one who actually insulted you is not one is not the one who insulted you in your absence is the one who conveyed the insult to you. May Allah guide us what is best. Let's take a short break and we'll be back in sha Allah in a few minutes. Please stay tuned

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Have you

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set out Monica or Marketo. And we'll come back in this segment or our phone lines are really open for you in case that you have a question or an inquiry. And our phone numbers beginning with Area code 002 Then 01095185170 Alternatively, same area code and 01 double 05469323 and the WhatsApp numbers, code 0013478060025. Finally, record 00136148915036. This study is mean from Sweden.

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So it comes

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from salaam Warahmatullah Catoosa. Sister Yes, me and welcome to the program. Go ahead.

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Chef, I have three question.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:12

My first question is about my mom.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:28

We live in Sweden. So my mom has a relative in Somalia. And the give her her time like she she wanted someone to resign before I'm in someone who lives in Somalia

00:28:29 --> 00:28:38

is a teacher. So she when he called that teacher she knew like he wants his money. And I've heard like

00:28:42 --> 00:28:45

from some chef that it's not okay to be

00:28:47 --> 00:28:57

money, someone for someone to decide for you. So is that okay to do that? That's my first question. And my second question is,

00:28:58 --> 00:29:03

I have a lot of work with glass from sheet and I know that it's from shea butter.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:05


00:29:06 --> 00:29:22

I know it's from shaitan. And but sometimes I asked myself, Should I believe every bad thoughts that come to my mind from shaitan? Sometimes Is it from me, like how do I know it or to like, lose data? And

00:29:24 --> 00:29:44

that's my second question. My third question is, I am a student and I worked part time and I live in a small town in Sweden, but there's not a lot of job opportunity. So I work in a elderly home at night shift so I didn't have to work with

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

with a lot. I don't have to shower them or do a lot of things but sometimes I change the diaper but they have Alzheimer's so they feel cold. And I wear pants so sometimes like 5% of the time I met a

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

A man colleague like there's a map woman who walked there but there's sometimes there's a man click. I don't see often that either because I walk in I want floor by myself, but when we start the walk, we met them have information the time probably. So is that a harem job? What shall I do? That's my question. Got your questions sister. Yes mean from Sweden.

00:30:32 --> 00:30:35

The one from the UK As Salam Alikum pada Ridwan?

00:30:41 --> 00:30:42

Can you hear me I have one.

00:30:47 --> 00:30:49

Salam Alaikum. Brother.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:54

Malik, Islam. Can you hear me? Now? I can go ahead.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:00

Yeah, okay. What's the best way of asking forgiveness from Allah?

00:31:01 --> 00:31:03

Okay, any other questions?

00:31:04 --> 00:31:05

That's it.

00:31:07 --> 00:31:09

Thank you. This mean,

00:31:11 --> 00:31:14

says that her mom is having a hard time with people back home,

00:31:15 --> 00:31:28

asking them to teach her Qur'an online. And they said they expect wages. And she's under the impression that they are not supposed to charge and how are they supposed to live?

00:31:29 --> 00:31:37

And how are they're supposed to put bread on the table for the kids? The payment that we pay to the Quranic teacher or the

00:31:38 --> 00:31:47

monlam is not for teaching the Quran, Imam Abu Hanifa. May Allah have mercy on him said, that is adroit haps.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:42

Because I'm holding myself for a couple hours every day for you. If if I have to go to work in any field, then I'm not available. I'll be working on earning my living to provide for my family. Would you please spare a couple hours for me every day until I learn how to read Quran. Sure, but I'm going to compensate you for the time that you are not working and you're not earning the whole wealth of the entire world cannot compensate for teaching the Word of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not enough price. There is no price for that. But what you're paying is for what in Abu Hanifa call it a drool Habsi. I am a doctor, an engineer, a janitor. So I quit this job because now I'm full

00:32:42 --> 00:33:30

time giving Dawa and teaching Quran and teaching the children the school, somebody's got to pay me, how am I going to teach and earn, it's either this or that. So that is the topic. But it should not be a matter of bargaining. It shouldn't be a matter of, okay, I'm gonna pay you that much. And you know, this is you will be rewarded for it. It's an act of charity. And the men will be also rewarded and no amount of money is sufficient for him. But this is simply because you're spending some time for me. We're doing marriage counseling, we're doing business counseling, between business partners, private sessions, and when we charge for that, too, I don't take a penny to myself. I don't the

00:33:30 --> 00:34:18

money goes to the orphans, or goes to Hodor TV programs. Okay. So somebody says, well, 100 bucks is a lot for hour, I'm not giving you an hour, not even half hour, I don't have time for you. I would rather spend this time with my family. And my little daughter, my little son needs a time. So when I spare this time to assist people and meanwhile this money is assistant orphans or whatever as a good cause for everyone. This is what I call it. a win win situation. What's worse, when you say that I'm not sure whether the bad task was in my mind from Shaytaan or from myself. It doesn't matter. Don't waste your time to find out the source. Even though when a lot of Marty says whether insalata Toba

00:34:18 --> 00:34:54

or in Surah facilite, a man's alumna kemenah che 20 in Islam facetite Billa so if a bad thought crosses your mind, and this is from a Sherpa and then you say oh the blame the ship on origin it should cease. Because a shader disappears. When you decide the Quran and you decide is the other for either karate or NFS there is bIllahi min ash shaytaan Yamaji. He disappears. When the Adan is called, well Allah who does not he flees. Shaitaan is very vulnerable is very weak cannot tolerate the remembrance of Allah. But unnecessarily Amara Bisou is very stubborn.

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

So what you need to do is treated differently

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

So if the bad fart or the USA is persistent, change your place, change your location, change the subject, move out, do anything else to keep you occupied and distract your attention from this was versa. If it is something clinical, then you definitely need medical attention and that is perfectly fine.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:44

Working in an elder home and assisting ill people may Allah bless you for that. And as they always say, let the male nurse assist the male patients or elders, and he can assist the females were in the gloves, making sure you're not touching the product pass or the hour with bare hands. A Solomonic

00:35:47 --> 00:35:49

sister a man from Belgium

00:35:52 --> 00:35:57

highly concilium Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh sister. Amen. Welcome to the program.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:31

Thank you. I have two questions today. Go ahead. My first question is, if someone intends to fast the next day, and he or she says okay, I will wake up before measure, eat something and then first, but the person wakes up after pleasure. Should is to this person still fast? Or yeah, because the intention was to eat and then to fast. Okay, and you're talking about voluntary fasting or obligatory fasting like making a miss days of Ramadan?

00:36:32 --> 00:37:05

Yeah, maybe both. I want to know, okay, there's a difference. So yes, I will tell you the difference inshallah. But if I intended to fast at night, or before fudge, then I was planning to go for a whole meal, etc. And I never got up. I woke up at seven, eight or even 10am. I'm still fasting. Because I intended fasting before fetch. What is the difference between fun and voluntary fasting? In the case of fasting, like I'm making up some of the miss days of Ramadan denier must be

00:37:07 --> 00:37:09

some summon before fetch.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:48

Okay, then if I go to sleep, and I woke up at any time, and Hamdulillah, I'm still fasting. In the case of the voluntary fasting, if you wake up and you didn't eat anything, you didn't drink anything, you didn't have an intimate relationship, and it is even 11am Oh, my God, the fridge is empty, and Maghrib is anyway at five. So let me fast is that permissible? That's permissible, but it is not permissible in the case of the fourth, in the case of the fourth Denise must be someone before fetch. So eating this whole meal is sunnah but it is not a requirement for fasting. Thank you, Emma.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:15

And Eve from Bangladesh. I'm coming to you brother at one shortly in sha Allah Hanif. Welcome to the program. Yeah. Hanif Salaamu Alaikum Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hanif, how are you? How are you doing in my beloved shape and how is your family handled? I will be missing you in the program with Yusuf Estes for a couple of weeks. Are you okay?

00:38:18 --> 00:38:19

Hon. Yeah.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

Are you doing

00:38:23 --> 00:38:28

and hamdulillah everything was great by the Grace of Allah. So what is your question today? Hanif?

00:38:30 --> 00:38:46

Maybe double check. Before I get into that question, I would like more I would like you to know that I do love you for the sake of Allah. Now I'm gonna get into the question. I have been anti women in the past who has asked me this question

00:38:48 --> 00:39:17

regarding what our beloved prophet has seen, maybe double check. Our Prophet has said there is no shall stay overnight. And infections except for three things whichever one it will just end horses. I would like you to teach me the hidden meaning behind it. May Allah grant you Jonathan problems. Hang on to Hanif. Are you still there?

00:39:19 --> 00:39:35

Yeah, honey, if first of all me the one whom you love me for his sake. Love you as well. You said you're asking about the Hadith about infection. Am I correct? Or I would appreciate if you can repeat your question. Go ahead and repeat the Hadith on the cushion again.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:48

Our Beloved Prophet has say there is no such thing as homeowners, homeowners, Ellen infections, church

00:39:49 --> 00:39:52

meetings, which are when it's

00:39:53 --> 00:39:55

all just enforces.

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

I'm not sure if I

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

Got your question correct Subhanallah when you come to say the Hadith the voice is big enough.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:14

Can the brother in the control collect honey Scotia please? Okay, another one from the UK.

00:40:15 --> 00:40:22

But they say they will not able to understand it or get it as well. So the break enough was also in the control

00:40:23 --> 00:40:30

room one from the UK, the best method of seeking forgiveness is number one by acknowledging the sin.

00:40:32 --> 00:41:16

And by based on that, only acknowledge the sin as it was a sin. You immediately Quit it with a sincere intention that I'm not going to do it again. Then you follow that by saying stuff for Allah. Because many of us say stuff for Allah while we are actually doing the same. So you realize that our seeking forgiveness requires seeking forgiveness. It sounds like a joke. Because you're doing the sin NSA stuff for Allah. As somebody is smoking, it says stuff for Allah, watching something forbidden says that for Allah, from what you know, It's haram, he acknowledged that quit regret, then say a stop for Allah this way. And obviously there are certain supplications which the Prophet

00:41:16 --> 00:42:02

sallallahu Sallam considered the master of the supplications for seeking forgiveness such as Lohmann, Tarbela, ILAHA, Illa, and Haluk Teneo and Ovid and Allah adekola Deaconess Tata was becoming Sherry Masana. Abu Lahab in a medically will be, then be fulfilled, leave in our lair frozen Oberland. And I trust my assistant will post both the Arabic and the English meaning of this master of supplications to see forgiveness and also the Prophet salaallah. Salah prescribe to rock has to work as at any time whenever you commit a sin, you make a perfect will do and you pray to rock as that will execute the same with the intention of seeking forgiveness. Salam Alikum.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:08

Paul half from Francis said emmalin, Camilla, Taha,

00:42:09 --> 00:42:48

follicle, Salama, Ricardo, how are you? I'm doing just fine. hamdulillah Talhah How are you, Alexandra lamella will reward you and preserve you and your family. We are really glad to have you again in the in the shows actually. Thank you and preserve you. I mean, thank you so much. Appreciate hamdulillah so I had a I had a question. So nowadays, I'm working in France, actually. So I have non Muslim colleagues. So basically, sometimes they use some expressions with which are not really cool. For example, they use like they say, like, Let's cross our fingers, for instance, like those superstition the things, you know, I don't really know the meaning. I mean, how to say it in

00:42:48 --> 00:43:25

English, but in France, in France, it like the translation is like, Let's cross our fingers so that this thing might work and stuff like that. But obviously, I know that. I mean, many of them don't believe it. It's like a common expression in France, actually. So even me I believe in that, because definitely Islam probably prohibits those kind of things. So basically, my question is, sometimes I use it in my presence, and I don't really, I'm not really happy with it. But I don't really know if I'm sinful before teaching and what they say like, let us do this so that our, our test will go and stuff like that, even if I think that they didn't believe in that, but just it's like something they

00:43:25 --> 00:43:34

use in a in a general way. So my question is about that, so she can help me. Yeah, sure. You know, tell her

00:43:35 --> 00:43:58

just like hello, hi. Ron even liked the way you express yourself and presented your question. There are a lot of faces where people many Muslims are used to say, and they're awful, awful, in what sense, the person can be committing a major sin by uttering the statement or that word, whether knowingly or unknowingly, unknowingly makes a plane in the worst.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:08

In case of fear of envy, you're talking about somebody or a nice car or a nice job or somebody got promoted, so you say Touchwood,

00:44:09 --> 00:44:18

so even Muslims, even Arab, they say the same touch Word, and the hastened to touch any piece of what

00:44:19 --> 00:44:31

what is this for? superstition, and if you touch the word, it will prevent the evil eye from taking effect. And it will protect you again is the envy for innocence.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

cross fingers like that. Why? Why do you do that? Likewise, if you do it, it will block an envious from in venue or the harm of an evil eye from touching you. It will prevent the harm from befall in you. And can you imagine that? Also were in certain things like an amulet Terry's Manta with a bracelet or a necklace with this intention to protect you from the evil eye or envy.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

The Prophets Allah Allah Salah mercy This is Pickman halacha Fahad Ashok so the word is says refers to the word of the cross, and if you touch it, you protect it. We don't believe in that. And as Muslims, we know what to do in circumstances like that. The prophets Allah sallam said to one brother who invade another he said Hala rocked. So if you like anything or a few fear and you say mashallah, Allahumma barik Allahumma barik this is what you say. map was fingers, not touch what not wear and an amulet tell his men or Tao. Thank you Tala.

00:45:44 --> 00:45:47

Fauzi from Indonesia Salam Alikum.

00:45:50 --> 00:45:51


00:45:52 --> 00:45:53

go ahead, eflc I'm listening.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:01

Are you? I'm doing fine. Alhamdulillah he and you How are you guys in Indonesia?

00:46:03 --> 00:46:06

I'm fine. I'm hungry. Yeah, what is your question?

00:46:08 --> 00:46:16

I would I would. I have some questions for you, sir. Before that, before that, I will explain my transition right now.

00:46:18 --> 00:46:20

There are two scholars I've been following.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:31

I've been following them about three years now, two scholars. They, they both are very intelligent, smart and logical. They know the Quran and the Hadith. Well,

00:46:32 --> 00:46:34

and they both don't agree to Sufism.

00:46:36 --> 00:46:43

And most of their teachings are the same. The point as well points are the same, except for one thing that makes me so confused.

00:46:44 --> 00:47:01

The scholars number one said that Allah literally sits on his throne, because it is said in the Quran and there is no other meaning it is very clear. And that's very logical to me. But the scholars number to say that it doesn't mean like that.

00:47:03 --> 00:47:26

Allah doesn't literally sit on his throne. He say, he says that the correct interpretation is Allah is the power pool. So he has the ability to control anything and everything including his throne. Selling our literally sits on his throne means Allah requires place and Allah in its place, and that's epic sins. My question is,

00:47:28 --> 00:47:41

which one is the correct argument? And number two, do you think that I should completely stop following this caller? With the last argument? I hope you answer my question. Okay, cool.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:32

Yes, quickly, fuzzy because we're running out of time. anything relating to Allah, his traits and attributes, the only source of informations about it is Allah Himself, the Quran, or the revelation of the Sunnah. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam explained to us that Allah is above his throne. And when the Quran says in multiple places that our man will allow she stellar he's above the throne. It does, it literally means he's sitting mandala on a throne. By it says above, the greatest creation a lot greater than the heavens and the earth and all the galaxies is a fraud, and abuse Allah Allah is an MSc, l cracy, which is a footstool is Allah data than the entire creation of

00:48:32 --> 00:49:20

the heavens and the earth and the billions of galaxies and stars, to the extent that says all of that the heavens and the earth and what is in between, compared to the core say, is like a ring thrown in a plane. And then of course, see, the footstool compared to alash is like a ring thrown in a huge plane. We cannot comprehend that. How big is it, but we know it is the greatest creation of Allah. And Allah is above all of that, but we do not describe as a particular city. So we cannot even imagine it. We take it as Allah describe it. But the fact that Allah is everywhere is very dangerous, is very dangerous. And some of the extreme sofas have incorporated that into Hinduism, by

00:49:20 --> 00:49:59

saying that God is in every thing around us, not only everywhere in the space, but in every creature. So one of them ended up saying that if I end up bound down to a dog, I'm not doing initial come only bound down to God because God is incarnated in the in all the creatures. So that's why if you allow yourself to exceed the limit, and imagine anything about Allah, which He didn't say, you would end up going astray. Imam Malik, may Allah have mercy on him and I know you guys in Indonesia are following the Shafi madhhab he is also similar statement in my mind

00:50:00 --> 00:50:33

Rick said, everybody knows the meaning of the word is still. But how when it comes to Allah we have not been informed. So you pass. So it's early still Omaha? No, but * okay forward route, asking about the * is an innovation? Because all those 10s of 1000s of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim didn't dare to ask about it. They accepted it as is the new that arrived man, the Most Beneficent is above his throne. How? How is he sitting? Is he sitting? He didn't ask. So why do we ask?

00:50:35 --> 00:51:02

Well, how do we how do we say his statement again, and it's the Omalu 1k format rule was one hubiera. Well, how do we have Alana? So the teacher who's teaching you that the statement of Imam Malik, this is a statement of all the predecessors and the four scholars whether Abu Hanifa Malik, a sheffey, or Imam Ahmed a theory and Buhari and Muslim and all of them,

00:51:03 --> 00:51:26

those who try to relate to God as if he is one of the creation, we should not allow ourselves to ever imagine that? Because he said in anumber 11 or Serato Shura lay second is the shape. Well, who has sent me all Basia? There is nothing ever like him and his old Europe Osia we run out of time brothers and sisters.

00:51:29 --> 00:51:32

Okay, we'll take the Law School of Santa Monica.

00:51:33 --> 00:51:36

Santa from Nigeria Santa Monica.

00:51:41 --> 00:51:43

Santa from Nigeria. Go ahead.

00:51:46 --> 00:51:51

I am from Santa Barbara cat, we have less than a minute. Go ahead quickly please.

00:51:57 --> 00:51:59

Okay, pay brothers and sisters.

00:52:00 --> 00:52:15

I need a favor from you, as you know that Al Hamdulillah, who switched from the nine set to another satellite, which supposedly has a broader coverage, which is called Intelsat 20. And the brothers will put the frequency

00:52:17 --> 00:52:18

on the screen.

00:52:19 --> 00:52:32

And I need your assistance. That is entitled sir 20 is supposed to cover the whole Indian subcontinent and the whole of Europe. A great portion of the Middle East.

00:52:34 --> 00:53:25

I would like for you to share with me whether any of you is able to watch her that TV via interset. weenie, according to the frequency for 140 9.5 and the position 68.5 degrees east. And informations are appearing on the screen before you brothers and sisters. And it's on the sea band. And whether you're able to watch it directly or you have to install a dish, how big is the dish, the satellite and all of that. Otherwise, if you're still watching us through the Nigerian satellite, or through the social media, I would appreciate if you can specify whether it's Facebook or YouTube or the web page,

00:53:26 --> 00:53:37

how clear it is and also where you're watching from. May Allah bless you all again love you all for the sake of Allah was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:53:41 --> 00:54:02

One and only going to can only use to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about and in paradise, we're shipping columns fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

00:54:04 --> 00:54:15

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys are shipping cars fire and stores selling their best were the cheapest

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