Ramadan Series Day 06 – The Month of Allah’s Hospitality

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Sit down on a Kumara Allahu barakato

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Miss Mila hamdulillah for our two of cinema out of Sumida, one of the names that scholars has given to Ramadan

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reflecting water Milan mean and brings, until is the month of a law of generosity and another name in the same meaning, the month of the merciful hospitality alized hospitality. Our laws are the more supple hospitality and what is hospitality? And what is this has to do with all my life is not about food or food, or drink or eating or getting together? Absolutely not. It's spiritually but let's look first as hosts at hospitality. Hospitality is usually you are a guest in someone's house in a hotel in a place and you will see extraordinary service, extra ordinary food and drink and welcoming so you say these people are very hospitable or This place is highly or very hospitable. So where is

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the spiritual hospitality of Ramadan? What do I get with a loss panda Homer Tyler and the hunt that we put on the planet and please forgive me it's a little bit missing.

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Lima Muslim, he reported on the authority of

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Hawaii Rama may Allah be pleased with him, or soiree thought was Salaam said Asana to him homes are Jamaat Eden Juma ramadan ramadan, mocha Farah to the mother in hoonah legitime batik the five daily Salawat Friday to Friday, Ramadan to Ramadan we expiate to remove all sins, as long as all says between them, as long as the major sins are avoided. So from last from of on till this Ramadan whatever the human being does or do

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minor sins as long as the major sins are avoided. Those minor sins are completely removed simply because it is a Roman one there's no other month so what are hospitality? What did I do to get that much and if I fast and read Quran and go through the same challenges and difficulties we go through in Ramadan, I am not going to get the same reward if I do the same issue done or if I do within Rajim all these are Roger is shot home and Ramadan and Shabbat but not the home but Amanda Rasul Allah salatu salam signal that with fasting, but I'm not going to get this simply because Ramadan is very generous. It's a large hospitality.

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This will be even clear in the next video I'll share with you very important by Amanda Baran. And he said also adding salt to Sarah. I tell him Ramadan, the month of Ramadan came to you shuffle Baraka, a month of blessings. We talked about it two days ago. a month of blessings. Yo sharkoon Peter Rama you are all engulfed, engulfed with Rama with the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what you hope to come along here Rama, where you're hopeful hotwire and he put down, remove all the sins wasted you would do out and he grant and responded and listen to the supplications This is the point. Young wall la comm young wall Illa tena fusi comfy he looks Allah the Exalted look at you and me, how are we competing in it to please Allah, not how much we eat and how much we do and how much we get invited or how much we invite people how much we are competing with each other, to do more to please Allah subhanho wa Taala you rahila Javi he may be called mela Akita and Allah subhanho wa Taala will be so happy about us His servants in this month with all what we are doing for him that

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he is a pioneer in the way that defeat him. boastful about us in front of the angels.

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For Allah amin unfussy calm hiera

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show Allah, the best of you. Show Allah the best of you. Pamela Shaw Allah, the best of you to Inna shocky the miserable one man Halima miserable one is the one who is being deprived from the mercy of Allah.

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Allah is his hospital hospitable

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Life is generous. And he gives way more in this month in golf was in Gulf us with His mercy and he loves for us to compete in actions to please Him and He will be happy. So panna the way the victim and boastful about us in front of his angels and Swati salatu salam is telling you and me Allah honeycomb hierro show Allah the best in you. The best of you naming this month is the month I need to focus on my relationship with Allah because he's very generous, and he's hospitable in this month, he wants to see from me what I do and he will respond and he will welcome me and He will give me more and more and way more that what this whatever I am doing work, but I need to work. I need to

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show a loss pantalla the best what I can do, I can't have Ramadan do the same things in Ramadan, I do the same thing I do. I do or I did it before. So basically is just about fasting. It is not about fasting only fasting is the obligation. But to get the benefit the real benefit of Ramadan to please Allah pantalla to deserve his hospitality. I have to show him the best in me and in you. So he will be not only happy but he will be so happy that he's so proud. Imagine this is so proud of you and me that he is apana boosts full about us in front of our law. You're on Vianney, which is akmola Hi Ron.