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My question to Christians now is that you are Christian, which means to be Christ like that's your faith right? What was the faith of Jesus Christ pointing up? Even my own daughter at nine years old would look at me and be like that makes no sense as Jesus grew up

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Jesus this God, how can you one more and more about himself? The Moroccan players frustrating frustrating I don't know when they won but when they lost

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we have Ron God His name

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam.

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This sister dijo

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was ready to talk about this I would only talk about explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam. Show. Welcome to the deen show. That Deen show

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum Welcome to the show. I'm are your hosts and guests who I have with me here is one of the original guests talking about very important topic back then it was SD and today we're in HD, 4k is near 4k now. And I think

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you're all grown up now. We're all gonna go. It's been a long time, no matter what, 16 years since the first appearance of the show, I cannot tell you how many times just recently, I had a corporation or was the Serbian. He approached me this is in the Moscow embassy in Chicago. And he came up and he said, You know, I watched the show that you did. And he said, I watched the top 10 reasons why Jesus wasn't God, he was on his quest searching. Yeah, you know, searching purpose of life. And that came across and in his search. And that was a trigger point that really stuck with him. And he actually he accepted Islam, Masha, Allah, you never know you do something 1520 years

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ago, how a trickle effect of being out there. That was the whole beauty of why we started doing all this stuff. In the first place that we were talking about earlier today, the you know, that I started my dad on MySpace, that's where you know, as first, because I knew is the more you put out there, the more you know, opportunity, people have to come across it. And we might be dead in our graves, and somebody finds a video that we've done, and they accept Islam. So it's all a way of putting out good deeds that can be kept. It's like throwing out a bunch of fishing nets, you know, I mean, you never know when a fish is gonna come along and hit it. Yes. So how's how's everything,

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how's everything been?

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We're always good as Muslims, you know, the world is rapidly changing and evolving. And, you know, we have to do our best to continue to be on the front lines of, of helping people understand the truth about their purpose and their nature. Because one of the things is, you know, Islam is to teach us about our true purpose and nature, right. That's, that's the whole point is first to understand who we truly are, in retrospect of the Creator in the creation. And we live in a world now that is its entirety, it seems like the entire job of the world now is to confuse people about who they are, what their identities, pronouns, changing weekly, like we nobody knows who they are

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anymore. And as Muslims, this is where we are able to put out that flag and be that hold fast of who we are as human beings that we are servants to the Creator, He created us perfectly. He created us exactly how he wanted us to be, we don't need to be anything other than that. We serve and worship Him. And then that's how we live a beautiful life in this world and the next. So I think, you know, we have an even greater opportunity now to tell people about Islam. But the odds are becoming more and more stacked. It's just reality. And we're not the only faith group that seeing that, you know, identity politics are at play everywhere. Let's go back to this key figure that now, there's a

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divide there, but it seems like people are from the statistic they said that 52% of Christians don't believe Jesus is God. And that's when we first met we've talked a lot about Jesus, we talked about Islam in the Bible. And then you did a top 10 reasons why Jesus is not God.

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Has anything changed from those top 10 there now that we have, you know, opportunity to meet again, is there when you're approached Christians you know, do you still use those the same talking points there with this or having I mean, the top 10 was was a very zealous attempt to be very specific.

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You know, as you get older, one of the things we learn as we get older, we learn how to be more pragmatic about approaches to certain things. So I am more of an open

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Watch, I've always taken the approach that the more you get people to think on their own, the more easy they are to come to valid opinions. You know, I mean, self discovery is unlike being anything else. It's not like me telling you something. It's asking questions, we said that when we just went and visited the Dean center not too long ago, we need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of mankind. This is your brother of one I'm gonna follow up. And I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother, Eddie, is setting up the Dean center, not just the Dean show, but the Dean center, a full dalla Academy, a masjid a Dallas center

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in America, the first of its type that a groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it. So we can take the data to the next level. We need the Dean center, please support it.

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When I shouldn't have been humbled, yeah. Hi.

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There, my question to Christians now is that you're a Christian, which means to be Christ like that's your faith. Right? What was the faith of Jesus Christ? Let's that was that really stuck with me. So you're you have faith in Jesus, you have faith in Jesus, what was his faith? What was Jesus's faith was his faith in himself. You know, and when you go and look at the Bible, and I did a video on my YouTube not too long ago about this, why I left Christianity, because it really boiled down, boiled down to three points, the percentage of Jesus and the validity of the Bible. Without those two things, Christianity's literally with just falls into nothing, even even Paul himself said,

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Without Christ crucified, our faith is in vain, like we had nothing. So I encourage Christians now more to what was the faith of Jesus, like now you can tell me what your faith is your pillars I believe in Jesus Christ died on the cross that Okay, so if your faith is completely dependent upon Jesus crucifixion, what was his faith for his entire life until this point, what was his fate? There's going to be a knee jerk reaction, someone's going to say, Well, that's obvious. He was Christian, because I'm Christian. He was Christian. So he was himself. To be Christian means to be Christ like to be like Christ to be a follower of Christ. Just like Muslims. We don't call ourselves

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Muhammad ins. We don't call ourselves follow them. Hamid Solimar. So then we follow his religion, his religion was Islam. So we are Muslims, just like he was. So if you look at the faith of Jesus Christ, he was asked, he was asked simply about his faith. And it was actually a trick question. When he was asked, What is the greatest commandment? Because really, in reality, there's no there's no greatest commandment, they're all equal. And he said, I can't tell you the greatest command without taking the first commandment. The first commandment is here always with the Lord, your God is One uniquely one love you and the Lord your God, with all your heart with all your might, with

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all the strength, love your neighbor, like you love yourself. He said, All of the law of God and all the prophets hang on these principles. That was the faith of Christ. So as Christians, that was his faith? Is that how you define your faith? If not, then there is a problem. There is a problem, you are not Christ, like, because that term didn't exist. At that time. Christian says, No, did not exist, then I think that's a really important point of information, something to have during his life. Nobody called themselves a Christian. Yeah, his followers did not call him. The disciples did not call themselves Christians. So what were they? So what's the next step? Usually, when you get

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people to think about this, and then they're like, it's like an aha moment? Where do you take it from there? I tell them that the faith of Jesus was the same as the faith of Moses was the same as faith, David was the same faith that Abraham has to believe in one God alone. That is the core tenet, foundational principle of God, and it is always been the same. And I tell them, forget about, you know, what is written in the New Testament, Paul, go all the way back to getting started doing them as Deuteronomy, look at what God says about himself. He's one, he's uniquely one, he's jealous, you know, he does not like anything other than Him to be worshipped. That is very simple across the

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board. That is the faith of Jesus, that is the faith of Muslims, we have not changed anything. That's the whole point is that nothing changes. And this is the theory that we as Muslims have about God is that He is, does not change. If God can change, we're all doomed. You know, I mean, he is the one absolute, like stable factor in the universe is that he is who he is, and that does not change. Therefore, as a Muslim, I have the same faith that Jesus Christ peace upon him had me walk this earth. I love the Lord, my God with all of my heart with all of my mind and all of my strength that is in Islam called the rights that belong to Allah. The rights belong to Salah Zakah cm, you know,

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these are the pillars they're given to God. And then second pillar of Islam, which was the second pillar Jesus taught you love your neighbor like you love yourself, meaning you treat other people the way you want to be treated. This in Islam is known as the rights that belong to the creation, and that is the entirety of the religion of Islam. I tell people that if you take Islam as a concept, and you wanted to divide it into two main categories, those two main categories are the rights that belong to Allah, God alone, and the rights that be

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Long to creation, and that is Islam and that's what Jesus taught. So I get them on that, that that thought process that if you want to be like Jesus, then you have to be like Jesus, you can't. You can't go and be like Paul or be like any of these other disciples or your preacher, you have to look at what Jesus taught, what he preached. What What were the commands he gave to the people around him at his time, and you follow those? You reminds me of the verse from the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah the Quran when you mentioned the prophets were Allah saying God Almighty is saying the Creator saying that regarding Abraham that he wasn't a Jew or a Christian, but he was one who

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submitted his will to the One God Yeah. And he was known as Hanif I need Hanif which means like, purity of faith, for one god like uprightness purity, like he gave everything absolutely to God alone, they belong to Him. And that that is the religion of of all the prophets. He didn't worship Jesus, know, for sure, he didn't worship himself for the creation or anything he worship like Muslims do like we do today, the creator, the creator, that is it. And there is only one Creator, and everything else other than that is part of His creation. And those two cannot be equal. No one would say no one who in the right mind who thinks property would say that the Creator is like the

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creation, these two things are separate. This is where Paul had to break this idea and say that God became a man, you know, Christ became flesh, you know, like us and be you. If you look at it, realistically, there's the Creator. And there's the creation, these two are not equal, and they're not the same. Even Jesus said that I do nothing of my own like I don't have any power except that which the Father has given Me he works through me the miracles that I do, I don't do them by myself. So it's it's it's really comes down to stripping away pre preconceived notion notions, and looking at the faith of Jesus Christ, and this is also part of Islam. And Muslims have been now that you

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know, it's been 17 years since we did these videos, almost. Even with Muslims, we have unfortunately, a lot of preconceived notions about religion, they become very culturally ingrained into the faith. And for me as a as a convert, Revert, wherever you want to say it, I have been able to see outside that paradigm. So it's the same concept is that Islam is pure and simple and logical to worship God alone, and follow His commandments, everything other than that is not part of the religion. And therefore we strip all of that away, you find what Worship God alone. That's it, give God his rights, give human beings our rights, and live and let live. So that's that's kind of been

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my more pragmatic approach towards Christianity now, rather than, you know, just taking attacks at at the Bible taking attacks at Paul, they get very defensive in defensive people are usually not very receptive. So it's more of just asking them questions of, what do you what do you believe in what is your faith and then what was used as a faith?

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See if the two are congruent with one another, what you have what a lot of people come to find out that your faith is Pauline. That's when you get down to the crux of the matter. The crux of the matter is, the only person who taught your faith is Paul the Apostle, who never met Jesus, whenever wall with him, never talked to him, none of these things. But this is not the faith of Jesus Christ, the faith that Jesus Christ was Your Worship God alone. That was it. He himself was still considered considered himself a practicing part of the faith of the tuner, Israel at the time, which was monotheism, he still went to the synagogue, he still he fought against all of the things that were

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going on, he never established, he didn't go into step building a whole new building, call people into it, and say, worship me, this does not happen, you will figure you will figure if your entire salvation right in the entirety of your salvation and rely on you worshiping Jesus Christ, then why for 33 years of his life, that he never built a building, called people in there and say, You worship Me and you will go to heaven. Like this. It makes no sense. God is not the The Bible says God is not the author of confusion. Why did it take at least 13 to 15 years later for Paul to start teaching us this doctrine like, whoa, whoa, this makes no common sense whatsoever. It just does not

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sound logical, that faith that Jesus was worship God. So if you want to be Christian, which means to be like Christ, then you would worship God. Simple as that.

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That's deep. I mean, it's some straightforward, it's easy to digest, easy to understand, and insha Allah that people can go ahead and, you know, I feel that a lot of times is if a person is is open minded, and they're sincerely looking for the truth, because the nature of the human being rejects this idea of God being a man, you know, this whole concept of the Trinity does it make sense? God dying for your sins, coming down to earth and a lot of these things are very emotional and diet. Oh, yeah. And this is the process of

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A lot of Christians think that Muslims are like reject Jesus. And that's that's so contradictory to what we actually believe. And actually, in order to be a Muslim, you must have full faith in Jesus Christ. That is a pillar of our religion. If someone were to come in and say I'm muslim, but I don't believe in Jesus, then the the latter statement contradicts the first one. You cannot be a Muslim without full faith in Jesus Christ, his virgin birth, you know, his uprightness, you can't, you cannot be a Muslim without these things. So we actually have people who affirm Jesus Christ, but to think that on the Day of Judgment, that God is going to punish people for worshiping Him alone. It

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makes no sense. It makes no sense to think that, okay, let's just let's this set a hypothetical scenario, I'm a Muslim, I go in front of God on the day judgment, why did you do what you did? I worshipped you because alone, because that's the way I saw Abraham worshipped you. That's the way I saw no, where should you that's the way I saw David worse you do. That's the way I saw Jesus worshipped you.

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And you're going to tell me that God is going to throw me into your eternal fire for worshiping Him alone. This makes no sense. It's so contradictory. But I can prove to you that God says He will punish those who worship anything other than him. It's in the very first law of Deuteronomy, here, O Israel, I the LORD your God, I'm one and have no other gods before me. Make myself no graven images, worship, don't worship anything else other than me, I am a jealous God. So I can have much proof to that. But there is no way you can say to me, that you can prove in any point in any place that worshiping God alone will in one in eternal destruction. That is why Islam is the only pure

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monotheistic religion, on the face of the planet earth today, because we worship God alone, singularly, uniquely one way, and we don't worship anything else, other than Him. We make that distinction that there was a creator. And then there's the creation. And those two are not the same. Yes, it's, it's really amazing, because a lot of times, religion has been left to something that is esoteric for many people. It's just mysterious, but then it's not supposed to make sense. A lot of times, you know, it's, you can't understand God. But here you're talking. And it's kind of like, hold on, this is too simple. It's, it's just it's common sense. Is it supposed to be that simple.

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It's supposed to be that simple, because God is just therefore, if, if religion was esoteric, and only able to be understood by enlightened minds, then what about the rest of the unenlightened world, they don't have access to God. God is supposed to be readily accessible to anyone with any capacity of understanding, even the person with the most diminished capacity of understanding can understand the concept, there's one God, there's no more else, there's nothing else there's one. That's a very simple concept understand, but you tried to explain the concept of, of, you know, paganism, many gods and all these warring gods or even the concept of the Trinity, you know, that

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there's one God who's in three unique percentages, these percentages are all the same person, but they're not the same person. And they're, they're equal, but they're not equal.

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Even my own daughter at nine years old, would look at me and be like, That makes no sense. As Jesus grew up, learn more about God.

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Jesus is God. How can you learn more and more about himself?

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Because Jesus is God.

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Jesus grew up, you learn more more about God his Father.

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Because when Jesus came down to earth,

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he grew up as a regular human being too.

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So he would read the Bible, that kind of thing. So he will find himself. She heard me doing, she heard me doing my why I left Christianity, because it's in my basement. She heard me she was like, did you just say that God was three and one and one and three, but they were all the same and not the same. I was quoting the Apostles Creed, that the fact that God the Father is God, the Son in God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is not the father, the father was like, that doesn't make any sense. I'm like, I know it doesn't. This is not how the religion to worship God, and the path to heaven is supposed to be supposed to be simple. You worship God, and you try to

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do what's right. That doesn't mean by doing what's right, you're gonna go to Paradise, but that's how you earn the forgiveness of God.

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Now, you can't give all of your sins to one person and have them all wiped away. Because if that was the concept, why can I do that? And any other thing, why can I go to a criminal court and say, You know what, Jesus died for my sins, you know, 2000 years ago? I don't know why I mean, up here. I should not even be being tried for this. You can't do that. It doesn't work that way. So we know logically, it doesn't work. Therefore, it's not going to work in the adjustment front God either. Well, Subhan Allah. This is really, how have you kept such a longevity? Now many people, you know, it's been like you just mentioned 17 years. It's just past like that. Yeah. What do you even do to

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get people to thinking

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like you just said, most people are leaving a lot of even Christians are getting fed up with the church because they're seeing a lot of

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compromise the same people compromising. They're getting fed up. And some even because of that gravitating towards Islam, you're saying, you know, that Islam we can see, you know, it's starting to make sense why Islam is so

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the purity as far as like keeping certain things, and certain lifestyles that are there that are unacceptable, and that God has to be obeyed. It's clear, you can't you know, compromise in your faith and the people they started to respect especially what's going on with hold this whole gender fluidity and trying to sexual identity politics. Yeah, all of this. Well, that's one of the fatal flaws within Christianity. And this is not to take a dig at anyone. It's just this is a fatal flaw within the system. One of the fatal flaws in Christianity is there's no there's no code, there's no creed. If you say you believe in Jesus, having died on the cross for your sins, then you are a

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person of paradise, like you're going to heaven no matter what else happens in your life, you're still saved. And that becomes very problematic because it allows a lot of fluidity allows you to compromise on a lot of things that you normally wouldn't compromise on with it. Whereas within Islam we have a coded system of how we are supposed to apply the religion within our lives. Therefore we could there are certain boundaries we cannot go past and if we do go past them, it's considered like a mortal sin. You know, I mean, in front of God and therefore, Muslims are in the world is very quickly finding especially with the World Cup, and all that that happened around the World Cup. The

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world is is is very quickly finding out that Muslims are some of the last holdouts of principled religion that's what I considered Islam a principled religion. Every other religion has its, you know, its loopholes. And, once saved, always saved. I don't really have to do anything. I just have to believe in Islam. It's a principled religion because we not only believe certain things, but we have to do certain things. And we have to stay away from certain things in order to live a righteous life. So we are one of the very last principled moral holdouts on the planet Earth today. Yeah. Did you get a chance to see it seems like when did you mentioned the World Cup with you had Morocco who

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was coming close? And then you had Muslims who are throwing up just like you had the famous fighter Habib pointing up? Yep. And this signifies the pure monotheism that we talking about that Jesus was upon. And all the prophets one one guy that pure monotheism, so he and they had the Moroccan players prostrating frustrating. I don't know when they won, but when they lost, but then you had this German outlet on a few scene, they were trying to come aboard and say, Look there, they were trying to connect the team to this group Dinesh saying, Did you see that when they say it's an ISIS symbol? Yeah. Well, how would you respond to that? Because they were throwing up to. So that means Habib and

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all the Muslims in the world, us were throwing up one, one guy, Jesus would have been thrown up one guy, they're all How low can you go? These are coming from people who don't, who can't define genders. I mean, I mean, they can't tell you male and female. You know, I mean, so like, I don't really, what do you expect? What do you expect from these type of people? You know, I mean, they're, they're their identity, politics or the flavor of the week. It's like going to Baskin Robbins, you know, I mean, which some people might be watching not know what Baskin Robbins is. But it's a ice cream store. Here in America, we go in, there's like 32 flavors, you know, we're gonna have a flavor

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of the week. That's it. You can go in and just pick whatever flavor you'd like today. And for Muslims, we can't do that we have principles, and the most, the number one principle in Islam is to hate. That's it. You cannot worship anything other than God. Like everything else is forgivable in the Quran, it says that God forgives all sins, like literally anything else is forgivable, except for worshiping something other than Him. That is where Muslims become so principled, and in no matter what else we might do, because you can't judge a religion based on its adherence. That's just that's just common sense to not do. But our principles is that any Muslim you go to that is a

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practicing Muslim, you'll ask him, What is your belief? I believe in one God, that's it. It's simple. I believe in one God, there is no, there is no way to confuse that principle. And that is where we have to make our stand is that we are principled people who believe in one God and we follow what He wants us to do. That's it. Hence the means once one.

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And then from there, you see it's a symbol of saying one ahead or wide or ushered in the Hebrew language was what Jesus would have said, You had so many people now they were for years, being bombarded with all the negative hype. They went down to this part of the world and you can hear them testifying that you know, the

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Hospitality the kindness, and then also seeing, you know, the Muslim players, you know, you see them. One in particular he's hugging his mother, you know, with respect to parents and we don't really, you start to lose that. And it's part of the world. Yep. And it's and it's sad that there's going to be, you know, there's such long periods of time before the next World Cup. Because if it was like maybe next year or two years from now, it's hosted here next time, you know that? No, I've been to America. Yeah, yeah, it would be nice to see if you put that side by side to see the difference. That'd be really nice. How much of the difference is going to be from some let's say

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somebody went to the World Cup in Qatar, and now go to the World Cup in America and tell me the difference between the two experiences? Because I don't know what they haven't decided what city is going to host it yet. But America has it next. Yeah. Because just from you know, the, the prohibition of alcohol you have restricting it there. People were actually like, you know, let's say relation to cigarettes. Yes. Even women, women from having their own, their own were happy would go into and be be patted down by females and have men groping all over you. It was even that one reporter for Fox News. It was very irritated about Yes, having to go through. It's like you want to

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be grouped by strange men. Like that's the type of idea that you're portraying. Like I want to go with a line. Yeah, like I think of my own daughter like what I want my daughter to go in a line with men who I don't know what they are, what they're thinking what their intentions are feeling all on my daughter like, and they call that freedom. They call that freedom. And it's it's just it's like they want us to believe White is black black is white knight is day to day is night. Yeah. And this was also a prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that towards the end of times things would become flipped. The truth will be known as falsehood and falsehood, um, you know, in truth,

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the liar would be knows the truth and the truth will be known as a liar. You wouldn't know what's right and what's wrong because they would flip and this is like, what's happening now, to be a principal more person is you're the bigot. You're the racist. You're the decider, but you know, I mean, if I'm just kumbaya with anything and everything, oh, this is an enlightened person and moderate progressive, that's progressive. And I don't see progression it's fun law so it's good spend a little bit of time with you always a pleasure you're going to be doing a tour in UK right? Yes, you don't want to come see you down there two months I will be posting the the tour schedule

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shortly inshallah Yeah, all over the UK 100 and I will look forward to inshallah look forward to having you back in Florida. Get back here in this nice everybody can see we have the palm trees and lakes weather. We got to end tomorrow. I'm gonna be going back and shoveling snow. Yeah, so we established now the more decent and shallow I got excuse more to come out here. The more the warm weather and look forward to it and Shama just like always, my pleasure brother likewise is

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so that Molly can brothers and sisters, I am here in Tampa, Florida, in front of the future Dean Center, which would be the first Mega data center in America. Brothers and sisters, Allah subhanahu wa taala has privileged you and I with the truth, and this is an opportunity for us to do a prophets work and earn a prophet's reward. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this is a matter that will reach every home and now is your opportunity to be involved in such a thing that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophesized which will impact hundreds and millions of people and generation after generation to come donate right now. Click the link below. May Allah

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Subhana Allah reward all of you

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