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The host of a YouTube video encourages viewers to practice postures and find the right alignment of knees and shins to avoid injury. A balance ball exercise involves pushing out through the heel and not standing, and reminds viewers to watch the previous six minutes. The host emphasizes finding the right alignment of knees and shins to avoid injury, introducing oneself to one's soul, and practicing walking. The show is being broadcast to viewers and promoted by the host.

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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome, everyone, as we are continuing today, today, postures of presence is going to focus and just move right along into needs. So I assume this is part eight, or nine, and to everyone today, you've gotten comfortable with your feet. And now we are and the little time that we spent here in the shin a lightening it up, I have noticed that on my right leg, the shin this part, if you run your fingers down here, it feels like this part of the shin is kind of like digging out, it's an uncomfortable, I believe they're called shin splints. And so there's like a tenderness on the top, I

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do believe that as we heal the way we're stepping into the ground, we're gonna, we're going to feel the foot, I even did it for me, we're going to feel the natural arch of the foot. I don't want to bend his leg awkwardly. But we're going to see that natural arch form. And I believe that's going to free up here in the shin. So if we have a lot of shin splints, any pain in between, we're going to work on that. But as you can tell, this is a process, right? So postures of prayer, really just is the beginning. You know it, I know it right? It's just the beginning. Let's move the sun is out. So we don't want to overheat too quickly. Today's goal to get, I'm going to move with you, hopefully,

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you'll come up with me, let's see where that takes all of us.

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Now, I'm going to ask you say for example, we can highlight the knee. And as we highlight it, a lot of times we don't realize the knee, we can put pressure into our heel, really not going to help much by me giving you an explanation. So we'll move the camera around. But for today, we're going to be talking about lining up the knee. Let's see if I can get you a little bit of a better posture here. All right, okay. So my idea, my specific move here. Okay. My concept is can I keep the ball of the foot. And remember, if you haven't seen the brother blouse, the handset, look at the maybe five to seven episodes ago, brother, beloved, maybe you can post that in here, his feet are healthy. So look

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at healthy feet to see how you want to do. But if you can, there's your arch. And notice when I bend the knee when I bend the knee, I don't want my knee coming out above my toe. So I'm not going to be here. I'm not in front of it one more time. So that means big toe, baby toe and the heel create that for those of us who are in early stage creates that triangle. And if you recall the shin, we're going to bend up here. Now one of the things that I wanted to work on together, one of the things that I wanted to work on was recognizing when our knee was imbalanced, recognizing when our knee was out of place, so when you see your knee Do you have a whole bunch of lumps osteo arthritis, do you

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feel some a bony part on this side? Can you look down to your feet? Alright guys, can you look down to your feet might feel backwards for you? And can you then try to just manipulate grab the Earth more and see if that can open up your knee. So did you get it can you manipulate your foot in such a way when you go to the masala when you go to pray? Can you grab it in such a way that you can open up your toes and then your shin, your TIB fib the two bones in your shin will I hope will tie to this move enough so that your knee as we saw it, so that your knee can find the right alignment. So that your knee as your patella. This and this can find ease beautiful, beautiful motion. And there's

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a lot of space here friends so we have a lot of cartilage we have grinding it really depends on the health of your knee, but I want it lined up. So if you could today's exercise right there is to push through your heel. Right in order to unlock the hip and we're going to take this inside y'all are set with me in order to unlock the hip thanks to the healing center but it's just a little too hot for the camera. So let's move it in here Bismillah

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and if we can let's see if we can get you all a little bit better lighting.

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all right, that's plenty of light.

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All right, gang. We're going to take it over here to the

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to our balance ball which was what

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It has expanded because of the heat. But my idea I think you should be able to see it

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is if you can,

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you're going to start and you'll notice, wow, here's my ankle, am I turning into it? And when you step are you out here is your need turning?

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outwards is doing this. A lot of us including myself, let me try that for you. The knee turns this way. So if you're ready with me, Bismillah

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can you find the hip, which is the next spot that we're going to work on, and we're going to step out, we're gonna step out. So now my, my pinky and the last two toes are standing on the outside. And that allows for me to stretch out the knee. The exercise, once you've done it that I wanted you to do is push out through the heel, you don't have to be standing look, I'm doing my best with the camera angles. So turns out, and did you notice I just lost my balance. So where did I go, I turned in, got to keep it out, and then push out through the heel. A lot of us Oh, I got a cramp, I got a cramp and you're out this way. I want us the gluteus or buttocks are free, the hip is free. Identify

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the knee up to the hip here. And I push out with my heel, and I push out with my heel. So that identify there that you want to see where the femur comes up into the hip, identify crest it, right, I feel it on here, don't hunched over, and then push out with the heel push out with the heel. That way all of this illuminates.

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And as you can tell, bang,

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three, four of those and this begins to open up.

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So friends, we have a lot to talk about. But for those of you who are just joining in now, I highly recommend you watch the previous six minutes we it was very beneficial today. The ball does quite a bit for me. And I don't want to see if I can get you in a little bit more of a comfortable spot.

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While ACHEMA Santa Monica Tula.

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All right, guys, let's see if I can get you a wider,

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more comfortable shot.

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Pardon friends.

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I'm here with you.

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There we go. Might not be as clear as you're used to it.

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But let's try together.

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I got to super hot out there, we've only got three minutes left. So the final component here is using some type of balance ball, my ball has gotten a little over inflated due to the heat outside. So it's got a little bit too much air in it. But the idea is

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I'm pushing down into that heel. And when the heel comes and all of a sudden oh my knee gives like whoa, I am way up here you're bunched up here in your foot. So I'm hoping that you can get into your heel.

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Then let the knee come through. And that will get us to our brand and our next episode, which is the hip. But for now, I do want you to get identify where's the side of your knee? Where's the patella? Do you? Can you push the earth away when you're doing this on the balance ball. Now identify the crest of the hip, your groin, get your balance and don't get any cramp from the buttock from the hip. Push into the heel Do you feel that push into the heel. And when you're pushing into the heel, you're activating this whole part which we don't do at all. So you're going to tell me you're my knee hurts, my knee hurts, your knee doesn't hurt. It's the fact that you're putting all this

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pressure down. So it's just crushing everything. If it was your, if you wait long enough, it's gonna go to your ankle. It's just because your knees in the way, build this section here. And that's what we're going to talk about. I'm gonna step out of the frame momentarily. Let's see where that takes us.

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All right, friends.

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Thank you for your patience.

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And we're going to conclude,

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we're going to conclude for today. I hope that that worked out for some of you. Our final discussion point here is

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the balance ball and the Musala

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need to meet.

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You need to be able to meet your body and introduce it to your soul, because there's a lot more for us to do. But if we're still stuck in the if we're still stuck, and there's a disconnect between our soul and our body. The only Matchmaker is your brain. So please come to Sona supplements come to nourishment, come to postures of prayer, check out yesterday's Quranic transformation.

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Register for Quran These are all doorways to get to one simple concept and I think you understand that the doorway is I would like you to enter and find yourself and that is who Allah subhanaw taala created. Look there's there's a lot to do here friends but this posture presence is coming up and wrapping up. We're going to be on our eighth ninth spot. And if you recall this was all about and let me see if I can get it. This was all about splitting the body in half and by episode number 10 That's it or by hips will have finished the bottom half of the body so I'm really excited. I think there's going to be a lot of growth from here. If there is anyone who has been

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benefiting from these let me know why they come as Salam

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zemana and family why they come as salam illuminated path why they come with salaam Begum and family Barak Lo Fi comm Good to have you all are you all seeing any progression? Are you seeing any growth? Are you more flexible? Are you finding

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like anything different? I'm excited so we'll talk soon there's a

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chronic transformations from last night brand new show that we started consider it like the

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consider it a an HBO show once a week and then it's gonna be broadcasted to you. So if you're seeing the opening I understand you're gonna say but I didn't lose any weight. This has nothing to do with losing weight and nourishment has nothing to do with dieting it's about opening up so friends we're going to go from here tell me your progress put it in the chat box. LIVE viewers friends. I don't know if this is like a month or two months from now. So let me know is your knee lining up have your toes started to open. And I'm only saying this for my live guys here because the recorded people are gonna binge it and watch it I understand. But live people I see a difference in my feet. Like the

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way my foot hits the ground. It's completely different and so thanks guys. I appreciate it and Sunnah supplement guys who have been egging us on to do the 12 raka 12 Extra up and down 12 Extra Sunnah prayers a day 12 Extra raka if you don't know what that is you could look it up thank you I'm well let me pistol squat for you right now. Right on pistol squatting. Because you're I'm praying that's on the right leg. And I don't know if you need to believe me but that's on the that's on the left leg.

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I'm working on the balance on that. So I am fine. I'm stronger. I like the sooner they're like my warm up. I don't know how else to say it. I feel like oh salah is the main event yo I need to I need to warm up alright fam it is always great to be with you keep resonating the positivity that you have in your life Peace be upon you around you and made emanate from within you. I'll see you on the other side

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I mean

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die and family all I can ask is for your supplications please you guys do it this way don't don't pray for me say oh crater of the heavens and the earth. I need these videos. I need these videos in order to get better my back pain to get stronger and more mentally focused. Oh Allah whatever stuff is going on in that guy's life that might make him not do the video. Oh Allah I need the video. Is that fair? Because you want to pray for me but I want your genuine prayer. So who you're going to pray for first you're going to pray for you. So I want you to say it and say

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Allahumma Khan near nee Bhima Rosa botany WABA the CLI fi walk LWF aleja que la la EBRT Lee behind you and translation over LA make me desirous of my sustenance make me so happy with the the finance the risk and the sustenance that I have the all that I live with the baraka and the bounty. What loaf aleja cool love all iba T Lee.

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Behind truffle, tougher translation work it out with me and everything and oh god, oh creator heavens and the earth. Everything that I asked for and didn't get everything that I had, but I lost.

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If anyone has a question, you can go ahead and jump in. If I can't, I'll try to answer it. Everything that I asked for and didn't get everything I had but I lost and everything I didn't get what LWF I Layyah Kula everything I asked and didn't get everything I had but lost everything that I asked for but didn't get at all. Cool.

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Law EBIT, Li behavior, change it, replace it follow it up with something even better. All right friends that's what I want for you Baraka bounty in this day. It's already reached up to that 15 minute mark. Friends I hope you're not watching this though, right? You later on rewind it and do the exercises, right? So please open up those knees open up the belly. Yes, it's going to hurt. You're going to all that hurt. Yeah, it's going to hurt. But you're going to turn the hip in, you're going to turn you're going to embrace it. Look when when the pain presses against you. I want you to just lean into it. And so yes, you do hurt because as soon as the pain hits you, like no, no, no, I

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can't do it, then you're never going to feel the sweetness. If as soon as you pull the mango from the tree, you're like, oh, there's tension over here. Whoa, you will never eat the mango then pull hard. Take the pain, climb the tree. And at the top. The view is beautiful was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.