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Yahya Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. It's your brother. Yeah, hi, Brahim. This is Jews to our second installment of our daily Tafseer of the Jews a day. So this Jews that we're going to summarize it in the next five minutes in sha Allah, Allah begins and this is sort of a bucket of the second chapter of the Quran. And it's halfway through the sorta a lot begins the Jews, this section by speaking about the Qibla the direction of prayer, and he speaks about it in in the way that there was a contention that was being made by other faith based communities in the Medina, in particular the Jews who were contesting why the prophets eyes lm had turned his direction back to

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Mecca rather than Jerusalem. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is instructed by Allah subhanho wa Taala, to respond to them, that this has always been the intention of the Qibla that the oldest house the first place of worship has always been mechana makara Roma, and that was a place that was of the greatest ancestry of humanity in terms of their faithfulness and worship. And none despises it, except that there's a problem within their heart. It's a beautiful place and a beautiful environment. The quibbler is also seen as a place of moderation. It's not a place that is meant to subdue anyone. And it's not meant to be that unless you follow it, that you can't have any

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faithfulness. And in fact, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about purity, which is the third theme, that purity is in the heart of being more important than the direction that the prayer is being prayed towards. For a number two, well Lee, wherever you turn, you will find a loss of power to Alice face president to receive your prayers. But moderation is spoken of in the two extremes of love and hate. Never love anything too much that you love them in a way that only a loss should be loved. And never hate anything in a way that makes you incapable of honoring them and loving them in the future is an eternal message in that very early section of the Jews. A love engine then transitions and speaks

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about patience. slubbed Allah subhanaw taala in one section of verses three to four verses, verse 152, or 53, of sobukwe. It begins by saying that well, in a blue one neck home, you will be tested, and you're going to be tested in all aspects of your life, in your wealth, in your health, in your family, in your prosperity in your in your happiness. In your faithfulness, whatever shift is slobbing, but the outcome is give good news to those who remain enduring with patience, there's a fruit to that there's something that will come out of that hardship, which is that they will find their happiness in this life and find contentment in the next life. And this is one of the great

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statements, profound statements in the Koran, that you can find happiness and contentment here with a level of patience, even during your hardship, and you will find reward waiting for you in the outcome. The next statement is of a loss of Hannah and went to Allah, he begins to introduce the concept of fasting, abstinence and swam and swam is one of those great mysteries of life. It's something that has been done by the very earliest of humanity, add Amalia sallam, he was ordered to fast from that tree. Well, that took forever the shujaa don't go to that tree don't eat from its fruit. And it's one of those actions of worship that inculcates all the other aspects. In fasting,

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you have to pray you have to be devout. You have to control your mouth, you have to control what you say what you do what you see what you hear. It's something that raises your spirit. lol lakum Tata Hoon, perhaps you can ascend to piety which will become one of the great themes of this Joseph, after the transition from patience, so the rules and the spirit of fasting are outlined in these verses. Soon after Allah speaks about Hajj. here Allah speaks about Hajj in terms of its rituals, not necessarily of its spirituality. The spirituality is addressed in a chapter called pseudo tel Hajj, but here is where the rules of Hajj, the sightings of of the days and what you do on which

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particular day what either aluminium, metal fat and when you descend from autofac all of it is spoken about in great detail, teaching the oma their monastic their rituals of Hajj then there's a transition to family law. And this is given a great deal of attention with a loss of power to honor a law speaks about family law in terms of marriage and divorce, who to marry who not to marry who's eligible for divorce, who should be divorced, who should be, you should try to reconcile with what the process of reconciliation felt to be her commitment to her commitment earlier, bringing a conciliatory from his side and her side in God the Islam and if they wish to rectify, Allah will

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help that process. A law speaks about remarriage, Allah speaks about widowhood, and bereavement and death and life after divorce and all of these different things Allah speaks about paternity and child rearing and breastfeeding laws. All of them are added in this section. And it's a very important section that shows that Allah Subhana Allah spoke in great detail about this eternal process of families, all of that

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In the backdrop of taqwa, fearing God and being obedient and conscious to him, all of it is linked to taqwa and fearing our oppression that we cause and that we bring upon other people, a love and transitions from that to a real life demonstration of it, where Allah speaks about David and Goliath, and a law speaks about oppression in the face of Goliath. And the law speaks about those who are weak and disadvantage. And it's almost as if there's this paradox that you have, you're at this similitude you have your wife and you have your children, you might think of yourself as a tyrant and controlling of them now, but know that there is always going to be a day of vengeance for

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those who are cast down, and therefore be good with your families, be good with your husband, be good with your wife, be good with your children. David and Goliath is that eternal struggle of good versus evil of weakness that ascends to supremacy and power on account of conviction and faith and the loss of panel to Allah speaks about the importance of remaining patient or bene effort hi Lina. sobre un O Allah shower us with patience allow us to be patient once on that angle Coleman lolly mean and give us ascendancy over those who rungus Allahumma amin and caffeine and those who have turned away from you in faith.

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impatience then is juxtaposed to that as hastiness leads to destruction. And when they were spoken to the people who were with David. They said, What madeleina Atlanta cotton? Yes, of course, we will fight for the truth, but when they were confronted with a small test, don't drink from the Jordan River, except for one hand for Shetty, boomin who many of them could not be patient. Many of them were washed away with insincerity for Shetty. boomin, who illa kalila mean home, it's only the few and the virtuous, who are delivered victory. And that's a message to our oma today in these days of darkness that we see that if you remain firm, keep the course purify your heart and raise your

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spirituality and look after what's most important. Know in the valley. kameena has made more that have the most difficult and strict of things will bring about the best causes. And that's how Jews to ends in Surat Al Baqarah and the next Jews will begin with a little courtesy in the first few verses. I hope you'll join me for that inshallah. Tomorrow evening, lakita Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It's your brother. Yeah, Brahim with adoos day and this was part two was set out Monday.

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