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Are all they'll be learning hamina shango banyuwangi maybe smil he'll learn yo he

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either walk aren t para they sell you a karate has the best zeba Hall fiza ra Farah

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill ambia one musetti Nabina Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine or Mr nebby pseudoknot ilaha illa yo Medina, Baron Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. And welcome guys to yet again another brand new series this time it is Tafseer of surah two while para su little Walter, this is the 56 surah of the quarter and it is 96 verses it is a mucky surah and this is sorta thought ramen sister, you know, ideally what should have happened is that when we finished through the total ramen, we should have jumped into the sword. I don't know why I didn't think about

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that. But nevertheless, we are here and what I will do is for those of you that Miss Soto ramen, I'm having trouble trying to get these videos off of the page on to the YouTube channel. Facebook is just really weird that way, every time you try to do something simple, it's always complicated or it's blocked or something happens. But nevertheless, you know, my guys will try to figure out how to do that, just to try to get all these videos onto the YouTube channel so that you will always have access to them. And you can catch up with any episodes that you've missed in sha Allah, you've got to remember that if you haven't done so already to just get on my YouTube channel, and you will see

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all the videos since day one from lockdown have been posted there there on the channel, you can take your time, download them, do whatever you like in sha Allah hotel Allah. So in order to really capture what sort of the wall para is about, you've got to have a sense of what sort of thought Rockman was. So the thought document started off with the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala out Rockman and we'd spent a lot of time talking about what Rockman is, what it means the structure, the syntax of the word, it starts off with this praise or this glory or this acknowledgement that Allah is alright men sort of walk their ends off this way by talking about some of the things of our

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Rockman Allah subhanho wa Taala the quarter end, pseudo Roman went on LML poor and he taught us the poor end. So it's a walker ends off with a discussion about the poor end as well. There was a constant rhetorical question in Sugata ramen for ba let your ob Kumar to get the bang, you're going to see a similar kind of rhetorical question asked over and over in sort of a wall Clara as well. They're very similar in that sense in style and in pattern in terms of content, almost exactly the same, but two completely different perspectives. So, so total men will also give us a good and as those of you who went through it with me, we went through a discussion of the jahannam Jenna sutala

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Walker, same thing. You we talked about the Day of Judgment, we talk about the elite, the people who will get the highest reward of Alfredo dos or Jenna insalata ramen. Allah will also discuss and take that discussion one step further in lwop para, we talked a little bit about some of the events of the day of judgment in overall men. So with a warfare I will now highlight very specifically, and even get into some of the psychology of understanding and internalizing just how grand and how profound this day will be for all of us. Mail learn so it'll give us strength. So are you guys ready? Let's get into this. Let's get into it guys.

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So Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim either Waqar till wellcare either when I walk article, walk our walk our lives literally means head to toe when something has happened. So Allah says when this day referring to the Day of Judgment, so what Gara is this day is going to end it will happen. What there is as it refers to like a singular incident. So put these two together. This is like somebody who when they see and they come on that day, there will be people that will be like, Oh my goodness, it actually happened. Or you compare it to an event that was so catastrophic. It was so profound, that there's nothing on this planet you can compare it to, and it should never happen again. That's

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called wallpaper. It's a singular one.

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Time event and you don't want it to ever happen again. So Allah subhanho wa Taala that's how the sorta is introduced to us. That's how it begins. When it happens a day like no other, what it entails is the following number one, it's going to happen,

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no matter what we do. And we've talked a lot talked about this a lot in our previous stuff, co2 is the day of judgment in Sara, Tia tune at here in sort of Baja, it's already on its way. Oh, it's coming. And there's nothing that we can do. There's nothing we can do. We can you see our minds develop these psychological defense coping mechanisms of disaster, like if there was an earthquake, right, and you start to feel the ground shaking, but then all of a sudden, you know, it was probably in your head or you deny it, it was like, okay, okay. It wasn't a major earthquake. I thought it was. But no, no, it wasn't that bad. So we deny sometimes major, major events in our lives, you

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know, oh, yeah, he cursed me. But he didn't mean it that bad. I mean, it sounded horrible. But it wasn't that. What it is, is that your mind is, is this is a defense mechanism that it uses to try to trivialize or lower the burden or the effect of that thing onto you, because it will help you this way, right. And sometimes, I guess that works. I'm not a big fan of just denying a reality. But certainly, if this is a way to help us rejuvenate and gain strength, so that we can cope with whatever struggle or disaster that surrounds us, then by all means, right? If this works for you, then by all means, the point is, is that when Allah uses Walker, and wealthier, to have the exact

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same words, in the same sentence, it really highlights that not only is this going to happen, it's already on its way. And this day, it there is no comparison to anything like it on this planet.

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Nothing like it. Now will love will continue. And Allah will highlight a problem that mankind will have will struggle with and will continue to have until this day happens. So until the day of judgment, mankind will be in the state, right? When you say mankind, not every single person, obviously, but generally speaking, what is the state that Allah is referring to? It's the next day, lay Sally Walker, it had cat diba. They say, lay Sally Walker, it it's not going to happen. Kathy, Kathy Beck comes from the word Kathy. Now there's a couple of things to understand about this word. Okay, so just follow along with me. If you're writing, that's great. If you're typing or something,

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that's great. But here's a few notes on Kathy Beth. So first and foremost, Kathy Beth literally means to lie. But Kathy, but in the core, and also is used to deny something. So when you're in denial, no, no, no, no, no, that's not gonna happen. No, no, no, get that away from me. Even though it's right in front of you, even though it's unfolding right before your eyes, Kathy, but you're just denying it, you stay in the state of denial. So the first meaning of when they responded the Meccans when they heard these a yet and they responded and said,

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it's not going to happen. a day where all of mankind will gather a day where everybody's going to be asked about things. Really, you know, this is one of the criticisms that not just Islam, but religions that believe in the Day of Judgment. This is a constant constant criticism that has that that we have to try to withstand and listen to since the beginning of time, it's always been there. So lay Sally walk Artie. Hi, Kathy. Beth, the first interpretation is complete denial. It's just a lie, don't believe that there will be such a day. That's the first interpretation. The second is some of the scholars of Tafseer. To say that it's a sliver. It's describing an event that is so

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profound, Cathy bet no one is able to deny it. Even if they tried to, they couldn't deny. So lay Sally Walker to Kathy. But the second meaning is a law is describing the nature of the people who deny and saying to them, that no matter what it is, you try to what it is that you say mentally and psychologically. You'll never be able to deny this day. So we touched on this on the previous area, but just to bring it all together. The second meeting is that psychologically, you're more mind will not be able to deny it. So no matter how you're like, No, no, no, no, no, this day cannot be happening. It's going to happen. This is psychology in the core. And by the way,

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This is psychology in the Quran, you know how this is how the court and teaches us that no matter how much

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how much, there are times in our lives where we would want to deny the reality of something,

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you know, like, not very often, but every so often a parent will tell me, you know, I tried to stop him from marrying her. I didn't think they were good together. I did everything in my power until I heard about the wedding day. And then it was like, my God, it's actually happening. They're actually going to get married. They don't deserve each other. This this is I tried, they're actually going to do. That's les Salli wa, Cartier. katiba. Like, it's gonna happen now. It's unfolding in front of your eyes, the wedding is there, they're getting married, they're doing whatever. And there it is, the reality became a reality. So psychology in this area is teaching us that obviously, there are

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certain things that there's no denial of, we can't stop it. You know, if there's a drought or excuse me, if there's a flood somewhere, then all of a sudden, you're hoping the rain will stop. Then the next day, guess what ends up happening? rain starts again. And those who are especially living within, within those places where it's flooded, and it's just total disaster and catastrophe everywhere. When will it stop raining? I can't believe it's raining again. When the Australian fires happen, there were so many stories of people like when will the rain come? When will the rain come? Next day, it's dragon the the the fire continues to just rage out of control. So all of this is lace

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Hello, karate Academy. It's teaching us that no matter how much we don't want this day to come. It's already on its way. So Kathy, but you can deny, here's the third meeting.

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There's no denying it on that day. So there will be people now on the day of judgment that will say things like none No, no. This is not it. I mean, we're just gathering here because we're we're meeting each other. We're just gathering here because the law wants to talk to us for a bit. No, there actually will be people on that day, that will still be in that state of denial. I don't know what you call them. I don't know if that's a punishment or what but subpoena law what a state of hoffler and heedlessness, that on the Day of Judgment itself, they are still in that state of denial. Forget about Indonesia life. So it's like, you know,

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another way of looking at Khadija is think about how most most of us as Muslims, how we would treat an earthquake, an earthquake when it were to happen. You know, the I you can read stories about this all over the internet of people just saying oh my god, it's the day of judgment. This is the end, this is the end and when the earthquake is over. Okay, that wasn't it. Okay, this is not the end. Okay, thank God. So Cathy bet in this area, is that it's highlighting to us that there will be people even on that day, that the end is there. It's happening, it's unfolding. But they will say no, no, don't worry. It is the day of judgment. But it's not what we learned. It's not what you

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think it is. This is not like the old genom jahannam date. No, no, no, no, this is kind of like a precursor to something else. It's like it's mind boggling to think that even on that day, there will still be people in denial that the day that's unfolding is actually real. This supine ally like he's really makes you think some kind of luck. Now, next day. So that's the introduction. That's how serious and profound the sorta is. Only two eight analysts set the stage Day of Judgment is gonna happen. No matter how you treat it, how you think of it, how you want to deny rejected, trivialize it, it's already on its way. And it will be there.

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Okay, fine. Here's the last day ha feel both total raw Farah harfield. From the word half elbow, and raw Farah from the word hoerauf. Era, two opposites. This is where I got the title of the video from the rise and fall of mankind, half your book, to lower half Oba to lower something to cause something to fall or drop, or raafat is the opposite to cause something to rise and rise above. So what's happening? We're still talking about the Day of Judgment. So what's half about here?

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What will What do we look at and we admire as grand and above us, that on the day of judgment will be beneath us.

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Sky stars, the moon

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The sun,

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buildings, tall structures, mountains.

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All of this

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will fall and destroy and be destroyed and disintegrate.

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The mountains turn into dust, these grand mountains that we see always every day, turn into dust, a Roth IRA or Roth era, what will rise the oceans? Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in the Quran in so little infobar that when the oceans they will rise and dry up and explode and dry up and disintegrate a rough area here. Some of our scholars also mentioned that it refers to people, people who will come out and rise from the ground or off era. So it's really it's panel lights, really remarkable imagery that Allah subhanho wa Taala will describe in such detail. So here's what I how I want you to think of this sorta remember this because I'm going to repeat it a lot in all of our

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episodes. sutala Walker is one of the most detailed stories about this the events of the day of judgment, not just what will happen on that day. But all the events leading up to that day. Sue little Walker is one of the most detailed sewers in the Quran about the Day of Judgment. Like all the deniers of the Day of Judgment, need to study the SOTA. Anybody who thinks that, okay, it's on its way, but it won't be that bad, you need to go into the surah. Allah sets the tone in just two verses. And now the third one. Now listen to this, some of the scholars of Tafseer said hafjell Ba and Ma Farah is not actually referring to physically when people are coming out of the ground, or

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when the stars are will fall from the sky. It's not just these physical events that will unfold. But it also refers to all of the elite, those kings and queens and those powerful men and women who caused so much corruption in this world. But they had all the riches, the highest status, power and authority. And they used it to abuse Muslims, believers, people in general,

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does not feel like this A directly refer makes reference to the world today, just what the world is. Especially if you're a minority, how you have to live, how you have to struggle for the littlest things, and the rich just become richer. And that whole marginal marginalization just continues to expand and expand

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So in this world, although this is happening, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us is telling us that those who were the elite in this world, on that day, they will be lowered next to nothing. They will be nothing on that day. And the opposite. All those who were humiliated, or embarrassed, who had nothing, you know, those people that we often don't care about, we don't think about, you know, the janitor, the cleaners, you walk into this beautiful lavish building, you see some guy just sweeping away, we went to the airport, those luggage carriers.

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And you see the ladies just mopping wiping down the carts. Those people that no one talks to

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those same individuals could be going home that same day and making Dora praying to head Jude doing so much.

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Allah says that those are the people are all fair. They're given the highest status, and they're elevated on that day subpanel law.

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This, you know, this understanding this interpretation of horfield law and overall Farah really makes us think, really makes us think about the little things that we so easily overlook, or may take for granted. So the next time you do see those people in the mall wiping down the tables in the food court.

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The next time you do see those who suffer or those who who have those minimum wage jobs, were just barely getting by enough to work like two or three jobs. You never know, person who can't read, who can't write. All who he or she can do is just like cook something, make something, wipe something clean something, but you can have like an intellectual conversation, those same people that often we might end up putting and putting down and be like, why don't you go to school? Why don't you educate yourself when you do something like that you

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who never had those opportunities growing up

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Be the same people that are elevated and given the highest status on the Day of Judgment, the highest status. They are the ones that are honored. So don't let the eyes be fooled is the point of this a.

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Don't let our eyes be fooled. Just because you see powerful leaders, powerful men and women across the globe. generations after generations have all the riches, the lusts and the desire has everything at their disposal. Don't think that that continues even in afterlife, it could very well be the complete opposite in the afterlife. And vice versa. The poor, the innocent, the one who struggles don't think that that's going to be their life as they continue in the afterlife.

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I'm going to pause there inshallah, because now we're gonna, Allah subhanaw taala will now highlight more and more actual events that unplaced. What either rejected or will do, Roger will busuttil GBR who best surfer can at

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Bethel, oh my gosh, this language and this aura is frightening. Like this is a really frightening language, very, very hard language. really profound. Every area is a spiritual punch in the gut, every verse. So this is one of those verses brothers and sisters, you know, unfortunately gets left behind quite often I'm not sure why but it is definitely the one of those sources that has to be studied and understood by every average layman Muslim out there have to study and understand so to look, excuse me, so little out there just because of how it concentrates on this profound day, the day of judgment. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us strength May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all

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of you and give us the health, the strength, the wisdom, the knowledge that we never lose sight of this reality. You know, Abu Bakr in order of the Allahu anhu man, as he felt that death was approaching him, he made a statement and he said that every single day we wake up with our families, meaning every single day we just go on about life and we wake up with our families, we do little things here and there. We just live life.

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Well, Mel to Edna Min shiraki Neroli. Here, however, death is closer to us than the straps on our shoes. So every day, we just go on with life. And we live life. And we do whatever. And we lose sight that we're actually leave and go and transition to an afterlife that leads us to this profound day. That reality is still closer to us whether we remember it or not, or think about it or not. It is still closer to us than the laces or the straps of our shoes. Who thinks about their shoelace? As they're walking? Who's the thinks of as you're walking, you know, you're at the restaurant or you're just you know, at the mall or whatever, and you're thinking about your shoelace? Once you tie them

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up, that's up to you. You don't think twice the only way your shoelace gets your attention is what if it comes apart if it loosens up so that's when you start talking, hey, come fix me. Other than that, there's no care and the statement of aboubakar LDL lavarnway says that's death No matter how much you try to like push it, push it aside or you don't remember it all you get busy with other things. It's that close to you and it continues to talk to you so panela we're gonna get a lot of those reminders in this surah Bismillah hytera Allah May Allah azza wa jal give us the strength that we start something for his sake, and we ended for his sake alone. I mean, I just like mellow Hydra

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tomorrow Bismillah we continue with our Tafseer of sootel while para was set up more alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato