Wisam Sharieff – Khutbah August 28, 2020

Wisam Sharieff
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I will be lying in the shade on a regime will get a one in the chat box for sound if you all have sound take a one in the chat box or sound. Brother Scheid. If the UK has sound please give us

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we'll be learning in a shape on a regime or do we learn him in a shaytani regime has to be Allahu ilaha illa Who are they?

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Subhan Allah He won't be handy he Subhana Leina them excellent really to be law here Rob

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won't be slimy Tina will be more

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along the lines of

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this thing

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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In Alhamdulillah

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all hummed and sugar is due to Allah subhana wa bring the moments of joy you had this week and say Alhamdulillah

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now Magoo and each one of us emulates the hunt of Allah in a different way.

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weigh in a different frequency in a different form of a bada in a different act and dress in a different language, now, Magoo. But when his hand and his hand and my hand they go to one Isla Alhamdulillah.

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And whether we like it or not everything in the universe except us free willed human creatures is crazy Allah from the bird with the wings air beneath hits wings, to the molecules to the chemicals that react the same way when you put them in here they go boom, boom. They're following the exact law that God set so when a 6 billion creatures on earth well I know better than God on a stove.

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And we human beings say, Oh Allah in all of our advancements, and all of our we know more than God, still through law, still federal law, that brothers are still through law may be more valuable than mine, because I don't know is my iStockphoto account. So we all say it together a stole voodoo law stuff, we lost our federal law, and in some chance I want my a selfie to like to hit brother so I did. And I wanted to hit the brother next to him so that he says I still feel a lot to the brother sitting next to me that they are forgiven. One after what Callie and that's what you're betting on now to be law. That's what you're placing your numbers on that Allah is going to forgive you.

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Otherwise, you all should have anxiety and crazy depression paranoia. If you don't know that Allah azza wa jal is going to forgive you. You should be on some medication because you're gonna face some really bad anxiety except Imam gives me all Allah homophone Renee him Why Allah then on one that in Amman Huami the Saudi ha those who do the good deeds What did they get access to? Well, but she did Latina Amma know what I mean. So what did they get access to? I know they're not intended, even tactile and how, but that's over there. What do I get access to hear what I hope for knowledge and wallah noon, knowing xiety No paranoia, no hopelessness, no depression when it comes to my us what I

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think about Allah. So the question that we begin with, did Allah azza wa jal send you to this Juma football to win or to see what was going to happen? Did Allah azza wa jal write for you my art is going to win COSATU salata by me you obey na da is fine. So between you and Allah subhanaw taala is about the main event that's going to be in about 12 minutes. Does Allah wants you to win the main event? Does Allah azza wa jal wants you to win this? You all know it. That's why we're here. That's why our hearts are like hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. So being here doesn't give you the credit to say, Oh Allah, I jive with what he's saying. Now I need help. Could you stop in this moment before

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any of the football move forward and say

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whatever you need, can you ask Allah in this moment because someone didn't pray Fudger and someone still has the Nintendo Switch on in the back pocket? It's okay.

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Can you make a dua so that all of us can say, I had a really rough week? I can't communicate with my kids properly just leave the DUA here. Let Allah azza wa jal hear it or not. Send me on Alia and then for I've minutes my beautiful gentleman and whoever hears my voice later that's fine. Can you feel good enough? Because your wife told you something kids told you something boss told you something the guy cut you off on the way here he told you something to Allah I'm good enough in this room. I'm good enough.

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One at the Waterloo alley with that fire inside me. When are we lucky mean surely and fusina? Because when you turn on a man, isn't he something to marvel when you turn on all the buttons of eemaan and your humility? Isn't a man something to marvel at love date? Yes, a lot at Pelican Island Santa Fe we can miskeen fear Senator we look at you guys post shower gleaming because you're here for Allah's forgiveness. Do you place your trust that in some is something like whoa, oh my god, Amina? Yeah. Oh Allah, I am that amazing. Would you be willing to turn it up to 11? Would you be willing to say yes, I have amazing potential not to Tai Lopez make money. Sure make money. But to be

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an amazing

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human being on this earth love Baker wasabi while Hydra Kulu fee date was shallow and none of the anxiety or depression or tap tap tap that's in my ear right now.

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I don't attribute it to Allah.

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Oh Allah save me. One hour the beloved human Cerulean fusina woman say the Atma and to the whisper of what makes me a man questioning I'm not sure what is this guy get out of this all the way to well I mean say you are Medina the video that I watched the movie that I would listen the fight that I got into that is stopping the hook back to open entering my Heart Walk and say Dr. Medina every one of us sinned this week. And we seem differently I don't have your sin. I don't have a 16 year old sins but I've got a 39 year old guys sin definitely.

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And so why do I judge that person over there or that person in the back because he seems different?

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103 document surely and fusina Wyoming say the Armanino May the law you're already guided whoever got it got it. One minute little fella.

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Man up level for one minute late

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May Yeah, the healer whoever Allah guides, no one can miss guide and whoever is not touched by that guidance does not say can I have some to Allah. Nobody can guide him no football, no talk, no internet, no special effects. Nothing can guide him beg Allah for guidance now.

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One other one La Ilaha illa Allah and I celebrate you because you can say oh Allah I need you. And that is what today's football is about. If you want to title it, the word of today's football is do ah and so when I say to you, I asked you start making a list in your head how many types of drawers are they're and that's what we'll do in today's football. So I'll ask the question now we'll move to the if both of them in Surah Baqarah, where Allah azza wa jal says to us and you know this, you hear it every Ramadan for our own movie like Amina shine on your IG. I seek refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala from the whisper of a bong. Who makes my ego jump. Who makes my cup my Kibber say yeah, I am.

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I was we learn to shape on regime. What is that? Like? Are you

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ready? Knee for in the body? Og bow down?

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Well, yes, thank you, boo Poliwhirl you know the law I love whom you're sure to learn. And when someone asks you what is dua, you can say it's asking from Allah. And when someone says, Where's Allah? And when they asked you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the MBR who carry the message, the Messenger of the messenger, who carry the word of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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they will say, and they will say my NaVi said, when Allah we asked about Allah, he responded, Allah is close. When my slave asked about me inform him read the words when my slave is about me inform him clearly. I am close. The question was, can you name what is a dua so let's go with a simple explanation. What are the if I say the word dua what's the first thing that pops in your head? What's the first place if someone said okay where do Muslims get their at their India? Where's the first place? You go Quran? Right and in the Quran? What's the first word Rabbana so can we put all 42 As that start on Banda mean Lana on Whoa, funeral Lana in

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Bondi, what are the was Quran sa good. You got 40 of these go figure it out on your own. What's the next thing you would say? What's another dua dua we just made Oh ALLAH complete our light army. Quick question to you. What's another blog? About thicker? You would get a phone or a suit Allah He is so long

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While they were setting them by the fudge after the fajr prayer whoever says La ilaha illa Lago del goulash and La Jolla, koala hamdu aguar Lankan Misha in for the 100 times after fajr Okay, Quranic GWAS vicar to us what other type of dwarves are there? I mean you tell your kids or hope you're going to start eating Allah MOBOTIX Lana thema runs up the now pinata. And Hamdulillah he led the

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way they can assure these are the daily Dwarves is that fair? Quranic was a guard daily was How about one more? When you wake up? What other types of doors are there? Are there drawers that are complete affirmations? Absolutely affirming Allah azza wa jal absolutely affirming that you are amazing, really to be la Hiraga will be Islami Dina will be Mohammed Nambia friends. I don't think I got you on this one. The third type of dua after Quranic glass after the thicker was after morning eat, when I eat when I sleep do us, orange there are there a year a shadow in law that is an affirmation has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who affirmation so I have a fourth type of dua.

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Can I give you one of my favorite affirmations was? It's not it's not you asking anything from Allah. Allah ma on therapy, Allah ma on therapy Allah MA and therapy What is it transit? You are my God who is the you who is the you alone my bucket of sama What do you understand? You're saying you are my who is you? Allah that excitement why can't we allow that moment that spark then when you go outside be like yeah, to go is great mashallah much for one moment of catalyst within you? Could you not say, Allah didn't just give me to honest to ask for stuff. That's level one. Then he gave me a scar 2033 100. Then he gave me morning evening when I hold my spouse's hand, there's a dua when I

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relieve myself, there's a DUA, Musa alayhis salam used to experience tough money he went first tool it was difficult this nourishing came to us and every time he will go number two he will make dua a Crohn's patient with intestinal diseases I make every time I can walk out of the bathroom.

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But that's not what today's goodbyes about not grinding was not the vicar not morning evening was not affirmations. What's one more type of do all I know Salawat I can't touch that that's a whole hood book. Right Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad is it a dua please write it down in your heart the only do I guarantee to be accepted whether you did good or bad Allah muslim Yoda agree with the whole hook but could just be that so I can't touch that one. Give me one more type of block one more type of do our might not be wasn't saying read it this many times. Or if you're involved, Allah has read this dua. Oh Allah I need your help. What is this last type of dua

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you know, when he came out alive, and he was pelted and his sandals made the cut to protect from the bleeding my every walked out of the city of thought as he was pelted his body from the blessing blood of the love Yachty salatu salam it was covered in the blood in his blood until they send those made that lifetime swimming pool but the carpet and as he walked away he he came down and he fell into a ditch

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is the walk in Buhari he read he pulled out a book The he asked Gibreel What do I should I make now what is the fifth type of dua long dwarves were Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not necessarily asking from God

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but talking some a lot

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so I want to call it the long conversation to have some of us might not be ready and we're like rubbing it now let's go like that's about as long as our blog goes these days that's cool. But for those of you who can hear me and are ready for the on number five Are you ready to talk to Allah and not waiting to like God it

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Oh Allah, here's my stick. Oh Allah I lean on my stick. Oh Allah I moved the sheep with my stick. What was Musa alayhis salam doing was he wasn't even like and your blessing cheap. He was just making the conversation go longer.

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So in every narration Moses talk to God I didn't set up a salaam up

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Auda stick, its Allah. Allah knows what a stick is. He knows what you do with it. Musa al Islam just wanted to talk to Allah. Between the sittings of the football club is not rejected as from an Athena Quranic dua make it thicker. Lila inlanta Subhanak iniquity immunoblotting pray for us so much wealth, you have to swim through it like Scrooge McDuck. Amin but then after that, what? Why do your Hollywood stars get alcoholism? Why do they OD on drugs? isn't their life perfect? Aren't they beautiful? But they're not happy between the sittings of the football. Just talk to a lot about a stick about your problems. And when it time comes that someone says where is the rewire for this? It

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isn't Buhari it is in Muslim but as I sit for the football, was it him making words for a dua that his ummah would read? Was he talking to Allah, in hertz, between the sittings of the football ask Allah for whatever it is you need and then after that, just what are they called Allah here

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a lot of mania set within Hooda to call alpha

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has been a long

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rabbit hole mathematical eons.

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Please begin you're

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from Wisconsin. Please begin your draw from the storms in Louisiana. Please begin your draw for Florida and Lanka, Mississippi. Please continue your dua for the floods in northern Pakistan in some of the most financially distraught places. Would you continue to the cities of the city of Karachi to the devastation of the people who don't have anything left over in Beirut?

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As you can take a moment to say I'm sitting on plush carpet yella, I'm not guilty. I just want to use all my dua in every cell of my body to ask that you give baraka to those people. Just one, just one Brooklyn Allah is now in nesina. Talk Now, Robin, what are

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we talking about when our

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wife won our fifth on our Molana Cincinnati Public cafeteria.

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As we begin the second goodbye, I asked you to bring attention to these situations. You can nod your head if you saw the father of the slain man read Surah Fatiha and as he read it, it was you couldn't even tell if he was Muslim or he was just like, you gotta gotta do this thing for my family. And he read Surah Fatiha very well by the way. He read Surah Fatiha and I want you to put your attention there. Can you put your attention on Beirut's? Can you put your attention on northern Pakistan, on Michigan on Louisiana on all of the places where that is being affected with oppression in our own homes and stop and say

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every Friday I read Serato

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in Serato Moses the most intelligent on a Salatu was Salam. The person who really didn't know at all after you talk to God, come on, give him give him the past year. He wasn't okay for Musa Islam to think he knew everything. Almost like as a man. He was yes, no one should know more than me. I'm Moses. So Musa alayhis salam and I'm giving him credit he was super smart. But then he has three scenarios the boat the boy the wall and yet the boat the boy the wall. Why did those kids got die in Beirut?

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Allah in Netherlands study on myself

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I don't know. And if God tried to explain it to me I wouldn't be able to understand

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but do I believe that I'm going to enter genital for those who are hola and they're going to be some Lebanese kids some kids and they will just kick in the same soccer ball

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so when you are told you can make law

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just do me one favor.

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Be the greatest dua making person you can be in every step when your house is not exploded and your kids aren't destitute.

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A lot of my name is Luca Hooda. What

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what I felt was

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Don't wait now, men, stand up be strong. Don't wait now. We had our type to weep. We have to be men now. Now we stand out. Now we stand with strength because we have something no one else has long conversations with a lot of hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he our beloved I mean was one that was salam ala Rasulillah he Nabi dari masala and he was off be here in a place in a bar he in

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a law Houma and the Salem warming guess

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about Diane Jalla

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How are you now what are they Oh

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yeah hey you uh you

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still D is a sweeping shutting me.

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While attacking me Ilana said during a lot of money

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a lot mafia Will Come on deliver. I mean, a lot more than I mean, and what are my learner? I mean, that year was in a dynamic What are you in a nominal for in Omaha? Are you Walmart OfficeSuite

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Subhanallah Dr. MySQL masala, another mursaleen handy life of learning and we conclude on one leaf which should take you beyond stage five. Only Hadith. A Bedouin came to the house of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He knocked on the door and said is Muhammad Salah there's some there it was indicated our Nabhi was not there. So the Bedouin look, I traveled too far to get here and one was also in Stockholm. They didn't say some of the holiday with some either there was like Mohamed, we need to talk to you come out here, yella Surah, right. I'm paraphrasing so that this guy is just fed up. He's not here. So he he the irritated Bedouin in front of the house of Mohammed Salah Assam

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raises his hands and goes Allahumma John udia you know me the last years of my life be the best years. Allah Who Majid al Qaeda I love the hubba thema May my last action be my best actions? Allah majali

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and may the greatest day of my existence be the day I meet Allah.

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Rich Sana DWIs this rich which app did he pull out and say? I quran.com Nothing in frustration healed at the sky and made a dua that made Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come from behind the curtain and every example you hear Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives a gift to someone isn't that milk? Or dates? What did he gift this Bedouin a bag of gold. He heard this dua and said, I gotta give you a gift. He gave him gold coins for the DUA. Oh, Allah made the last years of my life the best. Now this is up to you in this moment. Does that mean you're going to have cancer all your life and then the last year?

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Or is every year going to get better and better and better? And better? Sign me up for option number two, sir. Because I worship Allah. He's just going to make it better here and Jonathan, for those who are Allah, so because you're going to paradise in Allahu wa Mala you gotta who you saw Lunarlon Nebby Yeah, you

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know, Solu Isley. He was certainly Whoo, that's Lima. I want to write this merry go round over and over a lot. My son Yeah. You want to come on slowly. Carla Ibrahima, Wanda and Brahim and Nick Majeed, Alok methodic.

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Come about Octa ally Brahim Alana and Ibrahim and Majeed.

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In a lie yet motivated and certainly will eat Indian food, when, in fact Sha 130 will both wala zikalala He Akbar Akbar Akbar will love young martyrs now. I think Islam

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more mall, Mall.

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