The Perfect Day 17

Wisam Sharieff


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So if you want to talk about the daily log, you can be audio video, you can write it, you can make a video text, you can draw a picture, please don't draw a picture that might be too artistic and then 10 days later, you won't know what the art was about. But if you can do the daily log, that's what it was about, do a daily log field, figuring out what's going on. We all have ideas, we are like, Oh, I don't have any time but when you look at it, you're like, Wow, I'm doing that thing for a lot of my time and that might be thinking anxiety, whatever it is, I might be doing a thing a lot and then once you identify that take one step towards your Quranic transformation towards your hands.

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You've got the log notice there was no like now that you have the log analyze it and you'll you'll get a perfect pass no just knows that this is the fact who I did a log for 10 days your Lord 20 days I did mine 40 in a row. You will this will happen