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AI: Summary © The segment discusses three different Arabic writing letters, starting with the Jeem Ha, then Jeem Ha, and finally, a word called " edge marine." The speakers practice different sounds in English, including "will" and "willow," and encourage viewers to record themselves and use the YouTube or Facebook page to practice different sounds. They also mention a new video about writing in Arabic.
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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to the second edition of the Arabic sounds video series. The objective today is to cover three letters, these three letters look the same, but all make different sounds. So let's get started. I hope you have your mirror with you, and that you're ready to benefit as much as you can. We're just trying to make the sounds as tangible as possible. So the three letters that we're tackling today are Jeem Ha, and Ha, the first letter straight line with a C, it's got between and that is going to be the sound Jha job. But let's take a step back. And let's try it in English. This does correlate with the sounds that we have in English. Can you see the word jug? Or

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jump? Try the word George, do you notice there's a little bit of strength in the the sound that's coming out? You don't say you Shug or George. Now what I want you to do is be sure of that whenever pronouncing this letter. The sound shouldn't be really running in your mouth, say Jump, jump. Great. Now the first letter, it's got between the name of the letter is Jeem. So if you can say jab, jab, jab, like the word, Jen NetOne. Jen net tune, Jenna tune. Great. Let's try another one. Maybe a little bit simpler. You'll hear the sound bounce a little bit, but you'll figure out why later. Let's try the word edge marine edge marine didn't really work out right, that little iron sound

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didn't work. Okay, let's try something a little bit easier, easier. How about the word? Jab bad loon? We did the bow already. Right. So let's try that again. Jab bad loon. Jabba loon. Great. We got one more before we leave. Let's try it together. Jack Ma, ah GEMA. Great. Now, you might be a little overwhelmed by some of the other sounds but take it as it comes. The next letter is a jug, but it's hollow, it's empty. So if you can try it with me just take a big sip out of your lemonade, take a big gulp out of it. And when you're done on a hot summer day, you'll say

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you'll take a big sip and say

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that's the hollow sound in the jug, which is the name of the letter.

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So let's practice a few sounds in English first, try saying it at home think about think about the word spicy, hot, spicy hot like a jalapeno or like eating a jar or Fieldfare something spicy and you start saying

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that's the same place that the sound of this letter will come out of. Let's try it together.

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It doesn't take any effort, just like when you let your air out after taking a big sip.

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Great, let's take some examples together. The name of the letters ha. And the sound that it makes is Hamada.

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Let's try another example. Like add,

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do and do. How about a simpler one, we did die with two dots on top. Let's touch touch the top two teeth had the

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the for those of you who are home having a small asthma attack and you're kind of getting overwhelmed. You're trying too much. Take a deep breath in through your nose.

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comes out very naturally comes out from the second part of the throat.

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Excellent. The third letter straight line with the C but now it has a.on its head. It has a small dot. I want you to say the word scratch with me. The name of this letter is oh, say the word in English scratch and when something has a scratch, you tend to kind of scratch it a little bit. So scratch the back of your throat and say hall or scratch. Let's try the word together. Yeah. Raju? Yeah. Raju? Excellent. Let's try one more year. Raju let's try the word ha ra Jeff. So we've seen the gene before the jug with the dot inside. Let's try it together. Oh ma ra Jaya little sidenote, did you see the lips oh for RA. I'm not saying Hall Roger

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I'm saying ka Ra, Jad jug jump. Ha Raja excellent. I think we've seen quite a few examples for today. I want you to rewind the video or the YouTube clip or however you're viewing this and make sure you're recording yourself and getting the right sound out. I pray that this benefits you and that those who seek guidance can find it. I'll see you in the next video was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah