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Join Imam Wisam Sharieff for an interactive evening that brings the Quran to life through the art of recitation. Learn to decode the complex terminology of recitation rules and develop confidence in your own voice.

We all face challenges in our relationship with the Quran. Whether it’s learning to read, perfecting our recitation, or listening to the sound of our own voice as we flow through the words of Allah. Yet, many of us feel inadequate because we cannot put in the time to learn, practice, and feel confident in ourselves.

In this introduction to the art of recitation, you will identify the tools and learn the practical steps needed to improve your recitation, using examples from four of the oft-recited, shorter Surahs.

Join us for a night like no other. Strengthen and beautify your relationship with the Quran, no matter where you are in your journey. Discover how much of the codified science of tajweed you can master in one evening, and in a unique and interactive session that will fill the room with the light of Allah’s words, take charge by making the recitation of the Quran your own.

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The sewers. I know I learned them by listening. I memorized all of them just hearing them when I was younger. How can I get started to learn the source that I know the Muslim Institute presents q&a with the Imam Hassan Sharif Assalamu alaykum friends, a lot of times, people will come to me and be like, your memorization, your recitation sounds like you can see it. I'm like, Yeah, of course. Can't you see it? And most people say, No, I just heard my dad rate, say, lm, dada K. And I just followed, whatever the dude was, their pronunciation was there or not and me to the last 10 sewers, I can definitely say, God bless my parents and yours. We learned them from our parents and reciting

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in the morning before we went to bed, or maybe in leading the prayer. So today, how about you and I look at Elijah, and also role law he went and start that process, because a lot of times we feel like, but I've kind of got this song in my head, lack of better term. So you don't know how to correct like, it's it's a track on a record. If you guys know what a record is. It's a track on a record and you're like, I don't know how to fix that. So let's jump in together. Only three verses, but today, it's all about putting life putting a face to the name, you know, Elijah on a sort of law, he will fight. That's my guess. And now I want to put a face or a shape to the word. Let's

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start together in a posture of dignity. Open up your hip flexors, basically where you're sitting on your seat, your tush, this get that to move your pelvic bone in and out. So your lower abdomen will kind of push back in

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Ooby laheem. ina Shay born you Raji. Can you scoop up that lower pooch in your belly?

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And you're like well, there it is. Okay, so it's a little jelly. Don't worry recitation will take care of that for you. Oh, zu Bella, he minashi on your Raji. Come on. I know you're not used to reciting to your phone. But if your phone can give you entertainment, it can also get you to paradise with recitation. Let's get it on. Do you mind putting the phone down? Let go of it so that you can open up your wings your tension your hands and fingers can open please put the phone down? Start with me deep breath

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ooh Billahi min ash Shame on you. Raji, come on friends. If someone was listening to a new Drake album, they would sing along if they were outside too. So you don't worry about where you are. Someone's got their headphones on Budo Porto, you are saying the book of Allah. Find a comfortable spot Don't be afraid and Ruby love him enough shave on your Raji bumble bee. Bee smilla Hill ra ma noodle Rahim. Let go of the tension here. And I hate to break it to you but you want to report on better smile more naturally. When you smile. There's no tension in that upper jaw and you'll recite better. It's It's a trick to make you more happy. Let's go. Ooh, beenleigh he minashi Ponyo. Raji.

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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jumps jumping jacks job, Eva

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no else. Nah, nah, nah, nah, no.

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Feel the air and a pump? nails nails. rule of law he rule law he now rule law he so nuts rule rule rule rule rule and obey the law. Law. obey the law now don't Oh your lips now. rule of law he one well open the tongue. Well, please. While foul Papa fat, fat, fat. Say pop. Pop. fat. Fat. And now so spicy. It's so hot.

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One fat

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one but

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one fat. One. fat.

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You go.

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beautiful first verse altogether. He uh, he jaw jaw. You jaw? I'm gonna say, john, middle of the mouth. Judge the judge

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he won Fat Fat

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My tongue touches the top teeth

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rule law

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that's beautiful. Please one more time. Melted out.

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And now rule of law he one foot

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wet rabbit wet. Raw, wet. Raw aid. Well wha a

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Na Na some well law a

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do who you

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work with me? What what like wet say the word wet? Wet Wet Wet Wet. Well wha a

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war Ah, no no. Well a

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yeah do Hulu bounce the year the Hulu feed the Neela he needs Lackey. Neil, Neil.

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He was

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below the fat

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Do you feel the air?

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the whole verse number two. What did you sign yourself up for right? You're like it doesn't sound anything like when I say what I ate the NASA yeah the coluna but now you can see it. So you're ready to go? Well a lot a

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PSA sat sat well on a

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Yeah, the Hulu na, na, fi, the needy.

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wet word

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of logic of wotja of large, wet wire jumping jack jack, jack strengthen your gene of

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Jaya LA.

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Casa de una una de de Nila he F

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for sub B for sub B for sub B.

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It's like checking your breath.

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Right? Is it hard to check your breath? No, it's not. Yeah, that's a relative phrase is check your breath real quick.

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That's all I need you to do. First. Be first. Be first be

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the big first be be handy. Big l Ron big l Rob began. Was Dell fear? Who was Dell theater? Who was still theater? Who? In who cannot?

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The wha wha Oui. Oui. Del Webb. How many people have realized already? That not not looking at it has hurt you all these years? And number two, your recitations not that bad. It's your timing. What stuff here was what was was still here who know who kana, though.

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It's not about reading slower, per se. It's about your timing. And I think this was fantastic. Please one more time for sub B. B hum. deonar Beco was still feed in who cannot Oh, ah porque lo fi comm fantastic job, friends. This is where you might ask yourself, hey, I want to do that again. So go ahead, hit rewind. But if there's an urge and itch inside you to say, I'm going to read this aloud, I want to do this collectively with a group of people then come out to Quran night, the art of recitation to a city coming near you. probably pretty soon. If you'd like to do this live, please prepare, prepare for our meeting. And when we meet, pull me to the side or maybe even in class say

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hey, you know what? I read this or I saw this surah. And now I'm ready to recite it to you. I look forward to seeing you and sharing this experience together. It's been a privilege, please remember, takes 10 seconds to hit that rewind button, put the phone back and be like wait, he was real. And let's do that.

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This whole exercise again, maybe you just watched me Now let's go back and let's do it all over together. I'll see you all at night. The Art of recitation very soon well, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.