Wisam Sharieff – Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah 2 of 10

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The hosts of a worship service in the second episode of the days of Hajj discuss the importance of cleanliness and mindful worship during the day. They encourage viewers to participate in activities and pray for peace and blessings. They also mention a buffet and encourage viewers to order appetizer sampler.
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As Salam or Aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Welcome friends to the days of Hajj, we're here in our second episode. So far, we've turned on the juice we have turned on the thrusters are full 80 plus miles per hour to head into our 10 days of the days of Hajj. Today, we got to jump right into it, friend, you're on, you're ready to go. Let's start with our worship playlist. You have to answer the question in the next few days. If we're going to be doing good throughout the day, What good do I know? So let's begin. There are levels two good friends. So in the days of Hajj, we're going to immediately shame ourselves for all the stuff we don't know. And then external worship, worship

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worship, would you in these days of Hajj number one, cleanliness, hygiene, being put together, pressing your clothes, your physical presence? Why are you so clean and put together so 10 days of hudge organizing your personal space cleaning up now taking care of things that you've procrastinated,

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I'm going to increase I'm going to increase in good deeds. And now as I am cleaning my space, finding myself and building the routines and rituals that I want perpetually, let's go ahead and find some acts of worship that we can do throughout the day. So I'm engaging in cleanliness kind words, not thinking negatively, not stroke, scrolling mindlessly, I'm engaging in activities. How about some acts of mindful remembrance, La ilaha IL Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika lah Hulan, Maluku Allah Who hamdulillah who are Allah only che in body? Let that one loop mindful remembrances are just a place to start. And the cool part is, some of them even come with instructions. 100 for this

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33 For this, so let's talk about mindful remembrance is as an act of worship. What about moments of silence? In a place where you would have been talking, chatting, seeing words and just not being aware? Would you consider maybe I'm gonna sit in silence. Maybe I'm now from that silence going to go to a place beyond mindful remembrance, salutations, peace and blessings and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rooting for your Nabhi Oh ALLAH. Send peace and blessings and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. How about supplications are BANA Tina dunya has Anna Warfield. Here it has Anna. Well, Karina.

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So any one of these is going to make our playlist as we mix them. I'm going to pray to God by remembering him. I might sit in silence. I might say a dua supplication from the Quran. What about a supplication from our Prophet? Allah whom Allah his guru been Amina Neva What are Milena Minette Ria. Well, Al Sinha, Tana Amin al Khatib, what are you Nana Amina Rihanna, for in Nakata. Allah Maha in Atul Are you in warmer to for sudo a supplication Oh ALLAH cleanse our heart but we are you okay? Knowing that what I read to you was an authentic supplication from your prophet, but I don't know what it means. That's my question. Are you okay? Not knowing what everything means? Everything. Not

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make having that you don't know the root word of everything you don't know. Are you okay with? I know my prophet said that.

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I'm happy saying it. That's my good deed. My Prophet did it. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm going to do it too. So friends, and our second episode, I need you to explore what are the good deeds that you're into. I understand after me after this video. You're going to have to do something either we scroll. My question is can you get into a buffet? Can you order the appetizer sampler of good deeds? Do us from the Quran from the Prophet peace be upon him? Mindful remembrance seeing God's names over and over learning God's name sending Peace and blessings on the Prophet peace be upon him, mix it up a little bit and know that these activities are done by a clean, organized, loving, positive,

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mindful person. Welcome friends to the days Isn't it nice to do worship during the day? Last 10 days of Ramadan, you're right you're fighting the sleep you're trying to juice yourself

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have to stay awake this is fantastic it's the middle of the day be that person you've always wanted to be day two of days of Hajj I'll see you friends let's continue was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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