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In Alhamdulillah indeed all praise thanks, sugar, Grace, joy are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala na Magoo. So from instead of Facebook to all around Ulis we praise Allah wanna star Enugu and praising God isn't only saying You are great, but asking from that God asked from God Oh Allah give me a summer to remember oh Allah make me a source of light this summer as I've never been before. One a stone funeral and Oh Allah, I ask for your forgiveness. I accept your forgiveness, I exercise forgiveness and let go of grudges. I forgive myself I accept joy in my life because I am a miracle and miracles come through me a snow futile law with every human being in the world on the various

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Oh Allah

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I praise You

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and I ask for your forgiveness simultaneously brother Jawad A one one for our for our stream and for everyone else. One at our keluar Ali and we place our trust in Allah do you trust Allah subhanaw taala is going to get us out of this. Do you trust that Allah subhanaw taala is going to make the present situation better? Do you trust that Allah subhanaw taala is any more apt the controller of all things? One hour with Villa Himanshu roti and fusina Yes, you do. And that's why you with that trust say, oh, Allah saved me from the evil that's within me. I have the potential to be lazy to be cheap to procrastinate to have hatred. Oh Allah save me from my humaneness my ego my culture, my

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race, my creed, my agender Oh Allah allow me to supersede anything controlling me one at a worker Lorelai and I placed my trust in you when I wasn't believing in God and fusina woman say Dr. Molina and God save us because we are all consuming more TV more kindle more YouTube more Facebook than ever before granted will Oh Allah save me from what the actions that that I am now surrounded by my end level Philomel de la woman look little fella Hajela whoever God guides no one can miss guide Oh God guide me. Oh God guide me. Oh God guide me. And whoever God has not guide it? No. Who wouldn't God guide the person who didn't ask the one oh god do not make me amongst those who are not guided.

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Nobody can guide that person. When are we lacking in Cerulean fusina woman say Dr. Molina Maria de la HuFa la mobila la one minute little fella. Ha Viola what Nash had Allah Allah Allah Allah, how powerful Do you now see this statement in a world of chaos? How powerful Do you now see this statement? There is no God. I know this. Maybe the whole world thinks the world is flat. I II there is no God. I know the truth. I know there is one God I know the name of that God Allah Allah there is no God except Allah except Allah. And how do I know Allah subhanaw taala wants me to succeed wants me to get to the end of this story successful. Want to shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah? Who

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was pseudo because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is your Nabil? Because who's the hero in Islam? Who's the hero in your story? Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our Salah rasool Allah who will who that our deen will help you with your who Allah has been equally well Okay, hello Masha dequeued and God said that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with guidance and the complete system of living so that it could become dominant upon all other philosophies.

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All other isms? Whoa, carry heavy machinery cool and even if those who chose who are idolaters hate it.

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Also be logging in a che Barney regime? Yeah. Are you Latina? I'm an otaku. Allah hopper to Katya he wala termo tuna. What anthem Muslim on Oh ye who believe who call yourself Muslims who are standing

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You're on a Friday. Oh ye give God his right. Be conscious and aware of a law as much as he has the right to be you made worthy to so oh ye millennials. Oh ye Facebookers and those are my Ulis community. How much right does God have? How much Taqwa remembrance, mindfulness, awareness of God? Does he God deserve? It's not a it's not a endless question. It really is. Does he deserve a little bit more than once in your life right now? Does he deserve a little bit more attention? How about we flipped the script? Would you like Allah subhanaw taala to pay a little bit more attention to you? Metaphorically, would you like to say, for the next two weeks, I know Allah subhanaw taala is

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watching out for me. If So point number one of our hotbar

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Oh Allah give me a summer that I can never forget. Oh Allah in this summer, allow me to he'll allow me to give you a law, the right of your worship. Now a lot of us immediately like oh, so I gotta keep going, praying the masses and so long as I have to keep reading Quran, bear with me. I would like the summer of 2020. And I'm not borrowing I'm using a Mind Valley term from Buddha to the body, our book abbreviation which one word? I want you to find out what your soul print is hooked by number, the first component of our Friday reminder, what is your soul print? Let's define it. When you touch something or pass over a project. Or when you have a when you give it your take. That's

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your soul print your core base values that then define the way your flair your possess your Ness, what makes you you, we find that out by digging deeply making dua. But now once you find out who you are, we're going to talk about how to do that in the summer of 2020. I want you to figure figure out just like a fingerprint, what's your soul print? So Mia might be meticulous reach detail oriented. And that's what makes her amazingly beautiful. So when Sue man goes through a project, it's perfect, better than when someone else does it. You could pay someone more but when she does it, it's on the dot. It's it's perfect. That's her soul print that once she does something it's done with her touch.

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Are you with me on this? I think it's fair, because it's not a fluke. But I can say, can you vaguely touch the idea of what a soul print is? Now? How do we find out what a soul print is? We define a soul. We dig deep into soul prints by finding out in our lifetime during our childhood. So you could do this with me right now. Right number one to 18 on a piece of paper or if you're under 18 Just to how old you are today. Next to number one, right? I was born zero to one that's a great memory, I want you to put one positive peak moment memory associated with year 12345, all the way up to 18. Let me get an 18 in the chatbox. If you're going to take part in this, I want you to build a time

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traveler sheet. In order to make this the summer of 2020 the greatest healing summer where you find out what your soul print is. You need to create a time traveler sheet and to give Allah His help. I want you to go back and find two things. First year I was born give me a peak moment. And something that may have been bad. I cried when I was one years old. Two years old. I learned to walk and I probably fell down. But do you see how I want you to find 345 But now let's get to first grade. Let's get to the third grade. Do we start seeing some more vivid peak moments? And some deeper pains? Anyone with me? are we experiencing deeper pains? This is how it got to Kati. Now does God

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deserve a space in this wound? Where you could say Allah I felt really bad in the fourth grade. Oh Allah I felt really bad when my parents got divorced. Oh Allah I felt really sad one this and from these peak moments and dark, darker moments, from the depths from the highs and the lows. Does your soul print get developed? Absolutely. If you were bullied, your soul printed

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As you never like peep you may be you don't want people around you to feel uncomfortable. If you don't like pressure, you don't like to create situations where there is pressure. If you're vibing, Soul print, oh Allah allow me to worship you in the moments of difficulty. And yes, there are going to be some years 1213 Maybe around the teenage years where it's dark, you can't see it that space, seek counsel, go out therapist, a counselor, speak with someone you can say, I think I just need to help get talking through this. The summer of 2020 is guaranteed that we're all indoors. And whether it's in Canada, celebrating Canada Day, or it's here, July 3, and fourth weekend, where in the

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United States, they're celebrating their freedom, we're all at home. And after you're done on the 39th episode of Netflix, and you're in, you're just tired of it, I want you to dig deep, I want you to create that time traveler sheet going back all the way to one to 18 peak moment, dip moment, peak moment, dip moment. And from that we're going to find out what your soul print is. And as I sit between the foot buzz, I'm asking you this question. I asked you this question. As I sit between the reminder excuse me, we are simulating the Friday experience. So as I sit pray to God, but here's my question, why figure out soul print now. And this is where it gets complicated. Friends, enough time

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has passed, the streets are still full of protesters. May I ask a question? After we reformed police brutality and rid ourselves or racism? Is that the only disease of the heart?

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uncomfortable space? So once we get rights, which we will and we will fight for it. But do we believe or say OK, racism solved? Or is there inner work to be done on the way we treat women, those who don't believe those who disagree with us?

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Is this fair to say that racism is the tip of the iceberg? And we are going to diligently work to read it from our individual communities before we go out and try and continuously protest against stopping parties. Police brutality as you continue to do that. Don't you think it's time to turn the camera inwards? is in isn't it now time for us to say these are diseases of the heart? Is there a place for God in this discussion? Or will we be pulled to the next social injustice? Because what about child trafficking? And excuse me, sex workers being trafficked? What about that discussion, the disappearance of and usage of women, bondage of children kidnapping of there's a big scope here.

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Injustice doesn't wear a certain level or a title and it's so easy to hate the police. They continuously give you reason to do so. But as a Muslim, as I'm sitting, are you going to choose to hate? Or are you going to stand up and continuously work on the diseases of the heart? It's a tough place. So Well, is he anti protest, you're missing the point. Find out what your soul print is. Once you can acknowledge your soul print. You'll leave it on a protest on a dua on a meditation and on the inner work it's going to take to dive deep into our timesheet La ilaha illallah wa who Lashley Kela the whole molecule Allah will hamdulillah Allah Felicia in particular, what do you think your

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Prophet did for some Allah Azza wa sallam for 10 years in the cave? What happened in the cave for 10 years what inner work took place so that he could deal with the racism, classism, the actual slavery, the oppression and his own family making fun of his dead child?

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Was this Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam running behind every social justice cause or was there a dean? Does Dean provide you a full system? Yes, it does. And now it's time to put that camera on the inside and say how much racism is there inside this? How much sexism is there inside this person? How much hatred how much underlining trauma from childhood is is blocking me from

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In having my soul print on the world, the trauma I experienced from my past is holding me back from affecting the world. The world doesn't need more protesters or prayers. The world needs more of us individuals as I sit between the footballers, I asked you to do maybe what Someone should tell my brother Brother Hasan Minaj, the only thing we can do now, my friend, is make dua between the sittings of the hookah, ask your Lord for those things that are deemed impossible.

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Pray for your parents, pray for your family. And if you wouldn't mind to pause the hatred for the moment and pray for the world around us. Pray for those who hate us pray for those who like us. And pray for those who are plotting against us. If you would take them pray for them. I not for their success to destroy us. But for their ease for their kids to eat their vegetables, for the communication of their spouses to be good. So that the agitations in their life can come and maybe their agitations towards the world.

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And white purple power or yellow or white power.

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We'll start getting beyond those things. So today, as the summer of 2020 kicks off with fun and ice cream cones, and sprinkler time, I want you to dig deep and say Oh Allah, what soul print? Why did you put me here on this earth? And that to my beloved at this time, when the world aches? Why did your Lord put you here? Why did your Lord put you here? Why did your Lord make you live in this time now. So you could be a part of the sad, depressed, sick side or a part of the side that provided hope, help and a sense of positivity not through Islam screaming at people but your individual soul print. I'd like to conclude on this current events of the date, whether it is the reemergence of

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COVID and us recognizing that we're going to be back here again, and parents let's stop piggybacking on the fantasy of it's all going to get better. No we're in this for the long run. Current event number one in our second football hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he's Allah La Guardia was salam alaikum salaam wa Minka salaam Tabarrok Theodor Jalali will ignore them. Hey, you know what? Daraa Salaam. In the second portion of our reminder, we see that the disease that is around us is back. It's a conspiracy. It's created from 5g. Just keep it for the chat rooms. But for now, people are sick and we are living this reality. Thus, we are consuming an enormous amount of

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material online. And whether we accept it or not the TV shows we watch the dramas, the movies, the YouTube clips, the Tick Tock the 15 second clips, the Snapchats are molding our mind our molding the way we act towards

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and everything around us so to date, the final thing in your consumption is you must have consumed or heard about our brother Yes, our brother hasn't been hard made to our with our Brother Keith Ellison May Allah subhanaw taala give bounty to both of them. May they do good for all the millennials, if you were in a position and had to be had that level of to present a P two level of pressure? I don't think you would judge Hudson at all. But to brother Hudson, we followed you our whole lives. So the long awkward pause from The Daily Show in the middle of the DUA. There's that's where our problem is. It's a conversation with God. So to you my friend today, no, no advice.

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There really is only one thing I can do for someone who I care for. And someone who I want to get better. It's not activism. It's not tweeting your I guess I'm doing this, but it is doula The one thing I can do is pray that you your daughter, your your family, they do well in life and that Keith Ellison and his family do well in life. So when you make do

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Ah, your tweets pretty good. And you say Robina Artina. I asked you today maybe if you could join me for a dua right now and say, on BANA Tina Rafi dunya. Everyone, define who's this rub? Who is this? Or I'm Bella, who's that God, you define it? Don't tell me your name. How do you know him? And I didn't give us Who are you to God? Define it is it? Who is it? What? Is it a name? No, it's that energy inside you. Whether we call you Hassan or Hassan, it's the energy within you for all of us. So I reach out to you, my beloved friends. Ask God by first defining who he is. Ask God by then defining who you are to him. And then when you say fit, dunya Hasina. Oh, pray for gum disease and

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plaque and pray for

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pay for your stomach to be healthy and that you go to the bathroom properly. Of all the weight Pro that Sahaba prayed for shoelaces fit dunya Hassan, I hope your show does even better. I can pray for that in the word Hassan.

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But when there's a long pause in between, I hope it's just me gathering myself to say what

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you're wanting House

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and in the Hereafter, may I have even greater success may all of our successes be greater than this world wherever peak you reach and further whatever series and Netflix even better, may you be increased whatever school and college you get into keep going. But maybe your hereafter be even beautiful, more beautiful than this. So before we try to answer the world's problems, I do place all my chips on the table and I push them in on Allah. I definitely know that he understands the function here and all I can do is make dua in ally up motovlogging certainly what either you are either it will try and hide in fascia it will monitor the world. Well, what are the Quran Allah He

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Akbar and the zikr of Allah is something that is greater than everything I said. So when you go to your protest, please do go make your vicar and when you meet a quote unquote Karen, meet her aliou Salama, meet ignorance with peace. And when you meet in tolerance, turn up the power in bestowed upon you of belief, not telling them to believe but show them your inner calmness and certainty. I will meet Allah and so will you. What I think Allahu Akbar wala who Jana mattes noun Okay Miss Lala, for all of you at home, I request you to get to your door prayer that'd be for full. We're going to go ahead and pray for full for those of you who catch this as a recording. This is us making an

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attempt and keeping the sound of Joomla going not the technicalities, not the legalities, not the fic but the sound the spirit and the ritual. What are the could Allahu Akbar in Hola Hola, Mala you gotta who you saw Lunarlon NaVi Yeah, you will live in a Amanu Sallu Allah He was selling notice Nima said Peace and blessings and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Peace and blessings and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Peace and blessings on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I'll close with one concept. Right now in Pakistan. There's a Hindu temple under construction about to be and I know you want to throw the fifth book at this. Would you pray to God?

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Would you pray to God and say, I'm not sure Allah, I pray the best happens the best for a global unity and the best that you think yeah, Allah make that happen. And I understand the fifth book says maintain the old mothers don't build a new mother and I'm totally with you. Would you outside of the story? Would you raise your hands and make a dua not for the mother but just for whatever Allah wills to be best even if that goes against your own knifes even if that goes against a wall on the Hindu temple? Even if it goes against Oh Allah I pray that the best happens for the situation in Islam about to build a brand new Hindu temple? Yes. Oh Allah, I pray that the best happens well

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adequate Allahu Akbar, Allahu wa salam ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed comas are later Allah I brought him on one Ernie Ibrahim and Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad iwanaga Muhammad come about Allah Ibrahim Awada, Ali, Ibrahim and Nick I mean, the Majid whether they could Allahu Akbar, Allah we are demo matters now. Our theme is salatu salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Thank you, beloved friends, I pray that you're able to

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May Allah subhanaw taala bless you all. I

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Pray that there was some audio that worked for you. If that worked, please give me a one one if that's possible. Margiela, fie conference Wish the best. I really did my best in preparation for today. I tried to prepare today's football. So if it could carry some wait I pray the does and now Subhan Allah because Allah is that they are MySQL na Salam and Allah mursaleen what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and to the Ulus folks, I'm gonna go pray my daughter right now for Raka azahara and Sunnah. Please pray your sunnah of Tsar not Juma Jazak Allahu alayhi. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.