Pray Entire Salah With Perfect Tajweed #3 Subhanakalla Huma

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a practice for holding a prayer while walking, which involves fixing the body weight and ankles. They then open a post gesture with Barbara and guide the listener through a series of phrases, including"[Suba bring the water" and"[Suba bring the rain" before returning to the previous practice of "ENTering the prayer" and "ENTering the prayer" with a "ster row."
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Salam aleikum, Welcome back friends or Welcome to pronounciation of prayer. We're in our second component. I have squared away my body, not flappy duck toes. I'm not sloppy, or kind of plopping myself into the prayer, body weight in my heels aware of the crest of my hip. Yeah, it's usually flailed out. You're finding your knees, ankles and hip joints. You're finding that equilibrium, it may happen by pressing in slightly, click pop, maybe a little groin pressure, it might even feel warm, where it clicks. Today, after we revise that and you felt the presence in your prayer, we're going to open post gesture one, along with Barbara, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Paws. Simple act

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between the phrases. Breathe.

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Wherever you choose to place your hands, whether your hands are slightly below the navel, above the navel, celebrated on the chest, celebrating the chest the Uber rare over the heart. Also plausible wear or, or no hands at all. Once I've reached this posture, settled my body waiting. I'm not rushing to go anywhere. settled, presented myself.

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I'm going to place my hands here so we have a broader view. Suba Hana Cal wall Houma. Wahby Hamed, DECA I will be looking down in my prayer Suba Chanukah law Houma, Wabi Hamed, DECA what abou raucous Walker, what Ana Jed Dukkha wha La Ilaha Loick wa la isla had jolla look. Let's bring that over and to open the prayer it can feel overwhelming. Oh Allahu Akbar. Let's break it down together Suba pucker your lips soubor like kissing a baby Suba ha na Suba Hannah calf Kapha taka ka Kel wall gal wall wall Suba ha Naka Suba Hannah Kel wall Hoon. Suba Hi Nana Kel wall Houma. Will be home. Deca what abou ra what abou rock whatever. What abou la can smoker. What are Isla Jad doc? What are Isla

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Jed Dukkha in the middle of the word there's a gene What are Allah Jed Dukkha Jed Dukkha y la ilaha wha La Ilaha

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Zav the WHO vo Glazebrook a lie Uruk Suba Hannah Kel law home mom will be having DECA. What? Bow raw cast smoker. What are Allah Jed Dukkha Jed Dukkha y la ilaha Lirac y la ilaha yoke Allahu Akbar in my posture Suba Chanukkah wa who Mark Wahby hem DECA water Baraka smoker, water Ana Jed Dukkha y la ilaha yuroke

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eyes and posture will come up momentarily. Video number two after Allahu Akbar Suba Hana Cal law William ba Wahby hum DECA what a bow or cast mocha what the Isla Jaya Duga wha La Ilaha Ladoke and as a soundbite for us all, super Hanukkah, la Houma, Wahby ham DECA what abou raucous mukha What are Isla Jed Dukkha word ly Lai Isla hug while you walk, or pronounciation of the prayer was Saddam was equal with the law