Quran in Motion 01 – Surat Al-Ikhlas With Qiraaat

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arrows will be left in a show you on your body and Bismillah your block man

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who Allah who had

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all who Allah who were had

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now there are five chapters of the Quran, that was the word say begin and follow the callousness, Alkaff, Iran and ajet. Now the word say decrease the profit upon who BPCE that alter the revelation received not in the least and I had in description exceeds but to be brief, the one and only with uniqueness indeed that doesn't cease.

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A law who Samad

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or some others the master who none can speak after, and the one you asked for in need and disaster yet he needs no one no partner and no sun, no internal organs no nutrition is needed. It's not a notion.

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Learn nearly the world and you'll

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hear begets not nor was he begotten, and the meaning of begotten has long been forgotten, it means he has no children and no one has ever had him and he negates children first before parents, even though the circle of life is obviously oppositely apparent because most tracks the ship that shade bond brings is by associating to Allah not parents, but offspring.

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While a miracle Levu Khufu an airhead? Well, Amir good Levu Khufu an Ahad well a miracle level Khufu and had Khufu and I had, Khufu and I had, well, Amir cola who goes and had coffee. And I had, well Aamir Khan, who Khufu N had

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well, Aamir Khan,

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who gUfU and had

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he has no partners no equals no updates, no sequels, no angels, no people to think so is the legal to think though is lethal? To think so is lethal to all those who are seeking God. He alone is the one to be feared and odd. He alone is the one to be revered and saw. He alone is the one and he loves the odd