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Jumuah, 15th March 2013

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Mahima hamdulillah.

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We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we send the blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his entire household. We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to bless them all his companions and May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless every single one of us, and grant us goodness, beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

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we all should realize and understand the importance of knowledge. Because as our children grow up, and perhaps when we grew up as well, parents sometimes when they speak of knowledge, they think it means going to school and studying from grade one, perhaps into university, not realizing that there is only a small portion of knowledge that will only take you through a fraction of your existence. Whereas what is of utmost importance is the knowledge of your maker, the knowledge of your religion, the knowledge of the path, that you are to follow the knowledge of where you are, where you were, where you are heading, and where you will eternally be. That is extremely important. And this is why

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we say the environment around us plays a very big role in making our minds up. Many people don't realize their minds are made up by the environment, by people they mix up with, by people who are their friends. And laziness creeps in sometimes when it comes to Islamic knowledge. The reason we say this, is because there are so many opportunities for us to learn the knowledge of Islam that we miss. And actually they are far easier and sometimes shorter, smaller slots at very convenient times, which we actually do not even take advantage of. And we don't realize the reward of it when the Hadith speaks of a person who goes out to seek knowledge Do you know what it says? The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, men Salah caparica temi Sufi men sahana Allah who will be here for a concealer Jenna, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, never treads a path to seek knowledge. I want to stop there for a moment before we go and make mention of what is the virtue of it. This would mean anyone who is making any form of effort to get to any place where they will have any form of increase of Islamic knowledge. This is what is meant. So if you are going to walk to the masjid where there is a two minute program or three minute program, and you are telling yourself I want to arrive early so that I can get one hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam you are included in this

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If you are a person who makes use, for example, in our community in this Masjid, have a program on a Monday evening, for example, whereby you would be in fact, it's a Wednesday evening where you would be learning some form of jurisprudence, a few rules and regulations not more than 20 minutes that are related to you and your life on a Wednesday evening after salado Asia. So if you were to leave home early for Asia, and say I am going to the masjid I will read salah and I'm going to sit there and learn something for 20 minutes and I will be back slightly later you are included in this hadith because you are treading a path in order to seek knowledge. If for example, you arrive on a Friday,

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early, in order to listen to some of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and some of the verses of the Quran, you would definitely be included also from amongst those whom not only attended the Friday and got a reward for it, but also from amongst those who made it their business to tread the path in order to seek some form of knowledge. So when we listen to the Hadith, whoever treads a path in order to seek knowledge immediately what comes to our mind is those who go to a full time school in order to learn the deen. Yes, they are part of it. But you and I have every opportunity every day to be a part of it. If you trade a path to seek knowledge, even if it means

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one verse when the Hadith says believable, I mean, whatever is conveyed from me, even if it means one verse, that means the value of one verse is great, it is knowledge. It is something that has changed the lives of so many people who hated Islam. Take a look at Omar.

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Take a look at Naja she take a look at so many other examples. This idea of Rahim Allah and the example

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That we have of the lives of the predecessors who were affected by one verse of the Quran. So it shows if you make an effort to go out to learn even a single verse, what will happen to you? Man Salah caparica Timmy Sufi man whoever treads a path where he is sending out feelers for knowledge, it's weird, so lightly, it means that anyone who is going to get even a small portion of that knowledge

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set halala will never be buddy, Camila Jenna, Allah makes easy for him through that effort of his the pathway to paradise. Imagine what a powerful nation you want to learn something Allah says, By the mere interest that you have in your heart, the mere thirst that you have within you of seeking the knowledge and you did something small about it. Allah says that alone, we will ensure that it makes your path to paradise easier, in every sense, it will. So we have an opportunity every day in this Masjid, for example, before Salah to Madrid, one Hadith, or an Ummah present, and something is read in front of the the Muslim ladies who come three minutes before the advent of modeling. Imagine

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if you were to attend every day, why is it that the path to paradise will be made easy for you? Can I tell you why? Because the words will pierce through to your heart, at least at some point, when you make an effort to achieve something you value it. If you get something without an effort. No one values it today. If we were to dish out booklets for free, yes, people might, you know make use of it, but they won't value it as much as if they paid $100 to get the book, they would say hey, what's this book? You know, I need it. I paid for it. I will read it. You know, they say the newspaper in Zimbabwe, those who buy it for the dollar or $2 that it costs depending on which paper you actually

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buy. They read every single page every corner of it. When I asked one Brother, why are you wasting so much time he says, Hey, I paid for this thing. I don't want it to go as a witch. Imagine that's the mentality of the general masses. What about us, you make an effort to come early you make an effort to attend a program you come early for Senator Murray, you have a three minute idea that three minute can move your life, you will learn a hadith that might shake you so what will happen, your entry into paradise is made easy, definitely physically, spiritually in every way. The same applies, if you will, for example, to make an effort to come on a Wednesday evening at the moment we

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are speaking of janazah and we are going through this week we will have practicals where one of the brothers has volunteered really to be in shouted to show people how it's done. What will happen you attend to one and you see how it will lead you to the next one and the next. Because when you see someone being a child, and when you see that this is what's going to happen to me. And when you learn about janessa and about salah and about Nika and about Allah and about, you know buying and selling and so on and the rules and regulations. you purify the method of buying and selling. you purify, for example your dealings at home. So you have a beautiful life and you are developing a

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link with Allah subhanho wa Taala and immediately you begin to worry about your grave. Because the Hadith teaches us increased the remembrance of that item which will destroy all your worldly lusts and desires. What is that? Get? Think about it every day when we are reading Salah. The Hadith says suddenly salata more Daddy, we do Salah every time you read your Salah, as though it is going to be your last opportunity to read Salah. Imagine if that is the case, and I am supposed to be thinking about it and every Salah this might be my last Salah wow Subhana Allah, I will be a person who will be conscious of my maker, do you really think I will be a person who is going to go around usurping

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the rights of others and wronging them in some way or another or swearing and so on? No, because I know I just fulfill the Salah it may just be my last Salah. I read it properly. I pronounce the words correctly. I took my timing report, I came up from Roku. I stood properly. I went to sujood I came up from sujood I was relaxed. I was in a calm atmosphere, bearing in mind my last chance the problem with us, we are not reminded enough for us to be able to do that. So Pamela so we've got through the Salah

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Allah project. So this is the virtue the slight virtue of a little bit of knowledge that we would be able to seek and this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has spoken about the virtue of a knowledgeable person in comparison to the one who does not have knowledge and no ordinary worship for the moon alchemy and an Abbe de tamari, Allah subhanaw taala according to one direction, the virtue of a person who has

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Knowledge over a general worshipper who does not have that knowledge is like the virtue of the moon over the rest of the stars. Why? Because this one knows why can we not become someone who can actually increase our knowledge when it is being served to us on a regular basis, we do have Mashallah CDs that are available. We do have DVDs that are available we do have so much that is available to us. All you have to do put it in your vehicle and play it whilst you are driving around and you will find your knowledge increase, make sure it is something beneficial, legitimate and authentic.

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Some people prefer to have a music CD, they think I will get sued while I'm driving. Because there are so many potholes I get stressed. The reality is the biggest pothole you will be buried in it. Allah protect us. What about that? Will that suit you from that? What will soothe you from that is when you listen to what Allah has to say, when you listen to what the grave is all about. When you understand what the afra is all about. And when are you going to get that my brothers, we are wealthy enough. We have a lot we have been given food and we are clothed we have a country where if you throw a seed by mistake on the ground, it will grow. That is how fertile the soil is. So we are

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not going to die of hunger. Yes, we may have our education PhDs and what have you, but ask yourself what have I now done to prepare for the day that I'm definitely going to go into that grave of mine. Meet my maker, I have no option but to have hope in his mercy. What have I done for that day? I'm going to meet Allah Muslim coming in in LA so you can move on Boo.

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Boo man, you know what the meaning of the Hadith it is that none of you meaning every single one of you shall be meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala and speaking to him without a translator or a middleman in order to explain things you talk to him directly to do what to answer for your deeds. Allah says I'm going to talk to you, you will speak to your maker. Seeing Allah is a gift of the people of paradise. But speaking to him, you have to answer to Allah in

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the Hadith speaks of the clarity of seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala. Very, very clear, you won't be mistaken. This is Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's a gift for the believers. Allah subhanho wa Taala that to us, there is a drought, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam says, Alou cannot let him nobody allowed him. I seek from you the sweetness of looking at you when I actually look at you. Yeah, Allah grant me that, that day that I can achieve that sweetness of looking at you online, we should be thinking about it today. When you see a beautiful car beautiful house beautiful person, beautiful, this beautiful, that beautiful watch beautiful phone, people start thinking, Wow, look at

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this. Hang on. These are all creatures, they are nothing Believe me. They don't even qualify to enter Paradise, because we know about them. But imagine when you are meeting the Creator who made you and me and everything that is beautiful, and paradise. In order to look forward to that you need to learn something about it. Where will you learn about paradise and help people say, Well, we will attend the Friday talk, to be honest with you, the Friday talk is too short. It's just a small dose it is not long enough. You need to make a bigger effort. What have you done to increase your knowledge? We've always said Islam is a knowledge based religion. The more you know, the more you

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will love it, the less you know, the further you will drift away and you'll feel like there is something wrong. Why because you did not make an effort. How can you say I'm a Muslim, then you don't want to live? Knowledge is what will save you. This is why Allah says in Nehemiah Shama Hamid,

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those who truly fear Allah, are those who have knowledge of who is Allah? And where am I? Who am I? And what is happening that though the knowledgeable are the ones who can fear Allah, when you don't know who is a lot you, you actually don't even know how to treat him and how to look up to him and how to worship Him. If, for example, a man passed, and I said, you know, brothers, this is the president of Maldives and he walked past, if you did not know, you may just, you know, by the way, but now it is you have a bit of respect. That is a small example of the dunya. We don't even know Allah, and he made us so power beyond Allah yet every day they are short lessons. not asking for too

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much conveniently placed for your own convenience for your sake, so that you can come five minutes before Monday, you can sit down, voila, you will hear a powerful, powerful, and when the heartbeat affects you in your life, you must thank Allah don't say this man is attacking me. No, Allah has sent me a message to tell me something. The best speech is that which hits out at you in such a way that you feel the man is talking to me. That's the best speech. The West speech is that which is a tale of something not related to Union.

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way, so you hear of how someone drempt and how someone did this and that, and it did not help you in any way. That is the worst. The best is that clear straight, it is a message Allah knows you were seated today. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grounders goodness, he knows we are here. And we are saying things.

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So this is why today I have chosen this day, really, to encourage myself and yourself to do more to study and

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knowledge is an ocean that has no cost, you swim and swim forever, you will keep on learning. And you will keep on learning for as long as you want to live, and for as long as you are living. So let us improve our knowledge. What comes with knowledge, let me explain. With knowledge comes the action on the knowledge, you act upon it. What's the point of knowing so much? Let me give you an example of the world. You are a mathematician, you know all the equations. But when it comes to application, you're doing something else. And then someone tells you But why didn't you use the equation that you knew you didn't know I was just trying something else. But you knew the equation, you were a top

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student. That's what we do. Sometimes what happens? We have knowledge, we piled it up, but we didn't act upon it allameh to act upon that knowledge. So we know all the equations and we know x plus y equals zero and whatever else. But what happens is, application is not there. It's just knowledge and formula. And you view what's the point of that? When you learn something, you practice it what is the benefit of practicing, Allah opens the door of another piece of knowledge. That is the that is the benefit. If I learned one thing and I practice you what will happen automatically it will lead me to another thing. When you practice on something you've opened its door. When you open the

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door you get to another door.

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This is the beauty of Islam. This is why we are taught that knowledge will come with practice. And there is a third duty after your practice to conveyed to tell someone going back to that Hadith I said But why me What am I you know, there is a longer Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, whoever hears my statement memorizes it thoroughly and passes it on to others, and exactly how they heard it. Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant and goodness protect them and safeguard them and so many different virtues of that person. Because you need to say to yourself, I have a candle in my hand. Without that candle being lit, it is a man with no knowledge. Once I've lit the candle, it's a

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man with a little bit of knowledge. Now that I've lit the candle, I see many other candles, how many Can I light before I need the world? That is your duty.

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So one is to have a candle. Two is to make an effort to light it through knowledge. And here we say you can attend the three minutes to start with. That's only the beginning. You can attend to Wednesday night. Thursday evening at the school we have a program for men and women straight after Salah to Asia for one solid hour.

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On a Friday we have a seat at the interview Masjid in the evening after Salah tonisha on a Sunday we have a program of Tafseer for the sisters at the ridgeview madrasa that is then between 11 and 12 o'clock. You need to know this we need to make an effort you need to encourage others because when you encourage others, you get a reward for it and then no I will say gasparini a person who shows someone goodness is equivalent in reward to the one who did it. How beautiful is that? So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from amongst those who do not become oblivious. We don't want the day to come with debt is at our door knocking and we tell ourselves Yeah, you know, we are

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regretting so badly, you know, be at all what I did was actually a waste. I amassed so much it did not help me at all. I have so much money, I have houses I have this I have that and yet it didn't help me and I lost track. Now Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us may not be from amongst those who lose track. I have spoken quite a bit, I have given you a short synopsis of some of the importance of knowledge. And I also inform you of the programs we have in this particular Masjid. And with the programs that the qualified Allah are actually engaged in, and I'm sure you would find many other ways of seeking knowledge, like we said, the CDs available, various other programs you may want to

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attend and so on. You may want to listen to as well. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from those who can learn, put into practice, convey to others so that we can complete the entire circle and be true followers of Mohammed salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad