Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 14 – Islamic State And The Battle Of Badr

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including predictions of new events and predictions of victory. The loss of religion, religion, and drugs have been highlighted as causes of Islam's victory. The importance of being a "monster" to be a "monster" is emphasized. The loss of the fatale and the loss of the previous century have also been highlighted as causes of Islam's victory. The segment provides insight into political and cultural context, as well as the loss of various Muslims and their impact on the nation.
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Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought us here. And in sha Allah with the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala will conclude our discussion on the Battle of by the past few weeks and months, we were discussing the days of Islam and glory, those days in our history in the time of Islam, when we can look proudly as Muslims, and in particular, we focused on the establishment of the state of Medina, and the defense of that state, the first battle in Islam, the Battle of butter.

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Just to summarize quickly, we mentioned that the Battle of butter was fought in the 17th of Ramadan, the second year after the hegira. And this was, of course, the first battle in the history of Islam. This was the first active jihad in terms of warfare on the battlefield. There was skirmishes before this, but this was the first Jihad and we mentioned how a small group of Muslims 300, and a few more than 300 came unprepared for a battle and they fleeced the Qureshi army of 1000. And I will and it's now the time that we conclude and discuss the aftermath of this battle. It is time for us to realize the strength of the Quran. The Quran, at that time, were the superpower of the Arabs. They were the

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strongest tide in the Arabian Peninsula. They were the government they were the ones that exerted authority and force and no one challenged the kurush. They were the guys in charge. They were the strong the power. And the Muslims of course, they just started second year. VG law means two years not even two years, the state of Medina was established with a new city, a new group a new people challenging the status quo challenging the most powerful city in Arabia. And during the course of the battle, we mentioned that 70 of the Qureshi is were killed. Amongst the leadership, the senior leadership, and 75 of them were taken as prisoner. And we mentioned the ACA with regards to the

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prisoners and the treatment of the prisoners within Islam, and only 15 Muslims are martyred, and the Battle of the 15 compared to 145 Qureshi is being killed or captured. And this was a resounding victory, a most unexpected victory that lit the courageous flee for their lives to return to return to Mecca. This is, of course, the greatest battle in Islam for a number of reasons. Because, as I say that I remind you, when we talk when we conclude with this battle 300 against 1000. It doesn't sound too big. We today we fight in millions, we don't fight with hundreds of 1000s when battles are fought today, it's in millions. So how is it so significant as an abyssal salami, da, da, da, da, if

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we are defeated on this place at this time, it's now will be gone forever. That this was the last ditch effort that this religion of Islam that began with allocated the heavens and the earth, and this religion of Islam on Earth was on the verge of becoming extinct, Islam would have become extinct on the day of by the and of course, as we know off the bat tiama is only what's left. When Islam becomes extinct with the mankind kiama is live. The Muslims didn't know if this would be the end of Islam, the end of Allah subhanaw taala is worship on Earth. But Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed that this religion will India and it will maintain and continue until today and in sha Allah

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for many, many, many 1000s of years until the end of time in sha Allah. Allah revealed suitable unfurl the A surah of the Quran almost exclusively pertaining to the Battle of butter, and those who participated in the Battle of butter throughout the life of Nabeel Salaam, and afterwards, they would hold the rank among Sahaba, that a person that was from the whether those are whether were regarded as senior Sahaba in the society of the Muslims, so after the battle was concluded, but there and for those of you who have been lucky and fortunate enough to visit but you would know that but it is a few 100 kilometres outside of Medina, and then 5200 kilometers outside of Medina, and

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it's even further from Makkah, it's in the middle of nowhere. So the other battles were fought at the city of Medina, Ohio, and the bottom of the trench. These battles were fought at the city, but but it was fought outside as an uninhabited area. And therefore the people of Medina and the people of Mecca, they were unaware of what's going to happen they didn't know right, we didn't have Twitter and Facebook and telephones that time, so they had to wait for the results a traveler would come. So the results seldom seen the sun son's adopted son, z even Howdy, Zane even haritha the adopted son of the NaVi Sol Salaam and the only man as I mentioned, whose name is mentioned in the Quran only so

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Hardy was mentioned by name in the Quran z, the adopted son of navico salaam levy so Salaam gives him a fatwa. kalkaska is the camel of a beetle Solomon evisa very special camel alpha swan. Everyone knew this was the camel of Nabisco Salaam. So in addition, some gives a cuss word to say and he tells that you go to Medina and you

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Inform the people of the victory of what happened here at butter

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when Zaid comes into Medina, and he's declaring Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that we were successful on better, and he's explaining to the Muslims, the events that occurred, and he's explaining how this one has been killed. Abu Jamal has been killed. Osama bin Khalid has been killed autodrive and rabina has been killed all the senior leadership, the top guys, they're all gone. And this one has been killed. And that one is captive, the people of Medina was so you know, overjoyed. But for them, it seemed so impossible. It seemed so unlikely. It seemed that How is this possible that the Jews and the monastics in Medina, they came to one conclusion, they said, you know, Seamus was at the

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mercy was a must have lost so badly in Medina, in bother, and Mohammed Al Salam himself must have been killed, and zayde has gone insane. And he's taking the Campbell of Nabisco, Solomon, he's come here, and he's, you know, he's out of his mind. Impossible, what he's saying it's impossible, and the Muslims can win that, let alone live the way that they could thrash the courageous act to such an extent that the entire leadership was killed.

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So the people of Medina, they were they listening to the news, but they can't believe it. This cannot be true. How is this possible? How is it that we won this battle? But Zaid is telling them, you know, we won, we were victorious. And we lost only, you know, only 15 of our Sahaba were martyred. But we had completely defeated the kurush that they ran and they didn't come back, and we took the they unfurl, the spoils of war was taken, and that those who were treated unjustly like Bill Ali got his justice bill actually was the one that killed his master who may be the one that tortured him. But we think justice had occurred on the day of budget. And this, you know, the, when

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the when the news finally hit home, and they realized that the army was coming back, and the reports were corroborated. The people of Medina were overjoyed. They were so joyous to the extent that they hardly could believe it. And that this was a miracle from the miracles of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is mentioned in the Quran, an amazing miracle and amazing event, but unexpected. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in the Quran puts predictions forward. Amongst the miracles of the Quran, is that they are predictions of the future. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah, two room in Surah room, Allah puts two predictions for that come come to pass on the same day. Allah puts forward two predictions, and they come to pass on the same day. So Allah says in sort of the room, the suit of the Romans Alif meme will leave at the room. So this surah was revealed about five, six years before the hegira. About about nine years before the Battle of further, the surah was revealed nine years before the Battle of by the eight and a half, nine years before the Battle of the budget.

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At that day, when the sutra was revealed, the Romans lost a decisive battle against the Persians. They were so badly defeated. It will be like, you know, after D day, if you into history, you will know that at some point in time, or when the Americans drop the bombs on Japan, you would say at this point in time, Japan, Japan is palace they finished, there's no way they can come back from this defeat. So the Romans were so badly defeated on this day, a lot of you are saying Alif Lam Meem Liberty room, the Romans were defeated, of course by whom the Persians, the admin or the human body being bad, the caller became so young

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that they have been defeated in a near land in the land of Jordan. But after the defeat, they will overcome the Persians that they will be victorious. cbic Nene in three to nine years, this is a like you know how you have a dozen means 12 in Arabic This term we didn't see any means between three and nine years, the Romans will be victorious once again, the Romans which also makes a prediction in the Quran, Lila Hill, Ammerman, kaaboo. Woman back and to Allah belongs the command in the future and the past. Everything belongs to Allah decrees with Allah. While y'all may even Yeah, for a minute and on that day, Allah saying another thing that's gonna happen on that day, the day the

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Romans win against the Persians. On that day, the Muslims will be so happy be Nasri la by the victory of Allah young sumiya. Sha, Allah is victory to whom He wills. Well, who will Aziz will Rahim. And he's the mighty Exalted in Power, and the Most Merciful in how we execute the power. So Allah reveals the surah, nine years before but and Allah says, I give two predictions. One, the Romans will come back after this catastrophic defeat, and they will beat the Romans and they will beat the Romans. And on that very same day, the Muslims will celebrate a victory that Allah will give them and we

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look at history. Nine years or so after the defeat of the Romans had Achilles, the emperor of Rome. He rallies the Roman forces and defeats the Persians and another decisive battle, which coincides with a battle of budget. You look at the books of history, not only the Muslim books of history, but the historians, the non Muslim historians, you would find occurred at almost the same time, almost the same time. So Allah has predicted this victory. And this is one of the great predictions of the Quran that on that day, the Romans were definitely victorious in spite of the defeat, in fact, Satan a worker of the land before gambling was made haraam when this pseudo came down, one of the crises

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who actually fought in the Battle of budget and he died, he thought about could you believe that the Romans will come back after this? It's like saying you believe the Japanese will be able to beat America after having two nuclear bombs dropped on them, you really believe it's possible? Obama said yes. The Quran says so. I said, Let's make a bit. When will this happen? Now remember, the Quran says between three and nine years, so our karate Allah took the middle, he said, I'll take six years in six years time, in six years time, the Romans will be victorious, I guesstimate. So they had a bit, six years came and of course nothing happened. There were no signs of victory and occupy up to

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pay up. Only before the nine year period was up, the Romans were defeated. And then obese on tobacco on you should have made it nine you should have made it nine years because we that means between three and nine should have taken the longer period. So on this day, a miracle upon miracle occurred. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, as he mentions that the promise of Allah, La de la la, la vida, that Allah does not fail in his promise. So Allah makes the promise that the Muslims will be victorious, and it will be assigned, the Romans will also be victorious. And it's one of the miracles of the Quran that Allah revealed. And this promise Allah is also telling us in old times in ages, when

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Allah says, while occupa dealing with the pain, that the affair of the turkey that they oppressed, you will be victorious One day, he does not give us a date with specific time that is between Allah and he, Allah decides the date and time in place. But Allah says I'm promising you, the Nasir, my victory and my assistance will come in spite in spite of how bad the situation is today. Even though today It looks like it's impossible. It's impossible. Allah says, I will show you the possibility. I will open doors which you don't even know and don't even realize, and with me belongs the promise, and with me and me alone belongs the victory. So this is of the great miracles of the Quran. That

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happened and occurred on the day of but of course, the Muslims, as the Quran mentioned, were overjoyed. They were they were so happy that they city they stink, the light of Islam survive, and it puts any defeated the worst and the most corrupt of the tribes in Arabia. And it showed that Islam is now a force to be taken seriously that Islam is here and it's here to stay. But after this victory, everyone else would look at Islam differently from this point in time. But those who are oppressed and remember who's in Medina, is those like Bella like hubub like Amar, all those were tortured and abused. They were able to now they showed that they were able to fight back. It's like

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the people of Gaza. How would that day be when the people of Gaza and that day will come and shout Allah and we hope that we live to see it. When they overpower the Israelis and the Zionists? How great would that day be? Not only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the victory of Islam but it's also to take retribution and justice against against those who are tyrants. So, so happy was that they have but but not everybody in Medina was happy. With within Medina, we had elements that were forced to accept the status quo that the majority of Medina was Muslim, but not everyone in Medina was boosting for you had Jewish tribes were not Muslim, and they didn't accept it.

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Basically, the majority of them refused to accept Islam. And that's what Allah mentions to them so many times that this Quran has come. It confirms what Moosa had come a messenger that resembles Moosa. Why don't you accept that which you yourself asked for? And we mentioned this a while ago, why are the Jews in Medina because they knew that the end of time the last prophet, you will come in the land of the Arabs in the city. And they of course, believe like Isa, like Moosa, like Tao would like to lay him and of course, the final prophet would be a Jew, you'd be from Bani Israel. They were convinced when he was an Arab, they refused to accept him, and they refuse to accept his noble

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work, even though they knew.

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So the Jews are the defeat of the Battle of butter. They realize that now the Muslims are here and the year to stay, and then I'm going to leave and they're not going to be able to overthrow them easily. So now the plots and plans has to be done in secret. So to will those who accepted Islam

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Neha Khan, the entered into Islam as hypocrites that on the outside, they said the Kadima on the outside. They said La ilaha illAllah. But on the inside they hated and resisted Islam. And every opportunity they bought. They hampered the progress of Islam and every opportunity they got to harm Islam and too often of Esau Salaam. They did what they could, the hypocrites of Medina, and it's important point to know about nifa hypocrisy. Allah mentioned that when Islam is weak, as it is today, and as it was for those people in Mecca, you won't find a hypocrite. Why? Because there's no benefit in being a Muslim, worldly benefit, right? There's no benefit. You're going to be tortured

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and abused and oppressed. So why be a Muslim? When Islam is strong, and you can get the benefits of being a Muslim, then you'd find hypocrisy into into the hearts. So now Islam has been has become strong and powerful, they beat the crisis. And now you find the beginning of the hypocrites of Medina

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and Olam into his name in the Quran. In surah Toba a lot of is about the hypocrisy in fact means a surah. When I say kornati in the Quran, Allah subhana wa says of the qualities of the hypocrites. Whenever there is a battle, they always have an excuse not to go out and fight. They always have an excuse that I have this swipe that, oh, I have some data I'm weak or some excuse they make and this will harbor new. It's the same group of people always win a battle comes in. They're not available for the battle. So Allah says about them, if good befalls you, when you're victorious in the battle, when good comes to you, it grieves them, they feel a pain. They feel resentment. But if bad happens

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to you, calamity falls you they say we took our precautions. You see we didn't go with you. We were right beforehand. You should have listened to us You should have stayed behind, and they turn away happily when bad things happen to the believers. How many unfortunately, find people under the guise of Islam. It every action they do harms the Ummah and it brings the oma down, that every time the oma is harmed, they are ready to clap hands and take joy in it. But when the most successful, they feel unhappy, and they are darkened in their hearts. So Allah Subhana Allah says, the hypocrites men and women are one from another, they enjoy Alucard look at the opposite. They enjoin disbelief and

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all kinds of evil and forbidden from Allah Allah and they turn against the fight against the goodness of Allah. And they have forgotten Allah so less cause them to be forgotten. Verily, the hypocrites are the farcical that they are the ones who are the rebellious ones.

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The abyssal Sunder mentions in the FARC. And to understand this quality of nifa. Well,

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maybe salsa also speaks about the need for mana theme and qualities that unfortunately, just as a believer, so we have three states I believe it can be. It can either be in the state of man, or it can be in a state of Cooper. Right, either believe or disbelieve.

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And even the believer can have qualities of the disbeliever. But he's still a believer. And the disbeliever can have qualities of a movement of a believer, but overall, he's still a believer. And in between you have the monastics that resemble the believer on the outside, but they resemble the disbeliever on the inside. So now vehcile salam warns the believer that there are four qualities and if you have these qualities in you, we know you are sharing in the characteristics of this of a monastic, there'll be so Salaam says the four qualities of the hypocrite is that whenever he speaks, he tells lies, is a constant liar. Lies come easily to him. And when he makes a treaty, he has a

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pact with you, he breaks that pact. And when he makes a promise, he breaks the promise. And when he argues, he argues abusively, you start swinging at you, he starts fighting with you, violently arguing is going to happen between husband and wife, but to get to that level of abuse and hatred as a quality of the monastic. So nobody ever has any of these qualities, you have qualities of nofap and you need to get rid of them. And if you have all four of these qualities in you, it's complete.

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So, in Medina, we would have and as the history goes on the conflict, the one affix will play an important role as a third force within Medina, they will try to undermine the Muslims from inside they will be the most dangerous element because they will expose the weaknesses of the Muslims on the inside. Question of before we get to that and that's why Allah says visually the Mona fix the hypocrite will be in the lowest place in January, but they are worse than they will be tortured and punished worse than the disbelief on the day of PML Why? Because they are the most harm to the Muslims, and they bring more harm to the to Islam

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than of Esau Salaam is evidence that the Navy SEALs knew who the monastics were Allah informed the Navy so solemn who the hypocrites were that man, that man, that person that's that that lady there are you

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Muslims on the outside but on the inside, they're causing harm to Islam. Why didn't I be so sorry? I'm not getting rid of them. Why don't you just round them up and execute them and say let's be done with him? Because nobody saw them. And this is the principle we apply today. We judge on the outside, we leave the inside to Allah. None of us here has the right to say, this man. In his heart. He said this Louisa that with the ABCs La Ilaha Illa. Allah Allah is entered into Islam as far as we know. And a fee is what Allah, Allah will judge me. So someone says I was not sent to cut open the hearts of people and judge as to what was inside. And he never, ever said to the Sahaba who the

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monastics were, he never explained to the companions. This is an article that's similar except one companion for the phobia man, so he knew who they who they were, and he of course was sworn to secrecy.

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One of the sad events that occurred on the day of bother and this again, is the wisdom and the hikma lost behind Watada as aid comes into Medina is coming in giving the news

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they are just covering the grave of Zainab of ruqayyah beans Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam salam, the dose of medicine and we mentioned Satan of man. He didn't fight in the Battle of butter. Why? Because his wife Rukia, who was the daughter of NaVi for Salah was terminally ill. And just as Bader is successful Rukia passes away. So on the day that the Muslims are so happy, and the rejoicing Allah subhanho wa Taala gives Nagisa Salaam a personal calamity, his daughter passes away. And what's the wisdom Allah in this why on the day of better is to teach the believer it's to teach and it's how Allah teaches ambia that humility teaches them that this life is in the hands of Allah,

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that just because you are gonna be and just because you are the Muslim, don't think everything is gonna go your way. But Allah does things in his own time and his own power and everything is the hand of Allah. So it's a lesson, but on our good days, even on our best days, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala remember that you are in the hands of Allah is Allah subhana wa Taala declares as he wishes and the affair belongs to him.

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So how did the news now reach the people of Matt McCallum spoke about the news coming to Medina. Makkah also receives the word now. And the Qureshi are in shock, disbelief just as the Muslims of Medina, they were so sure of victory that already before the battle began, they already planned the after party, so to say they already planned the victory march, they stuck with him, they not only took their weapons and they took with them, they party, the singers and the dancers because you know, we might as well begin to celebrate before the battle and after the battle, because we're going to get what we wanted to do for the past 13 years.

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The the messenger of courage comes to Makkah and he starts taking his clothes off and he starts beating himself and throw sand on his head. And of course, the correlations are looking what's going on. And this is the way the Qureshi is lamented of the way of Jamelia. When calamity befell them. They started to beat themselves and cut themselves and scream. Of course, this is haram in Islam. This is not a characteristic of a Muslim, when calamity befalls us, we enjoy it patiently by sovereign Jimmy as nubby as nebbia who did whenever Yousuf was gone, said I, I Bay this calamity patiently, quietly, I don't disturb anyone with my grief. The crisis had this other opposite way.

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And Abu lahab was the one leader of the Qureshi. Wasn't it bother? You know, he out of his cowardice, he managed to buy someone to fight for him. He couldn't believe it. And he thought the same thing that this man we've met and he's a coward, he ran away. He's a coward. He ran away. That's why he's coming and making up stories that Abuja has been killed, and the Muslims were so victorious. So he goes, and he finds Abu sufian, another of the Qureshi leaders and he says, the truth Tell me the truth, what happened on the day of bother, and Abu sufian starts explaining that. It was as if though we fought an unseen force. No matter how hard we fought, we were overpowered.

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And we fought people we didn't recognize we didn't know who was speaking about the angels. And no matter how, you know, they came at us so forcefully and armor means nothing, and our swords were useless against this enemy. It was it wasn't there was no hope. It wasn't that how would you weren't afraid we were they we fought, but there was no hope against this enemy. So while while Abu sufian and Abu lahab are having this conversation, while they're having this conversation, a slave was a Muslim. He hears this conversation and he forgets himself, he will get to the slave and he says those are the angels Allah sin to protect the Muslims. Right. So Abu lahab becomes enraged. And

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Allah subhanho wa Taala, as I mentioned, that he was the one one of the cursed men that was supposed to die on by the right so you may

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To get out of bother and all the big shots of Croatia, they died on butter Allah subhanaw taala to create tribution on the day of by the law would not leave Abu lahab alone. Abu lahab didn't go to bother, but he's this reached him to Makkah. So we remind ourselves what Allah says about a Buddha. He was of course the uncle of Nabeel salah and one of the worst opponents in obese also lump and Allah revealed in a whole surah cursing of hula cursing him sing them but yeah da Vila happy whatever may the hands of Abu lahab be ruined and you ruined his he mouth man whom Allahu la casa his wealth will not available or that which he gained all these wealth this dunya will have no good

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for him. So yes learner on that Allah, He will enter a burning fire of flame one more or two who have metal hop and his wife who also assisted him in harming the NaVi so solemn she will be the one carrying the fire which will burn him tgd abdomen massage around her neck will be a rope of twisted fiber. Again, this is a miracle of the Quran. This is sutra was revealed about 10 years before Abu lahab died if he became a Muslim, or his wife became a Muslim, in the Quran, if not, and boy, how is the Quran, it's inconsistent. Allah says these people will never embrace Islam, and I promise him to go to Jannah. And for the next 10 years, if only they became Muslim, they would have sort of

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contradicted Islam completely. But they remained on the cover, and they remained Fighting, fighting the Muslims. So when Abu Dhabi is the slave,

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you're the slave and the slave is the is from the family of his brother abass sabula. He is the slave now mentioning that these were the angels. He becomes upset and he starts beating the slave up.

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And the lady of the house, Lu Baba, Baba, it's Abu lahab sister in law, Allah boss who fought brother, his wife, she also as a Muslim father, one of the first Muslims, and she hits a hula hoop over the head with a stick and say, My husband is gone. Your brother is in butter, a fourth with the Qureshi. So you think he's gone, you can now do what you want to the family and our slaves. Right and she hits him over the head. And a hula have goes away. And this cut is one that she gave him, it starts to fester and pass and it starts to become infected. And it becomes the stench of Abu lahab is so bad for three days, no one wants to go near him. And he turns septic and he dies. And reports

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of it when it's hard for the students that I that they had to pay slaves to bury him because no one could come near the way he stunk. That was a bad smell that he had. So even though he didn't attend whether he thought he could get out one of the believers in Makkah, a lady, she hits him over the head and he dies. And he dies cursed as Allah mentioned. And this is the end of a Buddha. So a news on top of all the news and all the crises were defeated Abu lahab as well he dies in Makkah, he dies in Makkah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and the message we take from the Battle of budget, and in our times of today when we are not in a day of insane glory when we are weakened and we are struggling,

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that the victory, Allah subhanho wa Taala promises, the day will come when the believers will be victorious. And when we go through and inshallah we'll continue with the series. In a few weeks or so, you will see that we Islam is added to weakness, that in sha Allah Allah only requires a handful of sincere men and women to stand up, and they will bring Islam forward with the victory Allah subhanho wa Taala will give, but it requires a little effort from outside. So Allah says about the people of Bader and to all of the nations or all the generations to follow. And remember, when you were few, and you were making the people thought you were weak in the land as they think we are weak

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today in the land, when the people thought you were weak, and afraid that and you were afraid that men might kidnap you. But Allah provided a safe place for you and strengthen you with these help and provide you with good things so that you may be grateful. Remember, in sha Allah brothers and sisters, that's the victory will come. And I conclude this chapter of the days of insight and glory, and how beautiful it was. Remember better, as I said, occurred in the Ramadan, then, and this was the first Ramadan, the first Ramadan, that Islam with your fasting, and in the day of eating, and you imagine how great that day of eat was, when the first of show wild came and the day of eat

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occurred. And the Muslims rejoice like never before. They were so happy because now they knew and they were convinced that the the truth of Allah subhanho wa Taala is at hand and in child love that they have rejoice will come for us as well. inshallah, we will continue with our series that there isn't glory. In a week or two time we'll have some guest speakers coming next week in sha Allah and we'll take a new topic on the days of instant glory, just a few announcements that inshallah you can SMS me your email, you can email me on my email list [email protected] that as well we remind the brothers that I will see it off plus the you want to know more about the life of Nabisco, Salomon,

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interesting things like this, that

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details, please join us often at seven o'clock on Tuesday seven to eight inshallah on a Tuesday. And then a reminder that Alhamdulillah we have a class at the panorama Masjid of the month live on Wednesdays on Shiism. And in a final reminder that next week and I have tickets, if anyone's available would like to attend that course. The prophets of Allah one day inshallah you will learn all the NBR all 24 of them, these stories, speak to your kids the exams are over inshallah. Ask them to attend this course it's at UW C. You can get tickets at PwC or you can get tickets from melco website online, Kazakh Lafayette Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and guide us and grant us

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prosperity, circle acleda salaam aleikum wa

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