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Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of the Quran in shaping the world and the differences between the prophets of Islam and the legal system of the United States. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to give charity and work hard to achieve their goals, and the importance of understanding one's past and future. They also discuss the need for guidance and knowing one's God to align with it. The segment emphasizes the importance of avoiding false accusations and the potential for false accusations to arise.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa lastly but in order dweller Illa Allah volley min or shadow Allah Allah Illallah who had the hula Shanika hula hula Valina Allah here in Washington and Avira Mohammad Abdu Hora sudo Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Amtico sadaqa Muhammad, what are the early he was a big marine amoeba Welcome to another episode of our seal page by page and the Sharla to Allah today we're going to begin with the first page of the third dose which is page 42 of the Quran. And this is still in Surah Al Baqarah. Allah subhanaw taala in the previous episode, as we mentioned in the

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previous two episodes, regarding the story that we know as in biblical terms as the story of David and Goliath, or as mentioned in the Quran, the prophet that would Ali Salaam and Joe root and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us a number of principles and important lessons in that story in terms of steadfastness and sacrifice to Allah azza wa jal and patients in your religion, Allah subhanaw taala at the beginning of the third jewels of the Quran investment verse 253. Allah subhanaw taala then says

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although bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim chilka Russophile Baba whom Allah about min Humann Kalam Allah who are offered by Allah Honda rajgad te Nerissa Namo Yemen Bayona T will eat dinner will be roaring kudos while OSHA Allahumma patata. Naveen I mean, the hem mean or the manager tool may enact mean or the manager told me not to work in a hotel fo for minimum for me monoamine Humann Kefar wallaroos Allah Houma gotta turn in Allah Hi Irfan when you read Allah subhanaw taala says, We favored some of those messengers above others. Indeed, Allah azza wa jal spoke to some others you raised in whack. Allah subhanaw taala says after mentioned the story of the Gudauri salatu salam and

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as we said, the final verse that we took in the previous episode speaks to the prophets on Allah what He was selling directly addresses them and he says, we're in Naka, Lemina was selling Indeed you are from amongst the messengers. Now those messages are not just one or 10 or 20. But there is a whole long line of them, as Allah azza wa jal mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, that there are from amongst the messengers, those two of whom we have related the stories to you, and those whose stories we have not related to you. And so there are many prophets of Allah, many messengers of Allah, we don't know their names. We don't know their stories. We don't know the nations that he was

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sent to. We have no information concerning them except that they were prophets and messengers of Allah, Allah He was salatu salam, and there are even aerations and Allah knows best because some of the scholars differ over their authenticity, there are some narrations in which it is said that the number of prophets that Allah sent to earth or to the people of the earth, numbered over 100,000 and FROM AMONGST THEM OVER 300 Will messengers, so prophets over 100,000 messengers over 300, the number of them that we know of in the Quran, is like 20 or 30. And so that shows you the, the difference in terms of the many prophets of Allah Azza Allah Subhana Allah that Allah sent to the people of the

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earth, and the stories that we have in terms of revelation in the book of Allah azza wa jal, the Quran. But one of the things that Allah azza wa jal does mentioned to a stone, and in this verse is those messengers for Molina Baba whom Allah bomb, they are not of an equal level. Some of them are given virtues over and above others positions higher than others, that is not to demean any of the prophets of Allah. Nor is it allowed to see this in a way that is demeaning the status or the unreality of the prophets of Allah Arnim salatu salam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dislike this, this rivalry that people used to have between prophets, for example, or that we say,

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you know the prophets of Allah wa. Our Prophet is better than your Prophet because you're a Christian and you have Jesus and all of these prophets of Allah that we believe in. And even though yes, we believe that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a higher status, has a greater virtue than all of the other prophets of Allah Azza wa salatu salam, this is not set in a way that is boastful. It's not said in a way to demean or in any way dishonor any of the prophets of Allah. He was salatu salam, and when the prophets of Allah while he was sending would see this and you'll find integrations of this, of this in the Sunnah, when you would see this occurring amongst the

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companions, and for example, the Jews that lived

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In Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put a stop to it. He said for example, some Allahu Allahu Selim, no one should say that I am better than Ulus iblue Mata Yunus, the Prophet Yunus and the salatu salam no should say that I mean, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are better than the Prophet Yunus. Even though it is part of our aqidah part of our belief, that the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest of Allah's creation, and the most noble of them, and the most beloved of them to Allah subhanaw taala but when it's done in a way to demean or to cause the type of rivalry No, because all of the prophets of Allah are the servants of Allah,

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all of them call to Allah azza wa jal and so therefore, that rival that virtue that is given, it is given in the way that Allah azza wa jal describes here, by way of example, minuman Killa Mala whare, firebombed Rajat, some of them Allah spoke to directly like the Prophet Musa Ali salatu salam, some of them Allah azza wa jal meet his close friend like Ibrahim Ali salatu salam, some of them Allah subhanaw taala blew into directly of his own blueing to them from his own, from self subhanaw taala Workman, like, for example, a Saudi salatu salam, and some of them Allah azza wa jal raised to the heavens and spoke to them directly like our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they were given

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different virtues in that way.

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And that is why Allah azza wa jal dimensions, one of those prophets who are given those extra virtues, and that is the prophet ie Sati salatu salam, Allah subhanaw taala says, we're a team there in southern Amalia Melba unit, and indeed we gave to Jesus the son of Mary, our clear signs, what are your dinar? Who are those, the clear signs of Allah, that he would have the gospel the gene that was revealed to him the clear signs of Allah Azza that he was able to show the leper and the blind, all of the signs that Allah azza wa jal gave to him that is mentioned elsewhere or mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, or your dinner, who below him others and we strengthened him with the Holy

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Spirit, either the spirit of Eman meaning the spirit of belief in Allah azza wa jal or knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. Because the prophets of Allah seek comfort and seek strength in the knowledge and revelation that Allah azza wa jal gives to them, or as a number of the scholars that have said that we strengthened him with the Holy Spirit meaning the root of this being the angel wa salatu salam, who is an angel that comes to the prophets of Allah with Revelation. He is charged with bringing revelation to the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza wa Salatu was Salam. And he also helps them and strengthens them and aids them by Allah's permission.

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Allah subhana data then says, if Allah had so willed, their successes will not have fought each other after they had been brought the clear signs, but they disagreed. So some of them believed and some of them disbelieved, Had Allah azza wa jal willed, all of them would have been united, all of them would have remained upon the straight path, but that is the test of the dunya. The test of the dunya is to see who has the strength of Iman and believes in Allah azza wa jal is reading to discern is willing to, to sacrifice for him and to submit him subhanaw taala as opposed to those people who are not willing to do so? Well, I can tell fo and so some of them disagreed. So you have the

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believers and you have the disbelievers well Oh sha Allah Who motto and if Allah had also will, they will never have fought one another, but Allah does as he pleases. That is from the nature of the dunya. The nature of humans is that they constantly compete with one another. They're constantly fighting and disagreeing with one another. But the most noblest thing that a person can stay upon, is their belief in Allah subhanaw taala and the willingness to worship Him alone. JFe Allah,

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in the next verse was 254, Allah subhanaw taala then says, Yeah, you Hello, the

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people mean Mara Sakina cobbly A to a woman. V one to one shefa while curfew Runa Houma Valley, mon are you who believe, give from what We have provided for you before the day comes when there is no bargaining, no friendship, no intercession. And indeed it is the disbelievers who are wrong. Allah subhanaw taala gives this command to the believers when he says oh you who believe and this is a common core that Allah Azza dimensions in the Quran. And as the famous companion Abdullah was thrown about the Allah who said that when you hear this quote in the Quran or you who believe, then pay attention to it, for the desire of command that Allah is giving that you should follow for your

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salvation, or is a is a prohibition that Allah azza wa jal is mentioning that you should refrain from also for your salvation. And so here Allah azza wa jal says, spend give from that which We have provided for you, meaning give charity spend in the way of Allah subhanaw taala give some of this wealth that you cover it, you work so hard to gain and to save and to keep, give some of it willingly in the path of Allah azza wa jal Min cobbly A TIA young before the day comes mean the Day of Judgment

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On the day they will be no bear no transaction. You can't come on your own piano and bargain. You can't say oh Allah I will sell this and give me this Oh ALLAH in order to save me from your punishment I will do this. There is no transaction no bargaining on the day of human piano, wala hula nor is there any close friendship that will come and save you from Allah's punishment or his accounting or his wrath Subhana wa Tada. Except an unless Allah azza wa jal allows, and that is for the believers whose friendship is based upon Taqwa that is a friendship that will benefit us Allah azza wa jal mentions elsewhere in the Quran, I can now Yoma even Barbara whom live out the inland

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tapping. The closest of friends on the demeaning the Day of Judgment will be enemies one to another except for the people of Taqwa the pious and those conscious of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah subhana data says otherwise there is no friendship, that closest friend that made you negligent of Allah that didn't remind you of Allah's rights upon you, that would often distract you from worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. That fellowship will mean nothing on the day of judgment rather, each one of you will be trying to sacrifice the other in order to save yourself from Allah's punishment. So there is no bargaining or transaction in power. No buying was sending no bartering for goods. Nor is there any type of close friendship except if it is based upon Taqwa wala Shaeffer, nor will they be any intercession, accepting decision that Allah azza wa jal allows, and Allah

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subhanaw taala in order to allow that intercession must be pleased with the one who's making the intercession, the one on whose behalf the decision is being made and the reason for which the intercession is also being done. Allah must sanction all of that first in order for that to be done. So we know that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam will intercede and the believers will intercede, but it will be for those people that Allah allows intercession for someone who is a disbeliever there is only a decision generally speaking for those types of people. So therefore, what exists in terms of these issues that Allah mentions, it is limited for the people of Eman generally speaking,

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otherwise, there is no type of transaction, there is no type of friendship there is no type of intercession will care for you Runa whom have value moon. So therefore, what should you do? If none of these other things benefit what will benefit for you? What will benefit you? Allah azza wa jal is telling us here it is your Eman Allah azza wa jal, and your good deeds, so do as much as you can, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the famous Hadith that all of us will be familiar with, he said that a person will come on the day of judgment, and they will see in front of them fire behind them fire to the right fire, and to the left fire. So same your sounds from the fire will be

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shocked tomorrow, even if it is with the date stone or some of them said even if it is with the membrane that surrounds the date stone, the smallest part of the date, if that is all that you can give in charity then do so. And other narrations will be Kenny material or Yeva. And if he cannot do that, then with a good word, say a good pleasant word to someone, maybe that will be enough to save you from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala maybe that date stone is enough to buy you freedom from the fire of how may Allah azza wa jal see was from that.

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Allah subhanaw taala then in the next verse was 255

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is AYATUL kursi. And corsi as we know, as mentioned the hadith of Obi Wan who cared about the Allah one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked him one day What is the greatest verse of the book of Allah? subhanaw taala? And he replied, that it is this verse, Allah who Allah Allah, Allah, what are you known as? kursi and the prophets of Allah, why do you send them agreed, and this verse is an amazing verse, all of it speaks about Allah subhanaw taala his attributes, His characteristics, Gela Fionna His names, and his powers and abilities subhanaw taala and that shows to you that the greatest knowledge that you can possess, or attain or learn about and study is the

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knowledge of your Lord and Creator subhanaw taala His names, his his attributes, His powers, your RP, that your belief in Him subhanaw taala everything that draws you closer to him and strengthens your relationship with him. subhanaw taala it is from the greatest and most noble knowledge that you can pursue. And this was also, as we see is in the midst of sort of Bukhara is not a verse that has been placed in a surah by itself. It's not one of the verses that we see at the end of the Quran, and just in the faith just with all of those other sources that have small berada it is placed in the midst of Surah Baqarah in the middle of Surah Baqarah. And perhaps the reason Allah azza wa jal

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knows best for that is because this is the surah as we mentioned before, that speaks about the belief system, the main characteristics and issues of faith that the believer needs, in order to worship the Lord and from the greatest of them is knowledge of his lots of panel data. In order for you to truly worship Allah azza wa jal and to truly be able to submit him subhanaw taala you must increase your level of knowledge concerning your Lord and

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wheather because otherwise, how can you be sure that you are pleasing Allah azza wa jal and worshipping Allah subhanaw taala if you do not know about your Lord and your Creator subhanaw taala and it is a natural thing amongst humans, that which they love, they learn about your hobbies, your interests, the people that are close to you, you know about those things, because you love them. And that love drives a thirst for knowledge concerning those things. And that thirst for knowledge then goes around again and increases you in your love even more. So Allah subhanaw taala says in this verse, children are 55 SOTL Bacara AYATUL kursi Allahu La ilaha illa one Hi Yun, a Yom ALLAH SubhanA

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wa Tada. There is none worthy of worship except him. He is a hate everliving Alka yom, the one who is self sufficient the master. Allah azza wa jal describes himself as being Allah from the greatest names of Allah azza wa jal is Name of Allah subhanaw taala that is Allah. Nun has the right to be worshipped accepting AYATUL kursi begins with the statement of hate, that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah azza wa jal, and then Allah subhanaw taala mentions al hate a young girl who you will assume is according to some of the scholars of FCM, and some of the scholars of Islam from the greatest names of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is because it is said that every other name

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comes back to those these two names and he is the one who is ever living, and every other attribute of Allah azza wa jal, an order of Allah's attributes of perfection, all of them are perfect. Every other attribute of Allah azza wa jal comes back to Al hate that he's ever living. Because the one who is all knowing, all seeing, all hearing, most merciful, most generous, most kind and every other name of ALLAH can only exist if Allah azza wa jal is ever living and in order for you to worship a God, a diety a Divine Being that divine, that dire to that God must be ever living. If you thought that your God was going to die before you or your God is so weak that they can't even prevent harm

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from coming to themselves or death from approaching them, then what good would lead to you and what can they help you with that means that there is a greater force that is stronger than this code that you're worshipping? Because things like death are beyond the purview of God. They have no control over certain issues. They can't control certain aspects of the universe. And so Allah azza wa jal says Allah and Allah Yoon, is the one who is self sufficient, and suffices everything else. Allah as his 100 data will mention, forthcoming in AYATUL, kursi. Allah doesn't need steep, Allah doesn't need food. Allah doesn't need helpers. Allah doesn't need a wife or a child or anything else. He is

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a human self sufficient, but at the same time, everything else in existence is dependent upon him. And that is the meaning of the room. The one who suffices everything else was being self sufficient. Everything else in Krishna needs Allah azza wa jal, but Allah needs nothing. And so those two attributes are from the greatest or most powerful attributes of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah azza wa jal then goes on to say, let who who seems to want to know, neither slumber nor steep overtaking Allah subhanaw. Taala never sleeps, nor does he become tired and drowsy, a lord and a creator, a God that is worthy of all worship subhanaw taala cannot be one that is in any weakness of any type. Any

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inherent weakness in the God shows that that God is not a God, a God that becomes tired, a God that needs to sleep, a God that needs to rest a god for example, as some of the religions say that Allah needed to rest on the seventh after creating the heavens and earth. That is a God that is weak, a God that needs food or drink, I caught that become sick, a God that becomes all of these things are deficiencies. That is what we have as Allah's creation. That is why in the dunya, we become sick, we die, we need food, we need drink, we need rest, we Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need any of those things, law whomever is sommariva to fill out, but rather everything in the heavens and the earth

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belongs to him subhanaw taala He is the One who created originated everything, he is the one who controls everything subhanaw taala. And this command is simply to say Be and it is Allah azza wa jal can do all of this without any problem or any difficulty or any effort Subhana wa Tada

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men the Nithya Ashfur warning that who will be the Allah subhanaw taala says so therefore who can intercede with him except by those who have his permission? Who can intercede except by Allah's leaving his permission? Allah azza wa jal controls everything in the heavens and earth. Allah subhanaw taala controls everything in this life. And Allah azza wa jal controls everything that will take place after this life in the next life in the hereafter. Allah azza wa jal controls everything there is nothing beyond Allah subhanaw taala scope of control what we see today in Hollywood in in a lot of these fantasies,

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movies are the way you have these demigods or some type of supernatural human beings. They give you someone who's supernaturally strong. But each one of them in order for the storyline to work has to have some inherent weakness, they have to have some problem, they have to have something which is beyond their ability, they need others to help them, there is something that is far stronger in terms of a force that is then the threat to their existence, or to their well being. That is all made up stuff. It's all mythology, it's all stuff that doesn't really exist. Because in order for that to happen, it means that they are not truly Gods. They're not truly powerful. They are just

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from the other types of creation that exists concerning that which we see amongst us. And so what you see even in old mythology and religions, that you have a God for this unknown god for that another, and then they fight with one another, and they disagree with one another, and there's wars with one another. All of this shows that all of that is false, but rather Allah azza wa jal is the one true God subhanaw taala where there will worship, he controls everything in the heavens and the earth and from that which he controls is intercession. Because intercession is one of the greatest things that the people will need a normal piano, all of us will need Allah's mercy, all of us will

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need the decision of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, all of us will be in need of the intercession of the other believers on our behalf and the good deeds that we've done and so on. But then in the session, it is something which Allah azza wa jal controls, and it's only by his permission. subhanaw taala.

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Yeah, and then we add him mama confer home, who is no, he knows what is before you, and what is behind you, meaning he knows that which took place in your past, that which will take place in your future, ALLAH SubhanA data has knowledge of everything, and there is nothing that escapes Allah subhanaw taala from the attributes of a God that is all perfect, is that is all knowing subhanaw taala that there is nothing that can take place that is beyond the field of his knowledge. subhanaw taala because for it to do to be the case, that things could happen in this world in this universe, and Allah azza wa jal is aware, Allah doesn't know or as some of the misguided groups of Islam said

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that Allah doesn't know certain things that happen until they take place. That is a sign of weakness in Allah azza wa jal, it shows that Allah subhanaw taala does is an unknowing doesn't have the ability to know everything, Allah has to wait and he's surprised just as me and you're surprised, Allah doesn't know what's going to take place until and when it happens. That is a sign of weakness. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Raja he knows everything. And so when you turn to Allah, when you make dua to Allah azza wa jal, when you seek Allah's help you go to the one who is all knowing, who knows what is best for you, not only in terms of what happened to you in the past, but what is good

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for you in the present and what is best for you in terms of your future. And that is why we tend to align when you seek advice from others or help from others, that vise is limited, that help is limited, because they are limited in terms of their knowledge, in their scope, to understand in their understanding and appreciation of what you're going through in your individual circumstances because you are different from someone else, the person next to you and other people who are similar to you in a similar situation, but each person has their own dynamics has their own issues going on. No two people are exactly the same. But when you turn to Allah azza wa jal you turn to your Lord and

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Creator who has knowledge of all of these things, and he knows them better than you do. And Allah knows what will happen in the future. And even those things that Allah has decreed not to happen, if they were to happen, Allah knows in the way that they would happen also, that complete ultimate perfect knowledge is why we worship Him Subhana wa Tada

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Wallah you hate on me che in real me he'll be mash.

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But they do not comprehend any of his knowledge except that which He wills, what we have, is from the knowledge that Allah gave to us. Allah gave to us a small amount of knowledge in certain things that we have been able to use an excellent all of that is from the permission of Allah subhanaw taala and there is much of knowledge that Allah azza wa jal has withheld from us. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in the Quran, was alluded to on the road they asked me concerning the soul say no one knows this reality except my Lord. Allah azza wa jal says we're met to the need of some other taxi Musa or Matthew the need of some Ableton template Allah knows when the AI will will come, Allah

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azza wa jal knows exactly which land will get rain. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who determines what you will do tomorrow in terms of deeds. Allah azza wa jal is the one who knows which land you will die upon. And when you will die when the will will come of death upon you. Allah azza wa jal knows, there is much of that knowledge that Allah azza wa jal has given and kept to himself. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala says elsewhere in the Quran, will flow accordingly. The real mean adding and above every one of knowledge is the one who is more knowledgeable until you return back to the one who is all knowing subhanho wa Taala

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was the accursed accuracy in your semoga T one, and indeed his footstone extends over the heavens and the earth. The footstool of Allah azza wa jal is where he plays

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She says feed Subhana wa Tada that is greater than the heavens on Earth. And in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the courtesy of Allah azza wa jal in relation to the heavens and earth and he said, is like the example of someone going into a vast desert, taking off the ring from their finger and throwing it in the middle of the desert. That ring is like the heavens and the earth the desert been like the footstool of Allah azza wa jal, what is the comparison between the two? And then the Throne of Allah azza wa jal compared to the footstone is seemingly like the one who goes into a desert and throws his ring into the middle of it. That is how

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vast these questions of Allah azza wa jal and ALLAH SubhanA data shows us this and it causes that we understand the power of Allah azza wa jal, the magnificence and the Majesty of our Lord and Creator Subhana wa Tada Wallah, you do have Luma and Allah says But all of this, despite its vastness and sweetness, it does not tie him or make him weary when it comes to his preservation, the whole of the universe, and everything that Allah has placed there in it does not tie him in terms of its maintenance and upkeep, people wanting stuff people asking for stuff people dying, people being born, all of the stuff that happens, it is simple for Allah azza wa jal it is not even the smallest

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of problems for him Subhana wa Tada will who will early you will have him and Allah is the Most High, the most tremendous in verse 256 Allah subhanaw taala then says La ikura haffi Dini Pattabhi and Arash Domina loi for me for me thought in when you mean Billahi vaca these terms are terrible wrong what Elizabeth Pollan if you saw Amanda wala who sent me on her name, there is no compulsion in the religion. true guidance has become distinct from error. So whoever rejects false gods and believes in Allah has grasped the Firmest handhold one that will never break free did Allah is all hearing and all knowing Allah subhanaw taala says that there is no compulsion in the religion mean

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that the religion is clear. The truth is clear. You don't need to force people to accept Islam, because its signs are clear. And so therefore, it's not something which is vague or ambiguous or requires any more clarity than that which Allah azza wa jal has already given to it. Not only that, but to force people to accept Islam would mean that their heart's not sincere, that they don't truly believe. So they essentially become a type of hypocrite, and that is also something which as we know, is not something which Allah azza wa jal wants, nor does it notice it's something which is sanctioned in Islam. And that is Allah azza wa jal says true guidance is distinct from error. Allah

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has made clear the truth from the falsehood, the path of good from the path of evil. And so therefore it is simple for people to follow, so ever disbelieved in the first cause, besides Allah believes in Allah azza wa jal instead, they have hold or hold on to the firmest. handhold. They have grasped the Firmest handhold the one that will never break and that is the handle that leads you to Allah azza wa jal Eman and holding on to the Quran and holding on to the religion of Islam. And indeed Allah azza wa jal is well hearing and He is all knowing and we that we come to the end of this particular verse and inshallah Tada today's episode, and inshallah Tada i will see you in the

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forthcoming episode Baraka lofi come with some Allahu ala Nabina Muhammad and one other idea he or sabe Jemaine was Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah.

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AR Haley's.

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