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The importance of knowing one's Prophet's love for love for animals and their favorite foods, as well as their god, is emphasized in Islam. The Prophet's love was a natural love and was given to his wife and children, including a son and daughter. The importance of compassion and love is emphasized, along with the use of sweet drinks and reciting the Quran to convince others to be closer to him. The speaker emphasizes the importance of love and compassion in bringing out the spirit of Islam.

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Why speak about the role model or the his salatu salam,

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every one of us as Muslims know that there will be three questions

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where we would be forced to answer in our graves, whether you're a Muslim or non Muslim,

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the first question Who is your Lord? The second question, What is your religion? And the third question, Who is this man that was sent to you?

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in order to pass the test, and in order to answer these questions correctly, you need to know who is this man SallAllahu I didn't hear what he was saying.

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And in order to know, you have to love him.

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You have to know his biography.

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You know, he you need to know how he lived.

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How he communicated? What made him laugh? What what made him sad, what made him cry, what made him happy,

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how he dealt with things. What were the things that he loved?

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So this is is it is an essential part of your Eman?

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It's not something that is artificial or not essential. An accessory? No. This is a major part of your Islam and your Eman to know your Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So we will attempt in these few episodes in this blessed month of Ramadan, to address some of these topics and I pray to Allah azza wa jal that we may benefit from these series.

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And that Allah azza wa jal would grant us the highest levels in Jannah. Because of our love for our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and our attempt to be like him, sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam,

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we will speak about few of the things that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved. In order to love your prophet, you have to love what he loved,

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or at least, to know the things that he loved. So among the men,

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and the people in general,

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we all know that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved his long life companion, Abu Bakr sub depo.

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And in the authentic hadith, the Prophet was asked Allah His salatu salam, who are the most beloved people to your heart, he said, Isha his wife. They said, No, no, no, we meant among the men. He said her father, Abu Bakr,

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and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said that clearly, to the public, if I were to take a close, friend and ally, I would have taken Abu Bakr from among all the people on earth. But I am the friend of Allah azza wa jal.

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Also, the prophet loved dearly, or the his salatu salam, his companion, Omar of new hubub.

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To the extent that he loved Abu Bakr and Omar,

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so much that he used to say when he sees them coming, these are the hearing in the site,

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Abu Bakr and Omar to me, I are like my hearing in my sight, I can't live without them.

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As for the third caliph, Earth man, may Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved him so much that he married him to two of his own daughters. And of course, we all know that the Shia,

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they hate Abu Bakr, Omar Northman

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and they abhorred them. And they think of them evil stuff, and they say that they are not even Muslims.

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Is it because the Prophet loves them or so CERAM probably

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they hated Earth man to the extent that once one of them said to a scholar of Islam,

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you are a lover of

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The murderer of the two daughters of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Sena.

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So the scholar said to him,

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if you are saying the truth

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and Earth man killed

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the prophets daughter, why would the Prophet gave him his second daughter

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to kill her as well.

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And the RAF really

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did not know what to reply. And this is their norm of saying lies and not being able to back it up. The Prophet loved it he salatu salam, the fourth caliph, his cousin and his son in law, I leave Navitat him. And he loved his own daughter, the wife of Ali, Fatima, and he loved their sons, Al Hassan, and Al Hussein and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam made that clear again to the public over and over, in so many Hadith.

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For example,

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one who would love it except a believer, and those who would hate rally are the hypocrites.

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And Hassan Al Hussein The Prophet said As salam, O Allah, I love them. So Oh Allah, love them, and love who ever loves them.

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He Allah His salatu salam also loved

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his uncle Abu Talib. But this love was a natural love. He lived with his uncle for almost 40 years.

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And his uncle defended him.

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Unfortunately, he was not a Muslim. And the Prophet tried his level best even when he was at his deathbed, to invite him to Islam, but to no avail.

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Among the women whom the Prophet loved la salatu salam,

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where he his beloved wives, Khadija went to Hawaii eyelid and Aisha bint Abu Bakr

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as for Khadija, he was asked, and he replied, Allah has given me her love. I can't do anything other than to love her.

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As for Isha, the Prophet was asked Ali salatu salam, after the death of Khadija, and after he married his wife, Aisha, who among the people is most beloved to you. And he said, Isha, and the Muslims knew that. So whenever the prophet has some was his in his different wives houses.

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They would not send their gifts and foods to the Prophet Alice or some until he was in his house.

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Among his companions,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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used to love Why are they manageable, and wired by his own, on his own is a story to be told.

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The Prophet said to him by Allah, I love you.

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And he taught him so many things, and he was among the scholars of the companions. He also loved Abdullah having Massoud and Ammar ABS or may Allah be pleased with them.

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Abdullah and Miss route, learned more than 70 shooters directly from the mouth of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he is one of the four companions whom the Prophet ordered Sallisaw salam to learn the Quran from

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as for the amount of the acid, the martyr, may Allah be pleased with him and with his father and was it with his mother.

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He died at a salatu salam, while loving Amar and Abdullah Aiden Mr. Wood as per the hadith of Ammerman, l OS, may Allah be pleased with him.

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Also, we all know that the Prophet SAW Allah Selim had an adopted son, before adoption was abolished.

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And that son was ze wo herefor. He loved him like a son. And he used to be called JW Muhammad, but when a boat adoption was abolished, he was called after his father, they didn't have anything. He had a son named Osama, and both were beloved people to the prophets. Hart Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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in general

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved a segment of the people.

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He loved the poor and the needy,

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because loving them

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does not require any effort in the sense that there are no strings attached. I don't love them because of their wealth, or their power. I don't have to pretend anything towards them, or to kiss their boots, as they say. Rather, I love them because they are weak and vulnerable, and they need compassion and care. So the Prophet alayhi wa sallam used to ask Allah azza wa jal, the love of the poor and the needy, so that one is way down to earth, and feeling the humbleness in his heart. The prophets, Allah Salam used to also love those with

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high ethical standards and moral conduct.

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The Prophet said that his assignment authentic hadith, the most beloved, to me among you, are those with moral conduct and good ethics. Good luck. And this is narrated or reported by remember Harry.

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If we come to the foods,

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what kinds or types of food did the Prophet like Alia salatu salam.

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Unlike vegetarians, the Prophet SAW Selim used to love meat

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which makes us as Muslims, by default, love meat because our Prophet loved it Allah His salat wa salam. And when one of his companions, that is Jabber, and Abdullah presented him with food, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam noticed that there is meat in it. He said to him, Jabber, as if you knew that we love meat.

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And the Prophet specifically is awesome used to love the shoulder of a sheep or a ram.

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In this it was the most beloved part of an animal to him due to its tenderness.

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The Prophet also used to love vinegar. And he used to dip the bread and vinegar and eat it.

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And nowadays, medical reports are coming to tell us how beneficial that is. He used to love pumpkins.

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And there are different types and categories that fall under

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the pumpkin. But he used to love it and he used to choose it alayhi salatu salam whenever he finds it in food and assess, since that day, where the Prophet used to pick pumpkins from the food. Since that day, I fell in love with it. And I would always eat it and like it.

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Like most of us, the Prophet SAW Salem used to love sweet things. And he used to love honey. And he used to mix a small portion of honey with water and drink that which is very healthy. He used to love butter and dates. And he used to encourage people to eight to eat dates. And he used to say that a house that does not have dates. The people living in it are starving are hungry.

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And we all know the benefits of eating dates. He also used to love to drink sweet and cold drinks.

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So the Companions used to try and make his drinks a little bit colder than room temperature did not have frigerators but they tried their level best with whatever means they had because the Prophet used to enjoy it Allah His Salatu was Salem, witch all indicates

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that it is not haram to seek the pleasure of this dunya

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some people when they see us eat something that might be lavish or expensive or fear Allah don't do this, don't do that. Subhanallah What am I doing wrong? The Prophet used to love Allah His salatu salam, to eat meat to eat sweet things to eat cold or to drink or cold drinks. And this leads did not tarnish his trust in Allah or his in his love for the akhira this does not in

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packed the level of your Eman on the contrary. This boosts your Eman when you praise Allah azza wa jal for what he has bestowed upon you from the favors and the blessings.

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What about locations?

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved most Lee of all locations Maccha

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and he wants came to the outskirts of McCann addressed it by saying, how sweet

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and pure and beloved to my heart. You are Omaka

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had your people not

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made me leave you would never have lived anywhere else than you.

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But he was forced to migrate.

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Where did he migrate to to Medina and he SallAllahu Sallam adored Medina adored the people of Medina and he used to give it beautiful nicknames. Stieber Baba,

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for Medina, and whenever he was coming home, from a travel or an expedition, and he would see the outskirts of Medina, he would make his ride Hastin

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towards Medina, for the love in his heart to it. Not only Medina, but also Mount Hood. The Prophet SAW Salem once came next to Mount Hood. And he said, This is a mountain that we love, and he loves us as well.

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All of these

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show you that the prophets are sending was filled with compassion and love, to people to things to locations, even to times

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever he wanted to travel, he used to select a Thursday because he rarely traveled out of Medina on other days than Thursday. He used to love the month of Shaban

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to the extent that he used to fast most of it, if not all of it. And he used to say that this is the most beloved month to my heart to fast after Ramadan.

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As for his clothes,

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he used to love

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the color white in his clothes. And he used to instruct the Muslims alayhi salatu salam by saying were white, it's pure.

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It's better and shred

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or shroud that is not read, hopefully, shroud your deceased in white.

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So the color is preferred and loved by the prophetess of Santa. Not that you limit yourself to it. You can wear any color you like.

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As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, the prophet ISIS, you sold to love

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wearing the green and he used to sell Allah How do you sell them prefer green as an as May Allah be pleased with him said the most beloved color to the prophet as Sam was green.

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So this is something that relaxes your eye when you look

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and it's beautiful to see greenery. When you go to a landscape that is filled with green trees and grass, it's it's comforting. It's soothing for the soul. Also the Prophet Salah Salem used to love perfumes

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and Anna's may Allah be pleased with him. He said I never touched a hand softer than the Prophet I said I'm no better in smell and perfumes and him. Never ever. Anyone could find any offensive odor from the profit or the system. He was always beautifully ordered and the fragrance coming from him. Salalah Hardy whether you're selling them was unique, even his sweat, some of the companions used to collect to put with their perfumes so that it would make it much better than the perfume itself.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to love horses, because they are animals of pride, strength

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and power

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Most expeditions and battles and wars were one on horseback. And at the end of the time, when oil will, will disappear, will all types of electricity would vanish and there would be no sources of power as we have them. Today, people would go back to horseback, where they be commuting from one place to the other and fighting wars on horses.

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Among the things that the Prophet used to love is awesome. He used to love

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being optimistic. So whenever he hears a good name, he would like that, whenever he would hear a good statement, he would feel that this is a glad tiding and feel optimistic, and he used to

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abhor being pessimistic or being superstitious.

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And used to say that being superstitious is prohibited in Islam because this is thinking badly about Allah, while being optimistic is thinking positively of Allah, the Almighty.

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The Prophet Salah Salem used to love when his companions come to him with a good dream, a good vision,

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and he would interpret it for them in a good fashion.

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Because this is part of being optimistic. And also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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used to love among the things he loved, using the right hand and everything that is positive and good. So he used to eat with his right, drink with his right, give with his right receive with his right, he used to calm his head with his right, begin wearing his shoes and clothes, starting with the right hand side, entering the masjid with the right

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foot, first sleeping on his right side. So all good things, the Prophet used to love to begin with the right hand side.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim used to love consistency.

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So he wouldn't do something. Once every blue moon, if he begins to do something, whether it's night prayer, whether it's giving charity, whether it's this or that he would be consistent, because he says, Allah, the Almighty loves the deeds that are consistent, even if little.

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And this is something that Allah loves. And this is what the Prophet SAW. Selim also loves. It goes without saying that the Prophet used to love prayer. And he used to find the comfort of his heart, in his prayer, and he would love that the wise and the learned of his companions be behind him and next to him, so that they would learn from him and copy and imitate and convey how he prayed to the other Muslims.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to love to make dua, repeatedly.

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And he used to make dua three times asks Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness three times, and all of this because he was given the concise of Da he's got I was never too long. It's short, but powerful. And he used to love to make such dua, or abandon it. And after dunya Hasina over here at Santa, or Canada, not three phrases, but profound meaning that encompass everything in this world. And then the here after, and finally the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to love to hear the Quran from others, as in the Hadith, even Mr. roat. He said to him, recite the Quran said, You want me to recite the Quran, and it was revealed to you. And the Prophet said that some I love to hear it from

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someone else. So this is a preview

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of some of the things that our profit analysis that I'm loved, and we as Muslims, have to compare ourselves. Do we love these things? Are we close to the Prophet alayhi salam did we know these things about him? So that once we are asked about who is this man who was sent to you, in our graves, we insha Allah

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would be equipped with the knowledge and the know how and we would have walked the talk by implementing it in our lives and Allah azza wa jal knows best we have