The Quranic Call Juz 21 – Beautifying Ourselves

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AI: Summary © The concept of "fit minor" is related to the natural disposition of humans, and individuals should fulfill their desires with the Sh visible of Islam. The Sh visible of Islam is to be a love and individuals should be motivated by their desire to fulfill their desires. The importance of obeying instructions and fulfilling natural deeds in achieving better human bodies is emphasized, along with the need to be aware of natural factors and the potential loss of beauty when faced with negative comments. The Sh visible of Islam is to be a love and individuals should fulfill their desires.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah live in a cat to me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, we have reproduced 21 of the Quran, the 21st part of the Quran. And there's a chapter in the end, there's a verse in the chapter of room, chapter number 30, verse 30, the chapter of Romans were last panel with the Allah talks about something so beautiful and which is important for all of us to know about ourselves, ourselves, being human beings, not only Muslims, are human beings. And that is a concept of something called the fitrah. Now, the fitrah is the natural signified, some say it's the natural inclination, the natural disposition, it is the the wiring, if you will, of the human

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being of all of creation, that all of creation has ingrained, universal characteristics that they all share the manifestation of those characteristics, how they're shown, one may have more of them than the latter. So for instance, the natural characteristic within human beings is the feeling of guilt. If you do something wrong, that you know is wrong, you feel guilty, right? But the more you do it, the more immune you become to that bad habit. Right, whether it's violence, or whether it's speaking badly about someone, but initially, the feeling that you had is the natural wiring that Allah has given you. Right? following you're having desires is an aspect of the future. Wanting to

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follow those, those desires is an aspect of the fitrah. But this Shinya has come to align and beautify your fitrah the Quran and the Sunnah speak to the pristine nature of the human being a loss it kind of what Dallas says in chapter number 30, verse 30,

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after speaking about those that follow their desires, without any knowledge, they follow their desires, the desires that have been given by Allah, but they follow it in totality to the degree is that what that is what dictates their actions. That's what dictates, you know, I'm obeying my thirst. I'm not thinking about is it right or wrong? I have in I believe in God, but I'm not totally trying to understand and follow what God wants me to do. Rather I have a desire and I want to fulfill it, because that's what makes me feel good. temporarily. Allah subhanho wa Taala says here after speaking about you know, giving the context of those that followed their desires without any

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knowledge, he says if there are other than lemonade on our gene for ochem watch her Kelly Dini. hanifa fit total liability further on NASA Allah led to the dealer the hunkeler that he could Dino by him, Well, I can act on NASA layout.

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The first thing he says is for upcoming watch Hi, Kelly, Dean hanifa. So establish and stand firm with your face with your body, your whole heart itself, for Allah subhanho wa Taala in this straight path. So the first thing is,

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is to obey an order. It's an order that Allah is telling you *in was leading to stand firmly for the dean for the religion of Islam in a manner that is upright in a manner that is Hanif and Hanif means the straight path in a straight way. So establish that and if we know it's an order from Allah, we should automatically know that any order from Allah is that which is best for us in this life, to make us better human beings to have a love Please with us. So that's the first thing. Then he says Fitz Allah tala and Letty, photon NASA Allah,

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the natural inclination or the fifth of Allah,

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that Allah has created mankind upon it fitrah means shuck a Shea is to is to cleave something open. So in the last panel, Allah has given you this fitrah It is as though he is open to you and place within you those natural characteristics. The most important of them is that every human being has a ability or an element within themselves that relies on a higher power

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that relies on a higher power. Therefore, we as Muslims believe that every human being has within themselves, the natural belief in a god in a deity, that there is a higher power out there, and it is one and that's why Allah says fitrah to Allah, this fitrah of Allah whenever Allah associates something with his name, that means it's something that is major, it is something that is great. Rasulullah the servant or slave or messenger of Allah is a major human being is a major

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Human Being the book of a lucky tabula, the Book of Allah is the Quran. So remembering the fitrah of Allah, and let's see fetter on NASA Allah, that Allah has created them upon it, meaning that you are created naturally with this fitrah. But if the individual does not monitor and watch over their fitrah, and does not go to that, which aligns it and beautifies it and keeps it pristine and pure, that's when it can be adulterated. That's when it can be affected. That's when they will think that wrong is right and right is wrong, to the degree that they may justify something that is immoral, and say that there's nothing wrong with it. And dare they may even say that it is what is considered

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moral to them. So when looking at this loss of kind of what data mentions in the next verse, let's have a deal killer, that there is no replacement for the creation of Allah, there will be nothing that can equate to the beautiful makeup of the fitrah nothing that is at the level of the fitrah nothing that can replace the fitrah nothing that can beautify and exemplify and maintain the pristine nature of the fitrah. When it does, that anything that is opposite and defies the fitrah can only be destruction for mankind. So a loss of panel without images here that there is no replacement for what Allah has placed. Because it will never be perfect in symmetry perfect and

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nature perfect in its its origin. And in its purity. Other than from Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the last one data says that it could Dino by him that this is the upright religion, but most can't most mankind. No, not. It reminds me so hello with his brother one time told me I remember the first time that I cursed at my sister. He called her word. And then she her jaw dropped. And he said to himself, I couldn't I remember I remember that day. I felt so bad. So when I asked him what made you say it, he said, You know, I was hanging around the wrong people. And I was listening to this word a lot. The first time I heard it, I knew it was bad. But then I had the desire to be liked by those

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people. So I started to use those words when I would text when I would talk. And I felt awkward in the beginning. But I just got used to it.

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adulterating that natural, natural, pristine, innocent self to that which can be detrimental to them in this life. And in the next May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and make us of those that monitor our natural, pristine selves and allow that to be that which beautifies us in this life, to serve as an example for those in this life to where Allah will be pleased with all of us in the next life. A cinematic Rahmatullah buddy cats. Thank you