How To Sit Properly At Jummah Friday Prayers

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When you go for Friday prayers, especially with Muslims at the masjid, you're on the floor. But some people, they just sit so funky on the floor.

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It's really bad. Yeah, so a couple things that I want to showcase, I would say if a sermon is about like, what, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, you can get a nice mobility workout done at the same time. Just clear your intention, you're going there for prayer, they go in there, but what, but prayer is healing right? At the same time, what I will suggest is spend some time right, especially if the sermon is super boring, I will say spend spend some time

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off feet like that, right. And then after that, you can get into your solo position, right and just sitting there, then you can switch it up, and you can put your left foot and still opposition. Now another one is you have this position right here. What this does, it opens up your external rotation of your hips, and at the same time you stretch out your hamstrings. So you can even lean in and you'll get this whole stretch over here. Again, switch it up, you're here, you get your lean in. And then after that, you get into your folded position. And then while you're here, you can kind of lean in on this side. You can lean on this side, you can lean forward, and you're going to open up the

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outside of your hip muscles and your glutes just like that. And as you're sitting right here, can you can you flex your hips so that we can see it. Yeah, let them What do you mean? Activate the glutes. Yeah, see that? So if everyone can realize most of us slouch we slouched through. But if you're sitting on a crest of your hip Look, brother Bill isn't slouched here. So if you slouch, what's gonna happen is you're not gonna get any stretch. But even below, buckle your hips like sit sloppy. Yeah, I guess you can't he can't be cannot say sloppily being sloppy, right? So notice that his hips are stacked I guess we want we want that. I want that. Yeah, that's your upper body. You

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know what people I'm looking for people to have a healthy pelvic tilt here. So try your best to do that. What I feel like is most people they sit like this.

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So they sit like this. And they're slouching through their Oh, like, upper butt is down. So their hips are tucked in. Basically, they have a tail tuck. It looks like a pull. Panda Bear. Yeah, it's a tail tuck, tuck. Okay, so now that's actually a really badly for your lower back horrible. And then you imagine 20 minutes of that. So from here, I'm asking people to find this, and then talk. And if you could, like just fire your book. To get that right, you have to start at the top. So what I mean is, like, you'll find that a lot of people tail talk, based on how they Yeah, on their posture. So when they sit down, they're sitting on here. Yeah, exactly. That's what I was making. That's the

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reference I'm making. Don't sit there is when you're here. You know, bring, bring your scapula back. Right. Yeah. But then you have this position. Possibly. That's when you straighten like the yeah, that's, that's exactly I'm saying before people pray if they can open that center up. So much can happen. And I feel like a lot of people don't feel like if you move your hips, it's it has to be dancing. So we don't have any hip movement, but lunges, there's so many healthy hip opening exercises that you would do to move your hips, at least keep your hips in the appropriate position. Yeah. Okay, good. That sounds that sounds fair. So let's, let's assume that this was our quick

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tutorial on how we could open up the hips to get to the workout three by three parts. If not, this is also what you can do in Joomla. The other thing that could be good strength center is what I like about this position is when you need to get up.

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Yes. And also from this is a great from our jujitsu standpoint, this is a great guard, right?

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It's a good way to protect yourself. You're also an Activision your inactive state. Yeah. And did anyone see the one foot desoldered pistol squat there? So the way he set himself up now, and boom, look at that, that's really so. But you notice, he could have never done that if all the weight is in, you know, he's just got sloppy. If he got all sloppy in his knees, there you go. And now he's gonna boom. Gotta love that guy's gotta love it basic string standards, you probably get up and down on one foot, right? And then our goal, or at least my goal is to double my body weight on each limb. So I should be able to muscle up with one arm. No, that's crazy. That's actually very rare. It's Oh,

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your bodyweight using your legs. Yes, essentially one limb. You should be able to do your entire body weight. Yes, one then by the way, and when it comes to being able to lift using your upper body, your full body weight, so you should be able to muscle up with both hands, both hands. However, you should still be able to hang and do basic. raw strength. Yeah, like one, two, maybe three pull ups, one arm. Okay.

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So that's the difference. Okay, not much. With one arm. It's like a little bit of jerking and you're gonna have to use momentum and things like that. But raw strength, that's the like, four to 6% body fat full on flag polling, but it's just rare. Like you need that genetic ability. As soon as he said, rare, that means I want to do it. I know. I know. I know. Rare. So I'm like, oh, like there was this one. powerlifter lady who recently got the unofficial world record for lifting four times your body weight. Wow, she's like, 110 120 pounds.

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Well, yeah, exactly. Well, more than that, I think, Well, you gotta aim really high and then we'll get that's why when I'm doing the two arm muscles, I'm like, this can be nothing because I gotta get to the one on one. But let's, let's work up to that actual Inshallah, but I got my one arm hanging today. So that's good.