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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. We in this show are going to be talking about the prophets. We've talked about them in the past shows with our special guests who's coming out, inshallah God willing, in just a minute. We talked about the first man, Adam, his mission, what he called the people to the way of life that he lived, we established that all the prophets

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of Noah, Abraham, the ones that came before them, after them, they all call to the same way that way of surrender, submission, sincerity, obedience, and all of this and peace to the one God, they didn't come teach in different religions with each messenger. So we're gonna continue talking about some of the messengers that followed.

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And with our next guest, who is a former Christian preacher, we've had him on the show many times in the past, and we're excited to have him here with us today when we come back out, ship use of SS talking about the profits Be right back.

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There's only one, Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice.

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All of the profits would have been labeled useless. Because this essential message was the saying

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this is God talking to you.

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How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity.

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Salam alikoum she Augustus Holly gonna sit down. We're off into LA. It's nice to be back on the show. It's nice to have you back with us again. Now. People know about you. They have seen some of our shows that we don't want you in the past. They heard your story about how you came to Islam. You were a former Christian preacher. Your father was a minister. Yeah. We didn't have our own church. Yeah, by the way. But we did work with other churches. And we had one we get an opportunity to go and speak. Of course we would. But we did a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Yeah. My dad started to concern Christian centers. And we used to help them raise money for bus ministries and things like

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this. Yeah, we were really active hands on guys. And we had our own businesses, we'd never needed to take one penny from any ministry and the way our money came from our other business endeavors. Now you adjusted your life a little bit. You live in life, according to how all the messengers live life. That's I wouldn't go that far. And that sounds pretty austere, and it sounds pretty righteous. And I don't consider myself that. But I am trying to learn more about what the real message of the prophets was, and when they brought it and how we can implement it in our lives. Yeah. So you made another adjustment used to worship Jesus. Now you're worshiping the one that created Jesus, we had a

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concept that Jesus was a god or a son of a god, a part of a god or something like that. So in a sense, even when we said, well, you know, we don't worship Jesus, the man or they worship Jesus, the god that's in there, and so on and so on. But it is confusing to many people. And so the beautiful thing about Islam, it straightens out a lot of the previous message when it came, we don't consider as Muslims in you and others, we don't consider that Mohammed came along peace be upon him with a brand new religion, a new message that in fact, we say that he's calling people back to the original message, which came with all the prophets, Adam II trees, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, so on.

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Today, I thought may be a good idea to kind of pick up where we left off with talking about Moses a little bit. We know that he was Moses in the bulrushes famous story of the Bible, we have the same thing in Islam that his mother did, put him in the little basket in setting down the river to keep him from being killed because they were killing the firstborn of the sons of the slaves who were the Jews at that time. So that was, and I'm sure she's not only a woman that did it. But it was that particular baby that was picked up by somebody for the house of Pharaoh.

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And she was excited to have this baby and she wanted somebody to help her. Because it would just cry and cry and cry and cry. So there was a girl, NASA's girl, did she know anybody who had had a baby that could wet nurse, you know, suckle this baby? And the girl said, Yeah, no one and she brought a lady and who is the lady, she brought the very Mother of Moses. So she got to see her son again. And she actually was helping raise her own son. Yeah. Oh, yeah, this story is nice story. But what is that gonna do for you to meet today? Now all that I just said, What is the benefit? Do you have anybody killing your oldest son? No, you got to now rivers running by us going to put your kid in

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there? No. There's these kinds of things. Just they're interesting to note to compare to other stories. But I want to find something that's going to benefit me today that when I walk out in the street, I've got something to hang on to that'll benefit me helped me get through the day better. So that's why we'll go to some of the things that he encountered in his life that were problematic. We already discussed what happened when he hit somebody and killed them. We said that you can't say that's an accident, you can say it was an accident on his side, as far as it wasn't what he intended, yes, for the fact that he hit somebody, even hitting somebody in Islam is wrong.

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You don't have the permission to strike a person, unless they've struck you. And then only to the extent that they hit you, you can't hit them twice, if they hit you once again, hit him hard if they hit you soft. So for a prompt to do something like that, that would be a sin on him. And he'd have to repent for that. But it wouldn't be a major sin, like some people would attribute and say that no things that they've said about these profits, we wouldn't accept that.

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It's also interesting to note that when we look at the lives of these prophets, that they did come with a message that was very applicable to their time period. Let's take that, for example.

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At the time of Moses, there was a lot of emphasis on magic. Yes.

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It tells us in the Quran about it as well, we find the first instance here about black magic and how it comes about, in that the time period that it came it came in Iraq. It the time of it Baghdad, and it was many, many, many Millennium ago. And a loss sent down to angels, not devils to angels. To teach people this black magic, this magic is called Sahar, yes.

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When the people saw it, and how it worked, then they were ordered not to do it. So it was purposely done to tempt people just like the fruit was to tempt Adam.

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They were showing this black magic. And then they were telling the people don't do it, don't do it, don't do it. And of course, people did it. We still people doing black magic today, things that cause a strife or a problem between husband and wife and get them divorced, something to get like put a spell on somebody almost to make them want to marry somebody that they wouldn't ordinarily married things like this. This is the kind of stuff they practice. By the way, it won't really work on anybody who allows protecting. So if somebody is a real believer, trusting in a law, then you protect them from it. But it is real thing. Now,

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it the time of Moses magic was a big thing. So here were these court magicians, who were doing all kinds of magic, that was really fake stuff that they made up to scare people to make people think that they had power. And they were saying they got their power from the king. The Pharaoh, yes. And how that works is that as long as people believe that the king is the one with all this magic, he's letting these magicians do it and so on. Then he gets them to give their money over to him their authority over to him and he takes over and acts like a big shot. He's another one as we discussed with the subject of Abraham. Here's another person saying that people he's a god. Yes. And he wants

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people to worship him obey Him and everything. And of course, a lot isn't like that. That's wrong. So Moses is being sent to Pharaoh, the very house where he was raised, he was raised in the house of fire. And then I say house of Pharaoh. I don't mean that particular Pharaoh, by the way. Yes, it's believed that that the pharaoh that actually brought him in, was dead at the time of him being full grown and having the message and that it was either a son or some

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descendent, you see, of that Pharaoh. Now. So this would be somebody more of a contemporary somebody closer to the age of Moses.

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And what he comes with is first the message to say that these are the children of Israel, let them go, let them worship their god leave them be don't treat them like this. And of course, Pharaoh is going to say what I'm God, you don't tell me what to do. So Allah sent signs along with Moses to disprove this business of these magicians. Yes. And whereas the magician's would throw out these ropes that they had, which they had some kind of a wire thing, or threads or something attached to it, make it look like they were snakes and move them around, you know, with people not knowing how they did it. Kind of creating an illusion. Definitely illusions. Yeah. So a lot is telling Moses,

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you stretch out your stick. Now they had ropes, that became snakes. But he told Moses, just take that stick to two awkward, even asked Moses, what is that you got? He says this thick, and I use it for this and that he said, I want you to stretch it out.

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And when you do, it's going to become a snake. And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. When Pharaoh called his magicians forward and said here now, do your magic scare the people and they start doing their magic. And of course, the people are like, oh, look out, look out, maybe that snake will bite you or whatever.

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Then Moses stretches out a stick and it becomes a real snake, a big real snake. And it goes around and eats up their ropes or their trick things. And then when he stretches out his hand again, it turns back into a stick. That's when the magician say Okay, that's enough for us. This is a real, real profit. We'll be right back. He is.

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Coming to the truth requires two things. It requires deep thinking that you've already done, but it requires another step. And that's courage. If you have the truth, but you don't have courage, you won't stand up for the truth. And that's as good as standing up for falsehood.

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I would say this thing that you just told me it's not in the Scripture. And they would say a marginal note added by a scribe. Yeah, okay. We know that. And I'd be thinking if you know, this is not the Bible. Why are you preaching it as if it's gospel truth?

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What happened to these magician's next now that you said they saw the snakes? They said, this is a real prophet. Oh, well, they said, We believe in him and his God. So they disbelieve now, and Pharaoh has been a God, but they probably didn't believe anyway. But they said, No, no, we believe in the real God, they got a Moses. Now Pharaoh is going to take exception to that immediately and say, Well, how dare you in front of all these people, I'm paying you to say that I'm the guy behind all the magic, and how dare you. And he's accusing them. Now you got some kind of allegiance going on here to Moses, and you're just trying to overthrow me now. So by golly, I'm going to punish you

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for what you've done. And he ordered that they have their arm, their limbs, cut off on opposite sides, arm and leg on opposite sides and crucified them. And they said, We don't care what you do.

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Because we're never believing you. And we do believe in Him as being a prophet and as being a representative, the one true God, and they didn't mind even time. And the wife of Pharaoh was another amazing case, because she also believed, and Pharaoh was really upset, you know, my own wife believing in this. Yeah. So what was the message here is the things that came with Moses, the water turning into blood, putting his hand in his coat, pulling it out, it is white, like it looked like shining. Now the Bible says leprosy, but that wouldn't make a lot of sense. But it pulled it out. And it was shining like a light. And he put it back in and we pulled it out as normal again.

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Another thing that happened was the locusts that came, and all of these things were being predicted by Moses saying, you've got to let them go, or you're going to have these disasters come on you. And he said, I don't believe you. But then when the disaster would come, you'd say well, okay, okay, take it away. And I'll, I'll keep my end of the bargain and let them go. But as soon as the disaster was over, he'd say, well, that's not really or his advisors might tell him, you know, don't listen to him, and keep them enslaved until finally they were after the death of his son Pharaoh finally just got weak. He said, that's it. Go just get him out of here. Well, when they left, they came up

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against the Red Sea. Well, we go now, so even on some of Moses, his own people, began to ridicule him. Look, you took us away. We were in safety over there. Now you got us messed up, at least if we were over there, but who was saying that we're the ones that

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We're not doing the hard brickwork, they were the ones that were a little higher up in that superstructure. Well,

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now when they got this water on the one side of them can't go anywhere. And here comes Pharaoh and his troops army is coming for them. And they're saying, Oh, we were better off left alone. And but now Allah is showing Moses stretch stick out again, this time, it didn't become a snake.

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By slapping the top of the water with that stick, then a lot of claws, the water to open and part. And it said that they crossed it without even getting their feet wet at all.

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And all the way to the other side, and Pharaoh is going to enact them. Now Pharaoh must have been really on something weird, because what was he doing? What was he thinking? You know, you see that water part like that, and you just go in there after them when they haven't you figured it out yet. But when people don't want to believe, and especially when they're in a rage, then they're allowed to do anything. And this is the mentality he had. He knew better, but he did it anyway, went after them. And then a lot causes the water to close in on him. As he was drowning. He said I believe in the Lord of Moses.

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Now that makes that would most people say well, that makes him a believer he died his liver? No. Because when you said at the last minute, that doesn't count. Yeah. When you when when you're knowing you're gonna die. And now you're ready. Okay, I'm gonna die anyway, let me go ahead and say that no, no. And he didn't say Oh, my God. He didn't say I believe in the Lord of the worlds he's or the university just said, I believe in his God. And so for whatever reason, he didn't get saved. But Allah said, we will save him in his body

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will save him in his body, and he will be assigned for all times. And it's interesting to note that Dr. Maurice booklife, the French surgeon and scientists who was called into study about maybe 40 years ago or so he was called in to study one of the Egyptian mummies. Yeah. And while he was studying it, he, they were doing some forensic studies on it. They came to the conclusion he didn't die a normal death, he drowned. The other thing was, they said his body was not embalmed, yet it was preserved. And they, he became amazed. And he said, this is to me, this is the from my Bible. And they said, well, that were Muslims. You know, there's Egypt. And they said that we know that this is

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very likely because his

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being here like this preserved without preservatives or without embalming, is the fitting of the Scripture of the Quran, because the Quran says this, yes, that he would be a sign, not only would it be preserved, but a sign. And now he's on tour. That same one, if that's Moses, there, it's been taken around, and people staring at looking nice and look at that mummy. Yeah. So these were the events that happen that we get from the verbatim Word of God the Quran that talk about Moses and the unique situations that he was,

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because the people at that time, were focusing on that subject, a lot of sense somebody with those qualities to show to them that this could only be from a law. Now, the next one will let us talk about in a couple centuries, a couple millenniums ago we talked about 2000 years ago, the Greeks and Romans and so on had a big influence and impact on people, the Romans were running the show at that stage. And they were focusing everything about medicine, medicine, all about medicine, trying to find ways to live forever, to live better, to be healthy. That was a big thing to be very, super healthy back then, you know. So

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when Jesus peace be upon him came, this is a focus here that he did miracles that they were not able to do, to give a blind person sight to cure a leper of leprosy, his skin diseases, to have someone who was a cripple that could suddenly walk and then finally the ultimate of all things. And this was definitely assigned to everybody, regardless if they were Jewish, or if they were a pagan worship or an atheist, a man who's dead for I think Bible says four days, but Lazarus is dead. And it comes back to life. Now, how do you explain that? And that was known that that happened, and these were things they wish they could do, but couldn't do and hear a lot shorter. No, this is definitely a

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representative. So this brings us to another area of our discussion about profits. We've already mentioned that they all come with the same message. And we also said that they had to have a great character, but when they come with message and verification miracle

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called an Arabic why Jessa? When they're coming with what I just said, it's, it's going to be clear to anybody who sees it. How can you explain this? So now we're talking about Jesus, we went from Moses, peace be upon him, to Jesus peace be upon. There's another problem with again, I don't want to just say everything in chronological order, because it's not very would be skipping over too much of it. But there was another one on Arab prophet by the name of Sally, many ancient millenniums back before any of this. And he was telling his people to come to the worship of the one true God and to obey Him, pray to Him and be good people be moral be upright, don't do bad things. Yes. Well, these

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people were really tough case they lived in a desert where they only had a one Well, yes. Okay. And they were saying that, because they would pray to these false gods to get water to come out, you know, from there well, and he's telling don't pray to God. And they said, We will never believe and unless you bring us a sign, or what kind of sign do you want? Oh, here they come up with a good one. They said, Okay, there was a big boulder, huge rock. They said, Make that crack open like an egg

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and make a pregnant camel come out of it.

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Some higher demands here.

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First of all, how do you crack open a boulder like an egg? And then it's hollow inside, and it has a camel and know that the camel is pregnant? They said they believe that? Yeah. Okay. And allow me to happen.

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The Rock split outcomes a camel, and she's pregnant. Now, how did she get pregnant inside of Iraq? How did she come out of her? I mean, this is so bizarre, that there's no possible way anybody can explain this. This is either the wildest tale in the world, or it is such a miracle that you don't have any option except to believe, because you named it You said do this. And it's something impossible to do. And it was done. So now why don't you want to believe in God.

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But it comes with a condition as another thing I'll tell you about the prophets come with these big miracles that come with a condition that after it comes you don't have an option anymore to say, Well, I didn't know. Maybe this maybe that you either believe or great and horrible punishment will come in this life. And then the next slide. And that's why Noah was upset with his people. He knew if they didn't believe they're going to be punished, they would drown. That's also why Jonah was worried Eunice where he was concerned about his people. None of them accepted, he knew a great punishment was going to come on them. And sure enough, when he came back, they had all accepted. We

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see the consistent message what you told us that these messengers they call people to worship one God, none of them are so far calling people to worship themselves. So saints, idols etc. Now we left off of Jesus peace be upon and all we left off with the she camel, she can Well, yeah, because here we are. What happened? Did they all accept it? Yeah. Initially, they didn't have any choice. Because I mean, you know, if you didn't, then you'd be an idiot. Because you said, you know, you wanted some miraculous thing it happened. Okay, so now what are you going to say about it?

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But the deal comes now a test comes to them and this test is that they're not allowed to drink out of that well,

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every other day? Yes. Why is because this camel, she's going to drink it dry. She could consume the entire contents of the well, then it would be water that following that. And they'd have to draw extra water out for themselves to be able to sustain the day with no water. Then the next day, they could get water again and so on. And this continued to one on me got fed up and said why we have to wait for this camera. And why did she get to drink our water and we don't need her and so he kills her has mentioned that he killed Yes. And for this for this, not for killing the camel. Again, this is not the point. But for this such huge disobedience, you've been given a sign you've seen the

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miracle you asked for. And then you've been told now you have to let her drink and you blew it, you blew the test. And instead of letting her drink he killed her. So he and all those with him that were on that same mentality or destroyed. A law sent a big thinking big wind came on them. It was one people were divorced and

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destroyed by raining fire on them. And others were destroyed by our great wind, and then another that were destroyed by a big sound, a sound that came through that wiped him out. It's amazing. But each time they had a prophet that came a warning that came a sign that they saw and then

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Something that has to do afterwards. For instance, with Jesus, when he came, he had his miracles, his people needed to believe in him and all they had to believe in, he is the chosen one. He's the king. He's the chosen, he's the Messiah, he's the Christ. If you believe that, then you're okay. And of course act on what he taught, he told people, that you have to obey the commandments, if you break even the least of the commandments, and teach that you'll be the least in the kingdom. I'm taking that from Matthew 517. But the point that comes out of this real clear, Jesus is tell him keep the commandments. If you love me, you'll love the Father and keep the commandments. This is a

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clear teaching. So how could anybody come along and say, well, then somebody else came later and said, No, you don't have to keep me anymore.

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So this would be the complete and this is what Paul say, came with something opposite now where God Almighty and Jesus is saying, keep the commandments. And you have Paul, who's coming in with something different? Would this be in line with? what's exactly the point that I was driving home? But I don't like to, you know, in a television program, I don't like to say it too harshly because some people get the idea. Oh, you're, you don't believe in the Pauline doctrine. But actually, there is no authentic manuscript from Paul, today, everything we've got are copies of copies of something that we don't know how much of it has been interpolated, we don't know what it's been played with.

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But somebody somewhere along the line wrote that it was okay to break these commandments, that for instance, circumcision was no longer the for flesh, as it always had been. Even Jesus was circumcised himself. But this, whoever wrote the documentation is saying, no, it's a circumcision of the heart. Well, what is that supposed to mean? Anyway, circle your heart, cut out your heart, it doesn't make any sense. But for those who want to believe that they will be upset with me, because I've said this, you know, they don't want to hear that any more than those people wanted to hear some of the message that came with their profits, but we come now to Prophet Mohammed. And with

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Prophet Mohammed, it is very clear that he came with one of the greatest of all miracles that ever came. That was the Quran itself, which still exists in totality, in their original form in the Arabic language. Now, before you talk about the Quran, is there any miracles that he did? name a couple, because we're going to have to have you back to wrap this series up of the prophets. We're almost out of time. Is there any living miracles that he did during that time? I don't know what you mean by living miracle, but we not I mean, the living miracles, the crown, but miracles at that time that he did. Well, we know that the moon split, they they asked for something.

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Oh, yeah. Okay. They asked his people asked him to come up with something. And he, like the camel coming out of this rock. And they wanted the moon to split. And the moon was split. And they saw it on both sides of the mountain of light called job on door. And they verified it even with some people who had been in the desert. And there were travelers. And when they came to town, they asked them, and they verified they also had seen it on the same night. And that's just one of many the water came from his fingers and gave water for the people to drink. There were animals that spoke and confirmed that he was the Prophet. There were many things that happened. And there's a chain

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chain of narrations that witnesses that witness, all this that we have, not only witnessed was not just something that we have written that it's something that we can tell you who said it, and who these people were where they got it from. Is that what you're talking about that next? Okay, we're gonna have to do one more to come to a conclusion. Tell us, you mentioned Jesus, and Muhammad peace be upon them all, closing this show? Was there any difference in their message?

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The essential message doesn't change, worship God without any partners. The other things that come along with it are going to be the test that comes to the people due to the miracles that have come along with it as well. Does it make sense? Yeah, we'll be talking about that in the next thank you for being with us again, we're gonna have you back to do another one in Sharla. Okay, and I hope that everyone who has been watching this series will shake use of estas you can visit the deen show calm and you'll see where we started off with the first met Adam. We covered Noah we covered Moses Abraham and I hope you can see the consistency that the message has always been the same. submit to

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God do what God wants you to do obey Him on His terms. And we're gonna do another show inshallah God willing to continue talking about the last and final messenger, no more messages to come. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the living miracle that he came with the Quran. So you don't want to miss that next show. Keep tuning in every week, to the deen show calm until next time, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. You have to pray as if everything depends on the law in it.

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But you must work.

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Everything depends on you. And

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that's my point. You see I'm saying and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people that come to Islam? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now when they're gonna come? They're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hand the ability to do it now do your job.

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aids comb Heatley, everybody sleepy. I arrived and asked a lot of thinking me Oh la You see, oh, la you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to pick him

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today, your mother

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runs away. Oh Allah guide me