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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and quotes from various speakers about various topics including parenting, social media, and even a study on hooking up with hair. The transcript also touches on a disturbing situation involving Facebook post about parents and children being involved, a woman named Kathy making a mistake and causing a sea storm, and a woman named Lisa claim to be a woman and is the only man in the world who is beautiful. The importance of seeking forgiveness and a "beauty of use" in achieving success is emphasized.
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some unknown who loves to sound so let's move on to cattle

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First of all I'd like to share with you something great I've just received the present today unexpected present from a brother he called me

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just two days earlier

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and then he gave me this

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he said my daughter made it for him

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from mother he is for the ashes Pakistan

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to EMA

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one of this made my night

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when he thinks they little things like this but it really means so much to me.

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I've come a habit Kathy who

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she's a girl

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who is it for the boys right? That the whole for girls, this is what I was told.

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For the speakers, they stick up.

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I'm always a man. So she knows.

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Thank you so much. Sunni mana Hill, thank you much money as you create you create.

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So today, another beautiful but tough one. So that would use of use of by itself requires seminars and our quiet any resource today that you have will be covering. So let's start from from Hood Hood

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today, who then uses just more of who that then uses, maybe I'll do a little bit today and tomorrow. Who has 123 Eight from juice 12 and 1111 12. It is a mid key saw except one verse, which I'm going to talk about later on verse number 114, which is mandated, but the rest of the solar is murky. So Subhanallah the soil is murky yet, but there's one I that was revealed in Medina. And that will tell you the circumstance as to what happened with that particular area. Since it's 112. That means it's from the mean, the source that what that all 100 is and so

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few let's talk about few gems here. In verse number 13 Allah subhanho wa Taala talks to those who claim they make it a challenge system. And this is this challenge was open ended the end of time. The challenge is Apolo next door is people who made that point think that Prophet Muhammad is making up the Quran um you're following that Allah pull to be asking so what he missed the hem of Salah Yet Allah is He still with them make consoles in fact the challenge the first challenge was make one

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or one eye

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and then you cannot make in fact it says make one console us make one saw that at the end he says make only one aisle and you will not be able to make you know even when I am from the court and this is a challenge that is open ended the end of time. And this panel talks about the story of Lloyd What a beautiful amazing story about not how you see that there has been mentioned in the Quran several times but who's the prophet that is mentioned the most in the end

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was supposed

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to do it on everyone.

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Musa alayhis salam, right, so Allah azza wa jal talks about he know he said them so I would only focus on a couple which we can all relate to, as parents know, and his son, but what happened as Allah subhanaw taala when Noah who's been sent out to this to the to the people who's been calling them for overnight and 50 years 1000 minus 50 So 950 years of that Allah, He did not leave neither the 50 years no, no, he knew more than 100 years, but 950 only during that hour and only It's been said that only about 80 people believed in him. So Allah subhanaw taala instructed not to build the ark in on the ship as he was building they started mocking them

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and they started mocking him you know at the end he says we shall see who's gonna walk the other at the end. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reveals why he attention even female Jing can Jeeva so much he called me He created you know, he called me after finishing the building the art and then he called it the believers they embarked the art. And then people were saying, How can we you know, this ship is the middle of the desert? Where is the ocean? Where is the sea? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says don't miss flood Israel in verse number 46. While he eventually became fiend motion kanji about one hour done often enough for the parents

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Listen, when

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a female is in the womb a cut man

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Cut Man a node called on his son. The son is not what I believe so enough called the son you're gonna. You're gonna y'all might be a little bit of sun come embark the ship with us Don't be from the non believers don't get from the losers coming and what are the three? Don't be from the non believers

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aren't we? You know Gemini asked him one evening

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Oh my father he didn't even tell my father he says I shall go and climb this mount to be saved from the water from the flood is what we say today as if you tried to tell your son something tried to guide your son and your son says I know what I'm doing.

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I know what I'm doing. I'm old enough you don't I don't have to tell me sir. I will Elijah but he asked him What do you mean? I'm gonna go climb that mountain so that the water won't reach me. And then the father and say is the one who can save you from the punishment but what about my son following?

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Well has there been a human Mahmoud and waves game between the waves came between the sun and see them our father of seen his his son being drowning will have been forgotten. I mean, I'm over pain, how many parents they see their children now drowning. And there's only so much they can do a son know despite all the averages many, then his son did not want to believe for Heather been a hermit mode. Today what would be the most the waves today won't be the waves between us and our children. It could be dystonia. It could be social media, it could be singing, it could be the internet, it could be their friends, it could be so many things, ways between parents and their friends. And at

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the end, they will say that I know what I'm doing.

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But it comes to the heart of the Father, although he saw his son being destroyed, and then the heart of the Father the father called is called Allah subhana wa Tada verse number 45 when

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the Father in Heaven in in any in any way no one can help

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me and then of course

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my son is from me. Please forgive him.

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Until what can happen at that company? I mean, your promises the truth, as if he's telling him save my son, my son, Potter, who listen and Oh no, he's not from you. Is from the London universe. Sometimes we parents we feel sad when our children do not want to listen and don't do but you know, we can only do what ALLAH SubhanA wa can help us in doing and then Allah subhanho wa Taala talk about the study of how to hoot calm and the profit of hood on Instagram. There is a beautiful gem right here verse number 52. Well, this is who I'm talking to his people are y'all call me stocks a lot but come tune in a you will see the Santa Ana you can meet William did come where's it come cold

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water in our community come he's telling his people know who you are. Tom is starting to give us from your Lord from Matobo Elaine and then repent to Allah seek forgiveness and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will send down rain upon you and you fail upon you just seek forgiveness on top of that. Why is it control what's going to come this is the journal one score Allah will add your strength on top of your strength by means of seeking forgiveness. So if you're sick one of the two one of the the cures to sickness is the far Why is it composed with an elaborate vertical first approval Hussam Matobo in a in our bakery Mooji those of you who attended today's halacha but the

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name of Allah. Here Allah says howdy good mochi adenovirus this will talk about the study of Ibrahim and the angels who came to destroy destroy the people of load as Ibrahim Ali Sudan was having that dialogue with Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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and Allah azza wa jal also talk about the people of

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Australia, the what is the tribe the people of Cheyenne

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I like him better.

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Sisters, are you there? There's a question coming up in shallow time.

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Here's the verse that was revealed in Medina. Verse number 14 114.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What up in the asana, there was this man who came to the Prophet Mohammed

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says the apostle Allah, I happen to do something wrong. I met this woman. It's been directed in this hadith, which is sound and authentic. He was sending dates. So this woman came to him and he says, Can you see me these days? You see, look, we looked at her that he liked her. He said, I have better data at home. So

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Come with me. She came with him. And he says he hugged her and kissed her. But then he realized he did something wrong. He repented he went to the prophet Mohamed El Salam I did this to this woman and the Prophet didn't have no answer so Alesund down the answer is happened in Medina Allah subhanho wa Taala this was a miss solitary duel okay let me salata thought of a in

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a minute lay in Asana to use heaviness to perform the salah establish the salah they alive in that has nothing brothers you all the kids were young the youth don't do this. Don't do something do something wrong and and so Allah says that I'm just gonna go and pray Allah will forgive my sins because this is what Allah is saying here the good deeds wipe out the bad deeds. So if you were May Allah forbid if you were to fall into committed sin, go and seek is this far from Allah subhanaw taala performed in that has

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a say in it herself. You see, this is the important Bible. And so that use of my brothers and sisters so so so what an amazing sofa by itself were like brothers if you go into rhythm that they say if you are suffering from any hardship from any sadness, sadness leads, so let yourself Allah will remove your sadness in sha Allah.

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One gem from solid use. If I want to tell you about the summary of the story of boy that got lost and he they found him This is the story

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this is what it is but he wanted the detail of it sweet you can quickly use of how he said that he was a boy he saw a dream he told his father about the dream and then the father interpreted the dream he says don't take your child to your brother's they will you know they will have envy against you. And that's what happened you want to Subhan Allah He was such a very beautiful handsome boy. The Prophet Muhammad is awesome said that inshallah beauty has been split into two halves beauty the entire beauty like you're beautiful mashallah you're handsome mashallah, you're too handsome. So, the prime minister saying that handsome that beauty is being split into two parts, one part given to

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all of us and one part given to us for long

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and you know what, Uncle, you will all have the beauty of use of

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mashallah, like

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me to? Well, we all have the beauty of use of the Internet and sort of what we can and and what age should we have enjoyed the sisters? What age should we haven't I use this

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sisters, what age would people have in Jana? For the three o'clock at the age of home

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is the beauty of yourself.

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Give her give her give her chocolate era who said who said that Lisa?

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So, this boy, this boy brothers and sisters, if this what happened to him was to happen to somebody else. He would be in a mental or he will go to some mental problems because from a boy, he goes he was so pampered by his parents. And then he's thrown into this world into this job. Now even though they win the web, it's a drug which is deeper than the web and then he comes back from the well and then he goes on he lives in the palace but then he from the palace again. It's like a roller coaster that he goes and lives in a palace royal palace he goes to the to prison and then from prison he comes back again and then becomes the minister of Egypt what a roller coaster but Subhanallah what

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happens to him it's so amazing so in the story of the shirt, too many shirts here the shirt when he was avoid a shirt when he was in prison as a shirt that the toe back into his father want to get back his sight but this is beautiful verse number 67

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Enemy this verse number 67 Tell boys mashallah great big boys are looking like they will come in now from from a stain to Egypt to seek help from use of Alison they did not know to see that so the Father is saying to his children, there were 10 Bunny I mean, they didn't want to see the father and use of was number 12. So they were trying to go in the father he told them advice you give them an advice here's the advice well I'll call dad but he I tend to follow

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what follow me in the mood

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for the sisters again and then the brothers sisters, Allah is saying here, the father yaku telling the children all my children go out go in when you reach Egypt, don't go from one gate into Egypt. Go go inside go inside the time from different gates. Why is it telling them to go from different gates and not from one gate?

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Who said that? Who said that?

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Give her give her chocolate? What did she say see the brothers?

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what's hassle.

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Envy, envy evil eye not the evil eye but not what the Father said at the end. He says what might have been your uncoming Allah him in shape in his report. He says at the end I cannot evade

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I cannot say from the point of view of Allah if Allah meant something to happen, it shouldn't happen, but we take the means go enter from different gates we take the means but if Allah meant something to happen which happens

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to give us the understanding to understand that love the Quran, I love to listen to the part of mothers and sisters. Do we have the because we promised them that you name shall give them the

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either today or tomorrow? By tomorrow? Sharla Tyler the competition's right we need to reduce a lot of people been asking about registrations with promise. We've promised tomorrow in sha Allah Allah we shall share that with you. Bother Qaddafi comes up with a lack of ceremony contemplate

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