Mohamad Baajour – Explanations of Duaas in SALAT #07 Sujood

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their success in selling their products and upcoming training sessions, as well as their experience with customers and their belief that drugs are common between Roku and sujood. They also mention tutorials for practicing Arabic language, including practicing Facebook and YouTube videos and learning to draw in Arabic language. The importance of memorizing the doulas in Arabic and elevating one's position to achieve happiness is emphasized.
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We continue inshallah Tada today with the explanation of the doors in this very short quarter Inshallah, that we will all benefit, hopefully

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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used to have a young man who stand by his daughter at night, only

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in case of Salah Salem woke up and needed any help, or VR

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wanted to be there and sort of Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam.

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And he was a very young man they say 1112 years old.

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So one time Rasul Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, he came out and he told Revia

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or he asked a VI question that every Muslim dream about

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he said yeah to via cell. Sonny

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asked me or VR, what do you want?

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So many narrations and the answer for VR was, yeah rasool Allah. I want your company in Jana.

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I want to be with you in general. He did not say I just want Jana. I want to horse I want the house on the wife. I want your company in Jana. So what are the sources tell him tell him in me Allah Neff seeker. Be Cathy sujood. If you want that goal, like we say here in America, help me help you. If you want that goal of being with me in Jannah help yourself by performing a lot of sujood so Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam named the salah sujood because there's nothing prescribed in the Sunnah. And by the way, we see many people do that, after they finish this a lot he make an extra session. Where does this from?

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After the Salah is over, you see some people make an extra stage and they start making dua and that says that this is not prescribed. This is not from the Dean. This issue that he was talking about is this. So should in the salad, so as soon as I sell him named the salah to Jude, he's not telling me I make a lot of sujood here he's telling them make a lot of salad. So the Susun which was our talk tonight, it was the salon is called sujood This is how important it is. I have no camera mo Allah He said Cyril, the secret of Salon isn't usual. And he said all the things all the things we did before sujood our preparation for sujood

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everything we did before sujood is studying is preparation for sujood. And it's so good that we do it twice

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what are the doers that resource has taught us in decidual Like we said before, there are drugs that are common between Roku and sujood and there are dogs that are strictly for Roku and there are dogs that are strictly for sujood last time we took the dogs for Roku, the ones that are common. We sell them before Subhana Allah humara bene will be Huntik Allah McFeely This is in Bukhari Rasul as I said, and used to say this in the record and especially, so Buffon Produsen, Rob Bucha, Ekati weruva In RUCO in social Subhanallah BIA Levine strict Hiroko Subhanallah, BL Anna strictly sujood and we mentioned few that are strictly in Rico. And today we mentioned to only that our service SLM taught

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us to say in Insitute SubhanAllah.

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before we mentioned our students we want to

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remember Yeah, one, that the closest, the closest me and you are to Allah, when we are in situate

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the closest to Allah azza wa jal

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when we are in the state of sujood Surah Salah salem said when you are in that position, is asked Ask, ask whatever you want.

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Allah azza wa jal himself said first should

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walk the RIP. The more you mix you should the closer you are to me to Allah azza wa jal lest I install at Ladakh mix you should and come close the morning mixer should be solid, the closer you are to Allah azza wa jal Shawn we are in sujood mica bikini to hierarchy any too hot

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can I make too hot from the Quran? Yes, absolutely a banner that in our feed dunya Hassan karate Hassan walking

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up Bennett Hublin I mean as far as you know whether we can, what is forbidden in this route is to recite the Quran.

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You don't say in this, Roberto, TNF, he don't know you're making dry you're not making the citation indecision you make two from the Quran that was in the Quran or the best ever.

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Then after that, that was from the authentic sunnah. Can I make dua Institute in my own language? Now, the scholar said, if you speak out of the, if you understand how to be, and you make dua in other than how to be your Salah is about it.

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But if it is hard for you to learn into and out of it, and you did your best to learn to draw in Arabic, and you have an emergency and you want to make a request to Allah, they said go ahead and make dua in any language.

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But preferably, you have to make an effort to make dua in Arabic. And another group said, You know what, why don't you memorize the doulas that are in general like Robin attina for dunya Hassan, Hassan there's nobody who will knows how to be or who does not know how to be does not know this. And this is the most inclusive or Allah homogeneous alkyl Jana where we come in here Allah I ask you Jana and saved me from the Hellfire that does not need person to be a master in the Arabic language and that includes everything that you want. Right? So what are the tutorials we will take today inshallah Tada. Number one are solos I seldom said

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he used to say in his route Allahumma fiddley. Then be Kula the Kahu which Allah a winner who will Shira and Annie Yetta who was

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ALLAH forgive all my sins, the small ones, and the big ones, the first ones, and the last ones? The ones I did in secret, and the ones I did in public? Yeah, honey, there is no more since left. All kinds of sins. Yeah, ALLAH forgive them all. That's the first one second one.

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Sahih Muslim. I saw the ALLAH and he said, I used to hear Rasulillah Salam say this dua in history in history.

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Aloha I'm Malika surgit will be

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well Naka slumped, such as the veggie lady falaka who was a water was Shaka sama who were masala Fatah Bella Camilla as an old Harlequin beautiful

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yeah Allah to you I'm making so shoot.

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And ya Allah I believe in you and Ya Allah, I submit to you such a dodgy, my wedge in my face Mizzu to the One who created it and fashion that and the one who gave it hearing and vision that Veta Vera Allah as an alcoholic mean, glorified Allah, the best of creators SubhanAllah.

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So should you are whispering in the ground, and your voices heard above the seventh heaven. So Jude is the only a bad is the only thing that the more you dissent, the more you are elevated.

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Carla Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in calientes Judah such De La La Ilaha comme la Dodger Tabby hang Kakatiya a oh come Akkad la salatu salam, there's no time you make any such that for Allah azza wa jal, except he raised you one degree in status and forgive one of your sins. Subhanallah If someone asked you where is happiness? Where does happiness? Happiness is when we go to Jana. Where does Jana? Isn't the Allah Where is Allah, Allah is on His throne above the marsh, and the closer you are to Allah, the closer you are to happiness. That's why when I go down on the ground, I am in the lowest level. I'm putting my most honored part of my body on the most humiliated place where I just

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put my feet yeah Allah I only do that for you.

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And when I am in the lowest position, I say Subhana BIA Allah.

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You want to go to the Allah make a lot of sujood you want to go to the Allah go a lot to the US fell. Lower yourself in front of Allah Humble yourself in front of Allah and Allah will elevate your status. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from the from the people who they are in their salon how she owned nama for Lana de Rubina. What sort of NFE and Marina with a bit of Domina on sadhana ll calm will caffeine are from Allah and then Amina Muhammad while early he was big

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in mostly me now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina team will quantity now not only that the more slowed up in our saw the bond he wants

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Long DD no a Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry No one because she

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wasn't pushy. No one was watching I think one does one BP now one downside being party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman wasn't happy a lot. The ones that get enough love it guess

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what's going on? I don't love hula hoop

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