How Do I Know If I’m Reciting Correctly

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Join Imam Wisam Sharieff for an interactive evening that brings the Quran to life through the art of recitation. Learn to decode the complex terminology of recitation rules and develop confidence in your own voice.

We all face challenges in our relationship with the Quran. Whether it’s learning to read, perfecting our recitation, or listening to the sound of our own voice as we flow through the words of Allah. Yet, many of us feel inadequate because we cannot put in the time to learn, practice, and feel confident in ourselves.

In this introduction to the art of recitation, you will identify the tools and learn the practical steps needed to improve your recitation, using examples from four of the oft-recited, shorter Surahs.

Join us for a night like no other. Strengthen and beautify your relationship with the Quran, no matter where you are in your journey. Discover how much of the codified science of tajweed you can master in one evening, and in a unique and interactive session that will fill the room with the light of Allah’s words, take charge by making the recitation of the Quran your own.

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How do I know if my prayer even counts? I don't know if I'm reciting that even the smallest Flores correctly, the Muslim Institute presents q&a with the Mambo, Sam, Sharif Assalamualaikum. And welcome. A lot of times people have come to me over the years of studying and they, they come to me and they've asked, Well, how do I know my prayer even counts if I don't know the smallest surah of the Quran, so a co author in our play nachliel co author correctly. So instead of teaching you some cool trick or telling you awesome or happy, let's do this surah together right now, take a posture of dignity all I need from you look like a posture of dignity and sit in a posture to receive. With

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that being said, we aren't going to have to do anything but listen, and give me back the sounds that you're working on. If you happen to have a moron that's fantastic and must have and if not, you can double click over to an app but let's look at the text as we go together. Deep breath in and know cool phrases just repeat the sounds you hear. Ozu Billahi min ash shave Blarney Raji one more time Uzu Biggie la he Mina Shea block noodle Raji Shea for new Raji turn your one syllable into two Bismillah he'll raw man you'll rock him this meeting heal ra ma nu ra e m

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now I want you to mount it out with me as if you were singing along into the radio in the car so if you ever did that before just mouth out with me

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our boys and

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girls go so again let's do it together like striking the gong

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finish the

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then go to the first part of your throat

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not choking but lifting the sound ah bought on a

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plane can girl go cell can go so and you already feel like wow I never recited like this before. Hold the gong in the nose then ah deep from within. It's not about stretching a sound. It's about the within you so together.

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Deep breath all the way to the top.

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Boy in Cali go sell sell. Fantastic only two more verses. And you'll be reciting like you never did before.

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Fat saucy lamp fair. Fair. Foul slaughtered Lee press the tongue to the roof of the mouth. First Law Firms law firms law Lee li

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li li ROM beacon he or he ah lil ROM began use your jaw for the raw leaned on Beco help. Found slot Aslan Leal, Rob Beco one how or last time can you do it for me? Phone slot Lee Neil Rob Beco was

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fantastic. All you got to do is drag the time bar back to have me do it again. Just like we struck the gong

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knee go Shani go hoo

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hoo wah wah wah well

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done dow or who?

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In Nashua knee. Go Who?

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And that's all it takes. You could use the awesome and happy phrases you can use how to stretch you can use the cat fuels cool formula. But what about just good old fashioned getting down to the sound and reciting it? Guess what if you'd like to do this with me and a group of people live in your city and probably coming to your town but if you were able to make a connection with this, think about the miracle of a group of people together not you recite you recite you recite but that collective ecstasy of everyone working towards one pitch to get on chorus to be

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Pitch within one set of breathing that would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to work together to make your prayer even better. I'll see you all in your city when I come by if you want just hit rewind watch this one more time in

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Gary Keller hotel for Leo love Vika worden how he Masha Annie Aqua who tell and I look forward to seeing you at Koran night the art of recitation at a city near you. Make sure to come with this we're ready and ready with your reciting voice.