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Al-Araf 3-102 Translation 73-102

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for the Shahe surgery where safely suddenly every one of them Melissa Lee of Kahoot, Kohli probenecid in our in Lesson number 92, sootel are off and number 73 to 102. Before we begin the lesson, I know 73 202 30 is

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that seems like a lot. But as you saw yesterday's lesson, what was the lesson about

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the stories of the prophets? And did you notice how the verses were so similar?

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And also how the words will repeat it so very often.

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So today's lesson is also very much like yesterday's lesson, in the sense that we are going to study the stories of the prophets and the concepts are somewhat repeated. And the words you have done them before. Believe me you have done most of these words before so it's better to keep it all together because when you keep the stories together then concepts are better understood.

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So it seems like a lot but don't get scared by it.

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Okay, translation

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what Isla and towards some mood, some mood a home there brother. So in the hair so early

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on, he said, Yeah, oh, tell me my people are boo Do you all worship? Allah, Allah. Man not Luckily for you men from Allah in any god

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other than him.

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That in fact jet come it came to you. The unit in a clear proof, men from Bikram yoga, heavy this NACA to a she can Oh, Allah He of Allah. Lacan for you, I attend, assign for the new hire so you won't leave her that she eats fee in early birth, land, Allah He of Allah Warner and do not assume her you all touch her, the zoo in with any evil, for consequently it will see as you are there when a punishment and even most painful when Kuru and you all remember it when Jerry Lacan, he made you whole affair, successors, men from body after the

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war and the war is settled you fee in an hour the earth that you all make men from so who the hell explains basura Dionysus well, and then you all carve a big banner, the mountains, do you there as homes? For guru, so you all remember Allah bounties blessings, Allah He of Allah, Allah and do not there are so you all act wickedly. Fie in an odd Earth was seen as one who spread mischeif

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corner he said I met the chiefs, the elite and levina those who is stuck baru, they were arrogant men from only hideous people, Linda Vina to those who was still very full, they were considered weak. They were made weak. livan for whom manner he believed main home from them, and do Dinah Mona you all know a man that indeed solly Hanzo la marcellin one sent a messenger men from rugby Islam,

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although they said in may indeed we be male with what pasilla he was sent, be he with it? Meaning ones who believe.

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Color he said and levena those who is stuck baru, they acted arrogantly in Nair Indeed, we will lady with rich and don't you all believed, be he with it. kaffee rune disbelievers ones who disbelieve

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for our Kuru. So they got Chandan. So they wounded

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or they hamstrung a nap after the she camel war and Otto they acted incidentally on about a mini command order robbing him of the Arab world. And they said yeah all smiley, smiley it dinner you come to us Bhima with what 30 do. you threaten us if you were mean from a mursaleen

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centers for the tune so it sees them or refer to the earthquake for us for who so they became fee in bury him their homes Jeff green ones line facedown

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for one less so he turned away on home from them what color and he said yeah oh call me my people local. Certainly I belong to come. I conveyed to you all reseller message or be of my rub when to and I sincerely advised local to you all when I can but learn not to kabuna you are love a NASA hate those who are sincere advisors. When you turn and look at a sinner is when farther he said he called me to lose people. I'll do that to honor you all come you all commit and fascia, the indecent act the shameful act man not several Cancun he proceeded you be here with it. Men from a hadn't anyone mean from a lion? I mean the world's in the come indeed you know that. And surely you all come on

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the journey to the men share with them with lost men from the journey other than the women bandwagon. And to you all people must reform want to exceed limits. ones who are extravagant,

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warmer and not Ghana It was joab answer only of his people except on that how do they set you home? You all drive them out or expel them? men from karate comb your town in the home in the day in our son are a people Jaco Haroon they claim to be pure, or they purify themselves for angina who then we saved him, what Allah who and his family except imperata who his wife, Janet, she was made from al-harbi those who remain behind.

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Well, I'm Turner and we rained down. I lay him upon them, matara. arraign funzone so you look see Keisha, how Ghana was occupied, and result and legitimacy of the criminals

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were in and towards mediana madeon a home their brothers who are eventually Allah He said, yo me or my people, or do you want to worship Allah Allah may not lock on for you mean from either in any god

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other than him. But in fact, at home it came to you by you know, a clear proof men from or become Europe for all fools so you all fulfill al Qaeda the measure while meezan and balance the weight owner and do not double hirsute he won't reduce you will devalue a NASA the people a share a home there things were there and do not see Do you all spread mischief fill in the earth bother after Islam it's setting in order

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rarely combat or you are hiring as best I can for you in if continue where many wants to believe

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one and do not do you all sit because only at every so often but to a donor you will threaten what ends does what do you all stop you all hinder I'm from severely way Allah He of Allah. Men Who am Anna he believed the he in him will end the balloon or how you will seek it or ledger as crooked with guru and you all remember it when quantum you will lead and very few

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soracom so he increased you all warm Zulu. And do you all see look kafer how Ghana was activated and result consequence and we've seen of those who spread mischief

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we're in and if Ghana it was but if I don't a group main confirm you know they believed the lady with that which or co2 I was sent dealing with it what if a tune and a group plan not you know they believe phosphate Oh, so you all be patient had that until the coma he judges Allahu Allah manana between us. We're here and the title is best and hacky mean of those who judge

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Allah He said and men are the cheats.

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And levena the zoo is terrible. They were arrogant men from Allah he his people regenda surely we will definitely expel you yeah Oh sure, I will surely when the Vina and those who knew they believed Marika with you, men from area Tina, our town our dwelling or letter Odin, surely you will definitely return back fee in militina our faith, our creed Tyler he said what we know even if good now we were getting Wenzhou to test once a dislike

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In fact, if the liner we fabricated either against Allahu Allah. Kevin ally if erdenet we returned three in miletti comb your faith bother after it went magenta he saved us a low Allah mean her from it. Women and not Yoko No, it is Nana for us. And that Neruda we return, fee her in it, except on that issue, he railed Allahu Allah rabina our rep was here, he encompassed robinair our color every shade in thing in my knowledge, Allah upon Allahu Allah de la Cana we have trusted robinair our rep if you judge by in an air between us webinar and between Ballymena our people will help with the truth will enter and you are highly robust and fat the pain of those who judge

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or color and he said that she's and Medina the zoo cafaro day disbelieved men call me from his people in Surely if

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you're followed, should I even shave in the come indeed you even then the hos Iran surely losers

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for that term so it sees them are ready for the earthquake for us. Rahu so they became fi in their in their homes, draft the mean, ones who lay facedown

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and levina those who kept the blue David I sure I'm sure a and as if not you have no they dwelled fee her in it.

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And Medina those who get the Buddha delight or even Jerry can do they were home they are hustling the losers

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for the homeless so he turned away, I'm home from them, or corner and he said your call me or my people? Look, I'd certainly love to come I convey to you this alert messages are a bit of my rub. When I say to and I sincerely advised Lacan for you all for kafer so how so why, Elsa, I agree. I know upon comin up people caffeine wants to disbelieve

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warmer and not all the same. Now we sent fi in Korea in any town, main from the Beijing any profit in there except a hardener We seized its people build that set with the hardships with the law and the difficulties. Now I'm the home so that they have the room. They may humble themselves,

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some of them, but then we changed mechanics in place as the year of the bed and hustler the good Hatter until our phone. They increased what I do and they said it in fact, Mr. Attached

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our forefathers of the raw the adversity was silver and the prosperity for a homeowner home so he sees them. But then suddenly, we're home while they learn not. Yes or no. they perceive

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Well, no. And if or if only, and that indeed, ethnic people a lot of the tones and I knew they believed what the CO and they adopted taqwa they feared Allah.

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Surely we opened I lay him upon them. But I get in blessings. Men from a summer the sky when up and the earth

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when I can, but they blew their delight for ordinary home so we seize them Bhima because of what can do they were born they earn

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did for them. I mean, he felt secure as blue people of the towns and that yet to whom it comes to them.

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But sooner our punishment better at night or home while they may even want to sleep

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did work and Amina he felt secure I blew people out of the towns and that yet to whom it comes to them but sooner our punishment the hell by daylight by for noon we're home while they are born they play

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date for them and we knew they felt secure Mako plot Allah He of Allah financial not yet my know he feels secure macro plot Allah He of Allah Illa except and como the people aloha serum the losers

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did what end Nam not yesterday it guides levina to those who URI sooner they inherit

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the earth men from Barbie after early her it's people I'm that low if Misha we will have sub in our home we reach them be the newbie him because of their sins when our cubero and we stamp we see you I know upon to be him their hearts for him so they learned not yes my own day here

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bilka that Elko, the town's nakasu winner it our Lake upon you, main from America, their news, or its news. One and certainly Jared when it came to them was sort of home they're messengers then they hit that with the clear proofs from us or not, can do they were Leo minnows so that they believe the male with what camdeboo they belied main from taboo before

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the vaniqa likewise, you have to borrow his terms. He seals Allahu Allah, Allah upon to lube hearts and caffeine of the disbelievers

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why not and not watch either? No, we found the accetti him for most of them men from any covenant were in and indeed were giardina we found a Federal Home most of them left our city surely want to cross limits.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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you wanna

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have the move see the

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lady next

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to be more fun,

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Tina Lima, una

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de una

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de Nina any further to move

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up to him Jamie

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good learn to hate

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on me

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Be Here I mean

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what else

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was the

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vein and

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Walk on

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even in

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that room of

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me, led

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me up

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ed in

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a cave

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Wanna kill

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me man

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