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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of following people on TV or radio, rather than the internet, in order to avoid hanging out of the area. They stress the need for people to listen to online lectures and avoid social gatherings, particularly those who hold other opinions. The power cut is also emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to avoid anyone who holds other opinions.
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Assalamu Aleikum my brothers and sisters, some of you are asking me for my opinion on following the Imam online on the television or on the internet or a device such as a receiver, the radio etc. In Salah, I want to let you know that there are several opinions in this regard the majority of llama across the globe have still said that it is best not to follow the Imams through the television or through the internet or through the radio and so on. And there is another opinion and we respect all opinions. But the reason why I am also one of those who holds the opinion that if you cannot make Salah with Amara in the masjid, then do your Salah with Gemma in the home. And if you cannot do the

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Salah with Gemma in your home, because you don't have the number, or you don't have anyone to do it with then read it alone in the home. So these are the different categories shown to us by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. Now if you look at for example, following a television, number one, there is a delay, sometimes the delay can be up to 20 seconds depending on where you're living, how fast the speed is, and many other factors, even the weather, and depending on what device or operators you're listening to. So the Imam would already have finished his, for example, record and you're still busy standing because you can still hear him reading the surah for example. So there is

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a delay, sometimes the delay is smaller. Sometimes it's a very short delay, but still the so forth or the lines that are meant to be filled or not being filled. One might argue that okay, maybe we might want to waive that I believe that you only waive it when it's absolutely necessary. And you are the most on lease of that particular mistake. You know when you go to a Masjid al Haram in Makkah, Tomoko Rama, and they leave a few gaps and some of them are reading a bit further back sometimes even within a building at the times of Hajj and so on. Because of that being massive, you're still following the same Masjid right in front of you. And it is there in front of you and

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you're not in front of the Imam in terms of Qibla and you're following him. And and it is there. You know, it's not another Masjid somewhere else and you are at the masjid. It's just that there is a large number and that's the reason. So if you are going to follow it from a distance, I've already given you two things. Number one is a delay. Number two is the issue of the so forth. Number three is something interesting. Do you know where the Qibla is? So the Imam has to always be among an Imam, Imam, the Imam is in the front. The Imam has to stand at the front right? So when you are following him from somewhere in your suburb or somewhere in another city, and I was asked this by

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people who were following an Imam in a totally different city, the problem is that Imam you may be 1000 kilometers in front of them. And the Kibler is further away from him so that your Imam is behind you. 1000 kilometers. I mean, what Salah is that which which Hadith of the prophets of Salaam would allow you to have an Imam 1000 Kay's behind you, you know, so rather than that, and like I say, this is a discussion that is open, this is my opinion, and I'm not belittling other opinions, but I'm letting you know why I am saying if you cannot do it one way according to the sooner do it another way according to the same sooner and do it a third way according to the same sooner like

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when the professor solemn says if you cannot fulfill your Salah standing you can do so sitting if you cannot do it sitting then do so lying down. So when he said that, some people are thinking that well if I cannot do my Salah standing because my legs are painting, why don't I just hang on the ceiling and do it so my legs don't pain? Well I tell you what hanging may be a solution in your mind. But it's not one of the three things suggested in the Hadith. So best you stay away if you cannot stand just sit don't hang. So what I'm saying if you cannot join the Jamaat, in the masjid, do your Jama outside of the masjid somewhere else inshallah don't hang you get what I mean. Another

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reason is sometimes there is an interruption. The interruption means, you know, you might have good internet, you might have good television connection, whatever else because of weather because of any other reason. We spoke about delay, but this is not delay. This is an interruption. You could have for example, something that you didn't hear how many times when I am speaking to you, for example, you cannot hear one or two words of mine because they're cut cut by what? muffled by the internet or because of the interruption in internet. It is cut. So that interruption the mom said something Allahu Allah Mohammed, you didn't hear it. And suddenly you just hear a lot about what to do. I

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don't know. It's radio. I'm confused. You spoilt your whole Salah it's gonna happen everywhere. The first world countries might think well, it won't happen with us.

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It will and it can and it does. And it has, and with us in the third world Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's so difficult to even have a live show simply because words are eaten and it's interrupted and how irritating is that? Imagine when you're listening to tarawih and you hear, read bawley What did you hear that movie Aladdin was eaten, I'd rather have someone in front of me, fulfilling the Salah in a proper way than to follow someone far off, and I've got so many things that are possibly wrong with that. So panela so that is a total interruption in our countries we have what's known as a power cut. So suddenly, if you were allowed to follow someone far far off, you suddenly have a power cut,

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what happens you don't know confusion, Salah, then you're gonna have to resort anyway to that Salah with Gemma in your home. So these are some of the reasons and like I say, we in the oma have been taught certain things. I've only told you what has just come to my mind. So I prefer my brothers and sisters, benefit from the online lectures benefit from online recitations, you should listen to the prayers how we are listened to Makkah and Medina all the time and so on. But I would advise you not to follow online a Masjid that is, you know, a fire of Masjid, etc, for many, many reasons. Sometimes. Like I said, another reason comes to my mind right now. It's not even in the right time

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zone sometimes, where people in New York are following someone from San Francisco for example, come on there Salah hasn't even entered the time and look what's happening.

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They're already following the Imam. So there is a lot that would actually go wrong. And the last point I want to raise is the day that we are no longer going to have this issue and inshallah that's very soon I hope people will become so used to doing this online prayer that they will just turn on the TV turn and say hey guys, I don't need to go anymore. And you know, I'm just wow, this was so good. So convenient and then what will happen, then the machines will really be empty for no reason. At the moment. There is a reason what the reason is Coronavirus and so on. But May Allah subhanahu wa taala safeguard us, I just want to reiterate and repeat. I'm not a person to shoot down opinions,

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or people who hold other opinions. They are my brothers. I love them with the full love that I'm supposed to be giving them and beyond. But at the same time, it's just my humble opinion not to join the prayers you benefit from everything. I will listen to the Quran and the lectures and whatever, but my prayers I will do in my own jamaa at home. If I cannot go to the masjid and the day I can I will race to the masjid and be there inshallah before time to make up for lost time. I hope these few words have benefited you in preparation for the month of Ramadan. Like I said, it is an opinion there are some scholars who do hold the opinion of permissibility even though they have many

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conditions, so be careful to just turn on the TV and start following because even those who say it's permissible they've got a lot of conditions. Find out some of those conditions are so difficult to tick off. Be careful Jazakallah head May Allah forgive us all Allah, Allah Allah Allahu wa salam o Baraka and Amina Mohammed Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Important opinion on joining online congregational prayers via TV, radio, Internet, receiver etc.

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