Omar Suleiman – Some Duas for Laylatul Qadr

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the third night of the day as the most important part of the day, followed by theventh and twelfth of the day as the most important parts of the day. They also mention the use of a doodard in the Capital One to start an audit and encourage viewers to keep it in mind during the audit.
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The best part of laser cutter is the last part of the night as is the best part of every night. So the best part of laser to father is the last third of the night as well as the Prophet slicin SSP lady Sarah, that there is an hour of the night that now you are fukuhara abdon Muslim yes Allah min Hydra dunya will acha Illa Allah who Allahu masa that there is an hour of the night that Allah subhana wa tada if he gives you the trophy, if he gives you the success to be able to ask Allah subhana wa tada in that part of the night. That he would certainly give you the whatever you asked him of this dunya on the Africa there's nothing you could ask a lot at that point of the night from

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this world or the Hereafter, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala would give it to you. As for the doodads that we make that night, a llama in the Capital One to hebbal alpha 540 Allah you are an apple. You are the one who pardons you love the part you love to pardon. So pardon me, so forgive me you love to forgive so forgive me. So how about this is very beautiful. In fact, there is also an authentic hadith by the way where the Prophet licenses a lot in the Capital One carrying too heavily for firefighting. So it's also authentic to add in Al Karim. Right. The scholars say and this is beautiful because they're both authentic hadith if you bring the two together one of them refers

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specifically to the hereafter. The other one refers to the hereafter and this world because when you invoke allocating you're invoking and caring for matters of this world. So to say a lot in the Capital One carrying on to Herbalife for 510 Allah you love to forgive, you are generous you are. This is who you are, Oh Allah, so forgive me. So pardon me, give me the best of this world and the Hereafter, if an imbecile the Allah who was asked about other droughts that a person should make one Laila to the other. He said that I had to dry eat a large amount. So the most beloved they're asked to a loss parents are the most comprehensive ones. You know, the prophets like some used to teach us

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these one sentence to us, right? Well, and even in the Koran, Robin attina Jr. has some of his accuracy has never been Audible, not all of them. And yes, I look at who they are to part one, FF one Lena, these are small ahadeeth, small doodads, one sentence to us that are really good for us to keep in mind and shall especially when you find that you're pausing and later to the audit or that you're between tasks, you're walking or whatever it may be. keep those in mind as well.

Some Duas for Laylatul Qadr

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