Tazkiyah Through the Quran #12 Wisdom

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hikma wisdom. Wisdom is such a poor word in the English language to discuss hikma I'll take my word or shade if you Mahalia is to put everything in its right perspective right place and right conditions. Subhan Allah, Allah speaks about a man who was enslaved owned by other human being. Look man, Allah salon. He wasn't a prophet wasn't a messenger. He was someone who in his society was not able to determine the own choices of his clothing, his attire, his vocation, he was ABD as an enslaved man under the tyranny of human beings. And yet a law labels a chapter in the Quran with his name. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I've heard the Tina lachemann and hikma and I gave

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wisdom, Look, man to look man alayhis salam. The man was a Nubian man, a dark skinned man who was a person who lived in a society that valued knowledge, although they did not value the freedom that they could give towards other people. And Allah Subhana Allah gives the freedom to look man that his tyrannical oppressors of the time could not limit and could not hold on to what is the greatest hikma what is the greatest wisdom that a person recognizes? Is that they are always obligated to Allah under all places, all conditions and all times that a person just needs to do the best they can in life as they are witnessed by Allah subhana wa tada and look man Aliya salami was asked the

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simple question once by a person who governed in his land. And he said, you know, explain to me You know, this concept of taqwa and piety and knowledge and wisdom, that you have, he said to him, Look, can you take this, you know, this animal this chicken and slaughtered in a place where you cannot be seen? And he said, Yes, I can take you there he goes, No, not be seen by anything or anyone? And the answer was no, Allah is always present. So he said that his wisdom that you recognize that you are always known to Allah, and inshallah, Look, man, man mean, there isn't even a pebble, or even a seed, a mustard seed that is hidden on the earth for summer, I will fill out of weather in the

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heavens blown by the wind or under the soil, in Laffy Kitab, except that it is accounted for in the book and in the scales on the Day of Judgment. So live your life with that wisdom. How do you and I increase wisdom? Well, there are three approaches to wisdom, there is the wisdom that is loonie, its wisdom that is put in the hearts of the creation of Allah. And that's because a person has determined that considerate effort in their a bad that their worship their preference to Allah subhanho wa Taala, that makes Allah inspire their heart, to have a philosophy and intuition and natural drive to that which is right and a natural aversion from that which is held on. And that is

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something you train yourself through increasing your worship of Allah. And by resisting the allure of self gratification in that which is hard on the second element of wisdom, to increase it and to be consistent in it is that you seek to become a role model and an Imam towards others in that which others are struggling with, that you take upon the duty of becoming a persona and a public advocate of the truth. And that's why the prophets of Allah, they had that inner wisdom, but it had that outer manifestation of it, where they had to model the behavior of what they had in their heart to show it in their practice. It's what made I want to be your sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best

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husband, not just the best a man in leading the prayer, peace and blessings be upon him. And the third element of wisdom is to know that it will be tested by Allah, and that Allah Subhana Allah will put you in a circumstance where you now must decide what comes first, who comes first, and why you will put things in the right place and right perspective and sometimes earning a smaller salary when you have an opportunity to take on a new job and a new course of study and a new perspective in life. But it's not wise for your family, that it's better for you to live in a modest home with a modest car with a modest income, but be one solidified unit where you are home regularly and raising

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your children with love and contentment in a near miss with your spouse, then for you to take on a greater challenge and greater ambition that yes may have a profitable and sends to your balance sheet, but may not be the wisest decision you make for your home. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to practice that wisdom and all of his three levels Aloma me