Good and Bad Fate – What is Istikhara Seeking Allah’s help and how to do it…

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You see there's a dua a supplication known as is the Hara. istikhara is a dua where you're seeking the help of Allah and the guidance in a matter that you are confused or perhaps you don't understand at all. And if that is the case, then you know what you need to look into that dua it's a sunnah it set by the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The Companions say that we memorize that supplication, like we used to memorize a verse of the Quran, because we used to repeat it so often, what is it Allahumma Iniesta Heruka b l Mikolas. Duc de roca biquadratic was a LUCAM in public allowed him for in Nikka taketsuru Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah

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and then you go on to say Allah Who main Kana huddle, Amara hydro leafy Dyneema Mirage you occupied to Amory fact Gilhooly were serially thermobaric li fi, were in Carnahan, Amerasia rule if he didn't even Maha Shiva Shakti but to Amory firstly for one he was free from the annual Walk do li I'll hire a high token from Martini B in a nutshell that's a dua I know I said it very fast, but you can always Google do ah, obviously ha it's the same every time.

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What does it mean? I'm only going to discuss the end of it, you're asking Allah's guidance then you're saying Oh Allah, if this is good for me if it's really good for me, my religion, my future my worldly life and so on, make it easy for me let it be facilitated for me and give me blessings in it. And oh Allah if you know in your knowledge that this is bad for me, then turn it away from me turn me away from it and make me happy with your decision and decree

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so now you want something so badly and you're making dua St. Hara, and you come back and you say I saw a dream with a green field Wow, what does that mean? Like a traffic lights? You saw greens tonight means go for it bro.

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That's not what is the Sahara is all about.

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Ask yourself when I made the DUA I said, Oh Allah if it's good for me facilitated? Is it being facilitated? No. Well then it's bad for you. That's it. You said it go and read the DUA. You didn't say oh Allah if it's good for me show me green and if it's bad for me, show me red and if it's okay then show me orange La Ilaha illa Allah that didn't happen. Not at all. But there are people to this day who really believed that I saw such a lovely tree mashallah, good luck man. MashAllah amazing. You told Allah Oh Allah, if it's good for me, then facilitated every door is blocked and closed. You tried hard you tried for a year, the doors are closed. Allah says just move on. This is not good for

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you. Didn't you tell us if it's good? If it's not good, then it turned me away from it. Turn it away from me? Well, that's exactly what we've done. Why did you call out to us if you weren't prepared to even go through with what we decided for you?

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Allah is protecting you. We're talking about protection. How are you protected? Surrender to the decree of Allah. Allah doesn't want to, but you might desperately wanted you don't know the future my beloved sister my brother, you don't know the future Allah knows it. Today. You want it? I promise you in a year's time you may regret it beyond imagination. And Allah says we know we saved you man, we saved you from it. So this is why we say constantly call out to ALLAH ask Allah see. Ask his guidance. This is the Hara. If Allah has blocked something, chances are move on. It's okay, fine. Might be hard. Well, it's gonna be harder if you go through with it. But you don't know you're

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a human. So surrender to the decree of Allah. That's why Islam is one faith Web.

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Part of your faith is to say I believe that good and bad faith is decreed by the Almighty and I surrender to it I accept it and adopted well God rehiring he was shattered and in one narration holy he were moody he mean Allah He Tala sweet and sour, good and bad faith is from Allah, something happens take it in your stripe. You're not the first person it is happening to and you will not be the last one. But the test is how are you going to deal with it? How are you going to navigate through it? That's what the test is all about.