Future Planning + More Planking – Vlog 13 – 40 Days To Umrah

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Assalamu alaykum Peace and blessings upon around you ma come from within you. We are headed on day one, most of the day will be spent on travel but welcome to day 13

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You're gonna keep playing Kenya keep reading Quran, keep walking barefoot, rolling out your feet. Today I'd like to talk about future planning.

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So future planning, I think you could hear that within the background. Future Planning was really about bringing mindfulness awareness Dakhla into everything that we did, because that's what everyone wanted to do. Right? Everyone wants to have more taqwa in what they're doing. There you go to Omaha, God, forgive me, God have mercy on me. God, forgive all my sins give me money. And so this idea of forgive, forgive and you get forgiven, except with O'Meara. What I want to start doing now for the next four days, the next four times we meet, I'd like to start talking about mindfulness as a future goal. So today, we're going to roll out the bottoms of our feet, we're going to plank we're

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going to do zikr and then consecutively, we're going to try to find activities that we can do mindfully. Doing would do with taqwa, praying with taqwa, making zikr with Taqwa having making dua, making requests to God with taqwa, which again, kind of hard to understand how to do that with tequila. So we're going to focus on that today.

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And 1415 and 16 in sha Allah will be mindful will do mindful prayer, mindful vicar, and will try to end out on mindful dua

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after Salah to Fudger we're going to be saying a phrase that the Prophet peace be upon him had us saying 100 times a day, but today we'll put our our planking twist on it, our resistance twist on it, so it's Bismillah Hilaire de la your guru, ma asked me he che on fill our ugly wala fists. Ma AEWA? Who was me Earl Adim. Can someone put the comment in the comments? Could someone put the translation because you know someone saying I don't know what it means. Look when you're on your 10th plank, you are not going to care what it means you're going to make sure your form is good and that your pronunciation is good. So let's get in. I say we say Bismillah he led the lie although

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rumors me he che on Fill oddly wala fie sama Ewok was semi rude alim, let's try three times. So when you're setting up for the plank, a lot of people are like, okay, here we go, I'm just going to push my hands down, what I have asked is that you begin to look for your joints. And if you can start seeing the five fingers joints, if you start turning your elbow your hand just in a little bit, you'll notice that you'll get your hand to ground in a lot more. If you can see, we don't use that side part of our hand a lot. So you might be doing this. And these last two last two fingers are not being engaged. So just tilt a little bit as if you're turning your pinky in. And when you set up

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like that both hands with Allah's Andaaz mercy, I hope that you can do this. Notice in my left hand, you can see a lot better. If you just put a flat like this, these guys are not doing anything at all, I might as well just be planking like this. You see how these guys are free. When I turn them in a little, you get that air a little bit of the area and the wrist opens up. What's my real objective is to planking and the squatting and the pull ups are eventually supposed to open up our joints. Open up our wrists. So today, when you set up for that plank, turn the shoulder in, turn the elbow, turn the wrist and make sure that your then joints are grounding to the earth that you're

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really making contact with as much of your hand as possible and that you're opening up always I feel like returning we just need to turn the pinky and more because we don't use that at all. I mean I'm I harp on that quite a bit. Let's set up Bismillah he led the lie Adorama asked me he che on fill out the one if it's summer you have a semi on adding. Now once you set up for your plank shoulders, turn them in. And again for moms, dads, maybe those who are not as physically active or normal. Use the postures from salon if you're used to going for posture of prayer, get as comfortable as you would be doing there. Find yourself a posture where you're pressing the ground as as much as your

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hand can touch the ground. And before you come off, remember, see that your fingertips or grab the earth, your joint is free. And again, only one leg at a time. I start from the pinky toe. So the pinky toe is grabbing first and of course my my big toe is going to come out and now I'm just holding that

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Flat that flat side four for our today's plank. Now tried, you don't want any art you don't want to slouch here. You don't want to be up in the air, you're trying to be as flat as possible and in that flatness, you should be breathing.

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So we haven't done it in a few days. How about we take a breath, take a deep breath into your nose.

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Set your plank a little bit deeper open up the shoulders that's what I'm looking for you to have open the shoulders and at this point deep breath into the nose again

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out to the nose

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into the nose

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engage the core out through the nose

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suck it in through the mouth. circulate through the mouth be careful that your hips and your own twist anything and then groin deep breath into the mouth

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Bismillah he led the liable rumor I sneaky che on Phil outwardly wala fie sama you are who are semi or guardian Bismillah Hilarie liable Romans rumors me he shameful of the wife is some evil who was semi on the island. Deep breath into the mouth Bismillah he levy liable rumors me he che on fill out the water his summer. Work was sunny, run him and bring a knee in. And then this rest of body underneath. Bring yourself up comfortably. Moms, dads, anyone who's trying to do this with us, you should feel the openness in today. Day 13. Turn those elbows in do they touch? Do you feel Can you can you now feel this on? Yes, I can. And once this comes off your body, you're going to feel that

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that the chest and the stomach are separated. So elbows together stretched out, you're going to start to feel it here, the objective of our planks to open up the shoulder. Now my elbows are touched my fingers lineup I can extend and I feel that comfort in my abdomen in my stomach. And maybe I can even find myself making a dua longer because I have my arms free from my body. This is the beginning but today, I hope I'm going to let me just take you straight over to the skeleton. wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. As long as we're working on the outside here. I think your camera is going to be fabulous.

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Asana I want to come so when you're shaking.

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This is what we're going to be working on here. We want to work on our opening up our wrists. And specifically for brothers and sisters. Who moms and dads, maybe college and older your elbow, you're definitely clicked and you're held in your elbow right now. If you open it up, you're going to click it's going to pop out why? Because you have your elbow like this and it's your you haven't hinged here you're holding a lot of tension right here. And this and you'll notice that I could I couldn't turn it around because his there wasn't alignment. So you're gonna find you're you're rushing around. And as a result you're holding a lot of tension in one spot. But tomorrow's will do is going

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to do a lot for you there. Wow, this feels like he's been in the cold for a while he's a little stiff. But we're going to work on you've been spending too much time vlogging we're going to work now. I think your shoulders great. And day 13 I think you're doing fabulous here, sternum and neck we're gonna work on on the internals, but this is it shoulders and elbow, wrist. Here's the hip joint that we're going to start opening I hope you start visualizing yourself. Knees going to open you're going to tell me I have knee problems you have pain, we're going to start to make sure we clean up a lot of that that dead that will how much we've given up and then this will line up and

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take us to the beautiful 50 bones here in the feet and you're going to have such beautiful posture when you walk heel is going to hit disperse these beautiful bones are going to open up even these last two that feel like you don't have them. Keep grabbing that pinky toe tomorrow we'll make we'll do we'll make good on this be isn't a naughty Dinah be well everyone have a fabulous day may your Lord send Peace upon you, around you and within you what cinema ACHEMA to love