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that it always will be learning in a shaytani regime. salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Who to everyone joining us on the Facebook and Instagram stream I believe if you can give me a one in that chat box I'll know that we're all there. Thank you guys. In start I know that we're all set to go and speak to you all momentarily all bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim a one in the chat box if you can hear thank you so much. AQL thank you everyone at home. Barack lafay Come to our Ulus Musala folks I pray that your last Friday was beautiful and I was not with you last Friday. Let's get it on together if you would all for those of you at home let's begin with the remembrance of Allah

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subhanaw taala I will given that done for the for us to make the connection and will begin a reminder

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A Long Walk Home long walk along work well

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I don't want to die

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I don't wanna you know how long

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I had one more Hamadan Rasulullah

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hang on it's

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a long

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are behind the hit down what are Salah tilba Eema at the Mohammed Amin was leader I will follow Lila

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Saramonic Mark de la and I welcome everyone to our Friday reminder. Even if it's the ritual act of reminding ourselves of holding or standing with a stick the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did or standing in a certain garb I'd like you to put a one in the chat box to acknowledge so it doesn't just happen to you Ulis masala we're doing good on sound for everyone. I want you to acknowledge that we're not it is not happening to you. You choose to be here youngsters to the children of the households. Do you choose to be here? Absolutely. I believe that you do choose.

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So as we begin, I would like you to place yourself in a position so that you can say Oh Allah, I am reenacting the rebar that that needs to be done on a Friday the circumstances around me for a month, three months or a year. Do not allow me to worship you the same way be within Allahu Taala in Al Hamdulillah indeed of praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Is that true? Or all hum the due to Allah is all Praise and thanks due to God so even when I do a good job is there praise and things due to Allah? Now Madhu and realizing that fact that every Subhanallah and everything that we accomplish, Allah azza wa jal gets credit. Either you see that as a lot taking from you. Or

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how many people with a one one today recognize that they are limitless in what they could achieve. Why you are made by Allah. You are

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limitless in your potential to be able to achieve and create, to cure to love to hug to remove pain. And when you do it should you say hey, you did such a great job or in your great job, good job that would in the pat on the back in the praise to You, who does all praise and thanks go to. So with a four four in the chatbox do you take all the praise you receive this week and say in Alhamdulillah? And do you now recognize with me in the moment of the hookah Friday reminder now, Madhu, who we all praise Allah subhanaw taala we all have limitless potential within us. And so when you say Alhamdulillah Are you just saying it here or are you doing the hummed of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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when you create when you hug when you love when you use kind words, when you are a miracle for someone else and you teach your little brother when you are nice to your little sister, is this the hammer of Allah? Yes or no?

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And if you can agree with that one a star Enugu on a stove Pharaoh who are not mean Obi Wan at the worker who are they then as a result of a antenna that broadcast Allah subhanho wa Taala as hummed every time you succeed, to whom does a little of the credit go to Allah subhanaw taala and when it goes to Allah subhanho wa Taala having you become a a mechanism for the praise of Allah. So now let's deconstruct that and we've talked about this before, but Ulis masala folks, I believe we may be starting a live clip but soon and to my Instagram friends, when I say

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Alhamdulillah Am I by the sentence? Am I supposed to be happy or sad?

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Right? Do I ever say if you tell me Alhamdulillah means I praise you Allah, I thank you Allah. When you are thanking someone, how do you feel sad or happy? Do you ever feel defeated by saying thanks to someone? Do you ever feel like if I say thanks, I'll owe them something more. So then why don't we Why do we feel difficulty to say thanks to Allah subhanaw taala from a state of joy, I'll take a j in the chatbox if you're able to say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in a state of joy for the now for my happiness for my Kindle for the the clip I just watched for the telephone for the Facebook and Instagram for you this muscle hump

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Can you say with a place of certain happiness, joy

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so would you define today and for the rest of forever? That Alhamdulillah comes from a state of joy. I can say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I can say Allah hamdulillah in order to create happiness, I'm sad I'm down my wife picks on me.

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Well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in all situations, and I create the happiness I distanced myself from my sadness with the single word of hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And then I reach a level of hummed Are you able to make that where you're using the hump Allah is greater than my pain Allah is greater than my pain, Allah is more deserving and praiseworthy than I am worthy of complaining. Allah is more worthy of my praise. Then I am

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deserving to complain about my problem anyone I like this one I liked this one I'm swallowing this pill.

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Oh Allah, you are greater and more praise worthy than my pain is bothersome.

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Oh, write that on the wall. Alhamdulillah so now I've boosted myself up. Alhamdulillah food is great. My family's Great. Oh Allah asked you how much better could it get then this Alhamdulillah and then once you've distanced yourself from your anxiety or difficulty that the cause of your pain

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from a state of J from us

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State of Jannah to the for those who are that joy Jana make those words synonymous. Joy and Jana Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in all situations and in all scenarios hamdulillah Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Toba Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabi Raha just for a moment, because you're outside of the bond, even if it's self induced, even if this is just some cool clip, how many people have moved to a state of more happiness, a little bit of excitement, please don't be shy or like, oh, I don't want to agree with him, then I'll turn religious, how many people from the beginning of the clip but till now or like, I feel a little bit happier. That joy, that state of joy usually then we seek out a sugar, some music, video game, a game of chance, basketball, entertainment, we, when we get happy want to go do things that we consider to be happy?

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We want to go play or listen to music. But I am asking you, can you go from states of not being happy? And then move to a state of happiness and that be your entertainment? I'll give an E for entertainment in the chat box. If we have begun that era of being entertained to death,

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if you would, and this is not me pointing a finger. It's right here, guys. Whether you're 3822 12 if you're 10 years old, if I let Jen now my three year old daughter use YouTube for 10 minutes, and she searches on the search bar for 10 minutes, or we look up things she likes. Forget about searching. If she just clicks will the YouTube algorithm customize things that Jana wouldn't even know that she was saying she liked? Would more of that start to populate? Correct? I'm sorry, YouTubers we're not? I'm just saying, will the Facebook algorithm then almost hear your clicks? If you're looking for something new or certain types of clothes? Will it bring it to your doorstep? Yes. So are we in an

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era of being entertained to death where one Marvel movie turned into 20? And now instead of bashing? Are we ready? To not just say oh, the football was about Alhamdulillah but willing to make hummed what distances me distances me from my pain, then may come something that raises me up and gets me higher. And from that elevated state can I then stop and say

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well Hamdulillah I feel really happy Why are you happy? Are you allowed to be happy

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Alhamdulillah in all situations in scenarios, there is joy to be had. As I sit between the hood buzz give me a praise of Allah subhanaw taala as I sit between the reminders your chance to practice now next week it's going to be real there's a real gem Alibaba is an unlucky to Allah stipulate upon the universe not read tearing apart.

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If you would, as I sit practice now, oh Allah give me this joy. Remove the voids in my life and give me joy. If there is solid sound, the Ulus masala folks can give me some indication or one of the adults can let us know between the sittings of the hookah Oh Allah make me love

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Subhan Allah who I become the will we all make dua for each other now

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and as I stand for the second clip, I'm going to speak about Lebanon. I'm going to speak about the realities that are going on there.

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What I would appreciate from you all

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what I would appreciate from you all now is to spend this time between the hood but praying to Allah subhanaw taala for those people.

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A one one in the chatbox to the young ladies of Instagram and Ulis masala. Did anyone see any clips or news feeds about young ladies taking their wedding photos as the blast went off other people at the Hookah Lounge right. I'm trying to paint

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To picture to what we aspire to. There were people in Mercedes dealerships buying buying cars there were million dollar deals being had there was there were people posing for their wedding pictures so friends is it possible that during the exact moment of the blast someone was taking a selfie

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so what I am

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what I'm asking from all of us what I'm asking from all of us is for you to just take a moment to recognize

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the slight thought the moment the moment

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it happened what I want to be able to

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not lose sight of is

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was as horrible field recorded was the bunny sobre el and all their trials recorded on Instagram

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No, but wasn't occurrence that was as quick as the day of judgment and change people's lives. Did it get captured and have we watched it has how many people have seen in detail the Lebanon explosion more than a dozen times

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I'm sorry.

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I was just astonished by the power

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so with that as a premise I'd like to start the second part of the clip bus so now that you know I'm not being heartless towards them, but many of them may already be in paradise. My discussion is about me and you right? Isn't that

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the sound is still with you.

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he will not be enlightened I mean was louder to us more Allah was already him Nabi Karim war Allah early he was here you know playing you been blogging Allah whom does warming guess about Octavia than Jala anyone make

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how you now are the Athena was? Yeah, how you Yeah, are you still with us? We shut me cooler while attacking me Ilan, obviously for for terrain.

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What is cool too? Yeah, Musa Lemnos land note Mina laka had the neuron la jacquela. For Alphonse that goons sly upon doom.

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Doom down Zulu. Oh. So my boss.

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Bharti my Home Depot lon Lancome tech guru on one wall

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early on

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I was a Hulu employee but the mom was jump on

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Walmart mouth

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now I

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for sample meal Blue Moon

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and the story is shared about the people of bunny sloth youth their scenario was such that they asked Moses audience so that was Saddam we're not going to believe in your God until we see him manifest like right in front of our eyes John Cena style

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and in that moment for us that's Kuhmo sly thought and there was there they were seized what untung done to rune

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and in the story as of as Hubble field you heard about a bird and a bunch of elephants in the story of us habit Luca Have you heard

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but how many events in your life are so magnificent or magnanimous impacting to open your eyes to wow Subhanallah God is so merciful watching the birth of your child, burying your father giving charity are these things that move you and affect you? Correct? Absolutely. Being present at the birth of a child or being a farming and growing a plant and eating the fruit of that plant. It's it is sensational. It's moving, it's earth moving, if you would put it in an event that has changed you up in the positive and then there are those events. My car got stolen as somebody died in my family, I financial collapse or i i

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saw a car accident, I couldn't look away, and it affected me.

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Was the Lebanon blast something that affected you?

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Now, the tough part of this football is saying, who decides how it affected you?

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When you found out that it was some form of ammonium nitrate that was solved, stored incorrectly? And then we could blame someone did you feel better than?

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And so the government started to resign, and now the cabinet is gone? Did you feel better?

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And more than just saying how I felt who assigned that feeling?

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Could you wake up for Fudger and say, subhanAllah, I saw that blast. The blast on the Day of Judgment, the horn of the Day of Judgment will be 50 times greater. What event will shake you enough that it goes beyond a billion likes on Facebook and YouTube? And Tiktok? And Instagram? How many months from now guys for real? And I'm asking this on August 14? How many months from now? Will that become a meme? How many months from now? Well, that 10 second clip of the firecrackers going off, and then the food just become a meme. Mind blown.

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V the endless information entertainment by death, death by entertainment.

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That's its own issue. But the fact that the things that are meant to change us and now I'll flip the script, what if you saw Musa alayhis salam split the water and it was captured on Instagram?

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And you could watch it over and over and over?

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It would lose its effect of being there. Miracles would no longer be miraculous yo bro check this out. Oh, that's cool. A camel the size of Clifford the dog. That's pretty cool bro. Yo, check this out. This cat here is surfing.

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When will these signs around us become greater because I am telling you of a people every Friday who read Serato calf and are showed amazing signs and miracles of boys in the cave and the scenario of the Fallujah they'll call name and the yeah Julie, Jenna, Matt, George and and the fitna of the jowl in the situation that will follow.

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It's just gonna the job is gonna just have a really cool Snapchat, the Antichrist and all the signs it's gonna be like hey, I'm out here to misguide you today. So before the religion goes any further and we lose grasp today, take a stamp. Today I choose to hold on to my religion even if YouTubers are telling me I take my hijab off I look more beautiful if if a people are openly talking about their sins and doing things on Tik Tok and dancing on a masala and dressing up like their mom and doing pranks on their parents. It just finding bro. Take a stamp. There is a religion and that is what I follow. I can't water it down. I choose to take a stamp because a football college football

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fan takes a stand and NBA player and the fans that follow them they take a stand today I choose Islam. Today I choose Islam and I stand up for what it believes him in Allah yet motivate loudly what is certainly what it will Korba why and how it will fascia you will carry what about one of the decoder Allahu Akbar. And if that standard means being as proud and larger than charge as a gay person coming out to show their their colors today I come out to stand against social norms, to not be accepted, to not be liked to be content with myself, and to be content with having a relationship with my Lord, even if that cost me a relationship with the majority with the masses with the clicks

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and with the likes on tick tock views, even if it costs me that

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Alhamdulillah Allah is just that good. As we go for the love of prayer, the message is clear. You're in charge of your happiness and your happiness and your feelings are defined by you not about what's who whose fault something is or who you are going to blame.

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Allah is more deserving of my praise than my problems are

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worthy of my complaints. One of the Quran Allah He spoke about while love we are in the moment us now our own team is slow Allah and in your own homes with your own Imam I highly recommend the dollar prayer in Gemma let me get a double j in the chat box if you will be praying with the Jama with your parent family and yes I will say if if there's nobody even never led the prayer before try it that like oh I don't know how to try it get up and go up and down be a little bit slower than you are usually. And moms if there's only you and the ladies at home you guys know what to do. Don't let yourself just wander off I'll see you also in JSOC Allahu Haider, in Allah Allah yet motivated

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Diwali, Sonny what eater it will Kuba why and how and in fascia you will carry while belt? What are the crew Allahu Akbar? Allahu jamoma does not known at Masada for feedback sake let me get a que in the chat box if this was beneficial hood but ask if you felt the the jolt of Joomla someone should write that down. If you've got a Joomla jolt, then please feel free and hashtag Joomla jolt as we keep going through barkcloth ego Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I'll see you all next week as we continue on this platform.

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Oh Allah we pray for guidance. We pray that the next coming weeks and months that we have the opportunity to hold the flag of Islam. Oh Allah let us shine brightly with the colors of Iman and let us represent Sigillata la Orman, sir Nomi now log us live.

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One Nola who are happy to own a lot mommy said Imani.

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Ark Lo Fi comm friends, I hope you have a wonderful evening. Afternoon. I said I'm on a Moroccan villa. If our Instagramers were doing great Instagram for future, how was the sound where you were? I'm gonna go for my prayer. How was your sound? Excellent. barkcloth a conference I really do appreciate it. A lot of my Imia so we're gonna Houda what to call our fafo Alina was salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah Ulis folks, great to be back with you again. I'll see you all soon.

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Oh, city of Ulis. Can we show the power of our dua? Would you pray for everyone around the world allow you to Ulis to become a epicenter for Mo Farah. We have that power. We've got a great team. I said Ahmad ACHEMA Rahmatullah please do make dua for everyone as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Subhan Allah he will be humble he's Subhan Allah, Allah, then we're concluding here broadcast will end a Salam Alaikum