The Weight of your Deeds

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What does that mean? Have you thought about it means Oh Allah you now to forgive? You love to forgive? Why would Allah love to forgive? He knows he has created his slaves who will sin and earth.

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He loves from amongst us those who return to Him and repent to Him those are the ones whom Allah loves. If you think you are never going to sin listen to this canoe bunny, Adama Hapa, or Hyrule Hapa in a toga Boone.

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All human beings are the children of Adam commit sin they are prone to error, but the best from among those who often sin because the term Hapa refers to someone who did it more than once.

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To a boon, those who repent more than once again, the word worn off repenting. How many times do you seek the forgiveness of Allah believe in the Mercy of Allah, you are growing but older, you might be terminally ill, you might be young, learn to love Allah and feel the love of Allah back. Allah loves you, when he takes you away, be convinced that you are going to a good place. Why are you not a movement? Did you not say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that statement alone heals it will heal the Ummah, the bond, don't we say the bond of la ilaha illa Allah is stronger than the bundle of blood.

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You hear the Hadith, the hadith of beta, it's called the Hadith of the card. It's reported that on the day of piano, a slave will come forth with sins 99 files filled with sins, each one from the east to the west.

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And as Allah Almighty says, Put his deeds on the scale, they are being put on the scale. People used to ask, how will they weigh the deeds? Then how will they weigh that? I don't know how they will weigh the deeds. I don't know how they will write the deeds but I know they write it and I know they will wait and I know there's going to be a scale of justice because the Quran says it the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says I believe in it.

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And so

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today when you video something, or when you have an audio and you save, it takes up part of your memory. How much is a wait, megabytes agree?

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gigabytes sometimes too big terabytes

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and so on. It can wait. If you can weigh my speech in megabytes, mp3, WAV, etc. It's so simple for Allah to do whatever he wants to weigh my whole life out.

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So we don't ever deny the scales of justice. One of the beautiful things about the scale is it depicts the Mercy of Allah how Allah says I'm not looking for someone who only got one side of the scale good only know Allah says from an ethical let's miroir Zeno melodica human roughly one woman suffered now as you know for Allah it can Lina has you on Fusa whoever is good deeds are more than the bad they have one.

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Allah didn't say whoever does not have bad deeds, the Mercy of Allah is is going to weigh your deeds. How many good how many bad Okay, say for example, we weighing in kilos. I got five kilos of bad and 10 kilos of good what happened to me? I won. I won.

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And that's why be careful the weight of your deeds