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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning to stop mistakes and redoing a whole thing. They also discuss the use of a book as an opportunity to redo a whole thing and encourage others to join the session. They touch on the topic of a nurse's use of a preposition during a session and briefly mention a Korean street art class. The segment emphasizes avoiding "breath" and "rocky weather", and encourages viewers to pray before going out. They end with a advertisement for a prayer.
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and you're gonna run around with the suction cup thing. Yeah, no, I'm gonna put it on so

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I was gonna put on the board but actually I used to do that kind of put on the board he put on the board, our production managers really tough guys. Always on our case. Who's a production on you?

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Because I like to meet this guy.

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A little bit too much filming for us today. Stand it'll stand. It'll stand. Okay, we're gonna try to do our Shall we beginning livestream? Yeah, good.

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To one. So I'm on eco Rahmatullah myself and below. We just wrapped up one day of recording. This must be the same thing to you guys like to see us recording all the time. But it's like putting an album together. Yeah, it truly is that excitement or talk to you guys over here? It's the excitement of putting your ideas, your passion, the information and putting it all together? And then you do wonder, Is everyone going to like it? Is it good is it isn't as great as the next. So if there's some artists out there who's like, I don't know, if people like myself, I think all of us are in that in that business of kind of putting our emotions out there. And letting the world see. Yeah,

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yeah, so definitely awesome. So what we've been doing here today, essentially, it's year two of Quran revolution, we're actually adding on to the curriculum for people who have already done the year one. Welcome. This isn't the opportunity for you guys to check out if you want to continue your journey. I don't see why you wouldn't. But gen one was awesome. Year one. So Lila, the one of the things, though, that they're calling it, make the Quran yours, which is the objective of this class. But to me, it's like, you know, this is your opportunity to learn how to freestyle. Okay, there you go. That's what it is. It's straight up freestyle. Because part of it is like, and I just came to

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realize simple thing, right? When you want to now, this is not exactly the concept, but we were discussing this earlier, it's

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the sentence I read, I read the book, right? So you can say I read the book, or I read the book, or I read the book, or I read the book, right? If you're gonna if you're gonna, like, when you're reading any kind of passage, any story, book, whatever you can emphasize and give your own flavor and feel. Right, right. But the thing is, as we were we were reciting Quran one of the things growing up, one of the challenges has always been like, Oh, I gotta be able to redo the whole thing in one breath and not make a mistake. Yeah, otherwise I'm what * yeah. Right. One of the words even if you get to the end, and you mix a change the word change the letter. That's it, you're done.

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And what am I supposed to do with a lot of pressure? It is and I just like I like the way that you now you're like, are you learn the rules, you learn how to read, you learn how to recite, you learn how to get your flow going, you know, some of the basic vocabulary, things like that. But this is where you can stop and pause. He just makes it so much easier. And it's funny, because now that you like that, like now when like when you're recognizing, like for example, what are the new now seen a lake, one

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public Wi Fi that you whom you clean would just be able to stop and just pause and then think about that? What belongs just read? Can you imagine the elementary reader which one do they want? What bill? Do you want the whole thing read together? They want it broken down? Yeah. So for guys at home, you know, Sister Lisa is and on the students of the world. Do you all want a constant flow recitation? Or do you want to be do you want the allowance to say stop and every time you stop it get your get more blessings? And here's the thing that once you learn how to stop, and you know, and you kind of got that whole breakdown, then you feel a little bit more confident to actually try the

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full flow. Yes. Right. And just once you start going through the loop, yeah, if you weren't, you're like hey, I don't have to say one word. I could say a phrase together. Yeah, yep. And we're just earlier I think before the recording of the last session that we did for the day we were talking about so they can have yes right and I was just like well you know, this is a long I can you break he's like No, you can't break but you can join you can join together. Yes. And for those people who are wondering, do you have to stop at every if you do not have to you can call our ODU beyond being Nassima the king na sila Hindi Samina SHARI LEWIS was a nurse in the US we Sophie, you was with

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Sophie so during Samina Jean naughty one nurse. And if you notice, I was running out of air, I used half geography and just use a user preposition. I'm sorry, I'm pointing at a blank board. No, we've been here too long. Well, we can see each other

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Oh, yes, we can right I want to see if they can. Hey, there you go. Hey, guys. Yeah, that's what we're that's what we're pointing. That's what we're pointing at. We're not being crazy. There was Quran here but now there's some angel. There's an angel thing. Oh my god so much. Put this on YouTube Angel caught on camera. Someone's like haram lying brother. So you know one of the things this is, this is the first time I tried it. So now we're going

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be the second time. So it was just like, and for those of you who are familiar with soda guff, it's like basically Alhamdulillah so

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I'll be like in a Shetland rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Alhamdulillah Elodie, then Allah RBD Hill kita bahala myalgia Allah Who are you?

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So that's where you would normally start right? But but you can keep it going So alhamdulillah lady, that Allah of the hill kita

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angel who are Eva Jiang, or Yi Mei Li Yu li Robertson Lucia de Mila Doom, who are you buy shoes, meaning a lady nyama Luna, slaley, hottie and ADGER on has Allah Allah Allah, you gotta do the whole year breath. Yeah, sometimes you could sneak in a little little pocket. Yeah, like that little thing. But otherwise, if the sector helps you that making that stop, rather low walk helps you but but the idea is just just a freestyle factors just like you stop, you know where to stop, you break it up, and then you bring it together, as opposed to trying to bring it together at once and just tripping and falling and doesn't end it just doesn't make you feel good. And the wonderful part if

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you want to even take it further, once you stop and freestyle it. Yeah, you could then read it as fast and slow, you can bring so much it's just, there will be moments if you got some of the vocab words down. Like you'd want me to say it's gonna take your breath away. Yeah, you know, put on the Breathless pause but

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but it's one of the rules that the process pause. But for those of you who are currently in the foreign Solution Program and have access to the understand program, one of the sources or diversity passages that we go over is what's it called? Is LMI. Right? And one of the verses is like, Robin Omaha laughter heard about the Lang soba high neck and they just like you think about it, right? It's how awesome is yeah, how awesome is Allah the fact that he's far removed from you know, whatever these thoughts of how he's so much more awesome than what you're thinking about? Yeah. And then super high. Like I felt the you know, I know that he brought in the Subhanak. Again, he

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stopped, brought that word back in and then completed sentence how awesome is Allah? Oh, Allah in your awesomeness. Save us from the hellfire. Yeah. And so it's like, there's so many places I'm looking at. It's like, wow, this really gives you the opportunity to freestyle. And everyone who's losing their booty every time he says freestyle, just give him a chance because it is truly your your ability to what is the freestyle off the dome, you're staying within the confines of whatever the rap scheme is, if it's freestyle, yeah, then here, stay within the confines of this amazing Tajweed rules and go for it to come at it knowing the meaning and you're bringing your flavor. Don't

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you think every single recitation is a freestyle though because it's your unique frequency of is it because so many people they don't make it their own? Yes. Because everybody's trying to copy the other exactly checked by the guy and it's like, you know, not everybody flooded with the Chicago and then also then put your brain on cruise control. Yeah, you're just kind of

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you could be humming whatever you knew, but it just on a, on a tempo to all my younger designers out there who are out there saying but you know, should we not follow? Look, develop two or three styles and then make it your own? Yeah, I know what you're doing. So but that takes it just takes time. I think people have to focus on it. People have to take the time to know why the recycler stopped. But doesn't that mean that you also have to kind of be you have to connect with your recycler you got to know him at least as well as you know your third string guy in your fantasy football right? You got to know I'm not saying he's gonna know him as well as your best players but you got to do your best

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to kind of become one with the character Yeah, that's really what it is. Okay for hanging out for everyone who's here? Yeah, guys, thanks for joining. It's awesome.

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This is we got one more day to go. Okay friends, Are we all good at home? Are we all headed out? Can you give us a prayer before we go along my job later on with the awkward army or last year as be our best years along with John played on Woody. I love my job and played on Emily how our team our last actions be our best actions. A lot of my job played on a Yom Yom I'll talk the best day of our life be the day that we meet Allah subhanaw taala over and out Prince was salam ala ACHEMA

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