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Ar-Rad 18-43 Translation 18-43

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I do want to slowly I noticed even Kareem I'm about to be let him initiate

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim. Rubbish rashly Sati westerly, MD, Washington of data melissani Yakubu Kohli Baba banners.

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Lesson number 128. Sort of the lark I am number 8243

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Latina for those who is the Jabu they responded. lira be him to the Arab alpha snur the good the good outcome when levina and those who love not yesterday will they respond to him? Low if and indeed la home for them. Ma whichever fee is in an earthly the earth Jimmy aren't altogether what and Midler who it's like Mara, who with it left there though? Surely they would give in ransom, be with it without Ecuador's law home for them super evil and preserve the reckoning when we're home and their abode. Jehan Nemo is hell, where we are and how bad we had the resting place.

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A famine is then who Yala Moo he knows a number that indeed that which owns Zilla it was revealed in a call to you main from Rob Baker Europe and help the truth common like who who are he is blind in them or indeed not but yet Adecco he takes heed Lulu possessors an adverb of the internet and Latina those who you phone they fulfill brb with covenant Allah He of Allah, Allah and not in Kaduna, Daybreak and Mesa, the contract the treaty, the agreement

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while Athena and those who yes Luna de join ma what Amala he commanded, Allahu Allah be with it. And that use Allah a be joined. We are Shona and they fear from the home they rub way Hakuna and they fear sua evil or herself the reckoning

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when levena and those who suburu they were patient, AB de la to seek YG phase or became of the Arab or accommo and they perfectly established a sonata de Sala will unfold and they spent member from what was the owner whom we provided them seven secretly where I learned and openly. We are the owner and they avert bin Hasina with the good SAE after the evil, Allah, Ecuador's law home for them or for the consequence adult of the home.

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Jenna two gardens are done in of eternity. Yeah, the Haruna her they will enter it woman and who swallow her. He was good. He was righteous men from Abba, he him their fathers was YG him and their spouses with regard to him and their children. While Malaika and the angels Yeah, the whole lunar they will enter or lay him upon them. Men from Cali every bourbon door

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Salaam on peace or they come upon you Bhima because of what somber tone you were patient for near miss. So how good are Cuba and adult of the home?

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Well Edina and those who young Kaduna Daybreak are the covenant ally of Allah, men from bardi after me sadly, it's binding. Waikato una and they cut ma what Amala he commanded, Allahu Allah, be with it and that use whether it be joined where you've Ceduna and they make mischief. They spread Mr. fee in a lovely the earth.

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Ola eco those la home for them. A learner to the curse, when a home and for them so evil Adele the home

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Allahu Allah Yabba Soto, he expands a risk, the provision, lemon for who? Yeshua He wills Where could it and he restricts will further your shoe and they rejoice. Bill hayati with the life adonia of the world warmer and not adhere to the life adonia of the world fee in an era the hereafter except matter on a temporary enjoyment

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waiuku and he says Allah Dena, those who care for all they disbelieved. Lola Why not? own Zilla, it was revealed RNA

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Find him a a don't assign men from Robbie his

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own say in Indeed Allah Allah, you'll dilute, he sends a strain. Or he lets go a strain. Man whoever he or she, oh he wills, where the and he guides lie to himself a man who an Abba, he returned or he turned in repentance.

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And Medina those who am I know they believed were and Tacoma in new, it is assured,

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over home, their hearts basically with remembrance Allah He of Allah, Allah unquestionably the victory with remembrance Allah He of Allah Diploma in new it is assured of kulu the hearts

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and Medina those who am I know they believed were army to ended assignee had the righteous deeds boober a good state or bliss

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the home for them was new and good merb place of return.

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Guernica likewise, also NACA we have sent you see in our Metin a nation a community Earth in fact call it a past main from our belly hair before it Oman nations later clue so that you recite our name upon them. And the D that which, ohana We have revealed Eliza to you. We're home and they react furuno they deny their disbelief. barrage man with the Most Merciful old say who are he is Robbie my rub la not Ilaha any god except who are he? RNA he upon him thorkild to I have trusted or LA he and to him metab my return

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hello and if an indeed will earn a Quran surah it was moved. Be here with it Lw the mountains out or it was cut. Be here with it. Our bow the earth or Colima? He spoke or he was made to speak

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be with it alota the dead ones been rather delay for Allah. The command Jemison altogether a phenom, do the not as he despairs and levina those who am a new they have believed and that low if you're sure you will Allahu Allah luchador surely he guided anessa the people gym era altogether. whether or not he has said he seizes and Medina dazu cafaro they disbelieved to sleep at home it reaches them Bheema for watch center oh they did or done a calamity. A disaster.

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it descends Peri urban near men from that him their homes. Hector until yet the year it comes Where do promise Allah He of Allah in the law Indeed Allah led not eucalyptol he goes against unmetered the promise.

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One occurred and certainly was to zero he was marked at bureau swollen with messengers main from publica before you for unrelated so I extended I gave rest bite. Linda Dena to those who cafaro they disbelieved. So my then a hearse to whom I sees them. For k for so how can I was

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my punishment, my penalty.

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fm and is then who who are he caught him on? One who maintains one who watches over Allah upon Kali every Neff sin so Bhima for what does Sabbath it earned what Gerardo and they have made lilla he for Allah Shoraka partners. All say some move home you will name them

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or to not be owner who you will inform him the male with what land not yet on a moon he knows fee in a lovely the earth or below hidden with apparent outward men from alone the speech well rather Xena it was adorned Latina to those who cafaro their disbelief macro home their plot was so do and they were stopped. They were prevented. I'm from a severe the way woman and whoever you Oberlin he leads a string he sends a string Allahu Allah from us are not local for him men from having any guide

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the home for them or they have a punishment fee in

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At the life adonia of the world what end learners surely are their punishment of the hereafter a shock is more severe is more difficult, warmer and not the home for them men from Allah He Allah men from working any protector

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must do description and agenda of the paradise and Lottie which worried he was promised, and motorhome those who adopt Aqua surgery it flows men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers

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aku hair its roots that a moon eternal what and when to her it's changed they'll call that Roca end result and Medina of those who eat the cow they adopted the Aqua workover and end result are Catherine of the disbelievers and now is the fire

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when the Dena and those who are thinner whom we gave them Al Kitab the book here for hola they rejoice Bhima in what on Xena it was revealed alayka to you woman and from observe the group's man who Yun kill he denies barber who some of it gold say in ama indeed not but omit to I was commanded and that are Buddha I worship Allah Allah whether or not we should make I associate any partners be with him in a do him other oh I invite what la he and do him my my return

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worker then nikka and us einzelner who we have revealed it hookman a legislation a law I will be in Arabic whether in and surely if it devata you followed a home their desires bother after man that jacket it came to you main from an early me the knowledge man not letter for you men from Allahu Allah muhuali can any Guardian wanna and nor worked in any protector?

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One oh god and certainly our center we sent roussillon messengers, men from publica before you was there on that and we made the home for them as weijun wise, we're duty yet and children wama and not Ghana it was little siouxland for a messenger on that yet dia he comes the I attend with a sign in the except the evening with permission Allah of Allah. Luckily for every agenda in a term keytab wound a decree.

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Em fu he eliminates he wipes off Allahu Allah Marwat Yeshua who he wills where you submit, and he confirms he makes firm. We're in the Who? And with him. Omu mother, l kita. of the books

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were in and a man that Dorian NACA? We definitely show you barraba some and ludy which nerida home, we threaten them, we promise them

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oh or not our fire nikka We definitely raised you, we definitely cause you to die.

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For innama then indeed not but our Laika upon you albula the conveying work and Alena upon us as she said the reckoning

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I wanna do and not yet Oh, they see a nurse that indeed we met de we come or we bring

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over the earth, non coastal her we reduce it men from a philosophy here it sides its borders were Allahu and Allah Yakumo he decides he judges less not more active, any adjuster more or any adjuster

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they hook me for his decision. Well, who and he is steady or Swift. And he said in the reckoning

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we're out and in fact McCullough he plotted and Medina those who main from public him before them for the lay so for Allah and macro, the plot Jamie are all together. Yeah, he knows man what taxi boo it earns Gullu every Knutsen soul was a lm and soon he will know Elko found the disbelievers lemon for who are Cova and Adele of the home.

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Were good know and he says alladhina those who follow their disbelieved less than you are not more seller, one who is sent a messenger

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A gaffer he is sufficient biLlahi definitely Allah shahidan as a witness benei between me or Reina comb and between you woman and who are in the who with him removed knowledge and keytab of the book.

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That's this is the recitation of these verses

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lobby movie

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is Fellini Alimi

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in a lot

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