Wisam Sharieff – Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah 4 of 10

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of listening to lectures and delecting one's good deeds. They then move on to a delecting activity called the hudge and a video about Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying in silence and not taking negative mental health decisions for too long. The importance of the hudge and video in shaping the day is highlighted.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome friends to our days of Hajj. It's exciting that we've started the 10 days together, we've identified activities that we like to do activities are very bada that you're good at. Some people do sadaqa some people are able to don't count listening to lectures for a long time as your one good deed, as many times, we'll outsource our good deeds to listening to lectures. And I know that's going to pinch a little bit as I'm kind of a lecture too. But don't outsource your good deeds that I listened to someone else. So if that's your good deed, layer it with some others. We then said de Ivanova prep. And that video was exciting. It was

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remembering Allah reading Quran saying peace be upon him to the Prophet peace be upon him and thinking about him. You know, one thing I didn't really mention.

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And we'll get to it was the Quran welcoming today's episode in episode four, it's almost the opposite. You may be experiencing Arafa. Today, you may be right around that time.

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frame the opposite of filling hours of activities with the variety and keeping the energy flowing. Today's question in the days of hudge, can you do one activity for longer than 18 minutes?

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Can you step out of the hamster wheel of got this number did this got this? I reached this level.

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Oh Allah.

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You created me. You sustained me, you nurtured me through infancy, you created this world around me.

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Your real Allah.

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And I'm going to acknowledge you in one act of worship.

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And so that excitement that you just felt?

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It's going to be tough. The first seven minutes are going to say one stop. I'm done. See, I read enough. I finished the end of the page. Once you exhaust those seven minutes, we're going to go past the 12 minute mark, one activity.

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Can you watch the rise and fall of your breath for 22 minutes?

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Can you lose time remembering Allah subhanaw taala is kindness not counting how many times you said thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks, thanks. I think you just felt it. Can I put 18 minutes or more? Because we'll all do something and get bored today, will you acknowledge the self and then go beyond? Oh Allah, on this hudge on these days, I worship you.

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And that's it.

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That's today's lesson.

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Do that activity. Sit in the silence. Remember your Lord,

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be kind don't have a negative thought for 22 minutes.

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Days of Hajj.

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As the nights of Ramadan affected us deeply. The days of Hajj will shape us heavily. Friends. Episode Four days of Hajj was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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