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Join Imam Wisam Sharieff for an interactive evening that brings the Quran to life through the art of recitation. Learn to decode the complex terminology of recitation rules and develop confidence in your own voice.

We all face challenges in our relationship with the Quran. Whether it’s learning to read, perfecting our recitation, or listening to the sound of our own voice as we flow through the words of Allah. Yet, many of us feel inadequate because we cannot put in the time to learn, practice, and feel confident in ourselves.

In this introduction to the art of recitation, you will identify the tools and learn the practical steps needed to improve your recitation, using examples from four of the oft-recited, shorter Surahs.

Join us for a night like no other. Strengthen and beautify your relationship with the Quran, no matter where you are in your journey. Discover how much of the codified science of tajweed you can master in one evening, and in a unique and interactive session that will fill the room with the light of Allah’s words, take charge by making the recitation of the Quran your own.

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I always make mistakes and sewer coffee room. I'm always confused by the eyes that repeat themselves. How can I make that better and learn to recite properly the Muslim Institute presents q&a with the man with Sam Sharif Assalamualaikum friends here we are to solve an issue we've all wanted to recite Alia you all calphalon kind of very make a nice variation in our salon not always close to a lot more her than in the Outliner nothing wrong with that, but let's spice up life today. Even though Surah caffee rune is only six is two of those verses repeat with one is in between so it gets a little confusing. If you're ready. How about you and I recited together do the pronounciation

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correct which builds a pattern the recitation itself has a pattern in it that will help you learn to hold on and recite even better let's get started posture of dignity be ready to receive ready

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go ahead open yourself up and let's get started.

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He was

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he Mina Shea on your Raji go give do your timing well. Ooh Vila he mean a shave on your orgy.

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Mina, shame on you. Raji Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, be smooth Bismillah he'll ra ma Neil ra e m. or E. Ra e m. Ra e m, use your jaw for that Ra. Here we go through our coffee room. Six is what you're going to do with me deep breath in and build a pattern in the beginning. First word, just get the first word everything flows. Who you coolly pucker Your lips are the ooh and then open the tongue. Who do you? Who do

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Hello, little heavy. Let's try it again. And yeah, is not a y sound. It's up. Yay. From the middle of your mouth pucker for the cough. Commit for the lamb. Guru. Yah. Yah.

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Ha you have a few to cat fields. Cool. Ah, he Oh, golf. Iran. calf Iran. Nope. gulia

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au Halle caffee room. II.

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And they are that sound is already lit in your ear.

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You pick up the La,

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boo boo. So drop your eyes for a second because you're going all boo. You're choking nine and that confuses the sound. La la la la Freetown LA.

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Ah boo, boo, boo, boo.

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Boo Boo, Ma, da da da da boo blue. touch that. Commit to the DA Boo.

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Boo Boo.

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Boo. Listen to the difference between choking the sound law all boom, ah, boo dude. Right. And you can't hear that until you can't notice that till you hear it. So give it back to me now like you're lifting it.

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Boo. Now that's the first gulia you Hello. caffee rune. caffee. rune e

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la boom ah boo.

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Now to is are going to sound exactly the same builder pattern. While a

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to b do

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our Boo.

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Boo the excellent so now can you do it with me? wet. La la la, la la, la la.

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our Buddha.

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Can you say the word Uncle Uncle? Is it unknown or n term in inside of a pen? Monkey young

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And I think you'll get it. We'll talk about that phrase of your tongue not touching the roof of your mouth later. But for now, Uncle your way through while

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be do all be doing a or

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b do Nah, man ma, ma, ma, Ma.

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Ma, Ma, Ma Ma. Or ma ma ma ma

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excellent. Now why law? Enter so you're gonna go for a while. And and and be Doom

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Doom, read it to me please

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be Doom doom.

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But to drop the dial if you could, can you go through the data and say, I bet

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I bet Doom so this is where people get confused because you're so lost in this arena. You're like, oh wait the next idea is exactly the same as number three. Why law to be

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blue the beautiful state back to me please can you say why law to my Boo.

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Boo would come to the top of your meme. My

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lecom lakum de nukem pucker your lips twice Newcomb, nukem nukem 123 Dean Walia, Worley, Worley Walia, Dean, how many of you at home are subconsciously thinking one day yet, Dean? And I found hundreds of people who just memorized what he said Dean laocoon, the new comb worthy. And if you could honor us in the comments to admit, yeah, that was my mistake. I bet you 50 other people will be like, yo, bro, me too. So reach out and share your vulnerabilities say this was tough. I never knew I never saw it laid out perfectly so that I could see six verses. It's awesome to spend this time with you that middle verse maybe you didn't feel it was gonna be Doom Ah, but our battle. Now

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you can at least say you know what, I know how to fix the confusion, the first to lay the pattern, then three, four, and five or one unit three and five are the same ayah and then Lancome Dino como Li the Lancome de novo comm 123 Wiley, the

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if you're interested in you're like, hey, this was amazing. Hey, hit rewind. Let me do this all over again for you. But if there's a little urgency inside of you, you're like, I want to do this live. Look for on night, the art of recitation coming to a city near you. And until then, practice this, I really look forward to meeting you live. And when I meet you, if you'd like to recite this surah or anyone that we have covered together, come on over and just grab me for a moment and say I'd love to recite what I prepared online. I'll see you all soon. It's been a privilege and keep on your process of learning to recite, because this is the best place for you to start with your relationship with a

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lot. Thanks again. See you all on the other side.