Fitra Rx – Ramadan 2022 Ankle Health

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Meanwhile, ecomark de la Welcome back fit throw our ex friends. Let's make it happen today with a slant board. It's all going to start with ankle mobility, foot health. Why are there so many bones and ligaments in our feet, if we were meant to wrap them up all day, as we've seen many times, whether it's from postures of prayer working on our ground game, or from our discussion today, or the the voluminous amount of videos made by the ATG folks on the importance of sledding and the importance of our feet and ankle health. So today, I want to be able to focus on and you can do this at home, possibly even with a little pillow, I want to raise your heels off the ground, and I want

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you to take the back of your heel off the ground. When doing this friends, a lot of us may find cramping in our calves. If we're not used to extending or standing on your tippy toes, you may cramp up on your calves almost immediately. My objective here is raised, I've raised it quite a bit with this slant board, raising my heels, knees over toes all the way down. And all the way back up. This is something that I would like a lot. And you're almost looking at this going, should we all be able to do gold seven, right? 17 times a day we're there. And then we're there. Were there. And then we're there but you're not used to because right now as I am doing it, I feel the big toe and

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secondary toe on the right foot. They're giving in a little bit they're crumpling a lot. There's a crumple zone. As I go from here and knees over toes over toes core tight, core tight, all the way out touch and come back, then I didn't feel it. So could you imagine that it's 17 rocker after all, we boom, you you're not conscious, it starts to wear on you, it starts to every raka could strengthen and help you in the same way it could break you down. So a very basic idea is that I've raised my heels, and I found ankle mobility, boom, I fell I collapsed into it. And that's fine. Because I'm looking for I'm looking to get better. So if you need a stick in front of you,

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you can put that stick out their

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chest up, and we'll work on form it more together. The next thing with a slant board, if you have now we can put our foot up against the wall. But with a slump, what you're trying to replicate, replicate, is

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that deep ankle stretch that none of us really get. And I think those of you who have experienced this before, knows what that feels like the bottoms of your foots, feet are pulled forward. And from rounding out the heel all the way back up the Achilles in my calves, you can feel it all the way. And just a slight lean forward.

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Subhanallah he will be handy he Subhanallah he dalim and I'm going to step off.

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Their friend is your benefit of a slant board. That's one tool, but specifically working on your toe joints. More specifically the big toe joint, the heel, the ankle, and overall strengthening the bottoms of our feet. This is a key factor for me to work on my front split squat, I need great foot mobility, great ankle strength

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in order for me to work and even have a good base. When I'm doing my tricep workouts, I still want to have fantastic feet fantastic base, grounding base. So I encourage all of you to think it's fair Fidra RX first introductory first recommendation. A slant board is the first place to start this conversation. And from the slant board. I want us to begin the discussion of sledding. This has been a small series to bring your attention to the possibility of preparing for Ramadan. Whatever happens at the end of this Thanks, brother for bringing attention to the information. I foresee the comments, the compliments even Thank you friends. The real compliment here would be I cut away from

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the media outlet that got you this information. And I dive deep as

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Mr. Ben says himself well

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Wonder what entertainment are you willing to cut out to see results in your life friends Fidra RX we know it's inside us what's your prescription was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah