30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #04 Wipe the Slate Clean

Omer El-Hamdoon


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So Michael Rahmatullah up to now we have spoken about the importance of sincerity, having the right intention, planning for Ramadan, and knowing the necessity and the importance of change, changing for the better. But I want to talk about an important step, which is the foundation to all of this. And that is to build on a good ground, good foundation, a clean slate. And that can only happen by spending time to reflect and to repent, to a loss of how to turn to Allah, sincerely, and honestly, thinking about all those bad things that you've done during your life, and to ask Allah for his forgiveness, with a clean heart with repenting heart with the longing heart, and not only about the

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bad things that you've done, but also the good things that you didn't do, the shortcomings that you didn't do. And to ask Allah subhanaw taala to repent. But while you're repenting to Allah, and this is an important dimension I want to mention here, you have to really feel the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. That really allies opening up in a opening the gate for you to repent.

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He's extending his arm to you to allow you to repent. And so you have to accept that and you have to come so repenting to Allah is also a blessing from a law. That nice thanks, that means thankfulness and gratitude.

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And a lot of the time we might get busy with you know, there's a lot of actions that we want to do that are we the prayers, the fasting, the citation of the Quran, that God's all great, and we should be doing this. But let's not forget about giving time out to think and to correct our direction. And to make sure that we are repenting for our loss pantalla it's about scanning our hardware. It's about thinking about what are the things that we can correct and to make a positive attitude to do that, do that today. As we start off from Yvonne, we're still in the early days, so that the rest of the Ramadan can be built on that greatness, of being close to Allah Subhana Allah with your

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