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Milan Houma la Santa Santa Monica, let's have a look at his his results he would come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 day 26.

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Only about four more days left for Ramadan. So since we're talking about to Doha, and

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hoping that tonight which is the night of the 27th could be the night of

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ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to to accept a way better so I'm going to make that today and what I'm gonna do is dot java to Adam here in this lounge, waiting for my plane. So we'll start Java data by making that for all of you out there the shelf. So we first start by praising of us parents, I don't really find him sending us a lot upon the Prophet Mohammed sauce them and then we make the heart with whatever our last pattern that will bless us with

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Houma can have the hubbub about what I could have done without all the total contempt of other people that can handle the anger can handle Islam or they can handle the email they can handle couldn't avoid a chaos you have

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a long way off from me Yeah, that's according to him apply for a second. Yeah, I had some of the ladies I'm getting to whatever you wanted whatever you had

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maybe as Mecca has no sciatica or no and I said it could be a mix of optimality that's really to the edge of

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the table but a lot

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a lot of my open it took a Belkin LCM and I thought and help guide me along with the company you'll see I'm an all party they open at any

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party and they are open and I mean a lot of whom may or

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may not have been kind of given a cup of

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One alum Anika from triple f of f one. Aloha mcquillen Mussina aloha mahalo aloha Mohammed along with the shows on marketing of Walmart seniors who have yelled at me aloha my upline, I mean McCormack Subhana Allah Subhana Kumar komak supply plan to come up so panda come out but knock hypothetic place in another place you have another 11 CFR module applied I mean, almost going to be too hot for identity Jabba aloha Minnesota COVID Well, it has

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Alarm llama

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Yo, yo, yo, yo, homina Hammadi de that

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alone is from the home for the mighty stopping Tisha was like What can we open it?

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They will handle they'll sit

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by come in October I'll be the winner does a sentimental copy of it me. What do you mean by that y'all put out I mean, you know

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i don't know but I love it and I want to be fair because Orpheus wafi muscle Morphe gushing of hickory and Hannah animal body a Llama

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Llama farm

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alomost by Mako makhan home Yo yo

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yo ma Ceylon so yeah as he's yeah as he's y'all know Ceylon so yeah for

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me yo yo

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allow me it is a lovely it is lovely it is wise enough

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to carry marketing a lot of marketing marketing

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allow me to work to patina on while may have afforded fill in a long way off Florida allow me I for a long way ever playful. Yeah went to

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machine Yama*a stays up there how long he stays up allow me on when she was

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younger younger younger Americans have

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a long way I'm kind of awkward looks a bit could have been added in a lot

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other soft getting lamina members of herself getting along with

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a lot of shiny men with theirs. So for a moment I'm not gonna walk you're hoping to meet a low and

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a low until the last minute to midnight. And I got up without any you know

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isn't letting me know how many soul Body Shop he's been on how many sort of moments on the show but in any attending and he shared he learned more

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about me

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than the chef and know

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what the Amana home they are LPC I know I'm

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a wellness workshop man that

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was not going to help

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me out and not only that, we should go get email at

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mocking mocking

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them together providing a little add net well I didn't open it now when he said

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when he said when I open it when they are working when they

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come from me mean

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muscle like why did I do that a long time ago I didn't come with come up I looked at it well he might fit I mean

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sopin would be a mess if one was around when I'm studying 100 I'll be right I mean, as I come along until another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 I say as set out by Tata obala cattle