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In a special edition, a man named Abderrahim is showing off his skills while walking around a beautiful garden looking for a flower. He describes himself as a "bringing flower" and explains that "bringing flower" is a fruit that elevates a fine dining experience. He also describes himself as a "bringing flower" and talks about the importance of "bringing flower" to even the simplest of foods.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and Welcome back in this special edition in this blessed month

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in the beautiful surroundings where you see brother abdur-rahim and myself we're not together but we're both in equally beautiful surroundings mashallah so everyone knows who that is in that corner so Introduce Yourself young man this is Abderrahim green in the other corner whichever one that is that you're looking at you never really know is of course the the esteemed Dr.

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Baker not so sure about this theme so much

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his Eminence the esteemed the

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how you know I'm okay I'm not too bad HANDLER

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handler always handling the law. Tell us where you are in this beautiful beautiful I'm just outside my house actually. Just outside my house. That's just I mean, I was looking for a good angle but it was it's like the options are not that many on this spot. Because the like I've either got the bins behind me that wouldn't work. Or I could face you know the camera in the kitchen but then my kids and wife and stuff are walking through that sort of thing. That wouldn't be good. Your eyes you got the driveway. That's what you got.

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I'm here in Dubai is getting very hot here again. Mashallah. It was 35 this morning. I think it's getting close to

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But beautiful views and scenes. It's very scenic around where I am masala so great. grateful. And that brings us to today's talk, which you were wondering before and why is he choosing this title? truffles and gratitude and I think yeah, it's a strange

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little bra. You know what I learned something Subhanallah I learned something I didn't anyway go on. Yeah. Yeah, no masala. Why? Why truffles? And I want to go. Why? Explain why, because that's what I learned in

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the 57 is English transition, where Allah says, and Israel, and we gave you we gave you the shade of clouds and sent down to you manner and quails saying, Eat of the good things we have provided.

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So they rebuilt us but to us they did no harm, but they harmed it owns. So I love saying this concerning Bani Israel when they had

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the disorder, a problem

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that escaped the captivity of fear our own and his hosts. And so basically a lot of provided for them manner and coils from the heavens from from from Jana. And this was the thing of the Rahim when we read this and I was reading I was thinking manner, what is manner and I looked at the Hadith, where the Prophet salallahu Salam describes manner as truffles as a truffle and it shocked me, because we've already said many times and truffles are a delicacy here. Yeah, that's the thing I never knew manna was truffles. Yeah, I will I'd read is that some sort of bread like thing or it's something like some sort of bread or at some Jew or like something like that. So it's the first time

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I've ever heard manner described as truffles. And my God, Allah certainly did decide to, like give them the best of the best food. It's like that's like five star

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seven star cuisine.

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delicacy. Okay, ready? This baby bird? Yeah. And man up in quotes and here when you for those who are not sure it's not the chocolate side. But truffles are a prize, culinary ingredient. They have a musky scent, and an intoxicating single effect flavor. There are a commodity that can elevate a fine dining experience. Or add a touch of refinement to even the simplest of foods. Think shave truffles on pasta, or french fries.

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it's not me

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I'm Rob last Jima?

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Right, we're back Oh,

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I was just quoting you were just you were just

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going through fine dining experience

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now you're frozen bro.

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Buck is frozen again.

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So I don't know what's going to happen. Let's see if he can

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join us again as he's describing truffles to us

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I think we need him on because

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of the Huck's martial law was, he's going to do the intro based on his thoughts on this matter and I know it's always going to be an interesting conversation.

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let's see, we might have two guys we might have to leave and come back. So stay with us and we'll start again in Sharla