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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of leadership in Islam, including the oma and Allah Subhana. They stress the need for effective communication and collaboration, proactive leadership, and addressing issues such as crisis, government, and political issues. The speakers emphasize the importance of community and being mindful of one's own success, particularly in addressing issues such as crisis, government, and political success. They also emphasize the need for positive thinking and success, rather than just sitting around and not doing nothing.
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The village nishitani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa alayhi wa sallam, he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam a cinematic library here to

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night 24. And we've got five more thoroughly slept before they ever eat five more nights for us to make as much as we can. Our grant him to be fruitful. I mean, we're talking about the full story of Suzuka, the story of Luke coordinating this great leader, well traveled and had had different encounters. And we continue to discuss before we talk about the huge and the science of karma, I think we need to talk a little bit more about leadership. Because this currently, one of its greatest problems is a crisis of leadership, crisis of leadership to problems. We don't we have bad leaders. And, and more worse than that, we lack leaders. So those that are they are not doing the

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job properly, and the rest of us are not fulfilling that gap. So for those who are those of us who are in leadership and leadership is not just to be understood as the halifa or the Imam, or the ruler of the President, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, all of us are shepherds, even the slave is a shepherd in the things. He's also responsible for certain things meaning, we are all leaders, and we all have responsibilities. And whether it might be in work, if you're a manager of people, you're the leader. If you're a father, if you're a mother, you're a leader. If you're a teacher, you're a leader, all of us have leadership responsibilities. And we say that this is one of the most

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difficult and toughest tests to pass leadership fulfilling that Amana fulfilling that responsibility is a huge huge test. We said sudo Caf is all about having been given responsibilities being given well being given knowledge be given Youth Leadership, how you respond, is how will ask be asked about the FTM. So things from struggle coordinate we learned about effective leadership and effective leader of the things that he does is number one, he is selfless. We said that yesterday, when he was offered money, he said no. Leadership is something that you do selflessly. You're a parent your kids selflessly. When you are with your employees, those that you manage, you look to

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develop them and grow them for your own personal game. It makes the successful leader is when his followers can actually go beyond him. That's a successful leader. You see from the codename justice and fairness in the way he leads people in the way he manages people the way he is as for us in our context, maybe the way you are in the committee, the way you are as a boss, this is how you should be just and fee and then the people will love you. And your followers will obey you. And you need to be concerned and influence vanilla, lukewarm incomes to people who couldn't even speak his language. And he finds out what's the problem. Now this is maybe in today's times you would think the CFO the

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CEO of a company knowing spiral of the lowest level of person in the in the you know, when the government the lowest person, what are the concerns, the government brings himself to this level, he finds a what is the problem that you have and he finds a solution for them. He is also good effective leadership and as we said our oma even the prophets of Salaam Allah commands him to do things with Shula Mashallah, we are not one man shows, one. You know, that's that's not how it goes. That we need to surround ourselves with good people as well. We said this in the July yesterday, this afternoon. Hadith it says, If Allah was good for the leader, he surrounds him with good was he

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good ministers so that when he's out of line, they keep him in check. And when Allah was bad for the leader, he puts him in around him whenever he wants to do something, they just said Yes, go ahead and support him in whatever is wrong. So part of Matura is sometimes a headache, having to consult everyone having to discuss and debate but this is part of our, our own and our legacy. And that's what brings a good leadership Matura we should never stop that dialogue, to coordinate all these power, all these energy, he still sits down with these people who he couldn't even speak with. And he said, Look, this is the plan, effective communication, and he says I will lead from the front. I

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come first but you support me. That is great leadership. That's what we're talking about. Now this oma for almost 100 years now. We've not had halifa in the history of Islam. This is something strange that we are a people without a leader. In fact the prophets of Salaam are so slick on leadership. He says the three of you go out on a journey you should appoint an email. If you go out in a group you should always have a leader. Why because it is the symbol of of this almost eliminate our our evaluator, we have an Imam and that is makes Allah we follow. This is how this Deen is structured. That is always a leadership group without a leadership is lost is without basically

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guidance. So we have lost political leadership for almost 100 years. It's very strange time and perhaps one of the signs of the impending towards the end of time, and therefore without leadership we lacked direction with the Omega when we see the oma on fire throughout the world, but we ask whose responsibilities it was must take up the challenge.

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Palestine and Syria and Burma and Kashmir and N N N N, whose responsibility is it, we don't have a leadership. We don't have a vision, we don't have a solution. This is one of the problems that we have as an oma, and therefore we've become so easy to be exploited. And we've been picked off one by one because we're not unified behind one common leadership. And therefore, this worse than having bad leaders is the lack of leadership that we have. Not that we lack people with the skills we are 1.6 billion people, almost 2 billion people. While we have great people in the soma, with great ingenuity, great knowledge, great financial means resources, and great leadership abilities. But

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we're not bringing it out to the fore. Why? Because this is disease of apathy in this room. Everyone says it's not my concern, really. We waiting for someone else to take up the challenge. This is the this is a concern. So today's Allah, Allah forgive us, we all have cell phones. We see this literally, we see this on our cell phone. Have we not seen war? people being killed, bombed? We did nothing. what's our excuse going to be another FTM? What did you do? I said nothing. I did nothing Allah. We saw people dying of hunger. Now when we go through fosse, we know what that means someone to die without having food. What did we do? Nothing. We saw people fleeing their homes, whether it

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is Burma, whether it is Kashmir, whether it's the Middle East, people running away as refugees, children as orphans, people dying of war and feminine disease. What did we do as a man What did we do nothing vanilla. But we if at most, we maybe felt bad, we put a few rents in the towel. We've made an EFT. But that's not enough, locally in our small community. People coming into our areas, changing our culture, changing what we've had our legacy, we see unfit people running and ruling from a political level from from the highest of levels, the levels of structures, people who are unfit to rule, people, we're not taking us any good in any direction. We see criminals roam freely,

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we see institutions organizations dysfunctional, not moving forward. So this is a symptoms of our oma as it is right now, something we can all agree on. Whether you're here in South Africa, or you in Bangladesh, or you in Saudi Arabia, we agree this is the symptom of the oma and Allah Subhana. The Prophet peace who speaks about times like this, the prophet SAW instances, in a hadith could see Allah himself says, I shall take revenge on the oppressor, in this life and in the next and also Allah says, I will take revenge on someone who saw a person being oppressed, he was able to help him, but he did nothing. He didn't do anything. Now we can all say 1.6 billion of us there's nothing

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we can all do. All of us collectively, we can't do anything. That's not enough. That's not a good enough answer.

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The Prophet peace upon him says, indeed, you will enjoin good and forbid evil, and you will take the end of the oppressor and you will persuade him to act justly and he will stick to the truth, or Allah will cause involve the hearts of some of you with the hearts of others and curse will be upon you, alas, curse will be upon us, may Allah protect us, another Hadith prophecies by human whose hand my soul is you either will start enjoining good, encouraging for the good, proactively encouraging good and proactively stopping evil in this world, or Allah will certainly seen his punishment on you. And what is that punishment? When you make dua? It's not accepted. So yeah, 1.6

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billion of us making dua. When are you going to help us? When are you going to help us? Well, this is we're not doing our job. Very, very famous scene. It's not that we have extraordinary evil people, it's the are very, very evil people's panel are very, very evil people will find them on CNN and BBC. But worse than that, as we said, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is when good people do nothing, we do nothing. And that is our problem. And that is our, our urge I will call for the 1.6 billion of us that have skills that have resources that have ingenuity that have ideas, when we see something wrong, and we can all we can all list a whole list of complaints about the MGC,

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about the masjid, about the committee, whatever it might be Alhamdulillah bring those complaints, but don't complain. From the from objectivity. Don't do it in your living room, come to the masjid and do it for the sake of the oma. We need proactive people to become proactive. So if we look at the symptoms, for example, whenever we see a crisis, one of the crisis every week, there's a new ones who had a lot every week. There's a new kind of crisis. And the response of us on the ground, we asked, Well, what are the leaders? What's the MTC doing? What's the government doing? What's the Imam doing? What's the committee doing? What are they doing? What are the teachers in the schools we

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look at our schools are not functioning the kids are not progressing or what is the school doing the principal doing the teachers doing? We are the rich, they are the ones it's supposed to help. Another problem is in the poor area. Crime is the problem and we start pointing the finger and shifting the blame. This is not how the professor learned

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And you know, this is not the sooner than when the, when the Confederates were about to invade Medina, the prophet put it out. So send love to the whole community. Do you have an idea? How are we going to defend Medina, a slave, one of the lowest in society in terms of his status and manufacture, see a man who is lower than your domestic worker, really a slave, he is the one that comes up with the idea, let's build the trench. Because everyone felt we have something to contribute. So every single one of us has something to contribute. And we can begin to shift our concerns from only being you know, I'm busy. My kids, my work, we all working, we all have kids,

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we're all busy. But if we just stick to our own, our own problems, our own life goals, our own ambitions, this woman will not move forward. We need to start giving of ourselves not money. When I say about our time, our energy, our efforts to something bigger than ourselves. That is leadership. Now, we cannot blame. And it's easy to blame the leaders, when at least that bad leader, he stepped up, he went to go sit on the committee, he went to go to meetings, he's making a decision, we are sitting in the lounge doing nothing. So that bad leader at least is excused on piano, you can say yeah, I tried my best. That's what I did. They didn't do anything. They just put the point the

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finger and said it's my fault. So every single one of us needs to make it part of our life duty to get involved in our community. When I say community, it doesn't just have to be Islamic community, get part of the Civic part of the school PTA part of the masjid committee, part of the neighborhood watch Alhamdulillah such as be part of something. And that's why look at our aspirations. A lot of other sisters great verse to us. And we only have the right to to to quote this verse really, if we live by it will always come to come to see that you are the best generation of people ever created of mankind. Remember that the item is number one of all creation angels bow to him, and of all the

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generations of nubby Adam, this oma is the base only when he does what

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it proactively encourages good in society any longer and it forbids evil, it stops all kinds of evil minions, and they believe in Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah says to us late they always arise from you a group of people calling to that which is good in joining Allah, Ruth, and forbidding evil, and what would I go with, and that is the people who are successful, they always needs to be a group that stands up and leaves this room always has to be. And that's one of the reasons why we don't have groups like this. People don't stand up anymore and say, well, we see people burning tires, What's the reason? What are we going to do about it? We see, name the problem, what are we going to

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do about it? buka for just a second here, literally people complain to me all the time. We have so many tourists coming in here, but not one cent goes to the development of buka. Well, who's going to sit up and say, well, I've got a plan, I'm going to do something, what are we waiting for? No one's gonna do it for, you know, for us. We have to fix our own problems, and something very beautiful. And I say there's a hunger to those who give the time to the masjid. It's not easy. Being on budget committees. It's not easy. I know you take from your family time you working when you come to the masjid and you all have been in meetings with Pamela you know, for supper, to go. Allah Subhana

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Allah says that the mosques of Allah, they are maintained only by those who believe in Allah, and they believe in the last day, and they establish salah and they give zetta and they fear none but Allah, it is they who are expected to be on through guidance. And it's interesting when Allah puts that last part, they fear none but Allah, your food. This is the description of the majority, right? They see an animal but Allah, but if you want to be part of the magic committee, the police or the masjid, you should you don't fear anyone you make a decision. If it's unpopular, you make the decision for the sake of Allah. That's why one scholar said, the reason why our marriages are not

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working is because the main used to be on the budget committees, they're not anymore. So when they frustrated from work in the past, they came home with the frustrations. They didn't take it out on the wife, they took it out in the budget committee. Now, we don't probably not part of the budget committee. We take our frustrations out and our family. That's why our marriage is not working. And I have my interest side note is one of my youngest fondest memories, you know, is sitting around the supper table with my grandfather, Allah preserve him. He was part of the committee and Paul and always come, you know, you'd mentioned about the politics in the JAMA meetings and other terrible

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places. Gemma sounds like gentlemen, right? It's always arguing and fighting. But swannanoa that's what really keeps you alive, working for the community. You know, it's vital that will give you the greatest pleasure if you don't have you know, some social activism in your life. You don't you know, part of a feeding scheme when something will allow you won't taste through happiness. The biggest joy in your life is to see something bigger than you flourish. The people that I find that are happiest, and that successful, not in terms maybe financially successful, but successful in their life are people who are devoted to come

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What if you never experienced that all you thought about was your own problems? When am I going to get my next car my next holiday that was your own focus. You live such a small, closed life. Too many of us are living like that, and will lie. As I said before,

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this community in the bootcamp was built not by professors and doctors and lawyers, very simple, plain, and educated, poor people, both this community and it's thriving. We have lots more talent, lots more opportunity, lots more powerful educated people. Now in our community, we should be taking this to the next level. But it's not going to work. If all you think about your next holiday, and the next call, and the next fun thing or other put that energy in the masjid put that energy in the school put that energy in the community and Subhanallah you will see automatically that leadership is not going to fix itself from a top down, it will start from the bottom up. Let's fix the masjid

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on the corner. Before we get too much luck saw. We talked about Mozilla. So we have an email message sheets that are standing falling apart. They don't have electricity here in Cape Town. What about tomorrow, we need to get the step by step we need to get the step by step. So but lots of hands. So this is the absence of leadership and the food. This is the cool the urges that everyone give of yourself for the community. And this is one of the things we learn from Little codename is a great, great leader. Tomorrow, inshallah, we'll get into the detail as to what easier to imagine who are they What are they, they will overrun the world in a time close part of the days before piano. In

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fact, maybe Isa himself will encounter them and he will not be able to defeat them. So we'll talk about the general and the 10 signs of piano and your maturity model insha Allah as for this evening's question,

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last question of when we said What is the name of the register of the good souls so those who pass away the souls Allah says will be accordingly book. Those are the successful ones. May Allah grant all of us our names to be in this book, the book of Lino Leone, this is the book of the good souls, as well as the gene. This is the book of the evil souls Mallanna put our names in that book. I mean, tonight's question, which of the qualities of the mosquito well is the most the Majid committed people? What are the qualities Allah describes? Allah describes them in the Quran in universe, as mentioned the Quran? What are the qualities that they have? Do they foster a lot? Are they good

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public speakers? They don't fear anyone other than Allah. And there are only are they only mean Which one is it?

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Right, which one is it? Right? And this applies to Johannesburg and Durban matches as well. When hamdulillah please visit our website today. Join the mailing list or wait for triple to 1308 and we wishing all our learners and students excellent exams where they study very hard this weekend. I mean, I'll do either with them or sort of lacing them Herman or Islam.

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I mean,

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