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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The video is a recording of a video game where the players are playing a game where they need to win a lot of points. They need to go back and forth to win points and win points. They need to go back and forth to win points and win points. The game is called Surah and the players need to win points and win points.
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One ZRS deal or call. Let's keep it going Friday Juma Kareem Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate in all that you're doing great morning to everyone a sense of peace come and emanate through everything we do. And with everyone that we meet today, guys, it's that day. Now it's Thursday morning. It is the first day of recording I'm going to get refreshed and get a few a full swim and rejuvenation at the gym. And I will see you guys at the first day of recording

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somehow just feel better when I come here. Food. It's supposed to be food. You're supposed to be able to grow it, touch it, feel it even mushrooms are food

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so hours melt away there's no way that we don't stop at all. So when I whipped out my favorite it there for today Yes, I carried the entire bottle. So we know special things are happening. Wanted to show you that conversion that I was talking about. So check out what the rooms turned into. So it is closer to sunset. We've got some great work going on. But here we have our editing systems as well. That's one editing station. Here's your sound station and if I can get you some lighting in here, we will take a look together

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we can well this is this I get you a better shot

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all right now with the lights on there you go. We got our setup here.

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There it is. There's a lot going on. At least you can get to see

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what it's like an a recording a very tight space today. But Spider Man makes better. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah guys, this is the middle section. And if you look here, boom. You could be recording recording recording. You could see Quran and then boom, you can fall asleep because that's how hard we're working in on Apollon Sana mean No, both Valentin Shah Jean, Danny I'm shy Jean. Danny Eva John no who's me here. I'm mostly a little

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in Dana Goosen, Vela in Shakeela white monk food on but check that mic for me I

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II. Oh, oh, a very beautiful let's get started three by three source

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now Sue law he was

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one eight.

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The Hulu Luna fidi Neela. He F watch

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for sub B, B hum. Dr. Rob Baker was still feeder in who can Atewa

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and there you have it three by three by three by three, you finished soreness each eye or three times then together three times, you've completed the third step. Now I want you to go ahead and find us on social media or the next video where we will write out the whole Surah for you. The fifth step is all yours. Record yourself. Listen to yourself. Then find your favorite recorder reciter and listen to him or her on loop. It's always a pleasure. I'll see you all on the other side. Make sure you get to your next lesson. Thank you for the opportunity was said I want Aiko at the law.

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Please like and subscribe, and I'll see you in the morrow.

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