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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Immobilier Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Karim. Why so formal peace be upon you around you and may emanate from within you. All right pals and gals, we are about to get started with our postures of prayer. But I'm not really digging our angle from here. So if you'll work with me for a second, let's see if I can get you

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better positioned. But our goal for today it's postures of prayer. So let's take it over here. We'll figure it out over there in a second, we have approximately 10 minutes to be able to spend together. So thus far, if you've joined us, we're talking about using the prayer to heal the body. The skeletal frame could be where we feel very comfortable. Why did Muslim but thank you so much. Thank you for coming to the White Lake Muslim, have a great day, losing you headed out, being able to heal ourselves and figure that the skeletal frame is a great base, right? It's a great place to say, Well, if the skeleton is aligned, not just from the spine. But if the whole body is aligned, then we

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would find great healing. That was the concept of postures of prayer. I personally took myself out of the wheelchair, I never to walk again. And that's a whole nother story. So where did we go from here, we took it to the ground games, excuse me all. From here, we took it to the ground game. And I think I'm coming along. So it's been about, it's been about seven days since we last met. And yeah, I got a little bit of bruising, that's a day at the trampoline park. But I'm starting to feel like the heel is starting to find its way to the each one of these joints, I still don't see that one out. But we said we wouldn't spend so much time, the 12 Raka. So not me has has been greatly

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beneficial. I've also been doing the fingers in toes. And that's the exercise that I wanted to do today. I said to put your fingers through I don't know if any one of you have been able to do that so far. But if not go back and see that exercise. I'll do a quick revision of it with you here and see if we can get you another angle in the meantime. So

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this Milla

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thank you for your patience. And the idea was

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if we could spend a little bit more time on the floor sitting in remembrance, meditation, whatever it can bring you down onto the ground and get you to sit, you know what this might just be

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the angle that we need, right here on the ground, way too low, right, guys? Okay, so from here, yes, this just might be it took us a minute and a half to find this, take my fingers, I this is going to take time, right but you have to be able to sit down on the ground, sit on your seat so that your the spine that we just looked at is able to go up and as you're sitting, you can find yourself this will take time you can do remembrance of Allah like this is whenever you're going to sit, maybe you're tense here, but you want to spend a little time to loosen yourself up may take five weeks, maybe maybe it won't, but the process is to heal yourself to get the body of Jannah. So there really

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isn't a rush here, per se. So let's try together hope that's there for scale.

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I feel comfortable underneath. And now I can pull my legs in however you want to. But you want to be able to stick your fingers in there and rotate.

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So underneath here and then rotate, rotate. So that's something wanted to do today's exercise. If you're sitting around, and you can sit comfortably. I was hoping you could work on interlacing your fingers. Now someone who has a mic as you can tell aggressive intestinal issues as you can tell the way my right foot tone was turned in and the joints are off. I do believe that doing these exercises is going to get us to a place where we will watch a concert

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where we will get greater intestinal health. And if you're following along with nourishment, that's our goal is to be able to inform gut intelligence. So if you all would with me here, that's just me tucking it in, and then your toes as deep as you can. That'll give you a little bit of time. What's the goal here? Why they consider Mark McCullough Brother Mohammed. And right now, if I could try to redirect the black magic conversation

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shouldn't get rid of the tension in your joints, get more flexibility and openness in your joints and all seven

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energy centers in your spine, and what's considered evil energy, black magic, see her, all of those things won't have a space to be in your body. So a lot of the places where we keep all this tension that I can, scientifically speaking, that is our negative emotions stuck inside of our tissue. And we're holding that. So before we identified the black magic, let's get rid of all the negative energy in our body. And a great way to do that is trover. Carson Daly. So so to do that, we're over here in the pastas or prayer to spending eight or nine, maybe I was hoping a few minutes together. But the idea is all the toes are together, and they're slowly pulling out. And this is a stretch.

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And now after a few minutes or so guys, I'm just tucking them back in.

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I'm talking to them, see if I can get a little bit more and a lot of you are going to say wow, I can't do that much. It was so then just relax. But today's idea was to bring a close to the to our ground game conversation. So let's say we started opening this up. And we started opening this up my last comment on black magic, there is no magic that can withstand AYATUL kursi. For now, so read AYATUL kursi, with ir 255 with certain certainty, and you'll be able to do a lot. So by now how many of you are getting that flexibility, how many of you when you're going into the suddha, and to the ruku, rather into ruku, I'm just going to pop these out. So we can see your toes should start to

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feel like they're opening up a bit. And I want to see how many of you are feeling that you can get that full commitment from the toes. And it's hard for you to tell, but all five toes are committed committed, maybe that's not going to be beneficial to you right now. Let's take this now to the next position. What I would like you to do is to be able to line up that clean, open, you feel your toes feel open. Now, I want you to be able to open up that. Open that up, grab your pinky toe grabs the earth. And from here, you're gonna tuck yourself in. I want to see this lined up your shin, your shin lineup, and then your knee, a you'll be you'll get a lot there's a lot of tension here, right,

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there's that tension in the, in the front of the hip. I want you to do this maybe five minutes a day. While you're listening to a lecture Juma Football Club. Your parents call you just running like yep, I just want to listen. Anytime you need to stop just like yeah, sure. And you can move from here. Don't try to do anything fancy sit back down. And then as you you're sitting, we'll talk about how you're sitting on the foot later. Just bring your foot over this way. Now you see already misalignment, there's I can feel a tension in the in the hip. Not on the on the backside, but deep in the incline. So I'm going to take a second and go ahead, find the heel, the big toe and the baby

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toe, grab the earth, tuck it in. And go ahead you have to dig it in there a little bit, right, you have to dig in the bone. Find it and then there you go. You're you can sit here for a little while, as you can tell, remember I said there's an unequal in this in the My hips are unleveled you can tell which side so I feel like it's the left that's a little bit higher. So what are we aiming for here to get that balance? Now as as you could see the right really nice align comfortable tucked in on the side, the left, it's all wobbled out. So we're going to take time to start. Excuse me, I'd like us to begin I'm changing our angle here. I'd like us to begin to start working on this. And I

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know you could tell right here is like oh wait, the knees aren't equal. And not all some of us may have a long one this legs longer and this leg shorter. So some of us might have that, but that's what we're going to work on. Now. My idea was if we could start

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the best angles I could get today. If we could start by lining the foot, the ankle, and then let that Shin just line up. I know your knees gonna be wobbling all over the place. But eventually so you know. So I always like to give you the prelude. We're going to come up to the hip. And I want you to get into this here, the top of the hip. Right so you're going to work with me right now here

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Okay, so do you recognize that there is quite a bit of room to rotate, and you're gonna say, you know, My knee hurts. I'm gonna say be real gentle. But just work on, you got the foot lined up. Ankle, this ankle spot, maybe not having as much freedom, just keep poking at it work on it during wudu. Now once that set, and you 12 Regards, sunnah. You see that? That's it. That's that's the lining going straight down. So I'm praying that you don't feel this very bony rib sticking out all the time, we're going to work to get that ridge covered with some healthy use to make your calf and your shin feel a lot more healthy. Just lining up like this through the day is going to be

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beneficial. We reached that 10 minute mark, I want us all to feel a great deal of benefit I come to you from the healing center every time postures or prayer postures or presence has

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has been something that we wanted to work on. And it has been a place where I've been able to share this physical transformation with you.

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So I'm very pleased to announce that today, too. Can you see no? Okay, I'm announced today here on this channel at nine o'clock at eight Central, nine Eastern at this channel eight, central nine Eastern, we will be holding Quranic transformation on this channel, a completely different setup. And we will be doing a full

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life experiences life goals seminar based on the doors in the Quran. Hope to see you here tonight at eight central time in the Chicago, Texas world. In New York, it will be nine o'clock. So central time is going to be eight. I hope to see you tonight guys. Thank you so much as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I won't be seeing you from in here. I'll be seeing you from our studio and will will will have an experience and I hope to see you then was set on one acre Omar Abdullah