Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – October 16, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to be an fusina and guidance on what to say when in need of help is emphasized. The names of Islam and their significance in helping us understand who we are are discussed. Back to the past is a time when one experiences a loss or sadness and "back to the past" is a time to avoid hardship and bring joy. embracing life and trusting the names of a Muslim help us understand who we are.
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whenever we will be learning to be an fusina

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woman you

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or the other? Why should one leader

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We'll see come on

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come on

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by the

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Ministry on Monday

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yeah yohannes interpret

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the journal

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lately just

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my brothers and sisters

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we are Muslim.

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We know

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about our Deen

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we submit to a long

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as we can clearly see us doing at this moment.

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We claim to understand enough to get through this life.

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We train and teach our children and neighbors and friends and family members, relatives parents

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about the importance of the loss of habitat and the importance of this team.

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We strive extra hard through our wealth through our health through our time, our dedication and devotion in many different ways day and night finances in submissions will last.

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But there are simple questions that if we were to ask ourselves

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about a lesson

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about our Creator, about the one who provides for us, the one who grants us the ability to see and hear and to see the one who brought us into this world from nothing into something as we learned last week.

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We have a hard time answering these questions.

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And a lot of it has to do with the fact that we don't understand this.

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What was placed behind me here yesterday are the wall

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The names of Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah blesses names on the wall.

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And so from today onwards inshallah, who to have, in order for us to have a greater impact, we talked about this being his heritage month, in order to have a greater impact. We need to begin by going back to the roots and understanding who also kind of more data truly is.

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Calling out to what I'm making, you're asking for help?

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Why is it that I only feel the need to turn to a muscle to add when I'm in need of help?

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How come I should, I am not, or shouldn't be turned into a lesson how to add more regularly than the amount of times that we already are.

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These are things we need to ask.

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And so for today, in sha Allah, Allah will focus on the very first of the names of a Muslim.

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I know if I was to ask you this question, What does allow me

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many of us will have full time?

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What is the definition of a Muslim? or non Muslim comes and asks you? Who is what you say Allah? Is this

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whole list of things? Okay, what does it mean? Most people will say.

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But in order for us to understand the meaning of this game along, we will embark on this journey of not only understanding a law as a name, but understanding the names on how to what to add to grant a deeper understanding of who a law really is. So when we're asked about what does that mean, we'll be able to answer that, and it won't come in one minute.

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To begin on the topic of awesome ones, we can sum up the names of all of these names, we can sum them up in three names,

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a lot of rubbish, and

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a lot,

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because I've also added is deserving of us worshiping him

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out because he is our horse.

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And he's the one who provides he's

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the one

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he Lords are other gods, we know that there's only one true God

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the mercy of a muscle cannibal a data is found in the mercy of a woman in all the other attributes. And

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we know that it was forgiving opponents, we know when the law is merciful towards us to know that a law has protected us from certain things. We know that data has helped us in our lives, he's given us a strength that we have, he's granted us, you know, wisdom and the ability to think and to become the great people that we are in the professions that we have in the families that we that we are part of.

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So a wall, or Rob, and the

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name is mentioned in the program, just Allah

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Anwar is mentioned in the program over 2200 times over 2200 times, that is just a lot

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of different combinations just a lot. Which means there's something important in us

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something important in us understanding the name of a muscle chemical with

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all of the names.

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And I know some of you are thinking right now this is all theoretical. Why do we need to know this, but you'll see why we need to know it to allow all of the names on the list.

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and not vice versa, of losses.

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When they learn

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when they learn

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the Beautiful Names of losses.

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They belong to two.

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So Allah is the supreme or the Greatest Name of the names almost accountable.

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To Him belong all of his names.

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And we'll see that it wants to kind of move on to Hana shows us multiple examples in the puranam has beautiful names. We'll take those in the weeks to come and jump on into either, but to this as in a one being different.

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listening to this one of us who can avoid us answers.

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When a request comes to him using his name on the wall, he fulfills, and will continue in the second half of this whole book, shopping Montana.

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brothers and sisters,

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on the topic of abortion,

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please do fill in this spot, and other spots in the front here, just trying to get these spots filled.

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So to keep people from the battery, you can.

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On the topic of

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his name a lot

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of a lot he mentions that this name, Allah combines all of the perfections and all of the beauties of a wasp.

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Just to name a walk through this name, if we use the name of a wall, when we make a call out to a wall, if someone is going through something small or medium, something small almost kind of emerges and makes it bigger increases it for someone who is going to fear if they call upon a muscle. To add, he removes that fear someone who's going through distress or some kind of attack

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through calling out a lot using his name a lot, someone who is weak because when they use the name of someone who is poor, and

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they become rich, someone who stares,

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uses the name of a lot of confidence, and so on and so forth long sequence

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of time to go through it all. The point that I'm making here, my brothers and sisters, there are times in life where we feel stuck. There are times when you're driving your car, and you realize you have a flat tire. There are times when you are about to do an exam. And you feel as though you're not confident enough to answer the exam questions. And you call out to a loss of having to add a new AC exam. There are times when you need a walk to find a job. And I remember just yesterday, a brother was telling us

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a few weeks ago he lost his job.

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And he reached out he says I don't need anything, I don't need money. I don't just ask a lot to make things easy for another job. And here's one thing that he kept saying over and over to us is that I get a job to either get a job. And so how am I yesterday, he got a job. And he's so happy and excited even more than anything else. And his response to all of us know him. He said

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you're dropping a lot to make it happen.

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When you put your full trust in the loss of kind of what to add to everything and anything that

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comes through with the help of a lesson.

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And when it doesn't come through, don't think that it hasn't come through.

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When you want to be written in Julia, teaching poor, you'll see the richness in the UI.

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When you feel sad and depressed and stuck, and I know some learners come to me and sisters as well, they come and they feel trapped in this hole. They don't know what to do anymore. There's no happiness. One brother has told me he says it's over a year since I smiled. He says I smile to make people feel happy. But I don't feel happy inside. I haven't smiled as in laughter to happiness. And that is the importance of connecting to the law. So

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when we find a law, we find happiness, we find joy, we find mercy we find our children to be happy and educated we find the riches of this world. And even though we may find poverty, that poverty brings us happiness as well. The simplicity of life and the contentment knowing that everything we have everything we do is from a loss accountability. So my brothers and sisters who will continue on this topic. Why? Because too many times have we stood together too many times and we tried to learn about accountability. And so many times if we failed, it's time for us to call upon.

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Our diversity upon the Prophet SAW it almost on the

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a lot of

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along with

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us this colossal kind of damage forgive us to the best the physical world invested the year after the loss of animal data to take us out of darkness and hardship into light at ease as colossal kind of avoid having to make this pandemic go away as the loss of habitat and not to bring more difficulty and hardship upon us and to

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our founding members in enjoying this life with them as well as colossal cannabinoids added to practice the ability to be effective in the studio, both with the Muslims as well as the non Muslims to make us the people that interact with other human beings knowing that we are human and they are human. And we show respect to one another and we don't put each other down and we are not people who are arrogant as the arrogance is shown to us just kind of went out of town. Every single one of us have been

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over we inherited.

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One of the legal ones one on one.

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Blah blah blah.

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send me

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a send em ready.

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Do remember to find our way out to one another and helpful to each other, also

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for the mustard, and we do remind everyone to make sure that they register

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