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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their desire to eat healthy and enjoyable meals, including a whole meal with a variety of foods. They emphasize the importance of being thankful for the process and treating the experience as an enjoyable experience. They also discuss their love for the meat and their plans to eat more healthy and enjoyable foods.
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Peace be upon you, around you, and may peace emanate in everything that you do today. It's wonderful to be with you guys for our nourishment episode. Today. As promised, we're not going to talk about health, what healthy things you should eat. Rather today we are going to discuss how to be grateful for the meals when we have ritualistic meals. So if you eat something, and you want to enjoy it, how do we enjoy it? Always trying to lock you guys into a place but let's see what we got. So today, what is one of our key factors here, set your spread, make sure that you have a nice spread for yourself that you sit for ritualistic meals, and that it becomes that food becomes a part of

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consciousness that food becomes a part of tequila. I know this is gonna be tough. So let me get to the point so you'll stay with me. No one said anything's gave me a suggestion on the meal. So I'll share a quick story I was with our teacher and he was telling us the description of paradise. And God says in the Quran, Guru Lama ruzi Omen SEMO wanted Lisbon Palo Alto have the levy mosey upon.

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Pablo. Oh, Toby, Mo, Tasha Bihar, it'll ask Will if this is in the Quran, Surah Baqarah. We can you can find the text later. But the simple translation is that people of Paradise will get into paradise. And they will be presented with the things of paradise. And they will look at it and they'll say this is like the things of the world. This is like the food and sustenance of the world. And so my teacher at the time asked me, What would you like. So I was born in the 80s. And I was in New York, like my in my ex eight or nine years old. So to me the most fabulous thing that could be were halaal ribs, and again at our time, making me old, I just wasn't available. And I know for you

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guys, you just run and pick them up. So I said ribs. And then the chef then explained how we would get we would get some food in paradise and eat the ribs or eat the salad or eat whatever it is. I was a child. So that was the biggest thing that I could come up with. And as a result, he said you would eat it and say this was the best tasting food I've ever had. So being able to enjoy and have fun with food and God talking about Golden goblets, and cutlery and talking about certain types of silverware, there was an idea for us to enjoy our world and enjoy the meals

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that we were going to have ritualistically so I have my I have my Marvel Comics cupholders for my cousin's and I have my sparkling water. And so So this story makes sense.

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I should do an unveiling I figured food is a Baraka it is a bounty and if you do not celebrate it when you have it, then it is harder for you to recognize that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gave us. So those are my ribs for today's meal. And interestingly enough, I have several I won't eat.

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I'm doing this for you guys. I'm not going to be eating all of this. Right now. I have a swim and a whole bunch of wonderful things to do. And I don't know that this is it was once described as my paradise.

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So really appreciate it bark low FICO Omar out there. I'm definitely going to enjoy the ribs. But I thought that we could enjoy them together for the moment. And so my nourishment for those people who are here to watch and to benefit from nourishment while I think Muslim but the idea is we're going to have ritualistic meals and we're going to enjoy them. Right so and we are going to Bismillah Hila De Lisle Roma's me he che on film or they will offer some our similarity. So what I was saying previously, thank you the guys who want me to enjoy this was described at in my younger years as paradise. It's interesting I'm here so for all of you right now we're like oh my god, if I had this

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one thing I'd be so happy it I'm gonna say one part from the nourishment is just being so happy with the now because my now is my once described heaven. So a please set the spread. Always make it colorful. I would love to have some vegetables with me, but we're going to go the idea of you're eating in the desert. It's just straight meat. I would like you to be able to not lean on a chair to bring yourself to a posture that God provided this meal for me

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And in that I am going to recognize him for the for the first bite. And I'm going to understand that Come on friends. Are you here with me? Am I eating this for nourishment? Like, I need to get calcium? I'm sorry, I'm not laughing

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am I eating this for nutrients? Or am I eating this because for ritual to feel amazing, and for me personally, I'm giving myself this treat with you all, I hope that I get to have this meal in paradise. So a, I identify that this is my ritualistic meal meal. I bring myself close to it. Uh, yes, a lot of my Barek Lana, female resultar alcanada Banagher. But could you do us are there when you eat Yes. And do that with your family and love it and cherish and Yes, eat mindfully, like, bite a little piece off. I know, I'm using a super small fork. I really liked it because I wanted to be able to savor this. Smaller plates, small utensils. Now, I know that I don't want to make this

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uncomfortable for everyone. And I personally right now in this moment, I'm going to get past however, this is a Beyond Meat, which all that means is God's name was taken on it. Not this animal may not have been treated humanely and I'm going to eat it as I have eaten meat for my whole life before I was conscious of it. So before you get to the the ritualistic part i i praise that God who created this animal. And I humbled myself in a moment to say this animal gave its life

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for my pleasure so that I could be entertained momentarily. Now, I'm not trying I'm not we're not doing a conversion here guys. I'm going to eat this and I'm going to enjoy this because I did for all my life and I want us all to be able to catch up together. So let's get beyond the fact of food and how it got here and the cleanliness of the meat and how much meat we really need. And if I ended up pulling you guys towards a really strong vegetable based diet. Let's make this clear. This is to say a lot of Mubarak Lana Femara as often alcanada Banagher God you have made this lawful for me You have given me the way to do it. And this animal if treated properly even knows that it's it's

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serving me it's giving my body a some form of nourishment. Yes, it gives me some form of protein. So with that, thank you God and as I eat

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It's okay to enjoy on Durham

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a lot of us chew with the front of our mouth

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your molars are going to do a lot of things for you. And yes, it is. You might be like yo, where'd you get the steak from?

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It tastes like beef jerky gum, like if I will have to make beef jerky, bubblegum pneumonic caramelizes, and Crisps on the end. Now here's another conversation before we move

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has to be Allahu Allahu. So now in order to talk look what I did, I rushed through it right? What was I was enjoying it

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really does. I love the taste. I love the way the meat breaks apart.

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And then that's what you would call Oh, he's a meat connoisseur, or is a coffee connoisseur. It's like no, I just want to be thankful for what I have. And

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we're gonna Let's try it this way. Because this was my agenda. What if I was sitting in a Ferrari? What if as I was sitting in a Bugatti Sheeran, like right now, I wouldn't be wiling out with all ah, this is so cool. So at the same time, it keeps bringing you back to the same spot guys. Einstein said either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.

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So why not along with you praise your Lord, you can enjoy you don't need to talk as much. And as you do, why not treat the process as an enjoyable thing? Look at a family member smile and I know that you might not be because it's done good table manners. Praise the food with your mouth. Hmm. Let it let your saliva enjoy it. Mm hmm. There is a

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better than you talking and chit chatting about something on your phone. Praise the food and I know it feels weird, but

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if it feels natural, I know it's gonna feel weird.

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Praise God Subhan Allah

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because if he can give you this experience here. Now, if you've gotten like Greek feeling sure eat the whole thing. But make sure you're eating well, these 10 bytes were like, Oh, I feel like my brain is going whoa, whoa. And I am the same person who I promised. That Ba ba ba ba, and I would run out the door.

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And it's not even like, Excuse me, do you see how I swallowed, I swallowed so I could get to my sentence and talk more, but it was so tasty.

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When I was younger ribs were still rare. And that one or twice that I got them. I remember once I just scarfed them down to the goal ribs are on.

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So can I eat the whole thing? Sure. And then I promise you and I'll tell the kids as well. I'll tell my family members, I will drive the 45 minutes in your in whatever case it is for you. And I will buy you more ribs just eat it like this. And once you get to that tense bite, you're like, Oh, dear, that should be wrong. I need to make wudu to have this because it feels so wonderful. Then go ahead and say I wish this type of experience for someone who could appreciate it even more than me, just give me a thumbs up on that lecture ritualistic eating. Now in order now if this was not clean food, and it was covered in not, you know, like really fake sugar and all these gooey, syrupy sauces that

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are not real. I don't know that my brain would be like, Hey, I should praise God. Right? It's not the it's not the it's not the revolutions your brain going. I think I just got a thumbs up. And that means a lot to me just like lawfare and barkcloth V come eat it all guys. Like I know you want me to eat like a brownie or something like that. But I want as far out because I'm not. I'm not into the meat as much. And I think and I probably got tremendously for the meat that he has provided me and given in front of me and I do not judge in any way.

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consumption of meat. But I'm saying that it was my paradise. No longer do I limit myself to paradise as things, but it's constant experiences. So yes, please. I don't know if anyone on YouTube has seen it. I'm shouting them out. Because there's they're super cool. And they're fun. The worst that guys, does anyone watch that show on YouTube? The worst that guys? They'll eat the $4 Pizza, the $26 pizza on the like $47,000 pizza right there their $1,000 Sunday. And they take the time. I wish and I know in their heart. They're saying and I know guys, you're like, I'm so thankful I'm grateful to the to God to the universe that's giving me this.

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I know they're like, Wow, this is a wonderful job. So if you could try to get that feeling in you that every single ritualistic meal and now you could have five ritualistic meals. Maybe you have a birthday of a party that you're going to Yes, my birthday is Saturday, I'm totally dropping. And, and you have like an Iftar party or you have like some dinner party. Sure, eat everywhere you go guys. But but then be mindful of what you eat. And I thought I can leave this one thought in before we don't want to pick up a hot plate. I had a chance to grab these. I mean that looks luscious, right? That's luscious. It's caramelized.

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Yes, now it's over. You're totally knocking the ball out of the park. When I eat slow. And I did this morning I took a sip. And this is why I have to be real with the milk stuff. I'm going to get back to my root point in a second. My son was drinking some milk and I was like oh, don't waste it. I don't want it to waste. So I tried to drink what was rest. Oh man, it was whole organic milk but I don't do milk my tummy. Gut intelligence has been saying with some we're good without the dairy maybe later. So I took the sip and by able to sip a little bit and wait. My stomach spoke to me with the intelligence of with the eloquence of my mouth. But let's try I'm gonna get back to my point for

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you guys for a second. So I am going to finish off this rib. Amazing rib caramelized, beautiful. I had two choices and I want you to think about this. What would it take for me to throw it in here? Zap it do. And what did it take for me to Yes, it's it's still warm. It's still hot. What did it take? 35 minutes. It's a slower oven. It's older 35 minutes of warm up my oven. Then to have it cook I think I warmed it up for about 1515 minutes or so. So pardon. See now I get to talk and the food the digestion is happening. It's a flesh. I'm digesting an animal's flesh. So I'm giving my body the proper time. Let's take it down a notch. It's just exciting to be with you all

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To be able to do this.

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I'm not saying don't use a microwave. I've got one. I'm saying the use and the accessibility to food was the reason our ancestors exists in their existence had to serve to survive was to find food. We get what would be considered paradise. microwavable. I say, put a little bit of effort into it, and you will appreciate the food so much more. I did use the oven. I did warm it up. This is it friends, I told you nourishment would be awesome. I thought I'd throw this in 15 minutes, it is going to be the last 10 days of alpha, or the last 10 days of how to

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the ledger is starting on tomorrow. I want to ramp it up guys, I want to ramp it up to the next level. And I want to do a bada. I want to do nourishment postures of prayer, you got a whole new set here, I thought I'd throw in some more motherly and loving items. So that Nutribullet didn't feel so daunting. But in those days coming up, I am going to be fasting from several things because I don't fast the way

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Muslims fast. I don't do the sunrise to sunset in every occasion because of because of the health. But I would enjoy all of us. We're going to go on any level. So some of us are going to cut and I even bought some of these crazy some of us are into maybe I should do a separate.

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Not for me. But some of us are into these. The monster drinks the heavy sugar drinks. So we're some are gonna cut from there. Some of us do these weird things that have more sugar that are sweet. 22 times sugared sweeter than sugar. So we're going to cut from certain things, soda drinkers, we're going to cut we're not bringing our sparkling water. And then for those of you who want to go to another level, I did Nutribullet two years solid and it's great, but no one wants to follow the long path. I'm gonna give them the I'm gonna give them the Okay. Oh, it's backwards for you. Right? As you J A I'm gonna give them the green light. I did and no, it's not the same. But it'll get those

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greens in you conveniently you'll pay a few dollars but totally worth it guys. Thank you so much longer episode today. But the ritualistic eating is not bad. You're going to praise God even more and enjoy food and then you'll go back to nutrition, eating for nutrition. So there's nothing wrong enjoy what you have to and then there's nothing about I need to eat cake and run it off. Don't do none of that business. You're praising God in the cake. You're you're making sure the cake is made from actual food. Right nor, and then we're gonna go from there. Thank you friends. I'll talk to you soon. I'm gonna go finish off my ribs was Salam o alaikum Peace be upon you around you, and may

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peace emanate from within you