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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host of a video library shares their journey and goal of creating a virtual environment for self-development in real time. They record every page for three hours and use a time limit of three hours. The training and self-development seminars involve a commitment of three days per week, with a maximum of twelve hours per day. The success of their YouTube channel and upcoming break from working out is also discussed.
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really happy that we could finish up here we are now finishing the first just for everyone at home everyone who has been following us everyone who got us this far from the launch. Good. Here we go first juice complete. You've heard it for the first time, you all have been a part of the journey. And here we are designed to love and I'll see you on the other side. I don't know what you're doing here watching the video. Let's get on over and repeat it seven times open wide and let it fly was set on White Eagle Rahmatullah and cut. Zack love her and everyone, that was awesome. I said, I want Alikum Hey, guys, it is myself and Bill all this morning, looking and feeling fantastic. Getting

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started a brand new day today is going to be the beginning of our second weekend of our routine video library actually attended today's today's actually every day. And we have some interesting stories on why we're crunched into such a tiny space today. But we also have the goal. And that's what we're sharing with you guys are finishing the first journey. So yes, definitely a journey. But we went I think we went from concept to funding to a discussion of completing the first juice pretty quickly. And I want to celebrate that with you guys. What do you got for what's on your list today below. So right now, we just did the math in terms of how much work that we got ahead of us mainly

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five pages of hearing it for the first time, following up with 15 pages of 7x. And three by three, if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it, it's just the process of how we're recording. And what's going to be shared out, we need 23 hours over the course of three days, 23 hours, which is average of seven days, seven hours a day plus an hour on two days. So that's it gets serious. And that's when you start realizing you it's not going to be an easy process, we said it's easy to say oh, we're gonna record every page of the Quran. Now you're gonna have to put in the hours that it's going to take. And this weekend, it's going to take 23 hours. I'm sure people put

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that much into self development seminars, though, right? Just Just so you guys know what goes how much time per page, current page 15 minutes, just to hear it for the first time. 30 minutes to do it seven times 45 minutes to do a three by three drilling workout. And then if you're going to write it, which is not part of this program, but you can do it on your own in our hour, if you fast hour and a half if you're realistic, right in front page, per page. But we are trying to create that real time virtual environment. So three hours a page, real time retention, we are trying to be there at every step of the way every minute so that maybe you'll finish quicker. But we'll be there as the

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workout like your p90x Coach, like you're a self help. Teacher, that's going to take you to the next level. So we were going to be there in real time. Don't be afraid. Three hours sounds like a lot. But we're putting we are actually putting a time limit on it. So it can happen within that time. Yeah, so do this that we love. Ups. So sweet. So you can figure out how to do check his YouTube channel out. But there will be nothing in front of my face and Bill out. You can turn that camera around so I can see that one. Yeah, I don't know if they can. Okay.

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But yeah, we got we got the overhead legit. And this is the overhead shot. About to press record. Yeah, blogging at the same time, which is pretty cool. I always wondered how that works. We're all set up guys. Let's do this pressing record on the last on the last few pages of the first juice hearing for the first time. Folks, we are back from lunch.

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And I got myself what my wife calls bilim. It's basically Bilal Salim. It's got about a pound of not in this one. But it was like five servings of wool for a pound of steak, not steak, pound of beef.

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But anyway, Wissam is making some notes. And we're gonna go for about two hours. Two sessions of two hours if it goes, right, yes, yes, because we're aiming for six pages.

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And it takes about

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one hour for two pages. And that's 30 minutes a page. But the last two pages was sounded. He was doing them at a rate of about 22 to 23 minutes a page

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for the 7x. So I think we're gonna make some good progress. See you in the time lapse. What's up, Tim? We just finished up production for the day to wrap it. It's about

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eight o'clock, I think. Yeah, just past eight o'clock. And I'm about to start transferring all the footage over as I turn off all of these lights. So part of one of the things that we want to understand

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is actually that we can't understand is into the production schedule. Right we actually have five pages left for seven acts, which means we need about two to two and a half.

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ours will last about one o'clock tomorrow, we're going to be there. And then we're also going to be starting the three way threes. So we need to schedule about five to six hours, in addition, after 1pm To finish the three by threes on Saturday, and then Sunday additional six hours to finish up the rest of the stuff, just to kind of give you guys an idea of in terms of how this exercises work in terms of timewise and time commitment, right, a single assignment a third of a patient takes you about to hear for the first time, five to seven minutes means then you can go into your lesson, you're going to do your lesson, we're going to recite it, you know, break it down, and really own it

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by resetting seven times. And then that takes you for five lines anywhere between seven to nine minutes, approximately. And if you're really slow, maybe 10 minutes, and then you do the workout and you do the drilling, the three by three might take you about 35 to 45 minutes, maybe an hour, if you give yourself an hour of training, you could do it in three hours, if you're talking about doing a full page. So in fact, if you dedicate three days a week, one hour each day, you cover a page in a week, in one year,

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a page a week, that's 52 pages, which is what two and a half Jews, what Surah covers two and a half just

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on Bukhara and so that's basically the idea here is like if you can get through the biggest one on the Quran, at a snail's pace, and three days out of the week. That's the kind of commitment that most people make to go to the gym. Jam jujitsu yeah martial arts, any kind of education or training Yeah, and it's not like crazy because it's remote What do you call that one? Desire it but don't do it

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and he was talking about dreams yeah regrets right yeah, you're gonna have

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can you imagine like I'm the day doesn't be like you had all this opportunity but all this air life and money but you had to go watch that Netflix so

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no, but that was important. Of course it was

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because that's going to show the scene that changed your life that you know that's that's what they're telling themselves excuse that people will give us a your I need that downtime.

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Now, I mean, I'm not gonna hate on it. I mean, I mean, I spend an hour after jujitsu class to watch Netflix or something. Okay, while I am a YouTuber, like I like to watch things Yeah, but the thing is, I'm not just sitting down and doing nothing. I got the hook massage thing and I'm really excited. Oh my back.

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No, we can't judge like but if you because I used to say that that Netflix and Hulu and all that used to rejuvenate me. But if I was rejuvenated Why did I go for the next clip and the next clip and why after two hours am I not satisfied with who I am? I don't know. That that was me. Avoid the guys who were joining it Prison Break. White Collar enjoy him. So did the White Collar was awesome. Yeah.

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Lie to me. I love a lot of you. Yeah, that's also dated, man. That's like what 2012 Yeah.

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